The Countdown Begins

Luckily my body woke up on it's own this morning as I didn't set my alarm on my phone to wake me up.  After I pulled my swim stuff together I headed to the pool.

Warm Up

100 Free / 300 IM (50 drill/25swim) (400)

Free Section:

3x150 (75 Kick/50 Drill -Fist/Fingertip/FastFist -/25 swim) (450/850)

400 Pulling (200 Breathing every 3/5/any/7 by 50 / 200 just pull) (400/1250)

4x100's Descend on 1:15 (did the first one on 1:16, then 1:14, then 1:12 finishing up with a 1:09) (400/1650)

4x100's Fast Pace on 1:25 coming in at your fastest descended 100 from previous set.  I did two 1:09's I forgot the third one I think it was 1:08 and according to the couch I did a 1:05 for my last one.  (400/2050)

50 easy (50/2100)

Then we did some 25's.  I think it was only 4 of them.  Sprints. (100/2200)

Stroke Section (i did all fly):

75 Kick / 50 Drill / 25 Swim (150/2350)

200 Fast-ish (100/2450) Gotta admit that I need to do more fly.  I really haven't been swimming as much as I use to and can't remember the last time I did a 200 fly.  Needless to say it wasn't a good time for me.  I did a 2:40 and I know from past workouts I should be coming in between a 2:30 and 2:35.  I think this is something I need to work on or forget about it come Regionals in December.

4x25's Fast (100/2550)

And that was it.  That is a bit below our normal yardage.  Maybe I forgot something.  I was going to do a double but after the 200 fly I wimped out.  Maybe next Monday!  Of course I may just do a double tomorrow.  Swim LCM in the morning and SCY at night.  No matter what I need to think about what I plan on swimming at Regional's in December so I can start working on those events in workout.  Only two months to go! 

Thirteen: Unlucky or Lucky

Last night was one of those nights that I woke up several times, tossed and turned and got another hour or so sleep before it was time to repeat the process.  I even woke up 20 minutes before my alarm was to go off at 5am.  I got all my swim stuff together and got on the bike.  Bicycling at 5:30am is perfection.  It is still dark outside but the winter cold hasn't set in yet.  I illegally ride listening to music on my iPhone to get myself pumped up for the swim.

I figure it takes about 20 minutes to bike to the pool in the morning since I don't have to deal with much traffic and I may or may not follow all the traffic rules.  I stake out a lane and start to warm up.  I warmed up a 600 free swim followed by 200 Pull with paddles, 100 pull without paddles and then a 100 swim.  At some point during the 1000 LCM warm up one of my team mate joins me.  Today it would be just the two of us as the others bailed out on us this week.  We then move on to 6x50 drill / swim taking 10 seconds rest.  Our final warm up set was 4x50's build taking 10 seconds rest.  At this point I have 1500 LCM under my belt so I move onto the beef of the workout.

After talking to my lane mate plus factoring in various emails and chats I've had over the last week about swimming we decided to dust off an oldie but goodie, the 10x100's!  If you look to the side under categories you'll see a whole section on Ten 100's Breakthrough Set.  Once apon a time our team had a set on the first Monday of every month we'd do 10x100's.  The point was to go all out on all ten.  Over time you'd hopefully be improving your times from training.  At first I thought the 10x100's were the best thing this butter on toast.  It was a fun way to see how I was doing without having to compete.  Over time it became a chore.  Swimming on a Monday at 6am is hard enough never mind swimming all out.  Last Spring before Nationals and IGLA the workout was retired.  I'm sure at some point someone will suggest that we do that set again but for now this morning was my 10x100's Set:

10x100's LCM on 2:30
1. 1:15
2. 1:14
3. 1:13
4. 1:13
5. 1:13
6. 1:12
7. 1:13
8. 1:13
9. 1:13
10. 1:13

As you can see I was averaging a 1:13.  Not bad for a LCM 100 free.  I've never swam this set in a LCM pool so let's just say it was a good swim.  I think if I had someone next to me racing and pushing me I could have done a bit faster.  It's so hard to just go all balls out when swimming alone with no one to psych you up.  I felt pretty good to the 8th one and then after that it was a struggle.  Considering I held a pretty good pace I'm happy.  1:13 was my fastest 100 time in my 1500 a few months ago LINK so that is the pace I need to be doing in a set like this.

We then did a 100 recovery.  We then did 6x50's one kick / one swim IM order no freestyle.  Finishing up with a 50 fly as my lane mate wanted to try to do it.  Then another 50 warm down.  I was tired so I got out.  Then I biked the scenic route home trying to avoid traffic.  Which meant going up one very steap hill in Beverlywood which I gave up and walked the bike up it.  It's actually a nice scenic route as I'm riding towards the hills with Century City view to my left and peeping out on my right was downtown in clear view.  But before that I was scrambling fast to get to the left turn lane in Culver when my bike light bounced off my bike.  I pulled aside and was waiting for traffic to stop to pick it up as it layed in the street.  Cars and trucks went by without hitting it and then when I see the last car coming, which might have been the 13th car, I was in the street walking towards it when it was run over and smashed into many itsy bitsy pieces.  Mind you the light has been on the fritz so it was time to get a new one.  I've been driving in the dark without it working for over a week.  I've just been too cheap to buy a new one.  Now I really don't have a choice. 

60 Instead of 90

Since I slept in this morning I decided to swim tonight so I got on the bike and huffed my way to the pool.  Night workouts are 90 minutes and for the most part when I go I swim the whole time but not tonight.  I just was having a hard go of it tonight so I picked up my stuff and left after an hour.  Which is what 1/3 of the night time swimmers do anyways so I don't feel that bad.  Plus I plan on swimming tomorrow morning at 6am with a nice long course swim.

We started off with about a 10 minute warm up I really don't know how much I did as I wasn't counting.  I did a 250 free, then another 150 mixed back and fly, a 100 pull, a 150 kick and some more swimming. 

We then started off with a kick set which I gave it my all.  Normally I slack off during kick sets.  2x100 on 2:10 / 3x50's on 1:05/1:00/:55.  I did one round fly and the second round freestyle.

Then we went on to a warm up stroke set:
50 Drill forgot interval
2x25's on 25 swim
1x100 IM drill on 1:40
1x100 IM swim on 1:30
for the 50 & 25's we did one round of each stroke (fly/back/breast)

Main Set: 
300 Pull on 4:00
200 Swim on 2:50
100 broken 50 fly / 50 back (forgot interval)
100 Free on 1:20
100 broken 50 back / 50 breast (forgot interval)
100 Free on 1:20
100 broken 50 breast / 50 free (forgot interval)
I think the workout called for this to be done 3x.  I left after one time and then did a 100 warm down. 

The intervals were a bit too tight for my taste.  I forgot what the broken 100's were on but I do remember having little rest.  I should have stuck it out and swim the whole workout but once I started to go negative in my mind every pain that I have had in the last few weeks started to act up.  It's funny how we can sabotage ourselves in workouts.   Damn it's only 8:36 and it feels like midnight.  Hopefully I'll be in a better swim mood in the morning.

Oh and a note to my lane mate Dan:  I don't bash my lane mates in every post.  It was a pleasure swimming with you.  Even if sharing the wall lane wasn't so bad tonight!

1:15 Base Workout SCY

Todays workout was all about the 1:15.  Between swimming and then weights yesterday I was a bit sore.  I warmed up around a 325.  Then we went into 4x100's on 1:15.  After that we did 5x100's with 10 seconds rest.  These 100's were broken 50 drill / 50 swim with the following drills:  swordfish, one arm, finger tip drag, catch up and fist.

Main Set:
100 Swim on 1:15
400 Pull on 5:00
200 Swim on 2:30
300 Pull on 3:45
300 Swim on 3:45
200 Pull on 2:45 (extra 15 seconds rest off the 1:15)
400 Swim on 5:00.  Okay so we took some extra rest here while I let me lane mate catch up.  Plus I barely made it.  I was thinking that it was on 5:15 not 5:00.   Opps.
100 Pull on 1:15
500 Swim on 5:15. 

easy 100

1x50 on 60 drill/swim
1x50 on 55 swim
1x50 on 60 drill/swim
1x50 on 55 swim

warmed down a 100

I was tired and sore today.  I had a horrible night sleep last night and with yesterday swim and then weight training my body was beat.  I really liked that main set even though it was touch and go at some points.  I really thought about each turn and push off. 

Yesterday I did hit the gym.  I ran to the gym and the sportband seemed to work for a change.  I didn't have my iPhone with me so maybe it really does disrupt the signal between the Nike+ Sportband and the Sensor.  I'll have to run without the iPhone or put it in Airplane mode for my next few runs.

After the gym I ran home.  I was feeling beat and tired.

Nine, Ten and Eleven

Brrr...when you start to see steam rise from the pool at 6am you really know that fall is in the air.  After feeling groggy on Monday morning I made sure I went to bed early enough to ensure a good nights sleep.  So this morning when the alarm went off at 5am I felt a lot better.  I got on the bike and headed to Culver.  One thing is for sure my mornings of riding in shorts and a tee shirt are coming to an end.  It was might brisk outside at 5:30am.  Once I got in the pool it felt warm for a change but not too warm.  It was more of the Goldilocs version of being just right for a morning swim.

Long Course Meter Workout:

I warmed up a 450.  Then we did 3x200's broken 50 kick / 50 swim / 50 drill / 50 swim.

Then 2x50's build.

Then it was time for the 15x100's pace on 1:30.

For my 15x100's I started off on a 1:21 pace and held it to about the ninth 100.  My ninth, tenth and eleventh 100's were around a 1:22.  I was feeling a bit tired.  But then at the 12th one I pulled myself back to a 1:21.  My fourteenth one I did a 1:20 and then finished up with a 1:16 for my fifteenth one.  Which only shows that I need to work on my 900-1200 of a 1500.  I pull back before I pick up steam.  I plan on doing this set again next Tuesday on the same interval and see if I can be more consistent yet still finish my last 100 fast.

After that I just warmed down a 200.  I was tired from the 15x100's.  I plan on swimming tomorrow but would like to work on some stroke.  Then again I may feel different once I'm in the water.

Monday Morning Post Bowl Swim

Not fully recovered from the night at the Hollywood Bowl I still managed to get up and head to swim this morning.  Once in the pool I was tired and sore from yesterdays swimming and weight training. 

I warmed up a 300 before we did our warm up set.  3x150's as follows.  100 swim / 50 kick, 50 swim / 100 kick then 150 kick.  We continued wiht 3 more 150's this time 50 drill / 100 swim using the following drills:  finger tip drag, catch up and fist.

After that it was some quick pace work of 6x100's freestyle on 1:15.  Descend 1-3 rest 15 extra seconds then descend 4-6.  My first three were pretty slow but was able to rally during the second round.

150 easy

100 Fast Free.  I didn't have a lot of speed.  I was only able to muster a 1:02.

Stroke Warmup Set:
3x150's 50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  One of each stroke.

Stroke Set:
50 on 55
25 on 30
25 on 40
100 Fast on 1:40
I did round 1 and 3 butterfly and round 2 backstroke.  My times were okay but still not so great.  My butterfly seems stronger than it was a week ago but the speed just isn't back. 

2x25's working on push off and streamline on 40 seconds.

Warmed down.

Tomorrow is my long course swim day.  I am modifying a workout I found online which is all about pace work with a series of 100's.  Basically with the pace I have in mind I'd be swimming 15x100's on a 1:25 interval giving me about 4 seconds rest after each 100. 

Sunday Swim

Typing up a quick post.  I ended up heading to swim knowing that I would need to leave early.  I'm meeting people in 30 minutes before heading to the Hollywood Bowl LINK.  Swim practice was actually a good workout I wish I could have stayed the whole time.  The workout only had 2-3 per lane.  Damn.  The week I need to leave.

Warmed up a 300.  200 free than 25 fly kick, 50 fly drill, 25 fly swim.

Warm Up Set:
1 all kick on 2:50
1 100 kick / 50 swim on 2:40
1 50 kick / 100 swim on 2:30
150 swim

2nd Warm Up Set:  Get the heartrate up!
100 Free on 1:20
4x50's Free on 40
100 Free on 1:10
4x25's Free on 20

Main Set:
2x150's on 1:50 50 fly / 50 Free / 25 Fly / 25 Free
4x75's on 55 Free
50 Fast on 60 Fly
2x250's on 1:50 back instead of fly
4x75's Free on 55
50 Fast on 60 Back

Then I had to leave to get home and do some food shopping for the bowl.  If I have enough fun tonight I'm sure to sleep in tomorrow and skip swimming.  So a quick workout is better than nothing.

Aarrr! Friday Morning Swim

Ahoy!  Me mates and I walked the plank and hit the rough cold pool water this morning.  The beauty on deck ordered us to off the deck and into the vast water to do a 10 minute swim.  Alas, dis' pirate only got in about a 300 as he was busy counting his bounty.

IMG_0206  Warm Up Set:
4x75's 50 Drill / 25 Kick
100 Kick
4x75's 25 Kick / 50 Drill
100 Kick

Next Warm Up Set:
25 Fly on 25
4x25's Free on 20
25 Back on 25
2x50's Free on 40
25 Breast on 25
100 Free
then a 25 to the shallow end where the land lubber was on post.

Main Set:
4x100's broken 75 Free / 25 Stroke.
3x100's on 1:15  Free (okay we messed up and took some extra rest at the end)
5x125's broken  75 Free / 25 Stroke
2x100's on 1:15 Free
6x150's broken 75 Free / 75 Stroke
1x100 Free

Me' lane mate and I started off the set but as time went on the scallywag had to get out and be a land lubber while I set sail alone.  I don't remember all the intervals as I was a bit confused.  I took a pee break in between the 125's but since I was the lone pirate in me lane I just continued and finished the set.  The intervals were a bit tight and it was touch and go for most of it to the very last 6x150's.  I did them 75 of the 150's fly/back/fly except the last one I did all fly.  I felt better swimming butterfly today than I did on Wednesday.  All in all it was a good workout.

In case you didn't notice me talking like a pirate for International Talk Like A Pirate Day LINK.  You can order Pirate inspired swim suits online at Splish LINK.

Swimming That Dang' Breaststroke

After my little outburst of frustration on Sunday during swim practice I swam on my own Monday and Tuesday.  It was my way of stepping back from the ledge and gaining perspective.  Today I went to practice without thinking of anything but just having a good swim.  Turnout was pretty light and I was the only fast lane swimmer so my lane was made up of one of the faster medium lane swimmers and another person of an undetermined speed. 

I took my time during our 10 minutes warm up and only got in a 200.  In the morning I stay on deck till the coach arrives then I just sorta swim a 50 at a time chit chatting along the way.  After that we had our warm up set.

2x50's Kick 10 seconds rest in between the 1st and 2nd then right into
50 drill / 50 swim rest 10 seconds after the swim
100 kick then rest 10 seconds
I did all three rounds butterfly.

Main Set:
200 Broken Race Strategy:  75 on 1:15 / 50 on 60 / 50 on 60 / 25 on 60
200 Fast on 3 minutes
The first round I did fly, second round backstroke and third round breaststroke.   My butterfly of late is pretty sad so doing a 200 butterfly is bloody murder.  I don't know what it is but I am just struggling with it.  My timing is off in every party of the stroke from breathing to kicking.  I really need to have someone look at my stroke and work on it but it's so hard for the coaches to give anyone one on one instruction.  I used the backstroke as a recovery and then tried to think about my breaststroke.  Since it is by far my weakest stroke I decided to work on it today since the intervals were generous.

After an easy 50 we did 8x50's sprint.  First 4 were freestyle on a minute and the secnd 4 were stroke on 1:05.  I alternated fly and back.

When I was swimming my 200 fly my legs felt like jello.  Maybe I did too much butterfly kick during warm up or maybe those 10x100's freestyle kick yesterday did me in.  Either way I just need to figure out what is going on with my butterfly. 

Alarm Clock Woes

So the difference between 5am and 6am is an hour but in daylight it seems like the difference is like night and day.  This morning I woke up from my alarm at what I thought was 5am.  I got up, went to change into my bathing suit and shorts, grabbed my stuff and my morning cup of water.  Sitting down with the morning paper I remember that it is dark outside and I'll need a light on my bike so I get up and replace the batteries in my lamp and put it on my bike.  Thinking it's still only 5:20 I had 5 minutes before I need to leave to bike to Culver.  At this point I look up at closed curtains in the front living room and notice that it seems a bit bright outside.  I walk to the front door and true enough it is bright outside.  I glance at my phone and realize that it is now 6:26 not 5:26.  I grab my stuff and start to bike to Culver.  I get a few blocks and decide it's not worth the hike as it'll take me less than 30 minutes but by the time I do get there the lanes will be crowded.  So I head to West Hollywood for that lap swim.

I ended up doing an okay workout even if it wasn't what I had in mind.  Here it is:

400 Swim taking it very slowly working the turns and walls. (400)
200 Pull With Paddles (600)
200 Pull Without Paddles (800)
400 Swim (1200)

10x100's Kick on 2:00.  Yes the guy who hates kicking gave himself 10x100's kick.  The interval was easy enough that I was able to just kick and not worry about making an interval or having someone on my feet the whole time.  I tired to descend them with the 9th one being on about 1:35 and the 10th one got a bit messed up as I was chit chatting with someone. (2200)

10x50's on 45 Freestyle (2700)

10x100's on 1:45 Stroke.  1 IM, 1 Fly, 1 Back, 1 Breast, 1 Free.  Take extra rest and repeat.  (3700)

10x50's Freestyle on 45 (4200)

I then warmed down a 200.  (4400)

During the workout my lane mates changed and I actually changed lanes as lanes would empty out.  I had a workout in mind but I adjusted it  as I went along so I wouldn't be struggling with other swimmers.  The intervals were very generous to say the least but when I'm by myself it doesn't really matter.  I really concentrated on working those turns and push offs.  Keeping streamline and kicking like hell.  In time I wont have to think about each turn and push off it'll just happen.  But for now taking my time and doing them right is my focus.

Total workout today 4400 Yards.