#runningform #runningtechnique #runningtips Proper Running Form for Beginners | Technique + Tips

If you’re brand new to running, there are tons of advice out there, and it can be overwhelming to sift through the good and the bad. Proper running form is incredibly important to increase efficiency and reduce your risk of injury. However, proper running form doesn’t come naturally to most people, we must learn how to run correctly. In this video, we'll go over the proper running form as well as tips on how to get started on the right foot with your running journey.

To learn more about proper running form, check out our blog here: https://bit.ly/Running-Form-Challenge

#Guides #rownridepro Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Pro Squat Assist Trainer - SF-A020052

The Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride PRO is the ultimate squat assist trainer. This space-efficient home exercise trainer excels at helping you achieve a total body workout. Activating multiple groups of muscles requires more energy, so you will burn more calories throughout your workout. Compound exercises bring compounded results. Hydraulic and resistance bands provide the necessary tension to build and tone muscle.

► Row-N-Ride Pro: https://bit.ly/Row-N-Ride-PRO

#pumpkin #pumpkinspicelatte #proteinshakes Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake

Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake Let’s be honest, what screams fall more than a pumpkin spice latte? I’ll wait. This protein shake version of a pumpkin spice latte has all the incredible flavor of the real thing, and so much healthier than the coffee shop version. Better yet, the protein makes it a great option for refueling post-workout or for a more nutritious and filling afternoon snack!


1 Frozen Banana

¾ Cup Almond Milk

2 Tbsp Pumpkin Puree

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1-2 shots Espresso

¼ tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

¼ tsp Cinnamon

1 serving protein powder

Instructions: Blend and enjoy!

#Troubleshoot #Guides #exercisebikes Sunny Health & Fitness Endurance Belt Drive Magnetic Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike SF-B1877

Sunny Health & Fitness Endurance Belt Drive Magnetic Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike SF-B1877 The Endurance Magnetic Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike model SF-B1877 is an excellent belt-driven system model for low impact fitness. The performance monitor allows you to track your Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Odometer, RPM & Pulse. Excellent for beginners and enthusiast in fitness or anyone needing recovery training to start an in-home calorie-burning workout routine. Adjustable magnetic resistance allows you to change up your exercise cycling routine making every home workout session feel different. Designed to last, feel confident riding this durable stationary bike with a 265 LB maximum user weight. The Endurance Magnetic Exercise Bike model SF-B1877 will push your stamina, performance, and fitness to the next level!

#Workout #Fitness #Cycling Beginner Cycle Bike Workout

New to cycling? Go back to the basics with this beginner cycle bike workout.

Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney as she introduces you to different cadences, resistance levels, and positions to prepare you for many more rides to come.

Warmup – at varying cadence, goal get used to positioning and pace 1 min 30 sec 60 RPM – starting with medium resistance

30 sec 70 RPM – light increase resistance (1 turn or so)

1 min 60 RPM

30 sec 85 RPM

1 min 60 RPM – increase resistance (1 or 2 more turns) 3

0 sec 85 RPM

1 min 60 RPM

30 sec 85 RPM Climbs - medium/heavy resistance, goal 60-70 RPM

30 sec Climb 1 min Rest Repeat 3 times Sprints/giph – medium resistance, goal 100-110 RPM

30 sec Sprint 1 min Rest Repeat 3 times

Climb Pyramid – medium/heavy resistance, goal 80 RPM

15 sec Seated

30 sec Climb

45 sec Seated

45 sec Climb

30 sec Seated

15 sec Climb

Cooldown 2 min END WORKOUT

#jumprope #beginnerjumpropeworkout #jumpngrope 10 Min Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

10 Min Jump Rope Workout for Beginners Brush the dust off your jump rope and get jumping with this fun 10-minute jump rope workout for beginners.

This workout is a great way to fit some quick fitness back into your day and work your way up to jump roping for longer periods of time. Give it a try!

  • 30 sec Jump Rope
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec X Jumps
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Jump Rope
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Sumo Squats
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Jump Rope
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Knee Push Ups
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Jump Rope
  • - 10 sec Rest
  • - 30 sec Forward Lunges 60 sec rest & repeat!