A Cough, A Hack And A Swim

This morning's workout was right up my alley as it was nice and easy.  But then again after my nasty cold the last few weeks "nice and easy" is not as "nice and easy" as it should be.  I'm still coughing a bit but now it's pretty much when I either run or swim.  I figure in a couple of days this cold will be a distant memory and I'll be back to whatever is normal for me.  I got to Saturday at least.  This Saturday is the SPMA meet at UCLA.  My goal is to at least swim the 800SCM.  But I'll see how I'm feeling during the week.

As for today I got in the fast lane with a really fast fast swimmer.  During the warm up I ended up moving down just to have comfortable rest.  I figure the next few days is all about getting comfortable and bringing the lungs back for two weeks of hacking.

Warm Up - 
I did a mixed 450 broken a bit randomly as usual.  100 Free Swim, 100 Back Swim, then some drilling and swimming IM.

Warm Up Set:
100 Kick
25 Drill
25 Swim
Rest 10 seconds between each round.  IM Order. (600/1050)

Then we did a bunch of small stroke sets:

8x75's IM Order (25 pull / 50 Swim) (600/1650)

Three Rounds - 
125 IM on 1:50 
3x25's on 35
Resting an extra  15 Seconds between each round.  Each round add a 25 of each stroke IM order then followed by 3x25's of that stroke.  So for example 50 fly / 25 back / 25 breast / 25 free followed by 3x25's fly. (600/2250)

Three Rounds - 
100 Free on 1:25
4x25's IM Order on 35 (600/2850)

Then we did 2x25's off the blocks.  I used this as an opportunity to do my first track start!  Trying to enter this century in swimming.  Total workout was only 2900 yards but it was a nice workout for me.  Getting myself back in the water without over taxing my body.  

Getting Back In The Swim of It.

I've been out of the water since last Friday so I knew my first swim back wouldn't be an easy swim.  I figured being sick this whole time my body would easily fatigue and wonder what the hell it was doing working out so hard.  So I went into this practice thinking I'd take it easy and maybe even move down a lane.  But since of the make up of the various lanes based on this mornings attendance I was in the fast lane and the intervals which were manageable during warm up became a bit too much for the main set.  I ended up stopping the workout early and getting out.  Not out of defeat but more of me knowing that my body just wasn't ready for that hard of a workout yet. 

Warmed Up

400 Mixed Swim

250 Mixed Pull (650)

Then we had a warm up set/

12x75's Odds Kick (side/otherside/back) / Evens Swim but working the turns with 5 underwater butterfly kicks.  I don't remember the intervals (1000/1650)

3x200's Freestyle Pulling on 2:40 Descend.  I don't know if I did much of a descend as the first one I pulled without paddles and did around 2:20 the second one I used paddles and did around the same but the third one I worked it.  Forgot what I came in on but I know i was going at a decent clip. (600/2250)

Main Set:  Okay so this is where I gave up.  Maybe I shouldn't have or maybe I should.  Either way it's over with now.

4x100's Free Descend on 1:15 (by the 4th one I was dying.  breathing was not fun and was coughing during my rest) (400/2650)

then it was right into...okay so I only did one and got out.  1x100 25 free / 25 fly and repeat.  on 1:20.  The first one I landed right on 1:20.  I wasn't going all that fast so I could have decended.  But breathing was a bit labored and well I gave up.  This part of the set was 4x100's on 1:20 then rest 30 seconds and do the set again.  After this first round of 4x100's Free my body knew that the second round wasn't going to be pretty.  After I got out the coach eased up the intervals for my lane.  To be honest even with easier intervals my body would haven't liked me.  Getting out allowed my body to be pushed but at the same time ease back into swimming. (100/2750)

One good thing  about swimming was that the chlorine really cleared out my sinuses.  I feel so much better.  I'll try to swim this weekend.  And be back to my regular pace by Monday.  2750 Yards for a just getting back in the water isn't so bad.

Friday Morning Swim

After last nights swim I was expecting to be killed at this mornings swim.  But luckily for me I was the only faster lane swimmer so the intervals were a bit easy today. 

Warm Up

Mixed 500

Four Rounds: One Round of Each Stroke Reverse IM (1400 Yards)

4x50's Kick on 60

75 Drill on 1:25

75 Swim on 1:25

Main Set:

6 Rounds (Evens Free / Odds Stroke)

50 Easy (always free) on 60

100 Moderate on 1:25/1:40

150 FAST on 1:55/forgot the stroke interval

Since I took a pee break between the warm up set and the main set I didn't hear the explanation of the workout and just by looking at the board I misread it.  I thought we were doing 6x100's moderate not one.  So during the first round I only did a 100 out of the 150 as I was bit confused as to what was going on. We also ran out of time at the end to do the very last 150 fast.  So total yardage for this set was 1650.

The whole workout was 3,550 yards. 

Post Cold Freestyle Workout

I decided that I was feeling better enough to head to swim practice.  I don't want to get my swim mates sick but I also feel that swimming does wonders when you are sick.  If you are sick and you are swimming it's almost like a barometer of how sick you are.  After tonight's workout I know I'm almost fully rebounded.  I was breathing pretty good even during our breath control set of 3/5/any/7.  Of course it was only for an easy 200 but still felt good.  I did swim to about 8:15 and skipped the very last part of the workout but then again so did everyone in my lane.  Plus I'm going to swim tomorrow morning.  I don't think it is too much too soon.  But if I do wake up a bit under the weather or not feeling 100% I can just stay in bed.

Warm Up

500 Mixed

100 Kick

50 Drill (turn on 3)

50 Swim

200 Pull breathing every 3/5/any/7

100 Kick

50 Drill (fist)

50 Swim

200 Pull

I think we rested 15 seconds or so in between each item above. 1300 Warm Up.

Main Set:

400 on 5:30.  I think I came in around 4:45 (400)

4x200's on 2:35 (1.  DPS / 2.  Build each 100 / 3.  Descend by 50 / 4. Race Strategy to 95%) (800/1200)

easy 50 (1250)

12x100's on 1:25 (1-6 build within each 100 take 30 secs then 7-12 all fast) (1200/2450/3750)

Then I did a 100 easy and got out.  Making this a 3850 yard workout.  I felt pretty strong for most of the workout.  If I had stayed the next part of the set was 16x50's I think.  To be honest that would have been cut back as there wasn't enough time in the workout to do that.  All in all a good workout considering how I had a cold or a bug or something this week.  Now one more swim workout.  Then Saturday I'll do weights in the morning and rest for the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  Which now based on my training should be pretty easy but I'll concentrate on working a good pace for that. 

A Little Bike, A Little Swim and A Little More On The Bike

Today being Tuesday I headed to the Culver City Plunge for a LCM Lap Swim.  Got up and rode 1 mile to get on a bus then off the bus to ride just a bit over 3 miles.   Then after my swim I rode all the way home which was about 9 miles.  So for biking I got in abouty 13 miles this morning.  And it was freezing!  Brr....

As for the swim workout I killed myself.  By the end of the workout I was fading and my swim mate was on my feet.  Which is good as it pushed me when I needed to be pushed.

Warmed Up

300 Swim

300 Pull

400 Kick

100 Swim (1100 LCM Warm Up)

4x50's odds drill on 55 / evens swim on 50 (200/1300)

Last night I emailed out a set to people who sometimes swim with me.  The set could have been either free or im.  We did it free.  And I edited it down a bit as I was getting tired.  Here is the original workout as planned -

I've planned a Free Main Set but we can fool around with the intervals and make it IM.  here is the Main Set

2x100's   Free on 1:30 / IM on 1:45

4x200's   Free on 3:00 / IM on 3:30

1x400     Free on 6:00 / IM on 7:00

2x100's  Free on 1:35 / IM on 1:50

2x200's  Free on 2:45  / IM on 3:15

4x100's  Free on 1:20 /  IM on 1:35

First of all I don't know what I was thinking on some of those intervals.  OY!  I must have been dreaming I was faster then I really am.  I also emailed out that we could do a FAST 500 at the end.  Mind you I ended up scrapping the 500 and taking a pee break and skipping the 400.  Here is the reality of the set:

2x100's Free on 1:30 (200)

4x200's Free on 3:00.  I descended them. (800/1000)

Took a quick pee break.  My swim mate was a 100 behind me so it gave her time to catch up.

2x100's Free on 1:30 (200/1200)

2x200's Free on 3:00 (600/1800)

4x100's Free on 1:30 (400/2200/3500)

I then did a 100 warmdown and called it a day or at least a morning.  3600 LCM.

Freestyle Morning

Brrr...it is chilly!  Today's workout was a choice between "distance" free and stroke.  Since I like distance free and pacing I swam the "distance" free workout.

Warmed Up

400 Mixed Swimming and Pulling

2x100 (50 Drill / 50 Swim (200/600)

4x75's Kick (300/900)

Then we went into a few short sets.  I wouldn't say that this was one Main Set as we had plenty of rest in between groups. 

400 Pulling (400/1300)

4x100's Free on 1:25 Pacing.  Pick a pace for the next part of the workout. (400/1700)

800 Free (600 Pace / 200 Race Strategy) My first 400 I was right on a 1:09 Pace. I was second in my lane and after that my pacing was at the mercy of the swimmer leading.  He faded a little bit by each 100. I probally should have led the lane but i hadn't swam with this swimmer before so it was hard to judge how he'd swim this part of the workout.  The last 200 I was pretty much widening my stroke to avoid hitting his feet.  I forgot what my overall time was  (800/2300)

100 easy (2400)

50 Drill / 50 Swim (100/2400)

Then we reset the lane order as someone got out of the workout. 

4x100's 1:30 descend (400/2800)

6x50's on 50 2x Build / 2x Fast Streamlines / 2x All FAst(250/3050)

Then I just did sorta a 50 easy.  Some of it was walking and chatting.  So 3100 yard workout.  It was pretty easy.  Maybe going second and drafting made that much easier.  Maybe I should go second more often in the morning.


I woke up this morning and headed to swim practice.  Little did I know that would turn out to be a bit mistake.  Workout was crazy hard. 

Warmed Up

400 or so.  Wasn't really counting.

Then we did a warm up set of three rounds of 50 Kick / 100 Swim / 150 Kick. (900/1300)

Main Set:

400 Pull on 5 Minutes (400)

100 Swim on 1:15 (500)

300 Pull on 3:45 (800)

2x100's Swim on 1:15 (1000)

200 Pull on 2:30 (1200)

3x100's on 1:15 (1500)

100 Pull on 1:15 (1600)

4x100's on 1:15 (2000)

OY!  The groups of 100 Swims were all fast.  Well considering the whole set was on 1:15 it was all fast.  Pretty much I had litte rest.  Between the 100 swim and the 300 Pull I didn't have enough time to put on my paddles so I tossed them on deck.  About 150 into it my arm clashed with another lane mate.  That was the end of the set for me.  I fell behind off the interval and never caught up.  Luckily we got some extra rest before the last pull set and the 100's Fast.  Finally I was getting rest.  The swimmer leading was just cruising along.  Well except the 200 Pull as they did more of a 175 stopping in the mid of the first 25 to adust pulling gear then turning back to stay out front.  The person behind me who my arm collided with was takin 50's and 100'a off for rest all the time during the whole set.  Then left right on my feet.  Causing me to get even more stressed out about the set.  A lot of it was just that I'm stressed out and had little sleep.  But besides tossing my paddles to the side deck and saying "fuck this" before leaving on my 300 pull I held myself together and did the set.  (2000/3300)

After this set we did stroke work.  I don't know what we did.  Some 75's.  i think 4 of them.  Odds easy / Evens fast.  I did one fast back and finished the last fast one butterfly.  (300/3600)

3600 Ass Kicking Yards!  Tomorrow I have a backstroke clinic.  Wahoo!  It's with Olympic Swimmer Peter Marshall.  Can't wait for that.  Hopefully we can work on my backstroke a bit.

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