iFIT Namibia Walking Series

Welcome to the Namibia Walking Series with iFIT Trainer Alex Gregory! This amazing 10-part series builds off Alex’s Lake District National Park and Snowdonia Walking Series, pushing you to work for 25–35-minutes on a variety of hikes, walks, and recoveries. Alex will also challenge you with more structured interval work to help you build speed and strength as you explore the sprawling desert landscape of Namibia! You’ll take a journey through the unique Sesriem Canyon, explore wrecked and rusted ships along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, traverse one of Namibia’s most iconic sand dunes, and more, so grab your walking shoes and get ready for this sandy exploration!

iFIT Hawaii Beginner Cycle Series

Welcome to the Hawaii Beginner Cycle Series with iFIT Trainer John Peel! This 16-part series builds off work done in John’s French Polynesia and Costa Rica Beginner Cycle Series by pushing you to pedal a little longer and harder than before. As you make your way through these fantastic intervals and endurance rides, John will take you to new trails, incredible cultural and historical sites, and more all around the beautiful island of Oahu. John will also lead you through 3 relaxing stretches to help your muscles recover and stay fresh. So hop on your bike and let’s get pedaling through Hawaii!

#iFIT iFIT Italy Weight Loss Walking Workout Series


Welcome to the Italy Weight Loss Walking Series with iFIT Trainers Chris and Stacie Clark! Building off their Turks and Caicos Weight Loss Walking Series, Stacie and Chris will lead you through 18 great walking workouts ranging from interval work to endurance walks, speed plays, and more. As you get sweating, you’ll also take in some spectacular cities here in Italy. From the ancient city of Portofino to the quaint fishing villages of Cinque Terre on the rugged Italian Riviera coast, the amazing architecture and renaissance artwork in Florence, and so much more, this series will push you to work hard while taking in the amazing Italian culture! So put on your walking shoes and let’s go! Click here to join this iFIT series and train with Stacie and Chris! https://a.ifit.io/ItalyWeightLossWalking

#iFIT iFIT Train Like a Pro: George Hincapie Hawaii Cycling Workout

Welcome to Train Like a Pro with iFIT Trainer and 19-year professional cyclist George Hincapie! Together, you’ll island hop for a grand tour of beautiful Hawaii, where George raced about 25 years ago and hasn’t been back until now! You’ll climb legendary volcanoes, view incredible lava fields, follow amazing coastlines, and ride the road to Hana. During this 12-part series, you’ll learn how George trained during his professional cycling career and gain some insight into his life and journey when he completed 17 Tour de France races and 5 Olympic Games. Click here to join this iFIT series and train with George Hincapie! https://a.ifit.io/trainlikeapro

#iFIT iFIT 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon® with Casey Gilbert

Race through the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon® with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert! In this great series, you’ll run this historic marathon in 5 parts as Casey leads you along this fantastic course filled with historic and modern London monuments! You’ll get an up-close view of the famous River Thames, the towering Shard building, the ominous Tower of London, the legendary London Eye, and so much more as you run through the streets of London. Casey also has a great warm up and cool down workout for you that will perfectly complement this race. So, lace up your shoes, grab some water, and let’s get moving! Click here to join this iFIT series and train with Casey Gilbert! https://a.ifit.io/LondonMarathon2021

#iFIT iFIT Uzbekistan Interval Series Running Workout

Welcome to the Uzbekistan Interval Series with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert! This 12-part jogging series is designed to follow up and build off of Casey’s New England Jogging Series by pushing you to move faster and farther. As you work through a variety of interval runs and endurance jogs, Casey will take you on an amazing tour of Uzbekistan! Steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, Uzbekistan will broaden your horizons with the bustling Chorsu Bazaar, the historic ruins of Timur’s Palace, the iconic Observatory of Ulugbek, the beautiful Kalan Mosque, the massive Shah-i-Zinda Tomb, and so much more. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime through one of the most impressive and stunning places in Central Asia! Click here to join this iFIT series and train with Casey Gilbert! https://a.ifit.io/UzbekistanIntervalS... _____________________________________________________________________________________________

#iFIT iFIT Haunted Savannah Walking Series with Dalen Spratt

Get ready for more ghosts and ghouls in the Haunted Savannah Series with iFIT Guide Dalen Spratt! This 6-part series will take you to some of Savannah’s spookiest sites all while helping you get in a good workout. Your heart rate will stay up as you team up with Dalen to investigate the eerie and cursed Historic Savannah Theatre, the terrifying Sorrel-Weed House, the menacing Moon River Brewery, and more in this mysterious, supernatural journey. Keep your eyes peeled and stay on your toes, you never know who or what you’ll see! Click here to join this iFIT series and train with Dalen Spratt! https://a.ifit.io/HauntedSavannahSeries

#iFIT​​ iFIT Costa Rica Beginner Cycle Series Workout

Welcome to the Costa Rica Beginner Cycle Series with iFIT Trainer John Peel! This tropical continuation builds off John’s French Polynesia Beginner Cycle Series and will push you to work a little harder, faster, and longer than before. You’ll have 3 rides and 1 stretching session a week while touring Costa Rica. You’ll visit the towering and ominous Arenal Volcano to the remarkable wildlife around the beautiful Rio Cano Negro to massive, flowing waterfalls, the historic and vibrant city of Santo Domingo, and so much more. Grab some water and lace up your shoes for this tropical adventure!

Click here to join this iFIT Mind series! https://a.ifit.io/CostaRicaBeginnerBike _________________________________________________________________________________________

#iFIT iFIT Heart to Heart on Acceptance Walking Workout

Get to know iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin in his Heart to Heart on acceptance. In this workout, Jesse will share his experience being part of the LGBTQ+ community and what it means to truly embrace who you are.⁠ While exploring the Bonneville Salt Flats, Jesse talks about his journey to self-acceptance and what he’s experienced being part of a community that isn't always accepted.⁠ ⁠ We recognize and support those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. This Heart to Heart is for everyone to embrace and love who they are. 🏳️‍🌈 Click here to join this iFIT series: https://a.ifit.io/JesseCorbinAcceptance