Sunday Afternoon Swim

Brrr...a cold afternoon at the West Hollywood Pool.  The wind picked up making the backstroke flags a bit off causing me a few close calls with the wall.  With the wind came a drop in temps making resting in between swims not so much rest and a lot more time to get cold.

Warmed up a 200 before the warm up set.  I was late getting in the water as usual.

Warm Up Set:
4x IM Order
100 Drill
3x50's Kick
100 swim (1,400/1,600)

Continuing with warming up:
I don't remember the intervals.  (600/2,200)

Main Set:
200 Free on 2:35
4x150's Choice on 2:15 (I did these backstroke)
200 Free on 2:35
4x150's Choice on 2:15 (they were to be on 2:30 but our lane leader messed up and I wasn't paying attention)
The 150's were Broken as follows:
100 Free take 5 seconds rest
50 Sprint choice.  I did butterfly.
200 Free on 2:35
4x150's on 300
The 150's were broken as follows:
50 Free take 5 seconds rest
100 Sprint choice.  I did backstroke
I think I would have enjoyed the set if it was all freestyle.  But that is just me.  The intervals were easy enough but I just wasn't in the mood for a fast swim today.  I loafed most of the workout.  (2400/4600)

I then did a 50 warmdown for a total of 4650 yards making a total of 11,900 yards for 2009.  Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and skipping the morning workout.  I may sit out the evening workout also.  It's our monthly 10x100's set LINK and to be honest I don't feel like doing them.  I still have my cough and don't feel 100% of myself yet.  Plus getting up and swimming at 6am in the cold knowing I need to sprint 10x100's all out doesn't sound like much fun for me.  So maybe tomorrow night I'll be motivated or then again I can wait to next month.

Saturday Morning Lap Swim Group Workout

Two of my swim mates joined me for the following workout I made up in advance.

Warm Up:
200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick
100 Swim (700)

4x75's Free.  25 Right Arm / 25 Left Arm / 25 Swim 1:10 (300/1000)

10x50's Freestyle on 60.  Pushing off under water with butterfly kick to black line on 1st 25.  Flip turn and then at least past the flags underwater butterfly kick returning. (500/1500)

Main Set:
50 Build on 1:00 Freestyle
25 Sprint on 20
25 Easy on 30
75 Build on 1:10 Freestyle
25 Sprint on 20 Freestyle
25 Easy on 30 Freestyle
100 Build on 1:40 Freestyle
50 Sprint on 40 Freestyle
25 Easy rest a bit  (1600/3100)

3x100's Pulling.  Breathing by 25 3/5/7/9 on 1:45 (300/3400)

So with 2 swims in for 2009 I'm up to 7250 Yards.  Once again I've decided to keep track of all my yardage for 2009.  Just for kicks!

First Swim of 2009

I week into this cold and I'm still struggling with coughing and body aching.  I did decide to go swimming this morning.  Since I was the only fast lane swimmer at 6am I was able to go on a slower interval which was still hard to make at times.  I warmed up around a 300 before we got to the warm up set.

3x100's 25 drill / 50 Swim / 25 drill on 1:25 did these free
6x50's Kick on 60
2x100's 25 drill / 50 swim / 25 drill on 1:25 did these back
4x50's Kick on 60
1x100's 25 drill / 50 swim / 25 drill on 1:25 split this fly and back
2x50's Kick on 60 (1100/1400)

125 IM on 2:00 (extra 25 free)
3x25's on 25 (i did one round fly and the second round back) (400/1800)

Main Set:
300 Free on 4:00
3x50's Fly on 50
1x100 IM on 1:30 (was 1:25 but took extra 5 seconds)
1x100 Free on 1:20
200 Free on 2:35
3x50's Back on 50
1x100 IM on 1:25
1x100 Free.  Took a quick pee break.
100 Free on 1:20
3x50's Breast on 50
1x100 IM on 1:25
100 Free (1650/3450)

Finishing Up
200 Pull breathing every 3/5/3/7 by 50.  Did this on 3 mins.  I dogged it.
4x50's on 60 breathing any for the first 25 and one breath coming back (400/3850)

And that was it.  The first swim of 2009 was pretty bad.  But at least I got in the pool.  My butterfly isn't pretty but at least I was doing it.  For 2009 I'm going to keep a running total of Yardage so I kicked off the year with 3,850 SCY.  Figured it would be interesting to see how much I swim over time.