Sorta A Swim Workout

I got to swim practice bright and early as I woke up pretty early.  After the gym last night with the running, lifting and spinning I was so beat I went to bed around 9:30.  It wasn't long before I fell asleep and now I'll never know if Mac Taylor and his band of CSI NY'ers ever solved the case.   Since I started to lift and do spinning (24 Cycle) on Thursday nights I have been skipping Friday morning practice and swimming Friday night.  That gave my body time enough to recover.  But I was up this morning so I figured I'd give swimming a go.  My legs started to cramp right after my warmup.  So I got out early.  I swam for about 55 minutes and did all the kick.

Warm Up
650 I used the pull bouy for this.

Warm Up Set:
This is were we did kicking and drilling.  Damn I can't remember the set.  I know it was 100's Drill Freestyle (25 Finger tip drag, 25 Fist, 25 6 count and 25 choice).(200/850)
Then we did 50's kick. I think 6 (150/1000)
Then we did 100's Stroke Drill or IM Drill (100/1100)
Then we did 50's kick.   (100/1200)
Wait the set had a pattern that was drill / 6x50's kick / drill / 4x50's kick / drill / 2x50's kick.  Maybe the drills were 3x100 / 2x100 / 1x100.  That sorta sounds right. (1200/2400)

3x75's Free on 1:10
4x50's Free on 40
3x25's Free on 30 (375/2775)

Main Set:
2x150 IM no free
4x50's Stroke (500/3275)
And then I got out.  Next up was 100's Free then I think 25's then repeat the set. 

I just know that swimming the next morning after a night of running a 5k on the treadmill, weights and spin class all back to back doesn't work.  I'll start hitting the 7pm Friday night workout.  That way I'll have enough recovery time.

MTD Yardage: 8,625
YTD Yardage:  322,850
YTD LCM 5,000

IM Workout

I headed to the 6am morning lap swim at the WeHo Pool and ran into a team mate of mine.  I love it when that happens as we eventually take over a lane and swim a set together.  Also it just happens to be someone who I really enjoy swimming with makes it so much easier. 

Warm Up
500 Swim
4x75's Kick
400 Pull (1200)

IM Set:
2x25's Fly on 30 (50)
2x50's Back on 55 (100/150)
2x75's Back/Breast/Free on 1:20 (i think) (150/300)
2x100's IM on 1:40 (200/500/1700)

4x50's Kick on 60 (200/1900)

4x25's Fly on 30 (100/2000)
4x50's Back on 55 (200/2200)
4x75's Back/Breast/Free on 1:20 (I think) (300/2500)
4x100's IM on 1:40 (400/2900)

8x25's Kick on 30 (200/3100)

8x25's Pull on 30 (200/3300)

Then I did a 50 warmdown (50/3350)

Overall it was a good workout.  I felt pretty sluggish in the stroke but I haven't been swimming much stroke in my regular team workouts.  The Thursday morning lap swim is a ghost town.  For the first 30 minutes only 3 swimmers were in the pool.  Guess most people don't know the summer hours are yet!  Hopefully it'll stay that way.  I'm going to try more morning lap swims from time to time this summer. 

MTD Yardage: 11,975
YTD Yardage:  326,200
YTD LCM 5,000

Quick Lap Swim

Since I forgot to set my alarm last night I didn't make it to swim practice this morning.  And with Wednesday having no evening practice I decided to hit the lap swim.  I figured it would be a bit busy and swimming would be annoying.  And I was right on that point I just didn't realize how busy it would be.  Luckily I was able to get in a warm up before the lanes got too crowded.

Swim 300
Kick 300
Pull 300

The after that I kept mixing it up as I was only able to do a 50 at a time.  I ended up swimming a total of 2250 yards.  The other fast lane was a bit more organized then my lane as everyone in that lane swam together doing sets.  But that lane was even more crowded and I would have been on the last person's toes after a 50.  Either way I got in the water and got a mini-workout in.

MTD Yardage: 14,225
YTD Yardage:  328,450
YTD LCM 5,000

Easing Into A Swim Week

Rise and shine!  Summer is here and it's nice and sunny outside around 5 am these days.  It's nice enough that I can wear shorts and a tee shirt on my walk to the pool.  I leave early enough so that I can take my time walking to the pool as I slowly wake up.  It's a nice way to ease into the day.

Warm Up
500 Swim (I broke it into a 200 swim / 200 pull / 100 swim)
75 Kick followed by a 25 kick.  This is when the coach stopped us for annoucements.
4x75's Kick 10 seconds rest.  Since the three of us in my lane were at different parts of the warmup I started from the beginning and ignored my 75 and first 25 and we all did the 4x75's together.
3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim One Arm, 3 Stroke Free / 3 Strokes Back, Fist (1200)

Main Free Set:
12x100's on 1:20 (1-4 Pace, 5-8 Descend and 9-12 Fast) (1200/2400)

12x25's on 30 (1-4 streamline, 5-8 build in each 25, 9-12 Fast) (300/2700)

50 easy (50/2750)

200 Kick Reverse IM
200 Drill IM (400/3150)

100 on 1:45
50 on 55
25 on 35
25 (400/3550)

Then we did a 50 Sprint.  And I finished up with a 50 easy. (100/3650)

MTD Yardage: 9,000
YTD Yardage:  323,225
YTD LCM 5,000

I felt pretty good in the workout today.  The shorter distances was a nice way to ease back into swimming.  My freestyle 100 swims were all over the map time wise but I was following another swimmer.  So at times I'd catch up to him and have to pull back a bit.  The guy who lead have very close times to me at meets.  Some events I'm faster and some events he is faster.  We also seem to yo-yo each other.  One meet he'll kick my ass then the next meet it's my turn.  So it's difficult when we swim together.  If we go 5 seconds apart no matter what we are going to be all over each other swimming.  But swimming with him is good because it gives me the extra something to push myself to stay with him on days when I don't feel so good.

Sunday Afternoon Lap Swim Workout

I went to the afternoon lap swim thinking that I'd be more goofing off thenm swimming'  But when I got to the pool I ran into two swim mates and actually did a short workout.  Nothing too hard but a swim just the same.

Warmed Up a 200 free

4x150's Free
1 Pulling no paddles
1 Pulling with paddles
1 Swimming with paddles
1 Swimming (600/800)

5x100;s IM
1 all kick
1 75 kick / 25 swim
1 50 kick / 50 swim
1 25 kick / 75 swim
1 100 swim (500/1300)

6x75's odd freestyle to the deep / backstroke to the shallow end (450/1750)

4x50's 25 fly / 25 free (200/1950)

100 backstroke (100/2050)

MTD Yardage: 5,350
YTD Yardage:  319,575
YTD LCM 5,000

It's Summertime, Everyone In The Pool

A new month is here and another swim is out of the way.  One thing I've noticed between swimming last night and this morning is that summer is here and everyone is getting back in the water.  This morning my lane had 5 people which is nothing compared to the 7:15 workout.  In a 25 yard pool having any more then 5 people is a recipe for disaster,  Even 5 people this morning was a bit too much as this morning the make up of swimmers in the lane was vastly different in speed.  I was leading the lane and was lapping the last person during parts of the set.  The rest of the workout was tough to do as either I got the right amount of rest and no one else did or I'd get too much rest waiting for everyone else to catch up.  During the main set the second half after talking to my lane mates pretty much tossed the intervals out of the pool and just waited to everyone got to the wall.  Otherwise I'd start lapping people at the 200 mark.  I can't imagine how the 7:15 workout went with even more people are even more diverse times per lane.  We do divide up between slow, medium and fast lanes but the difference in speeds within each lane can be huge. 

Warm Up
200 Free
4x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim
4x75's Kick (900)

Main Set:
100 Swim on 1:20
200 Pull on 2:35
400 Swim we didn't do it on an interval as i was the only one who made the interval
200 Pull on 2:35
100 Swim no interval as we regrouped to talk about the second round of this set.
Next Round
100 Swim on 1:30
200 Swim on 3:00
400 Pull no interval.  Just waited to everyone was at the wall
200 Pull on 245
100 Swim (2000/2900)

100 easy (3000)

6x25's sprints odds free / evens stroke (150/3150)

25 easy
25 underwater no breathing (50/3250)

Then I just did a 50 warmdown as the crush of the 7:15 swimmers started to enter the water.  (50/3300)

Ahh...summer.  No more 2 or 3 people per lane.  Now it'll be 4 or more for a while.  I think more of the 7:15'ers will start to show up at 6 as it is a bit less crowded.  Which inflates our numbers.  Damn you 7:15'ers.  I got to admit that everyone in my lane this morning got along and it worked out perfectly.  Then again at 6am everyone is too groggy to be bitchy.

MTD Yardage: 3,300
YTD Yardage:  317,525
YTD LCM 5,000