Catching Up

At home.  Showered and removed my contacts.  I have so many emails to catch up on and so many other things to do in the next few days.  I'll be searching the web for photos and posting them.  The next few days I'll be updating my teams blog in between this one.  I was going to fix the posts that I posted via the iPhone but I'm leaving them.  All messed up as they are.  Posting via iPhone was more of a challenge with bad reception and bad battery life.  Oh well, I tried.  Those of you who emailed or commented thank you and I'll respond in the next few days. 

A gay ole time - Washington Blade

DSCN2642 The Washington Blade, one of the sponsors of this past IGLA ran a quick little review of this years Pink Flamingo.  Read it online at

Of course I think the review was dead on because and i quote " favorite was a West Hollywood contingent that featured Madonna, Paris Hilton and her dog)."

I was that dog.  It was such a blast.

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Last few hours here in DC and the past few days have just hit me. Planning on doing some quick tourist stuff this morning but my energy level is nil right now.

Going to sleep well tonight. Also think I am getting sick as I have a sore throat this morning.

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Making a Splash

Another edited post that was sent via the iPhone.

Besides the Washington Blade another local Gay paper the Metro Weekly posted an article on Pink Flamingo.  Here is how they describe it:

The Pink Flaming is the performance section of the competition where participants show their humorous side by lip-syncing and doing comical skits. Moon describes it as a mix of drag, synchronized water activity and performance art. In years past, the Pink Flamingo has featured Brokeback Mountain inspired skits and Britney Spears tunes.

You can read the full article online