#lululemonrunning #lululemon #thesweatlife Feel Closer to Your Run | lululemon

The key to a better run is gear that gets out of your way.   When our running ambassadors told us that the best thing we could do was create gear that fades into the background when they run, we listened. We've spent years designing a running collection that gives you the performance you need, exactly where you need it. The difference between just running and running in lululemon is in what you don't feel.   Shop lululemon: https://shop.lululemon.com

How to Foam Roll with Sarah Zaytsoff and Craig McMorris | lululemon

Now this is how we roll. Store Ambassador and Kinesiologist Sarah Zaytsoff joins Global Ambassador and professional snowboarder Craig McMorris for a selection of foam rolling techniques to help promote circulation, relieve your pain points, and massage aching muscles. Breathe into it, work the angles, and always roll toward the heart.

Learn more about Sarah Zaytsoff: https://bit.ly/3cku1HD

Learn more about Craig McMorris: https://bit.ly/2YlvVQa

Proper Running Form Tips with Dayna Pidhoresky | lululemon

Learn the proper run alignment with global ambassador and Canadian Olymic run team member Dayna Pidhoresky. In this video, Dayna walks through three different parts of the body (lower, core, and upper) and provides tips on how to improve your posture throughout each, helping overall run performance.​ Learn more about Dayna Pidhoresky: https://bit.ly/36ixcMn