How Start Training And Prevent Fitness Injuries - Jillian Michaels

What you need to know to prevent the most common gym injuries! Training safe is training smart and a little info on what to be mindful of as an exercise beginner goes a long way. So many start a workout program gung-ho, but end of getting injured in ways that are totally preventable. So here are my top things you need to be mindful of when beginning an exercise program or starting a new fitness regimen you aren't yet familiar with.

How To Start Your Weight Loss Journey - Jillian Michaels

Team, it's that time of year where people make health and fitness resolutions - weight loss being one of them. This video outlines critical diet and fitness strategies to be mindful of. Which fad diets to be weary of. Which nutrition strategies will give you best results. How to approach fitness as a beginner. From the CICO diet, HCG Diet, Macro ratios, simple exercise strategies for beginners.