My Itty Bitty One Man Tri Morning

I had this plan to create my own little Tri Workout for this morning.  It included swimming at 7am, Group Ride (Spinning) at 9:30 then running the 6 miles home from the gym.  But with rain forecasted for today I changed my plan.  I set my alarm for 5am and after 15 minutes of debating if I wanted to get out of bed I got up.  I put on my running sneakers but remembered my right ankle still has a blister healing.  So I took off my right Zoot and put on my Mizuno. IMG_20111117_061629
I figured no one was going to be out and about plus it was dark outside.  So off I was running.  While running I could see flashes of light in the sky.  So between that and the fact it took me a lot of time to actually get ready and out the door I only ran 3 miles. 318runI was going to do the loop which is about the same distance I had ran but I felt safer with the lightening about to hit if I stayed on my side of the main road.  Plus I felt less exposed to being hit with the houses and all on this side of the road. 

After the run I quickly changed and headed to the pool.  The rain had yet to start but the sky was an odd shade of red.  Almost pinkish.  That was an early warning of a pending storm. 

Warm Up

Mixed 500 then 200 Kick (700)

Then we did…

4x125's on 2:10 - 25 Fly / 25 Back / 50 Breast / 25 Free. (500)

And that was it.  It was to be 8x125's but thunder and lightening hit pretty strong so we had to get out.  So a 1200 yard swim.  But I do know what tomorrows swim is going to be so I need my rest.  I got 3 Rounds of 4x100's on 1:20.  Gonna be a tough morning.

The storm hit so fast with rain the the streets were flooded on the way home.  Glad I got my run out of the way.  Now I just gotta get my act together and head over to the 9:30 Group Ride / Spinning Class to finish my Easy Easy Short Short Tri Workout.

Wow oh wow.  I decided to stay for a 2nd Group Ride Spinning Class with Nancy.  So it was 9:30am and 10:45am. Clipboard
Earning me a whole bunch of things for Fitocracy.  Which the verdict is still out for me.  I like it but really do I need to keep track of everything somewhere else besides here?  But I do earn cool titles and badges... Pathfinder
Not that I understand what they mean.  They are meaningless I guess but sorta cool? Lost
Yes, I am lost.  Oh well a good day of working out!

No More Excuses, I'm Running Again!

For week's I've been making excuses on why I haven't been running.  This week I decided that I wouldn't make any more excuses and I'd run.  I'd start on Tuesday.  Well Tuesday came and went.  So today I told myself I'd run.  I woke up this morning to go swimming but since it was thundering and lightning I didn't go.  As they day went on it cleared up so I decided to go on a run tonight.  My first run in way over a month.  So I strapped on my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 and headed out. March_ten_run
I just ran a loop around the nieghborhood.  I was aiming for 5 miles but stopped my Nike+ Sportband a bit too early.  Oh well.  I was feeling the pain of not running for the last 1/2 mile.  It felt like the last 5 miles of a marathon.  I will have to go on a run on Saturday.  Will make a point of trying to run at least 3 times a week. 


January's Rearview Mirror - Running

Well this past month running was a big focus with the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I gotta admit that since the marathon I really haven't been running.  For January I only ran 5 times for a total mileage of 47.32.  That isn't that much!  At all.  And well below my goal for the month.  Which puts me way way behind on my goal to move up to the next color level in my Nike+ Tracking.  I have 67 miles to my next level.  I was hoping to have that under my belt by my birthday on Feb 14th.  But I can say now that won't happen.  Normally I'd say in two weeks yeah I can push it.  But with a swim meet on the 12th I'd rather be swimming then putting in long runs.  I'm going to run just no really long runs.  So I'm giving myself till the end of the month to get the 67 miles in.  I'll do a few shorter runs between now and the 12th.  Then on Sunday the 13th start chasing those miles down.  I do have one fun run to do this month.  The Warrior Dash!  But considering that is all mud and water and fire and this and that I won't wear my Nike+ Sportband.  Don't wanna kill the poor device.  I gotta at least keep using it till I reach that next level.  Then I can decide if I want the new Nike+ GPS Watch that comes out in April or try another device. 

So to sum it up 47.32 miles!

Back To Running After The Marathon

I decided to go on my first post-marathon run tonight before the temperatures got too cold again.  All week long it's been chilly here in Florida so running has been on the back burner.  Plus I was sore both Monday and Tuesday so a few days extra recovery were in order.  Once I started to run I could feel some of those pains coming back.  Not bad enough to stop me running but faint reminders of the last few miles of the marathon.  Now my Nike+ Sportband reported that I ran 3.85 miles but that is off.  The route I ran is at least a 4.5 mile run.  I've ran it before so I know it's more then a 3.85 mile run.  Going to have to recalibrate the sportband on a run soon. Frieun
Sometime in April when the new Nike+ GPS Watch comes out I'll either buy that or get a Garmin for more accurate runs.  In the meantime I'll deal with the Nike+ Sportband.  Now given this was a 4.5 mile run this will be my running base during the week with one longer run on the weekend for the rest of the month.  I don't have any running events planned so going to take it easy for a month or so.  The three months after the LA Marathon I really cut back my running so this year I want to be above what I did last year but not that much.  In April I ran 28.23, May 3.058 and June 15.92.  I'm shooting for at least 50 miles a month.  On top of that I need to run 74 miles between today and Feb 14th which is my birthday.  Why 74 miles?  Well in Nike+ right now I'm on The Blue Level and in 74 miles I advance to The Purple Level.  Not that these levels really mean much. Levels It's just something for a goal to keep me running.  Of course it'll take me forever to get to The Black Level.  But I need to get to The Purple Level first.  I got a month to run 74 miles so it's so doable.


Cloudy With A Chance Of Running

Getting another short run in to break in my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 6's was on my agenda today so when I over slept and missed swimming I headed out for a run before lunch.  I planned out a route but that got changed as I determined crossing the rotary with lunch time traffic might not be a good idea.  So I just turned around at the gate and headed back but with an extra loop around one of the neighborhoods.  So I got in a 5.68 mile run.  Mme594324LARGE
Normally I'd post my Nike+ graph but I'm having issues with my screengrab software today so no graph.  You'll just have to believe me when I say I ran!  As for the new Mizuno's I'm holding off judgement on them.  I don't know if I like them or not.  Maybe one more short run and I'll decide if I'll run with them on Sunday.  I like how light they are but I don't like how it seems my right big toe seems to be in pain when I'm running. 

In other news I'm tweaking my playlists for Sundays run and I did buy cheap $6 sweats to wear before the race starts.  That way when I throw them too the side once the race starts it's no biggie.  I also am sorta getting use to running with the belt.  Figured out how to remove the water bottles without stopping and learned to get more hydration in my mouth then on my shirt.  Wahoo! 

New Years Resolutions - First Run of 2011 With New Shoes, Water Belt & More

With one week to go before the Disney World Marathon I headed out for a short run this morning to try out new gear and break in my new sneakers.  Figure I have a week of short runs before the marathon to be comfortable with the new sneakers.  So I got my sneakers ready and attached my Nike+ Sensor on the new sneakers and got ready to run.  Now that took a while as my computer didn't want to sync my new playlists.  Doh!  In the meantime I filled up my new Nathan Trail Mix Energy Belt.  I've never been a fan of running with these things but I needed one.  Once I was out running I had to adjust it a few times.  Even then it just felt odd to have it on with the two water bottles.  I so should have paid attention to the weather before I had left the house as I dressed for cool weather.  It was mid-60F and the sun was out.  Doh!  Normally I love that temp but not when I'm in winter running gear.  Oh well, lesson learned!  Firstrun I'm not going to disect the mile and talk about each miles pace since really it was a bad run for me.  Overly dressed, learning to run and use the water belt bottles at the same time.  Yeah I'm an idiot and the first time I tried to use the bottle I spilt more of it on me then I drank.  Took a few water drinking attempts to get it down.  Also with my new playlist I was going faster then I wanted at one point when I was doing my dancing, singing and running thing.  Totally need to remember not to sing out loud and wave my hands around next week during the marathon.  I think a cyclist had a good laugh at my behavior while running this morning.  I was a singing, hand flipping running fool!  Slowgeek_shoetracker I am holding off judgement on my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 6's since it was only one run and I'm breaking them in.  Running only 4.6 miles can't tell me much about them.  But they do have one thing so far over my old Asics and that is how the top lace hole doesn't seem to rub at all compared to how the Asics would. 

When I logged into Nike+ I got some fun year end data from 2010 to look at... Rundown
2010 I edited out how I didn't make any of my running goals since well who cares!  Motivated I did make a new goal for this month and that is to run at least 100 Miles.  Now that will include this week and the 26.2 miles next week so it is a doable goal.  My next goal will be to move from The Blue Level to The Black Level in Nike+.  If you don't know what it means I can just say that it's based on number of miles run over time.  It's like moving up to the next Playing Level in a video game.  I'd like to be in The Black Level by my 41st birthday on Valentines Day!  So I got some running to do this month!