Quick Easy Lap Swim

With rain on it's way to LA I figured I'd head to the pool for one more swim.  Sine we don't have an evening practice I hit the lap swim.  Wasn't motivated to push myself so it wa an easy swim.

300 Swim

Photo 300 Pull

300 Kick

6x50's on 55 Freestyle (25 Drill / 25 Swim) (300/1200)

4x100's (50 Drill / 50 Swim) 1 Fly, 1 Back and repeat (400/1600)

200 IM kick (200/1800)

12x25's Pull breath control by 25 3/5/7/9 on 30 (300/2100)

100 IM Swim (100/2200)

I sorta made up the workout as I went. 

3x50's Over/Unders (150/2250)

I think I may have forgotten something.  Oh well.  Just a swim to keep my in the swimming way.  The rain may cancel a few practices so something is better then nothing.

Lift, Spin & Swim

Tonight I put myself into a long workout.  I biked to the WeHo 24 Hours Fitness and hit the weights for 45 minutes.  The headed down to the 24 Cycle class at 6pm.  It's been ages since I have gone to spin class.  It felt great to be back on the bike.  Now that it is cooler I will be going to 24 Cycle clases.  After I biked to the pool for 7pm practice.  The pool was way too hot.  Jacuzzi too warm.

Warm Up 300 Swim

3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim (600)

Warm Uo Set - Two Rounds

125 Kick

225 Swim

200 Pull (1000/1600)

Main Set:

5x100's Pace on 1:20

500 on 7:00

5x100's Descend on 1:25 (1500/3100)

Then warmed down a 100.  Total yardage was 3,200.  With rain predicted almost everday for the next week I doubt I'll be swimming much.  A nice bit of rest time after last weekends swim meet.

Taper Morning Swim

i woke up early this morning and headed to the pool to swim during the lap swim.  The team does have a morning workout but it starts later and is further away plus I wanted a taper swim.  So I headed over to the pool.  It was so cold out and having to shower and run out on deck before swimming was painful.  But the pool was super hot with steam pouring up into the sky.  The warm water felt good for like 10 yards.

300 Swim

300 Pull

300 Kick

100 Swim

An easy 1,000 warm up.

4x125's on 2:00 (25 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim) I did the following drills - one arm, fist, fingertip drag and catch up. (500/1500)

10x50's on 55 (1-8 alternated fly / back and did free for the last 2) (500/2000)

5x100's Pace Free on 1:25. I was holding about 1:09's.  Not bad.  The last one I went a bit faster.  (500/2500)

Then I warmed down an easy 200 that I aded some kick into the mix.  (200/2700)  So a total of 2700 yards.  Was going to swim a bit more then that but alas I had enough.  The water was pretty warm and I figured it's just an easy taper workout or warm up.  It was nice to have my own lane.  Guess it's too cold in the morning for lap swimmers. 

Tuesday Night Swim What Taper?

I was hoping for a nice taper workout and get out after an hour of the practice.  But that was not meant to be.  The medium lanes are overflowing into the fast lane and since there was only 3 of us who normally swim in the fast lane I swam with them.  The hopes of a slower fast lane didn't happen.

Warmed Up

mixed 500

then did a 25 kick/50 drill and a 25 swim before we held up to regroup for the rest of the warmup.

3 Rounds of 25 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim followed ny 1x25 kick (1,000)

400 Pull (1st 200 DPS / 2nd 200 breathing 3/5/7 I did open turns for the breathing each time I'd get in 3/5/7/3 then take 2 strokes and be at wall) (400/1,400)

We did one more quick warm up set.

4x75's (25 swim / 25 kick / 25 swim I took a pee break so I did about a 200) (200/1,600)

Main Set:

200 Swim DPS on 2:30

150 Descending by 50 on 2:00 (I think)

100 Fast on 1:15

50 Fast on 45

50 Fast on 50

100 Fast on 1:15

150 Ascend on 2:00

200 Race Strategy on 2:30 (1,000/2,600)

100 easy (100/2,700)

Stroke Warm Up:

25 Kick/25 Drill/50 Swim (i did 2 rounds one fly /one back and was goimg to get out by stayed in) (200/2,900)

Stroke Set:

3 Rounds

100 on 1:40

50 on 50

2x25's on 30 and 45

Did round one back / round two fly / round three back (600/3,500)

oh wait before that we did 6x50's stroke (300/3,800)

then we did 7x25's choice of stroke (175/3,975)

then a 50 off the blocks anf warmed down a 25 (75/4,050) If I did m ymath right that was a killer workout.