IHRSA’s Take 5: COVID's Impact on Industry Becomes Clearer

The numbers continue to come in—some good and some bad for the fitness industry. In this week’s Take 5, sponsored by Precor, Brent shares recent data that gives a clearer look into the pandemic’s toll on the industry, including gym closures in China, Portugal, and Italy, along with Mindbody booking data confirming January 2021’s downturn from the same time last year. But it’s not as dire as it sounds. There is some good news, like decreasing COVID-19 cases, hopeful vaccine news, a stronger partnership between IHRSA and REX Roundtables, and updates on state-level policies that could affect your club.

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IHRSA’s Take 5: Good Things to Come

We’re keeping the positive momentum of the new year going as the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” becomes more apparent. Brent shares some evidence in this week’s Take 5, sponsored by Precor. For one, club owners are reporting to us that first responders who have taken the vaccine are eagerly rejoining their gyms. Plus, a new report from the Mayo Clinic and a CivicScience survey give more reasons for a positive outlook.

IHRSA is also “putting our money where our mouth is” by establishing an investment of 1% of all revenue into the IHRSA Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, Brent announces. While there is plenty of good, hopeful news to look toward, health clubs are still struggling. And with a new Congress taking the helm, we have another shot at making our voices heard. Through IHRSA’s advocacy efforts, join us in the push to include the industry in the upcoming stimulus package.

Check out the research and survey results Brent references in the video:



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#GymFacts #Data #HealthClubs What Officials Say About Gyms and the Spread of COVID-19

New York’s Governor Cuomo says gyms are one of the lowest known spreaders. New Jersey’s Governor Murphy says health club operators are overwhelmingly responsible and an extraordinarily good group of folks to work with. The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Jill Hunsaker Ryan, MPH, said they’re comfortable keeping CO gyms open due to the safety measures clubs are putting in place. While we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 in fitness centers—or anywhere in society—evidence suggests health clubs are not primary drivers of transmission, and that the exercise and social support they provide are vital to health and well-being. For the latest research surrounding the fitness industry, visit IHRSA’s COVID Data & Research page: https://www.ihrsa.org/industry-leader...

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National Study Confirms It's Safe To Work Out At The Gym: Current Data Shows No Evidence of COVID-19 Spread in Gyms


From May 1 through August 6, 2020, IHRSA and MXM closely examined and compared member check-in data (number of gym visits) from a number of fitness facilities – such as Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Life Time, and Orangetheory – across the country with self-reported infection rates. After nearly 50 million check-ins over that three-month period, the study found that a nominal 0.0023 percent tested positive for COVID-19. Gyms nationwide have robust COVID-19 safety measures in place and there is zero evidence that the positive cases originated in gyms themselves.

"As recently as a few months ago, the data correlating fitness facility visits and mitigating risk was practically nonexistent. All that's changed – and for the better," said MXM CEO Blair McHaney. "It's become abundantly clear that the safety measures gyms, sports clubs and boutique fitness centers have in place are not only incredibly effective at keeping their membership safe, but also curbing any potential spread of COVID-19 during a time when we all need access to exercise facilities to stay healthy."

READ MORE: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/national-study-confirms-its-safe-to-work-out-at-the-gym-current-data-shows-no-evidence-of-covid-19-spread-in-gyms-301122664.html