I Wanna Be Sammy Brady

I have a confession to make, I am a big fan of Days of Our Lives.  Have been since I was a little tyke.  I think it all started in the summers of my youth when all the mothers would get together by the pool to watch Days of Our Lives on a tiny black & white portable tv.   It was just about lunch time so us kids hovered around too.  I continued to watch the show and even now watch it on iTunes.  Growing up I wanted to be Stefano the evil guy but now I wanna be Sammy.  Sammy is played by Alison Sweeney who just happens to be the host of The Biggest Loser.  She gets to be around Bob all the time. 
Alison is the perfect fit for the show as she has her ups and downs with weight issues.  In People Magazine she is quoted as using EA's Sports Active for the Wii to drop some of her baby bump:

"When do I have time to go to the gym? ... It [EA Sports Active] really is like a personal trainer in a box. It's perfect. I recommend it to all mothers!"

In a recent Tweet on the set Allison also talks about brining fitness and healthy eating to Days of Our Lives:

At days script called for Sami to be eating a muffin for breakfast.I said 'jillian would kill me'! Lol.They gave me a bowl of fruit instead.

As always wen in doubt ask yourself What Would Jillian Do WWJD?  As for EA Sports Active the list of game play was just released.  Here is the list:
    * Cardio Boxing
    * Basic Dance
    * Tennis
    * Inline Skating
    * Kick-Ups
    * Cardio Dance
    * Kickbox
    * Batting
    * Volleyball
    * Basketball
    * Pitching and Catching
    * Serve
    * Run
    * Walk
    * Jump
    * High Steps
    * Lateral Raises
    * Lunge Reps
    * Side Lunge
    * Squat/Calf
    * Lunge Jump
    * Squat Jump
    * Fast Dance
    * Punch Target
    * Punch Bag

I can't wait to get my hands on it.  Hopefully I'll stick with it more than I do with the Wii Fit Game.  I end up just play the ski and fun games and skip the yoga and strength training games.  Here is a new video that was also just released showing some of the Sports Active game play -