1 More Run For Runtober

I went on a run tonight.  Mostly just to get out for a bit.  Needed some fresh air.  Once out on the run I wasn't feeling it.  So I didn't do the planned loop.  I just ran to a point and came back.  Pretty damn boring run. Mon_run
But that little run helped cap off another month of running.  At least with the cooler weather I ran a bit more in October or Run-tober. Runkoct_runkeeIt's a bit sporadic but I did run.  Runtober_dailymileI'd like to get back to running at least 30 miles in a month.  Which isn't a whole lot of running.  I don't plan on running any marathons so no need to be crazy like a year ago.  Just wanna stay fit and comfortable while running.

Sunday Afternoon Running

After this morning's swim I headed to work.  Since I only worked a short shift after I was done I went for a run.  It was a nice sunny day in the mid 70's and no humidity.  Perfect afternoon for running.  I ended up only running about 2 miles since someone forgot to charge his iPod Nano last night.  Doh!  No music means no running! Run23
I actually stopped to consult the map app on my phone.  Had no idea where I was.  I sorta did but not really.  It's actually a nice loop of a short run which I can extend into a longer run if I want.  Might hafta try it more often. Nike_23
Even running just 2 miles is better then me not running.  RunchartAfter I got back from the run I didn't feel like doing weights.  So I went into one of the rooms and put on the Group Kick DVD and practiced a bit.  I really should hit the weights tomorrow.

I Ran, I Ran Not So Far. Couldn't Get Past Lazy.

Okay so I'm butchering a great 80's classic.  But I did go on a run yesterday.  My goal yesterday was to wake up at 5am and go running before swimming.  Now I did wake up at 5am but it was pouring outside.  So I turned off the alarm and slept in.  Little did I know at the time that the rain would stop by 6am.  Oh well.  So I didn't swim in the morning.  The rain did stop and the sun sorta came out and then it rained some more.  But of course it didn't start raining again till I was out on my run later in the day. Runke_wed
I dropped my stuff at the gym and hit the bricks as they say.  Well part of the run is on a cobblestone path so I can say bricks.  As you can see on my Runkeeper map above I ran to a point well a dead end and headed back.  I thought a street cut back but it turned out to be a dead end into a parking lot.  Oh well.  It was raining a bit at this point so I just ran back to the gym. Nike_wed
The difference between Runkeeper's GPS report on my Android phone and the Nike+ Sportband without GPS isn't all that much.  Now why do I use both then?  Well cuz' I like charts and graphs.  USA Today you had me at little colored infographics!  I have some friends on Nike+ and some on Runkeeper.  Then on top of that I also use DailyMile and now FitocracyDailyMile I can input or sync my Nike+ runs or if I had a Garmin I could import those runs.  While Fitocracy I can only sync Runkeeper.  At some point I'll hafta decide on one or another.  Note noone uses the Adidas miCoach app or device so that has falled off my radar and my phone.  Which is a same cuz' Adidas miCoach isn't so bad.  I'm rambling on about all this because for the holiday's I'm hoping to get a new training device.  And I'm a bit confused and overwelmed by all the choices.  My options right now are the sorta new Nike+ GPS Tom Tom Watch, Garmin Forerunner 910XT or the new Motorola MotoACTV.  Then on the other hand I can just continue using my Nike+ Sportband without GPS so I can continue on with Nike+ and Dailymile but for swimming but the FINIS Swimsense watch which can be synced with Runkeeper.  Too many choices!

Anyways, the point is that I did run yesterday.  And I ran with my new sneakers!  I now am running with Zoot Advantage 3.0's.  After my run I was back at the gym doing weight training focusing on arms and chest.

This morning it was swim time.  And boy was it chilly outside.  I heard reports that it was 48F while I see now that it is 50F.  Cool air but warm water with a pool temp of 83F.  Ugh.  Hate that! 

Warm Up

Mixed 500 followed by 300 Drill/Kick/Swim.  (800)

Main Set:

4x100's on 1:40

400 on 6:00

4x50's on 50

200 on 3:00

4x50's on 50

200 no interval

No extra breaks in between but had plenty of rest.  Almost too much rest.  I was getting chilly in between.  The deal was to get faster during the set.  The 100's were to be descending or pacing then the 400 would be swam at the faster pace.  The 4x50's were to set our pace again and the 2nd 200 was faster then the first 200.  Okay I did that.  My 100's were not descend but pace doing 17's and 16's.  My 400 I can in on 4:57 so had a minute rest.  My 50's sucked but my first 200 I did a 2:25 and my second a 2:15.  Not great but okay.  I was stuggling.  I could feel the cold air on my recovery and my arms were not liking that.  I felt sore by the last 200.  And not sore cuz' I was working hard but sore cuz my muscles were getting tensed up from the cold.  (1600/2400)

I then warmed down a 100 and called it a day.  Total workout 2,500 yards.  Would be interesting to see the swim in infographics via Swimsense.

At Least I Got A Run In.

At least I got a run in.  This morning I headed to the gym super early so I could attempt to get a run in outside before the 6:45am Group Ride / Spin Class.  I like the 6:45 instructor but I can't make enough of her classes so it was my goal.  I had to work at 9am today so swimming wasn't in the cards.  I could have but it would have been a tight time squeeze.  So I got to the gym and put my stuff in a locker and headed out.  I put on my light arm band and my new clip light.  I just did a random run around the gym.  Getting in a tad less then 4 miles. 3point9four
Okay so 3.94.  I only used my Nike+ Sportband and not any phone GPS apps cuz' my damn phone didn't charge last night, again.  When I walked in the gym I realized I lost my brand new light clip.  Doh!  So I went outside for another run backtracking a bit of my run.  Point8four
I only did the last part cuz' I remember going over the bridge and looking down and seeing it on me.  But I still wasn't able to locate it.  Damn!  I just got it last week.  Damn it!  Anyways I didn't have any more time to kill running since the class was starting soon. 

I was able to get a front row seat in the class.  Gotta admit wish I had more time in between the run and class.  More time and a quick snack.  I finished the class even though I was tempted to leave early. 

On my way home I was stopped at a stop sign and noticed a crushed light on the corner.  I found my light all crushed on the street.  I guess I'll hafta buy another one now.  So sad.  Maybe I should just stop running in the dark?

I Fought The Snooze Button And Won (song to The Clash's I Fought The Law)

Finally!  I finally won the battle with the alarm clock!  I didn't fall prey to the snooze button.  This morning my alarm rang at 5am and I heard the siren of the pavement.  Yup, I went on a short run before swimming!
It wasn't a fast run or a long run.  It's more of a training run.  2.65 miles according to GPS via RunKeeper.  My pace was slow 10:42 but whatever.  It's all baby steps.  So need to push myself as the weeks go on.  This is all just cross training for now.  No big running events planned.  Just trying to have a base already in me. Nike_mon

After that it was swim time.  Here was the workout…
1x500 loosen

4x50 kick - 1 of each stroke on 1:10 (200/700)

4x50 kick/swim - 1 of each stroke on 60 (200/900)

Main Set:

5(1x200 on 3:00, 1x100 IM reverse on 2:00) - descend the 200s (1500/2400)

I took the first 200 easy and did a 2:45 then the rest I picked it up coming in at 2:35, 2:25, 2:20 (evenly split with 1:10's) and then a 2:15 (splits 1:08 and 1:07)  Not bad but not great.  I did also descend the 100 IM's.  Mostly because I was struggling at first during the set and finally felt better and stronger as I swam.

rest a bit then…

8x50 easy pull on :50 - focus on distance per stroke (400/2800)  Not bad for a Monday.  I gotta admit I am feeling better then I have been in the pool.  Slowly getting some speed in me and a bit of endurance.  Well maybe not that 200 that I didn't negative split.  But that is another story.  Just gotta keep motivated and push forward just like this kid...

That vid really makes me smile!  Gotta believe in yourself!

NIKE+ Not Working? Nike's Working On That.

NIKE+ not working?  Say it isn't so!  Well I haven't had much problem with my Nike+ Sportband and using the nikerunning website.  Of course I haven't been running that much.  Well it sees according to Techcrunch "Nike Apologizes For Nike+ Issues, Promises Fixes, New Platform Soon.  Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Nike Running, has emailed a letter to Nike+ users, apologizing for the platform’s performance over the past few months. He says that Nike is aware of a number of issues that have been affecting its users, including problems logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles."  Hmm…I gotta admit that I did see my run the other day on Facebook but don't recall seeing it on Twitter.  Of course this whole slowdown/shutdown could have been in the time I was injured.  As of know I've yet to get my letter from Nike but here it is below

"    Dear Nike+ Member,

    It’s been a tough couple months for Nike+. We know from the feedback that there have been a number of issues, including logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles. Not everyone has been affected, but if you have experienced any of those problems, I’m genuinely sorry. Running is supposed to be pure, simple Nike-sportband-01-570x489 and uncomplicated. And Nike+ is supposed to enhance it, not make it more complex.

    Just like you, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, and right now Nike+ isn’t living up to them. There are lots of reasons why these problems began, but this letter isn’t about the excuses. This letter is about what we are doing to fix them and what’s coming next.

    As of today we have increased login speed and eliminated a majority of login failures. We have improved your ability to sync devices, log runs and post information to Facebook. We are also working on a new version of the Nike+ GPS app that will be released shortly. It will introduce some great new features and address some of the recent bugs.

    Things are better but we aren’t done yet. We’re working on a brand new platform for Nike+ that includes better coaching, maps and challenges. It will be much faster, more social, and easier to use, providing more information and analysis of your runs. Also in the works are some really exciting new products and services. We are committed to relentlessly improving and innovating to ensure that, just like you, Nike+ is never standing still.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts or questions please email us or go to our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you.

    Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate you being a part of the Nike+ Nike+-SportWatch-GPS-powered-by-TomTom-WM0069_077_A family. There are great things to come.

    Jayme Martin

    VP/GM NIKE Running"

Now one could just say to hell with it and switch to Adidas miCoach or RunKeeper but if you are like me and been a long time Nike+ User (me since Janurary of 2007) it's hard to break the habit.  All those fun challenges and colored levels keep me running.  I'm at the purple level and I'm so proud.  I do gotta admit I use the Nike+ Sportband as a back up tool and to just to keep my Nike+ account busy/active.  It's also great for treadmill running as GPS really doesn't work then. 

I do hope they fix whatever problems they have had and come up with some new exciting stuff to keep us Nike+ fans happy and running.  I'm so not ready to give up my Pink and White Sportband!  Not yet!  Although the new Nike+ GPS Watch is pretty cool.

tuaw posted "Nike+ not working? Nike says sorry, and is working on the problem."

August Rearview Mirror: Who Likes Wet People? A Month of Swimming & Sorta Running

Well I'm a wet person considering I swam 42,900 yards in August.  That seems pretty much what I've settled down to swim per month. 

Past Months To Compare -

Google-Olympics-2008-logo-Aug19-Swimming-Snake In July I swam 29,550 yards.

June I swam 42,000 yards

May I swam 47,950 yards.

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

Summer2004_swimming January I swam 42,300 yards.

In 2011 I've swum 300,525 yards.

I looked back at older posts and the high 40's is what I use to train at.  Of course I was swimming at faster intervals.  Hopefully as the water and air temps fall I'll start to amp up my intervals.  Actually in today's workout I felt like my body was adapting and I was ready to go faster.  I've had a few false starts like this in the past few months so hopefully I can keep at it.  I'll find out in October at my next meet.

As for my running in August I gotta say is pretty bad.  After having hip issues in June and July I really was hoping to get back into running.  I even tried to motivate myself into running by making of goal of running 16 miles in August.  Well I didn't make it to 16.  Blech!  For the month I ran 11.03 miles.  I will admit to a dumb accident which left my ankle and foot injured for a week.  But compared to a year ago I have no base to start training a half or full marathon. August
With that said I won't run the Disney World Marathon in 2012 or the half.  Thinking that I'll continue to run and at the end of September have a 1/2 or full marathon training program.  Maybe to a spring 2012 event.  My goal for September will be to run 16.5 miles.  Yeah, not a big goal but hopefully doable. 2010
Compare with 2011
At least I'm running and swimming.  That is something in itself.

July Rearview Mirror - Swimming and Running

Another month has gone by.  I gotta admit I didn't do much running at all since I was still in recovery mode from some hip pain.  But in the last week or so I did start small short runs.  Just to check in and see how I'm feeling.  My goal for the month was to just run since I didn't run at all in June.  And I did run a tad less then 6 miles in total for the month.  So that is a start. Nikeplus
5.95 miles isn't a whole lot compared to what I was running but it's a start. Dailymile
I'm not much of a runner when I'm pain free but boy is it hard to get back into running now that the pain is going away.  I gotta pull the trigger soon on if I'll be doing another marathon again.  Was thinking of doing a 1/2 Marathon in October but have decided not to do it.  Mostly  because the cost of traveling to the event.  Decided that I'd rather do one or two swimming events in October instead.  But looking at either doing the Disney World Marathon in Jan or doing the LA Marathon in March.  Will make that decision by the end of August.  With that said I'm putting my running goal for August at a very modest 16 miles for the month. 

Now swimming.  It seems like I didn't swim that much in July.  In July I swam 29,550 yards.  That's down more then 12,000 yards from June.  Of course I did swim two Long Course Meters swim meets.  One that was a full weekend and another one day so with tapering and swimming at the meet that takes a few yards away.  So it's not too bad.  At least I was swimming. 

Past Months To Compare -

June I swam 42,000 yards

May I swam 47,950 yards.

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

In 2011 I've swum 268,625 yards.

I'd love to say it's the quality of swims and not the quantity but I am swimming at slower and slower intervals.  Swimming in non-cooled pools is a bit of a challenge.  I've never heard of such a crazy thing of as non-chilled or non-heated pools.  This is Florida you'd think the pools would be cooled!  It is what it is. 

With all that said I am working harder then ever at the gym.  From taking fun Zumba  classes to getting my ass kicked in Boot Camp.  All in all it's all a good thing!



Morning Swim Workout - Feeling Sluggish Edition

So I haven't swam since last Friday.  I could give a long laundry list of reasons but to be honest it's just me being lazy.  With no swim meets on the agenda and with water temps way too warm for me I just don't want to wake up and go swimming.  And now with family visiting from out of state it's even harder to wake up and workout.  But this morning I got up at the crack of well around 5:10am and went on a quick run before swimming. Thurs_runkeeper
Runkeeper using GPS and my old Nike+ Sportband does record the run differently.  Not by too much. Thus_nikeplus
Either way it's nice to be back running.  After two months off recovering from my hip injury I'm slow and running small runs but I am running.  Since I was up and out early I had time to hit the pool and go swimming.

Warm Up

Mixed 500.  All free for me put did some swimming, pulling and pulling with paddles.

Then we did a 200 kick.  Yesterday I spent the day at the pool with my nieces and nephews and scrapped up my feet on the bottom of the pool while roughhousing.  So I had to take the fins off after the 100. (200/700)

4x100's Drill/Kick/Kick/Swim on 1:40.  Freestyle.  I didn't use fins so making the interval was a bit tough.  Tough for me considering I hardly kick.  (400/1100)

Main Set:

6x150's Freestyle on 2:15 descending.  Now today my lane mate was a speedster and we split the lane meaning that we were pushing each other.  Well to the very last one when I got blown out of the water.  My lane mate also got to use fins while I didn't but he's still a faster swimmer even without fins.  I was 1:52, 1:50, 1:47, 1:46, 1:45, 1:44 or close to those times.  Too much math in the morning for me.  (900/2000)

8x50's on 50.  Catch up drill down / Swim faster back.  (400/2400)

8x50's on 60 Pulling.  Breathing every 3 down / faster back. (400/2800) 

Oh, I think I put the 50's in the wrong order.  I think the pulling was before the drilling and swimming.  Then after that I helped get the lane lines out so the Aqua Aerobics folks could have the pool.  I don't really do it for the Aqua Aerobics folks but for the pool staff who are really nice. 

Total workout 2,800 yards.  I'm beat.  After not swimming for a week my body was hurting!  But I haven't been lazy all week.  I've been hitting the gym alternating legs and upper body weight training days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I even took Zumba classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Before you laugh all I can say is that I like Zumba as I don't take it serious and think of it as an hour to be goofy.  I also ran on Tuesday.  I got to the gym when it opened at 5:30 and dropped off my stuff before running around the area. Tue_runkeeper

That run was not pretty.  But I'm running again.  Hopefully I'll be back training for a 1/2 Marathon or full marathon come August.  Which is just days away so I gotta sign up for a race so I'm motivated to run!

May Rearview Mirror In Swimming and Running

So running in May came to an quick end last week due to injury so I didn't make my goal of running more in May then I did in April.  I was close but close doesn't count! May_nike_plus
I ran 31.26 miles in May.  Well that is according to Nike+ I actually did run more as one of my runs didn't fully register.  So in a way I did beat my goal for the month but since I use Nike+ to monitor my goals I really didn't do my goal.  May_run
I guess I should just be glad that I was running at all.  I could just sleep in and eat bon bons in bed instead of running. May_dailymile
Even not being able to run for the last week I guess when you look at 2011 my runs were average.  Hell, I'm not training for a marathon or a half right now so who cares. May_nike
I am feeling better with my hip compared to last week but I'm not ready to go running yet.  I'm going to wait at least another week if not two.  My goal is to be running by June 13th.  That is my goal for the month.  Well the first running goal.  The second running goal is to have ran at least 10 miles for the month.  A small goal but a post injury goal.

As for swimming it's another story.  For the month of May I swam 47,950 yards.  Not too bad.  Even taking four days off I think that is a decent amount of swimming.  Guess I'll know after my next swim meet.  Which is coming up. 

Past Months To Compare -

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

So far for 2011 I've swum 239,075 yards.

December I swam 22,050 yards.

November I swam 34,375 yards

October I swam 2,700 yards.

September I swam zip, nada, nothing

August I swam 25,000 SCY

July I swam 49,900 SCY

June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM

May I swam 55,000 SCY

April I swam 46,050 SCY

February I swam 53,250 SCY

January I swam 46,750 SCY