Orangetheory Fitness - Senior Director of Performance at NIKE Shares His Tips

It’s the community you build around yourself that bolsters your mindset and helps you achieve great things. Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Performance at NIKE, shares his thoughts on how community is the key ingredient to accountability, and ultimately success. Check out the full conversation of Under the Orange Lights for more tips, tricks and exercises that support runners.

Orangetheory Fitness - Spotting fake health advice online: the good, the bad and the bogus

Don't believe every health claim you read online. On this episode of Under the Orange Lights, we’re sitting down with experts Dr. Rachelle Acitelli Reed, PhD, Global Director of Fitness Science, Brittany Masteller, Ph.D., and Alyssa Olenick, PhD(c), CISSN, for a chat about how to spot false health and nutrition advice. Tune in for powerful tips on how to navigate the landscape of fake health advice and don't forget to drop your questions in the comments below. For additional information, check out our web article:

Orangetheory Fitness - Lower Body Strength 08

Hit below the belt and cover all bases with a few of our At Home favorites: hip hinge swings, triple squat walkouts and broad jumps to shuffles. We’ve taken the guesswork out so you can turn your focus toward form, prioritize reps over rounds and aim for personal best performance. Rest assured, we’ve got your back! Equipment Needed: - Dumbbells