Swimming, Maybe

The Empty Lifeguard ChairImage by laszlo-photo via FlickrI may end up swimming the 10x100's after all.  The rain has let up so the 7pm practice is on.  Up to a few minutes ago I was going to skip tonight's practice and swim tomorrow night but I just found out that tomorrows practice is now canceled.  The pool's lifeguards Holiday Party was moved from Wednesday to Tuesday for some reason.  So the pool will be closed so no swimming.  Two days off won't kill me and considering I'll be taking next week off to be in Florida I may stay home and eat brownies!

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Sunday Afternoon Swim

I biked over to hit the 3pm Sunday afternoon swim feeling in a swimming mood. But once in the water it became clear that my body had other plans. I warmed up about a 100 before our warm up set:
150 Drill
4x50's Kick
100 Swim
I skipped 3 of the kick 50's with a pee break and some chit chat.

Then we did 6x75's IM (no free) on 1:05. Then 4x50's on 40. I think we did something else but don't remember. Maybe 2x25's?

Main Set:
400 IM on 6:00
3x100's Free on 1:20
300 IM on 4:30
4x100's on 1:20

Then I stopped. I wasn't feeling that good and had a pain. Might have been dehydrated. Decided to stop and it was 4pm so one hour give or take a few minutes was a decent workout. I don't get out of workout that often so it's not so bad. After this week I'll be on vacation in Florida and won't be doing much working out so why kill myself this week?

Friday Morning Swimming

After swimming last nights killer workout is was back in the water this morning to get beat up some more. I jumped in the pool and did about a 200 warmup before we started our warm up set.

150 kick
100 drill
4x25's swim
first round free / second round backstroke / third round IM

Main Set:
6x100's Free alternating intervals 1:20/1:15
4x50s fly on 50
we took an extra 30 seconds rest at this point.
4x100's Free on 1:15
4x50s back on 50
2x100's Free on 1:10
4x50's breast on 50

I was so beat after that set. I was shocked I made the breaststroke interval.

8x50's on 50 Freestyle Pulling breathing 3/5/7/9 by 50 and repeat.

And that was it. I was going to sleep in and swim tonight but my internal clock woke me up so I decided to swim. Saturday will be my recovery day and I may just do weights on Sunday. I have yet to take a day off after last weekends swim meet so I need to at least take Saturday off. I do dread starting up weights again as it's been two weeks since my last gym visit. But I can't put weight training off forever.

Thursday Night Swim SCY

I told myself I was going to take today off from swimming and all forms of working out. Well as they day wore on I felt like swimming. So I headed to the 7pm swim practice at the WeHo Pool. One thing for sure is that it's warmer at night then it is a 6am. Maybe I should consider sleeping in all winter.

Warmup seemed to go on forever. I didn't count my laps but I can guess that I did somewhere between 600 and 700 yards.

Warm Up Set:
25 Drill
50 Drill / Swim
50 Swim (free/stroke)
25 Swim
I don't remember much of this set just that each round was one stroke IM order.

3x200's on 2:50 Pulling. 1st breathing 3/5/3/7 by 50, 2nd one build each 100, 3rd one breathing 3/5/5/7

Main Set:
100 Kick on 2:00
75 Kick on 1:30
50 Kick on 1:00
25 Kick on 30
Right into 3x
150 2:15 (i think) 50 free / 50 stroke / 50 free
2x75's IM on 1:05
100 Kick on 2:00
75 Kick on 1:30
50 Kick on 1:00
25 Kick on 30
okay i took 5 seconds extra rest to regroup and see the next round on the board
3x again
150 free the 4th lap was underwater only breathing twice. shit, i don't remember the interval.
2x75's free on 55

Damn that set was hard. Those 75's in both the IM and Free kicked my ass. The worst part was that my lane mates couldn't handle the intervals so they sat some of it out and did free instead of stroke. I was getting pissed off by this. I know it shouldn't matter but when I'm doing IM barely making the intervals and the person behind you is doing free that sucks. Then in the free round the one guy who was left swam the 4th lap never going underwater w/ only 2 breathes. So of course he'd catch up to me at that point.

Final Set:
100 on 1:30 25 fly / 50 free / 25 fly
75 on 1:00 25 fly / 25 free / 25 fly
25 on 30 fly

I moved over to the other lane during the final set. I made a comment to the swimmer I was with about him swimming free while I did stroke. He apologized saying that he was in the wrong lane as he expected a slower fast lane like we have sometimes. I didn't care at that point as the workout was done and over with. This workout was a tough one and boy am I still feeling it. I should sleep in and just swim tomorrow night instead. We will see, we will see.

Brrr...it's cold outside.

A cold snap is hitting Los Angeles right now and it's only going to get colder over the next few days. Then when the cold snap is at it's worst the rain will be coming down. This weather will be a factor in how much I'll be swimming next week. A mini-vacation may be in order and just in time. After last weekend's swim meet my body needs some time off. Swimming the last three days of workouts after the meet has left my body fatigued. I already plan on taking Thursday and Saturday off this week and next week I'll play it by ear.

This morning it was tough taking of my warmup clothes to get in the pool. While on deck I looked at the main set from last nights practice. It was an interesting set so I jotted it down thinking I'd use that set for myself.

Here was the set: Descending in each group of 4
4x200's Freestyle on 2:30 / last one fast but on 4:00 (the slower fast lane was 2:40/4:00)
4x150's Freestyle on 1:55 / last one fast but on 3:00 (the slower fast lane was 2:00/3:00)
4x100's Freestyle on 1:15/ last one fast but on 2:00 (the slower fast lane was 1:20/2:00)
4x50's Freestyle on 40

After jotting it down and chatting with team mates it was time to get in. Brrr...when I did get into the pool for once I was happy that the water was hot. Normally I'd be the first bitching about how hot it was but it felt great to be in the warm water. Plus I didn't plan on swimming too hard today so the temp was not a factor. I mentioned to the coach on deck that I liked the workout that they did the night before so the coach decided that we'd do the set this morning. Me and my big mouth.

As for warm up I swam a 100 free before doing a 200 IM by 25 kick / 25 drill. We then broke up between stroke lanes and freestyle lanes. I decided to do stroke since if I had swam free I'd be lapping whomever I'd swim with. I figured doing stroke would even it out a bit. We did two extended warm up 400's . The first one was mostly kick 100 kick / 50 swim / 100 kick / 50 drill / 100 kick. I did it fly for the first 150, back for the second 150 and did the final 100 kick IM. The second one I did IM and it was 25 Drill / 75 Swim (25 technique / 25 build / 25 fast).

Main Set: Descending in each group of 4
4x200's IM on 3:30 / last one fast but on 4:15 (I messed up and did the last one on 3:15) opps!
4x150's Back on 2:20 / last one fast but on 3:00's I think
4x100's IM on 1:45 / last one fast but we did it on 2:30
4x50's Butterfly on 50

Oy! I was dying in butterfly! We then finished up with a few 25's before warming down. The set looked fun freestyle as for IM not as much. I had too much rest but that was okay. It's still a recovery week for swimming.

3,300 LCM Workout

warmed up a 400 Swim / 300 Pull / 200 Kick / 100 Swim. (1,000)

10x50s odds free on 1:00 evens stroke on 1:05. did them IM Order. (500/1,500)

> 4x300's (1200/2,700)
> 1st 50 fly / 50 back / 50 breast / 150 Free
> 2nd 50 fly / 50 back / 100 breast / 100 Free
> 3rd 50 fly /100 back / 50 breast / 100 Free
> 4th 100 fly / 50 back / 50 breast / 100 Free

finishing up with 6x100's Free on 1:30.
I descended them but was only able to get to a 1:14. (600/3,300)

I still feel fatigued and sore from this weekends swim meet. Skipping weight training today. Figured I can start this weekend. Give my body a week to recover. May start to run again this week!

Recovery Workout

After this weekends meet I figured I needed to work the lactic acid out of my body so I headed to the morning swim.  I decided to bike it to get myself going.  I felt good at first working those legs but about a mile into the ride my legs were tired.  Luckily the pool is only two miles away.

Once at the pool it took us all a bit to get in as we chit chatted on deck.  I ended up swimming a broken 400. 

Warm Up Set:
3x200's.  1st one 100 swim / 100 kick, 2nd one 50 swim / 100 kick / 50 swim, 3rd one 100 kick / 100 swim.  Taking 10 seconds in between each 200.

Then we did some 25's working on drills.  After that it was 3x150's.  50 drill / 100 swim.

400 Pulling

6x100's Free on 1:15

4x25's 3 build / 1 sprint

I think that was the whole workout.  It was a very nice recovery workout.  Since we were working on drills the yardage was very low.  Not that I am complaining as I wanted an easy workout.  During the 6x100's I was all over the place in my times.  I'd feel strong then be tired then strong again.  Pacing wasn't an option.  Also I was wearing two suits and the top suit kept on falling down during a few of the 100's.  Now I have a full 24 hours to let my body recover. 

Taper Workout Wednesday

This mornings taper workout was a bit too for my taste.  Started off with a very slow 200 which was a 50 chat a bit then another 50 and chat some more.  After we did a series of 100's.  I think we did 4 which were 50 drill / 50 swim.  I did them free, back, back, fly. 

100 Distance per stroke.  Count your strokes for lap one then try to do 2 less for the remaining laps.  I was all over the place with 19/15/17/16.

12x50's.  Odds freestyle / Evens stroke on 60.  Each was build.  I alternated my stroke between fly and back.  For the fly ones we were allowed to do 25 free/25 fly.

50 Distance per stroke.

12x25's on 35.  1st four the 1st 1/2 fast.  2nd four the 2nd 1/2 fast.  3rd four we started in the middle and our turns and push offs were to be fast.

Then we did a series of relay starts.  Yup, we got to get out of the pool in stand on deck outside in the chilly morning.  YAHOO! 

I was shivering while standing on deck.  It was too cold.  I have posted about this so many times I'm sick of talking about it but we should be doing starts all year long.  More so in the warmer months.  But nope we always wait to the first week of December to get out on deck and do starts.  Oy! 

As for the workout that really was it.  Lot's of standing around waiting in the water.  The coach divided the lanes between those going to regionals and those who aren't.  Which made it hard for her to be watching everyone so we had a lot of waiting time.

3200 LCM Taper Workout

300 Swim (300/300)
300 Pull (300/600)
500 broken as follows 100 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim / 100 Kick (500/1100)

15x100's (1500/2600) Free
1-5 Easy technique 2:00
6-10 Stretched Out 1:55
11-15 Descend 1:45 (we took an extra 15 before the last 100)  I finished up coming in at 1:10 on my last 100.  My first 100 was on 1:21 so I did descend.  That last 100 was not pretty it was just all arms on deck just moving so fast to move me.  As for the first ten 100's I pretty much kept to a 1:22 pace.   Not all that easy but not sprint fast. 

10x50's 1:15 I easy / 1 fast.  Choice (500/3100)

warmdown a 100 (100/3200)