4x4x4x4x4 Workout

Today's workout was pretty easy to do.  The intervals were manageable and everything was easy to remember as the whole workout was based on 400.

Warm Up

400 Swim

400 Reverse IM 50 kick/ 50 drill  (i actually started the 400 then we held up for the coach then my lane restarted this 400 so I did a 500 total)

400 IM 50 Drill / 50 Swim  (1300)

Main Set:

2x200's on 2:35

400 Pull on 5:15

4x100's 1:20 descend

400 Swim 200 Swim / 200 Race Strategy 5:15

8x50's on 45 Odds build / Evens Sprint

400 Swim on 5:15

8x25's (was 16 but we ran out of time)(2600/3900)

Not bad of a workout.  We did have an occasional 15 secs extra rest in the main set in between some of the faster groups like the 200/100/50's.  I got to admit I was feeling pretty good in the water today.  First time in a bit.  During the 50's I was struggling as my shoulder was acting up but by the 400 I was back on pace.  I just like middle distance sets of 400's.  It's get on a pace and just stick with it.  Which is pretty easy to do.  As for the 4x100's my first two just felt horrible.  By the third one I was getting some tempo and the fourth was a breeze.  These 100's were descend and my first two did 1:11's the third was a 1:09 and the fourth was a 1:05.  Not mind altering fast times but at least I'm not lingering in the teen's for all of them as I was just a few weeks ago.

MTD Yardage:  29,050

YTD Yardage:  381,475
YTD LCM 5,000


Friday Morning Swim

Even after last nights swim practice being tough it was time for another swim this morning.  I got to admit it wasn't much easier.  It's like a crash course of getting back into shape.  

Warmed up a 250

Warm Up Set:

50 Kick

100 Free Drill (50 Fist / 50 Finger Tip Drag)

100 Kick

100 Stroke Drill 

150 Kick

100 Free Drill (50 Fist / 50 Finger Tip Drag)

200 Kick

100 Stroke Drill (800/1050)

Then 2x

2x100's Free (round 1 on 1:20 /  round 2 on 1:15)

2x50's Free (forgot interval) (600/1650)

Main Set:

6x25's Butterfly on 25

2x100's Free on 1:20

4x25's Fly on 30

4x100's Free on 1:15

2x25's Fly on 35

6x100's Free alternating 1:15/1:10 (1500/3150)

The I did 3x50's warmdown (50/3200)

Wowser.  The main set was a struggle.  It was touch n' go for the 1:10 100's.  But felt pretty good in the free.  Now I can rest and recover the rest of today and tomorrow.

MTD Yardage:  32,300

YTD Yardage:  384,675
YTD LCM 5,000

Too Much Too Soon Workout

Tonight's swim workout was the hardest practice I've had in some time.  In that the intervals were pretty fast during the main set.  I don't even know if I can remember the whole workout but got out after I had to puke during the main set.

Warmed Up:

750 mixed

Warm Up Set:

3 Times -

150 Pull Breathing 3/5/7

100 Swim

2x50's Kick (1050/800)

I think that was it before the main set.  But don't know.  I know we didn't start the main set to 7:40pm.

Main Set:

2x25's Fly on 30 (50)

2x50's Fly/Back (100/150)

2x75's Fly/Back/Breast (150/300)

2x100's IM (200/500)

2x25's Stroke (50/550)

2x50's Stroke (100/650)

2x75's Free (150/800)

2x100's Stroke (200/1000)

2x25's Free (50/1050)

2x50's Free (100/1150)

2x75's Free (150/1300)

umm...I did 1x100 Free before rushing to the bathroom to puke.  I dont' remember any of the intervals as I frankly didn't care.  I was second for most of the set so I just followed along.  The first person switched a bit.  Basically the set was non stop and the 100's in each round was on a fast interval so after the 25 of each set we had enough rest to reconfigure who was leading.  IM one person lead and I went seconds.  During the stroke I started to go first then at the 25 let a butterflier lead.  Then in the free portion I kept catching up to the guy in front of me so I started to lead.  But that meant during the fast free portion I lost rest and just never recovered from not getting enough oxygen.  It was all over.  (100/1400/2200 I think? Must be as the set would have been 3000 yards)

I will admit that I had sets that go back and forth between IM, stroke and free.  I like the workout that have free sets and then later stroke sets.  So workouts like this always kill me.  The fact that we had a lane of people who are good at one thing or another and had to play a game of leap frog without any time to stop and reorder ourselves sucked.  I think I would have liked the workout if we just stayed in one order and suck it up during the various parts.  

On top of the fact that I've been loafing workouts due to my shoulder issues it  all took a toll on me.  I'll be sore tomorrow!  And that is a good thing. I need more workouts like this that push me.  Just next time I look at the makeup of the lanes before deciding who I want to swim with.

Time to re-hydrate and carbo load.

MTD Yardage:  2,200

YTD Yardage:  354,625
YTD LCM 5,000

Swim, Swim, Swim. Tuesday Night Swim

Warm Up

400 Swim

300 Pull

100 Kick (800)

Warm Up Set:

3 Rounds of -

200 Kick

2x50's Drill

100 IM Swim (1200/2000)

One More Warm Up Set:

6x75's on 1:20 Evens Fast / Odds Easy.  For the fast I did one fly, one back and one breast. (450/2450)

MTD Yardage:  4,650

YTD Yardage:  357,075
YTD LCM 5,000

Main Set:

10x100's.  3/5/7/10 FAST.  At least 2 of the FAST ones must be stroke.  The intervals were 1:50 for the easy ones while the fast ones were on the coaches sound off.  I did one butterfly, one backstroke and two freestyle.  I started to cramp up on number 7.  It was the calf that was cramping up so it must have been from running. (1000/3450)

And I called it a night.  The rest of the workout was 10x50's the same way.  I had enough.  I figured the cramp was a sign to get out.  My shoulder held up pretty well with only a slight twinge during the butterfly.  Skipping swimming tomorrow for other fun activities in the morning.

Monday Morning Swim

I woke up feeling a bit stiff but still headed to swim.  Wasn't the hardest workout in the world so it was doable for me.  The morning sunrise was beautiful making the chill in the air worth getting up so early.  My iPhone picture doesn't do the morning sunrise justice.  It was a very pretty sunrise.  Picture was taken on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and San Vicente near the pool.

Mki Warm Up

400 Swim

2x100's 50 drill / 50 swim (200/600)

2x100's 50 kick / 50 Swim (200/800)

Main Set:

400 Swim on 5:30 (400)

2x200's Swim Fast on 3:00 (400/800)

4x100's Swim Pace on 1:20 (400/1200)

400 Swim (200 DPS / 200 Race Strategy) (400/1600)

4x50's Kick on 1:10 (400/2000/2800)

50 easy (50/2850)

Hmm...then we did a warmup stroke set.  50 Kick / 50 drill / 50 swim (150/3000)

Stroke Set: (i did these butterfly)


50 Swim on 50

4x25's on 30 (300/3300)

And that was it.  I felt pretty good swimming.  Still streamlining is a bit of an issue.  Keeping my right arm extended still bothers my shoulder area a bit.  But when swimming and keeping in motion I feel pretty good.  The 400's free were so easy only if I didn't have to do flipturns and streamlines.  Hmm...a 400 yard pool would be one damn long pool.  Butterfly seemed pretty easy too.  In fact afterwards the coach commented that my timing seemed to be better.  Guess not swimming much butterfly is working. 

MTD Yardage:  7,950

YTD Yardage:  360,375
YTD LCM 5,000

Sunday Workout

Earlier today after watching FINA I headed for the gym.  Started off with a 1 mile run on the treadmill.  After that I did my regular weight routine.  A few hours later I headed to the WeHo Pool for lap swim.  Luckily the pool wasn't crowded and a swim mate showed up so swam a main set together.

250 Swimming warm up

Then I did a bunch of kicking.  I alternated between swimming and kicking.  When I got to the 1000 yards mark I worked on some stroke work. (81000)

4x50's freestyleon 50 1x50 breathing every 3, 1x50 breathing every 4, 1x50 breathing every 5, 1x50 breathing every 6 (200/1200)

8x25's on 30 2 of each stroke (200/1400)

100 butterfly kick on my back, 100 drilling/kicking (200/1600)

Main Set:

200 IM on 3 mins 

2x100 IM's on 1:40 (descend)

200 Free on 2:40

2x100's Free on 1:20 (descend)

200 Back on 3 mins

2x100's Back on 1:40

200 Free on 2:40

2x100's Free on 1:20 (descend) (1600/3200)

Then I warmed down a 100 for a total of 3300 yards.

MTD Yardage:  11,250

YTD Yardage:  363,675
YTD LCM 5,000