runDisney - Wickedly Delicious Runner Recipes | Kuzco’s IMPOSSIBLE Groove Bowl

BOOM, baby! So you’ve finished your 2020 Virtual Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend miles in true villainous fashion? Well, our friends at Impossible™ have the perfect post-race meal to help you refuel, celebrating Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove, this year’s race theme for the Virtual Disney Wine & Dine 5K. Forget the spinach puffs and head straight to making Kuzco’s Impossible™ Groove Bowl, featuring quinoa, a prized grain in the Incan culture and ruled by Kuzco in the animated film.

Impossible™ Burger sizzles, cooks, and tastes just like ground beef, but it’s made from plants – which means it’s better for you and for our planet. Join Chef J. Michael Melton, Impossible Foods’ Head of Culinary, as he takes you through how to make this wickedly delicious and nutritious dish!

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