Sunday Afternoon Slacker Swim Workout

I'm beat.  What a workout and I even moved down a lane to get even more rest but yet I'm beat.  With the new coach not really caring about me I'm free to move down a lane and play slacker on Sunday afternoons.  Boy do I enjoy it!  Plus come Jan 1st and the tech swim suit ban who knows if I'll continue to compete.  I'll never duplicate some of my fast swims in the suit so why even bother trying?  More on that later this year.  But for now I wanted a workout that didn't kill me.  So I moved down a lane.  Boy was it nice to get tons of rest.  Another fast lane swimmer moved down with me and we had one lane.  In the 150's we were almost lapping the other medium lane but whatever.

Warmed Up about a 400.  We had 10 Minutes to do whatever we wanted.

Warm Up Set

4x50's Kick (200/600)

Hmm...I so can't remember it. It was all broken up drilling, kicking and swimming.

3x50's Free Descending  I remember that part.  Meh whatever. (150/750)  There was more but I can't remember.

Main Set: Five Rounds -

50 on 50

150 on 2:15

25 on 30

75 on some interval.  Got to be honest I wasn't paying attention.  Just left when the other guy in the lane next to me did.  Seriously I can't do all that math.  Different intervals and number of laps followed by each other.  Blows my mind trying to do that math. (1500/2250)

After that we did some stroke warm up.  Something Kick/Drill/Swim.  Once again whatever.

The Stroke Set: Three Rounds

25 Fly

75 (25 fly / 50 back)

25 Back (375/2625)

Then I swam a 25 to make the workout sorta 2700.  Onc again I dont' remember the whole set.  Ugh!  Did enjoy the extra rest.  Could get use to it.

Brrr...It's Chilly and Windy at 5:55 am. Go Figure

Ahh...Friday!   Since I didn't swim yesterday I got up and hit the 6am workout.  Damn it's chilly out.  Everyone was running from the locker room's right into the pool.  Even worse was that it was windy.  Cold windy air at an outdoor pool.  Perfect morning for a hot water pool.  For once even I didn't complain about how hot the water was.

Warmed Up about 450 on my own.  Our coach was running late so a teammate put up the first set on the board.  The whole workout was basically three sets.  First up was some stroke.

Four Rounds:

100 IM on 1:40

75 Free on 1:05

50 Stroke on 25

25 Free on 1:00 (1000/1450)

Then we did an easy 100 (100/1550)

The Free Set - Two Rounds:

200 Pull on 2:40

150 Swim on 2:10 Build by 50 to about 80%

100 on 1:20 picking up from the last 50 at 80%

50 on 1:30 FAST (1000/2550)

100 easy (100/2650)

12x50's 1 recovery / 1 build / 1 fast.  I think on 50.  They were choice.  (600/3250)

I then warmed down a 50.  Making total yardage 3350.  My arms from lifting yesterday were getting to be like jello in the free set. Pulling the 200 then swimming the build 150 was a bit of a challenge.  The first 50 of each 150 was me just trying to get my muscles to not fail.  It was a pretty good workout and by the free set I felt my mojo comming back.  It's been a few workouts since I felt good in the water. 

Is This Workout Over Yet?

Meh is the one word to sum up my swimming this morning.  I wasn't feeling it or feeling fast at all.  In fact I just wanted the workout to be over with.  This was one of those mornings when one asks themselves "why am i doing this?"  At several points during the workout I was going to just give up and call it a day.  And by the end of the workout I did. 

I warmed up around a 350 before we did a formal warm up set.

Damn.  Can't remember what we did.  Oh well.

3x100's IM (1 kick/ 1 drill / 1 swim) I don't remember the intervals.  (300/650)

Main Set:

4x100's Descending on 1:30 (since I did them fly I was able to swim 50 fly / 50 free)

Then we took 15 seconds rest.  When I could have used 15 minutes.

4x200's Descending on 3:00 (since I did them fly I was able to swim 100 fly / 100 free.  anyone swimming fly or breast was told to swim them this way.)

50 easy

100 Fast for time of the stroke you just did.  Did fly and just took it easy.  I just pushed off the walls with no kick and really took my time on my turns taking some extra rest at each turn.  Like I said...Meh. (1350/2000)

Free Set:

Three Rounds of

100 on 1:20

75 on 1:05

50 on 45

25 on some interval.

then a 50 easy on a minute.  We were to build in each group down to a 25 fast.  I pretty much just swam then and by the last round was using this as a warm down.  It was then to be followed by a 100 Free for time.  I was in no mood to even contemplate swimming a 100 Fast so I got out. (750/2750)

2750 Yards.  Hmm...seemed like a lot more when I was swimming it.  One thing is for sure was that I was happy to get out and get home. 

Do They Make Waterproof Abacus?

Every so often a workout comes along that I just totally get frustrated and get out.  It's easier to just call it a day to continue another twenty minutes of confusion and frustration.  Usually these are the workouts that require me to do math.  Let me clarify pretty much all workouts require some math 10x100's on 1:20 is math but easy math.  But when you start to have a set with 1x100 on xxx, 1x150 on xxx, 1x200 on xxx, 2x75 on xxx oh and make that stroke then we got a problem.  So I gotta remember not only how many laps I'm swimming but when I left and a different interval for each component?  Fuck that!  That isn't going to happen.  So if I'm leading the whole lane if going to be fucked.  Plus the workout started pretty bad with a warm up that I felt was a bit too fast of an interval.  So it could only go down hill.

Warm Up

400.  Which I pulled since pulling is becoming a rarity in workouts.  I think these days we are lucky to get on pull set a week.

Warm Up Set:

Three Rounds:

25 Kick on 30

50 Catch Up Freestyle Drill on 50

75 IM Drill on some interval that escapes me.  Where is my abacus?

100 IM  (750/1150)

Then we did two quick drill things.  We just did two push off's.  One was incorrect streamline and one was in theory correct streamline.

Abacus Main Set:

Once again I don't do math and forget remember intervals.  So this may or may not be correct.  I did get out pretty early on.

100 Free on 1:20

150 free on 2:00

2x75's on some interval.  Hell it's a 75 putting me at the end of the pool without the coach to ask the interval.

100 IM once again on some interval (500)

I think that was the first part then we moved on to the second part.  I lead the first part with a youngster on my feet the whole time.  I'd rather have been drafting and not worry about the math.

150 on 2:00

200 on 2:40  The youngster after taking the 150 off for a bathroom break agreed to lead.  But as i came into the end of the 200 he had continued to swim.  I came in with 15 seconds rest so I knew he had left early or missed counted or thought we were on the next part a 250.  At that point I was beyond frustrated and just got out.  Another lane mate had gotten out and the two remaining weren't making the intervals so I was like fuck it.  I swam last night so I was all good.  I got in a bit of a workout and that was enough for this morning. (350/850/2100)

So today's workout was only 2100 yards.  But whatever.  The air was cold the water was warm and I should have stayed in bed.  After the first part but before we started I think was the 150 the coach asked me when I was going to which I replied that I hadn't a clue.  He mentioned that the free were on a 1:20 base which was pretty useless as the set wasn't all free.  Oy!  Abacus!

Focusing On Butterfly

Every other Monday we get the choice between a freestyle or stroke workout which I think is a great idea. Usually my basis for choosing which workout to do is based on who shows up and/or who I feel like swimming with.  This morning I looked over in the freestyle lane and saw one of the really fast swimmers and thought to myself that I so don't want to go that fast at 6am.  So I moved to the stroke lane.  Since I was with people a bit slower I got to do butterfly and have descent recovery time.  The only thing is that now I can't remember the whole workout.  Even after swimming the workout I had to go check the printed sheets to remember what I had swam. 

I goofed off and chatted it up during the warm up.  Which is pretty typical of me.  But a bit more so today for some reason.  I am beginning to find most of the morning warm ups to be mostly chaotic and slowly becomming a total waste of time.  I shouldn't just say mornings as the virus is spreading.  Everyone shows up at different times and gets in the water at different times.  Then even if something is on the board most people sorta ignore it which I've gotten in the habit of doing.  Somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes into the warm up we all hold up and either find a consescious in the lane on were we are in the warm up set and start from that point or we are given a warm up set.  So I pretty much use the 10 minutes to get use to the water temp and maybe do some drills to losen up which ever muscles are giving me some morning aches.

With that said I did about a 150 before getting in the swing of things with my lane.  At that point it was 2 more 150's.  75 Kick / 50 Drill / 25 Swim.  I did these butterfly.  I guess I didn't see on the board that it was a 400 Swim followed by 4x150's reverse IM.  Meh!  So my warm up was a total of 450 yards.

The main set was next which was really almost another warm up within various other things as more kicking was involved.  Mind you I don't remember what we did for the whole thing just some parts of it.

2x200's Stroke or IM on 3:20.  Did the first one butterfly and came in at 2:40.  Which I was sorta impressed with after a goofing off warm up and not taking the 200 too seriously.  The other week when I did a 200 at the end of workout and tried pushing myself I did the same time.  Of course since then I've been doing more fly after the meet last week in which my fly sucked! (400/850)

Then it was four round of:

2x25's Kick

100 Swim

The first round I did fly.  Second round I did backstroke.  The thrird round I did a 25 breaststroke kick and then moved to the rest all butterfly.  I can't remember what I did the last round.  Maybe fly or free.  Meh.  Just remember I did free as I pulled it.  Wanted to save my legs for fly.(600/1450)

I think we had something else here.  Hmm...

Then finishing it off with some more fly.  Four rounds of:

100 on 1:40 (did all the rounds of this butterfly)

4x50's on 50 (did these all fly/back/back/freestyle) Pretty much the backstorke and freestyle were recovery for me.  I always felt better in my 50 fly after the 100 fly.  Mostly cuz' I was able to swim that first 25 without switching to one arm as I was passing other swimmers going the other way.  So it was a smooth 25 followed by a long underwater kick to avoid lane mates.  (1200/2650)

2650 yards doesn't sound right.  Like I said I'm missing part of the main set.  Or at least I think I am.  Doesn't matter so much as my fly is feeling a bit out of whack but I'm getting some distance in.  I always feel the more I swim butterfly in workout the more I can feel what I'm doing wrong and fix it as I go.  Also more chance for the coach to see me swim the stroke and point out things I might be doing wrong that I can't see or feel.  I will admit my kicking felt to small to get myself going.