Long Day But 1 More Swim For The Month!

Swimming may not have been such a great idea.  After hitting the gym and then running going to swim was just painful!  I cycled the 2 miles to the pool and was just exhausted before even getting in the water.

warmed up about a 300.  really did a 50 at a time with some wall time in between.

warm up set:

200 IM kick

200 IM Pull

200 IM 25 drill / 25 swim

I don't remember the intervals.

Main Set:

3x50's choice on 50.  did them backstroke.

3x100's IM on 1:40

3x150's 100 back / 50 free.  i think on 2:30

then some extra rest

3x50's back on 50

1x200 IM on 3:40

3x150's 100 breast/50 free on 2:45

them some extra rest.  damn lot's of breaststroke

3x50's breast on 55

2x100's im on 1:40

2x150's 100 fly / 50 free

doh...i was cramping up! and we ran out of time so that was it for me.  3,400 yards!

One 2 Many - Friday Morning Workout

I really should have stayed in bed this morning.  I woke up sore but hoped that once I got in the water I'd be up to speed.  I pretty much knew during the general warm up that this was not going to be the case.  During the kick part of warm up I was struggling more then usual but kept telling myself to hold on.  By the time we started the main set I was discouraged enough to give up.  I figured that I did weights and swimming yesterday and my body was telling me it needed rest.  So I ended up giving up and getting out early.  After I did get out while in the shower I sorta did feel that I cheated myself and that even if it was tough I should have stuck it out.  Oh well, what done is done.  I needed to get up early this morning anyways.

Warm Up

400 Swim

300 Pull

50 Kick (750)

Warm Up Set:

Two Rounds - 

4x50's fly kick

2x100's easy free swim working the turns

4x75's free kick

I took a pee break and missed a 50 kick so instead of it being 1400 yards it was 1350 yards for me (1350/2,100)

Up next was the main set.  I barely even made it past the beginning.  

4x100's free on 1:15 just making the interval

then...in theory a 200 fast on 3 mins.  I gave up after the 1st 100.  I had nothing.  I didn't make the last 100 and was just feeling the pain.  No gas and all pain.  So I got out.  So I only did 500 yards for a total of 2,600 yards for the workout.  At least I tried even though I should have tried harder.  

3,700 Yard Morning Workout

I swam this morning as I didn't make it to swim practice last night.  I didn't even make the gym.  Since I was left waiting for UPS to come I missed the 7pm workout.  But I did go to bed early last night so I was wide awake damn early this morning.  A bit too early as I woke up without an alarm a little past 4am.  I stayed in bed and watched a Law & Order episode then got my act together.

Luckily for today's workout I had the whole lane to myself.  The bad news I was doing intervals on my own.  It's hard to be motivated when you have no one to push you.  But I kept at it and due to my own stupidity did push myself on faster intervals then I was given.  The workout was written up on the board and well I kept reading the faster column of times.

Warm Up

I did a mixed 500 with some free, stroke and drills.  We then did two warm up sets.  Both were on somewhat fast intervals.  I had to push myself during the first portion to make the intervals.

Four Rounds - 75 IM Drill on 1:15, 75 Free on 1:00 (middle 25 trying to only take 3 breathes.  ha!) and 75 kick on 1:20.  (900/1400)  

3x50 Descend on 55 / 3x50's Switches (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free) on 50/ 3x50's Back on 50 There was something in between each set of 3x50's but I can't remember what it was.  Doh! Or maybe not.  Oh well so that was it.  (450/1850)

Main Set:

200 IM on 3 minutes

200 Free on 2:40

150 IM on 2:40

200 Free on 2:40

100 Stroke on 1:40

200 Free I had to look a the board to see what was next so I got a bit more rest here.

50 Stroke on 60

200 Free I screwed up but think I did this on 2:30.  I know I was keeping at a good pace. 

150 IM I think I did this on 2:40 

200 Free  I think I did it on 2:40

200 IM.

Doh!  Luckily I had my own lane so it was only me to complain about fucking up the intervals.  This is why sometimes it's nice to share the lane as you can ask your lane mate the intervals.  At least I finished the workout and main set.   I didn't skip anything and just kept swimming.  The set was 1,850 yards.  I did backstroke for my stroke.

Total yardage for today was 3,700. I really did push myself so I'm glad I decided to swim this morning.  It's a shame I screwed up the intervals.  Oh well!  Hopefully if I swim on Friday I'll have a lane mate to keep track of intervals for me.

Monday Morning Swimming

After yesterday's run I woke up with sore legs.  Last week my calves were burning but this week it was all about my quads and hip flexers.  I think I called them reflexers but was correct by a swim mate.  I contemplated staying in bed but decided to swim bright well dark and early.  I rode the bicycle with the thought if I am too sore to ride then I'd swing on back home and skip swimming.  But the ride felt okay and in fact helped my legs wake up.

Today we had our choice of a free workout or a stroke workout.  Since I did the stroke workout on last Thursday I decided to do freestyle  Plus I figured free was easier on the legs then butterfly.  

Warm Up On Our Own:

500 Swim

Then I got in a 100 pull. (600)

Warm Up Set:

3 Rounds

100 free kick / 50 drill / 50 swim

The drills were one arm, finger tip drag and catch up.  I tink.  (600/1200)

Then we did a 500 pull (300 DPS / 200 breathing 3/5/7/9)  (500/1700)

Main Set:

125 Free on 1:35

125 Free on 1:45

250 Free on 3:50

The 250 had to be faster then the combined 2x125's.  Since everyone seemed to have a problem with the interval the coached changed the interval.  Honestly I thought the first round interval was perfect for the set.  The way I looked at it was a negative split 500.  Having 5 seconds or less rest between the first 125 and second made sense.  Remember this is me who loves to rest and easy intervals.  

125 Free on 1:40

125 Free on 1:50

250 Free on 4 mins

125 Free on 1:40

125 Free on 1:50

250 Free on 4 mins

My first 250 I did on about 3 mins.  My second one about 2:50 and the last about a 2:51.  I felt faster in the 3rd one so I am hoping I just am screwing up on the math and actually went faster then I think.  (1500/3200)

Then we did a 50 easy before moving on to a stroke mini -warmup.  200 (25 kick / 25 drill) IM.  I only did a 150 of the IM.  (200/3400)

Finishing up with 4x25's and a 100 IM.  The 1st and 3rd 25 was off the block as well as the 100 IM.  (200/3600)

And that was it.  3600 SCY.  Not bad for a Monday.  My legs felt like crap so I really had to use my arms.  I felt pretty damn strong in the freestyle.  Glad I woke up and swam this morning.  

Swimming One More Time

I wasn't going to swim last night but I decided to swim Thursday and take Friday as a recovery day.  I figured I needed a recovery day so let's just try and squeeze in one more swim workout.  The workout wasn't an exceptionally hard workout but added to my morning weight lifting I then left the evening workout sore and exhausted.  It was the perfect way to feel before a day of recovery.

As for the workout itself it wasn't a bad workout it just didn't work out so well at least in my lane.  On most Thursday nights the workouts are split between stroke/im and freestyle.  I decided to do stroke which may not have been the smartest choice.  I think it's funny that swim mates think I only do the free workouts since I swim distance free at meets but I do switch it up between workouts.  I'm not saying I switch it up to a 50/50 ratio but I do the stroke workout enough times.  In fact even in workouts that are not split and we do choice I do stroke more times then freestyle.  So I did the stroke workout last night even though we had the wall lane.  I would have done the freestyle workout but two of the swimmers were super fast and would have wanted faster intervals and would have been all super serious.  So I took the wall lane and stroke which then at one point had 5 swimmers and 2 of them were Mutt N' Jeff.  

The workout:
Warm up was a bit of a mess.  I was still deciding between the freestyle or stroke and which was the lesser of two evils.  I may have done a 400.  

4x200's broken 100 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim Each 200 was 1 stroke reverse IM Order.  After that half of Mutt N' Jeff left to go swim in the free lane making it only 4 to the wall.

8x75's 2 of each stroke IM Order 25 drill / 50 swim

I don't think any of the warmup was on any interval besides 10 secs rest or wait to the last person comes into the wall.

Then we had the main set.  In theory this set wasn't so bad.  In execution well let's just say it became a disaster.  We were doing starts off the blocks for some of it.  Which meant the last person would be almost diving as the first person was coming into the wall.  And the sprint butterfly was always fun along the wall.  We had a few close calls and one direct collision.  It would have been a great set in a 50 meter pool.  Also the lanes are very narrow at our pool.  Some sets just don't translate well to the pool.  

200 Free on 2:40
100 IM on 1:35
100 Free on 1:35
100 IM on 1:35
75 easy to deep end with the blocks
8x50's odds stroke fast butterfly /evens free easy

So the 50's were to be on 50 but that didn't make sense as we had 5 people in the lane and the last person would be pretty much crashing on top of the first swimmer if not the second swimmer.  We waited till the last person was done before the first person jumped in.  That still meant that the last person starting the 50 fast would jump in at the tiem the last person would be coming into the wall.  I got a cramp in the 1st 50 fly and only did a 25.  But walked it out and got back in for the easy free one.  I then went last in case my cramp kept bothering me.  So to avoid crashing in on the other swimmers I pretty much did a dive that was super short and aimed to the side.  At one point when I was doing fly into the wall someone leaving at the turn somehow managed to crash into me.  They were sorta doing there own thing and was swimming backstroke.  This set was a mess.

200 Free on 2:40
100 IM on 1:35
100 Free on 1:35
100 IM on 1:35
50 easy 
8x50's odds stroke fast backstroke /evens free easy

200 Free on 2:40
100 IM on 1:35
100 Free on 1:35
100 IM on 1:35
and we ran out of time so we did 3x50's off the blocks 25 breast and 25 free.

Like I said the workout wasn't bad it just didn't work for the pool.  Which is a shame as we never do enough starts during the year.  And to have a set with starts then becomes a set that we don't care about the starts was a waste.  I did a 50 easy.  I think I may have done the math wrong but I think the workout was 4,450 yards.  That is pretty good yardage.  Now I can sit back and enjoy my recovery day.  Although I keep thinking I should swim tonight as rain is predicted for this weekend and several days next week.  Damn weather!

Doing Time In The Butterfly Lane!

The best part about swimming last night and this morning was the fact that pool is finally at a comfortable temperature.  According to the lifeguard it was 80 and I think that is about right if just a tad below.  Mind you I'd like the pool to be a competition temperature of about 78 but I can live with 80.  It's anything above 80 that I hate.  So of course since it was 80 people were bitching about how cold it was.  Doh!  Fuckin' just swim and shut up.  Once you get past the first 50 your body will adjust and if not just go faster.  I could tell that during the workout the water was getting a bit warmer as I had the wall lane and could feel warm water by the vents.  Guess it'll only be two days of nice water temperature!

Since I did swim last night getting to swim for 6am practice was bit much.  By the time I ate, relaxed and fell asleep it was getting closer to 1am.  So to be up at 5am was almost torture.  I did wake up about a minute before my alarm went off but still layed in bed for about 10 minutes debating on swimming or not.  I got up and slowly got my act together.  Once at the pool I was one of the last in the water but since most people spent time bitching it was cold and the fact I liked it I started to swim right away.  Did about a 600 warm up.

The best part of the whole workout was the fact that the workout was light in attendance and I had my own lane.  So later on I got to swim butterfly uninterrupted by having to do one arm as I passed lane mates!  Good thing no one likes the wall lane or swimming with me!

Hmm...don't remember all the warm up sets.  They blur with last nights warm ups.

I know we did 4x100's Kick in which I missed a 50 to pee.  (350)

We did a 300 Pull breathing every 3/5/3/7/3/5 by 50.  It was an easy interval 4 minutes plus.  Then a 200 pull dps.  Then a 100 build. (600)

I know we did at least one 200 IM 25 drill / 25 swim.

and some sprint 50's I think.  Doh!  Like I said it all blurs together after a while. 

Main Set - Two Rounds

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

100 FAST Choice on 1:40 did this butterfly

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

75 FAST Choice on 1:20 did this butterfly

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

50 FAST Choice on 60 did this butterfly

So lots of butterfly sprints for me.  I did the easy parts freestyle.  Will admit the 2nd round the easy parts I pulled in order to save my legs for the butterfly.  This set was 1,550 yards.  The first round my 100 fly I did about a 1:12 while my second round was a bit faster at 1:08.  As for my 75's I forget the exact times but it also was faster and I didn't bother looking for the 50's.  Who swims 50's?  I was hurting during the warm up portion of workout and really did take it easy.  I sorta in my head already dismissing this workout as a recovery workout before we started the main set.  But once I put it in my head to do butterfly sprints my body came back to life.  I am sore now but in a good way.  Glad I pushed myself in the main set.  I could have taken the easy way out and swim it all backtroke or free but really butterfly made the set and the whole workout worthwhile. 

Since I can't remember the whole workout and only remember 3,300 yards of what I swam I'll use 3,300 yards as today's logged yardage.  Now I can let my body recover and get ready for Friday morning's killing, I mean swimming.

Tuesday Night Swim

Even though I did swim just on Friday it was beginning to feel like I haven't been in a pool in months.  So odd but it really did.  Luckily practice wasn't so bad and the warm up / drill part seemed to take up a good portion of the workout.  After running and lifting this morning don't know if I would be able to take a full workout.  In fact the achy calves from this morning came back to a full blown cramp at the end of workout.  Doh!

Started off swimming a 500 warmup then a 150 pull.  We then did 8x25's two of each stroke working on our underwater pool.  Then we did 2x75's butterfly/back/breast on 1:20.  And I think 3x50's of switches butter/back, back/breast and breast/free.  With this and some kick drill sets the warm up was around 45 minutes.  We did 2x200's free broken 75 kick / 50 drill / 75 distance per stroke.  Then 2x200's IM one kick and one drill.  Warm up was also 1,550 yards. 

Main Set:

Three Rounds of the following (continious)

2x25's on 30 (1st round fly, 2nd round back and 3rd round breast)

100 IM on 1:30

200 distance per stroke free on 2:40

150 free build on 2:10

100 free fast on 1:25

50 free fast on 45

The first round felt great and the second round I still was feeling strong.  But in the third round as I pushed off for the 100 I got a bad cramp.  I got to the other end and pulled myself out of the pool but I couldn't stand up to walk the cramp out.  So I actually missed the 100 and the 50 of the last round. But I was feeling so good otherwise.  So mad!  Minus my 25 of cramping I did 1600 yards of this set.  (1600/3,150)

After walking out the cramp I got in swam a 50 and pulled a 200 IM then warmed down a 100. (350/3500)  I plan on swimming in the morning.  Hopefully my cramp will go away in my sleep.

Pushing It To The Brink - Friday Nite Swim

I figured by tonight I'd be recovered from yesterdays swim but not from this afternoons run.  Boy was I wrong as both hit me like a two ton truck!  I even moved down to the medium lane to survive.  I had no problem making the intervals but I was sloppy and lazy at times.  I did do a decent 300 swim out of the whole workout.  Workout was only 60 minutes but still it was a bit tough for me.  No swimming tomorrow! 

Warmed Up

300 (I think, I was goofing off)

4x75's IM order 25 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim  (300/600)

250 New Sorta Drill.  To the deep end pulling but water polo style heads up the to the shallow end kicking using the pull buoy as a kickboard.  That killed my lower back.  Thought I was going to be crippled after that swim. (250/850)

300 Pull breathing 3/5/3/7/3/5 by 50 (300/1150) I never really do well in breath control sets but tonight I felt exceptionally bad.  Had to pull back and stretch it out.

Main Set:

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM

50 easy on 55

300 Free on 4:00 Felt like crap during this 300.  I started off at a decent clip but after about a 100 I was feeling the last few workouts.  I started to pull back and take it easy.

50 easy on 55 

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM

50 easy on 55

300 Free on 4:00 Since we were almost done I tried my best to do a descent 300 here.  It wasn't my best but I put all I could into it.  Really tried to hold myself and my stroke together. 

50 easy on 55

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM (1700/2850)

Then I did a 50 easy. Got out showerd and cycled home.  Felt good to cycle home. Total yardage 2,900 for 60 minute workout.

MTD SCY 24,350

Fifty After Fifty After Fifty

I feel like I am on a roll in swimming.  Well besides yesterdays attempt to swim hungover.  But besides that I am on a roll.  Oddly feeling strong and less fatigued.  During warm up I was able to work out the kinks from lifting this morning and then after that my body just kept going. 

Warmed Up


Then we did 5x150's

1st 50 kick on stomach no board / 50 kick on back / 50 swordfish

2nd 50 finger tip drag / 100 dps

3rd 50 turn on 3 drill / 100 dps

4th 50 fist / 100 dps

I was a bit ahead and thought that was it as the coach didn't say anything about the 5th one.  So I took a quick pee break.  When I got back I was told we were doing the 1st one all over.  So since I wasn't ready I went last.  I sorta was goofing off to not catch up to everyone and in my backstroke kick turn crashed into the lane line.  Think I may wake up with a shiner.  Doh!  If I do I'll post a pix. (750/1400)

400 Pull (400/1800)

35x50's As follows Freestyle

5 on 50 then take 15 seconds rest

5 on 45 then take 20 seconds rest

5 on 40 we just squared up the clock to the top

5 on 40 squared up clock

5 on 40 squared up clock

5 on 45 took like 15 secs rest

5 on 50

Oy!  I actually felt really great during this set.  I think I pretty much held the same time for all of them.  I went 2nd for the first 3 rounds then lead for the rest. (1750/3150)

Then we did a 400 pull.  Now that hurt at first but got use to it and just swam it nice an easy. (400/3550)

Finishing it up with some stroke.

4x50's on 55 Stroke (did them fly)

100 IM on 1:45

4x50's on 55 Stroke (did them fly)

100 IM but I did it butterfly!  Felt great! (600/4,150)

Then just did a 50 sorta warming down before getting out for a total of 4,150 yards.  Hmm...felt like so much more!  I don't think I will have it in me to swim tomorrow morning.  Maybe tomorrow night! 

MTD Yardage 21,450