January's Last Chance Swim Practice

Wowser.  Wowser.  That was one tough but incredible workout.  I can't remember when my body felt like it does now.  I am sore and swam to failure but all in a good way.  People were dropping out of the workout in all the lanes.  I wanted to but I really had to push myself.  I went into my distance swim mentality and dug in to the end.  I may have cursed the workout while swimming it but really I'll be happy I did this workout down the line. 

Warmed Up

400 I guess.  I goofed off, everone showed up late so the extended how long warm up was so I talked some more.  I was in a chatty mood.

Warm Up Set:

3x100's Kick on 1:55 (25 stroke / 75 free)

3x100's Drill (25 stroke drill choice / 25 catch up / 25 finger tip drag / 25 fist) don't remember the interval


3x50's (then swim a 25 to the other end 850/1250)

Main Freestyle Set -

Four Rounds (I think it was four.  It felt like 400)

2x25's on 20 just make interval

2x50's on 55 2nd one faster then the 1st

2x75's on 55 just maker interval

2x100's on 1:25 I think.  2nd one faster then 1st

The set was pretty much continious.  People dropped out like flies.  The 25's and 75's were tight intervals.  I was getting 1-3 seconds rest.  I really pushed myself on the 2nd 100's.  I felt like my arms were going to fail me but I dug in.  I will admit to do really bad flip turns and using that as a moment to rest.  The very last 100 I really gave it my all or what I had left.  At one point I sorta forgot that you breath when your mouth is out of the water and not when it's back in the water.  Simple stuff just began to fail. 

I gotta admit I did want to give up during the 1st round.  The short rest between the 25's and 75's were breaking me down mentally.  It's odd I can swim distance sets without a problem.  Give me a 500 or a 1000 and not a problem.  I just get in the mindset and just go.  But give me something broken to small segments with little rest and I just mentally give up.  After the first round I had to make it a game like swimming a distance event and that really worked.  During the 100's I really dug in like it was my last 100 of a 1500.  It payed off. (2000/3250)

After a 75 easy it was time for one more set.   This was the point of the workout my body went into failure.  After weights this morning my arms gave out.  I still finished the set but I stopped worring about the intervals cuz' it just slipped by me.

5x100's on 1:40.  Sounds easy huh?  But wait, theres more...Fly / Free / Free / Fly by 25.  Still easy huh?  Oh but theres even more.  At each 75 get out and do 5 pushups on deck.  So basically it's do 5 pushups do the last 25 fly and then swim the next lap of the next 100 fly again.  A few times my arms barely made it out of the water.  It was my body completly breaking down.  And I loved it. (500/3750)

And that was it plus a 100 warmdown for 3850 yards.  Great workout.  I cursed and hated it while doing it but I liked it.  Nothing is better then feeling pain, feeling broken down but have the satisfaction that you did it and stuck it out.  Now I am going to curl up in my bed.

Since it is the end of the month here are the month and year to date totals from swimming:

MTD/YTD SCY 46,750

MTD/YTD LCM 3,150 (that was one workout)

Thursday Night Swimming

Another day and another swim.  I went to swim even though I felt a bit tired.  I got in the water right away and started to swim.  Skipped my normal chit chat.

400 swim

300 pull

150 DPS (850)

Then we jumped right into the main set. 

Three Rounds:

100 Free kick 10 secs rest

100 Drill 50 / Swim 50 10 secs rest.  (drills - one arm / turn on 2 / catchup)

4x100's descend on 1:20

taking another 10 seconds or so before next round.  i gotta admit the first round hurt.  just wasn't ready to go fast.  I think my fastest 1st round was like a 1:09 with 2nd round a 1:06 and 3rd round about a 1:04.  By about I mean when i turned and looked at the clock that is what I saw.  I was feeling the weight lifting from earlier today.  OUCH! (1800/2650)

after a quick pee i just did swam 1/2 way and back instead of a 50 easy

Next up 8x75's on 1:10 extra 10 after 4th.  25 swordfish/ 50 swim (600/3250)

Then it was stroke time.

3 Rounds IM Order

50 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim.  (300/3550)

Then 3 Rounds

100 IM on 1:40

4x25's on 30 (1 round fly, then back then breast)(600/4150)

then warmed down a 100 for 4250 yards.  Overall it was a good workout and I stayed the full 90 minutes.  Don't know my next swim is going to be but running a 10 miler in the am!

Swimming Is Easy, Math Is Hard!

I swear some workouts that I have no memory or ability to do simple math.  The memory thing is odd for me as I contain huge amounts of useless knowledge.  People IM me and text me whenever they have some trivia question.  But get me in the water and tell me that every 2nd and 5th lap I need to switch strokes or have me swim various lengths with various intervals and I get lost.  I need to swim only multiples of 100's all on basic intervals (only evens 10's nothing with 5's) and all the same stroke.  Otherwise my mind turns into jelly and I get so lost.  I can't lead otherwise.  Now tonight's workout was pretty straight forward and with a little bit of a rest break in between changes I was able to remember what to do.  Plus I'm learning if I talk to myself about the set I seem to be able to remember is.  So if the coach writes is down and I speak it out I'm pretty good.  But if the coach just verbally announces the set I'm doomed.  Back in my school days once I wrote down notes in my notebook I never had to look at the notebook again I just remembered.  Memory works in mysterious ways.

Tonight's workout was very lightly attended and I had my own lane for the whole warmup.  Then we all shifted but with only 3 fast lane swimmers it was great.  In fact the people I shared with are great guys so it was a joy to swim.  I know some people don't like swimming with me and there are some people I don't like swimming with.  But the guys tonight are lowkey and very nice.  And I do like tonights coach even after bitching about him in a post a few weeks ago.  I realized he makes comments to me because he knows I can do the intervals and his comments are because of that.  It's sorta like the old Friday morning and weekend coach.  She was on my case but in a good way.  And ya sometimes I'd sass back but she knew to push me.   Which is a good thing as some coaches would rather just write me off then to actually push me and others seem to give me too much praise when I really need someone saying "that was crap".  But as I have said a billion times I like all my coaches as they all bring something different to the table.  I know what I'll be getting before hand and just need to get my mind in the right train of thought for each of them. 

As for the workout...

Warmed Up

400 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick which I did so slow hoping we'd hold up to regroup.  Ugh!

50 Swim.  This coach always gives us 400/300/200/100 S/P/K/S.  Very rarely do I get to do all of it.  Usually I chit chat and take my time.  After regrouping me started a kick set.  Ugh! (950)

12x50's Kick.  Rotating 1 free on our side, 1 butterfly on our side and 1 breaststroke.  I took a pee break and missed 1 breaststroke.  Such a shame!  (550/1500)

Then a 50 easy (50/1550)

Main Set

12x150's!  As follows -

4x150's Free on 2 Mins

take 45 seconds rest

4x150's on 2:15 2nd and 5th lap fly.  The first two hurt as hell.  But felt good on the third.  So much so the three of us were all on top of each other.  They got slower and I was just hitting my stride.  We then started going 10 seconds apart.

take 45 seconds rest

4x150's on 2:15 the middle 50 was fly.  Wahoo!  This was sorta easier then the middle round.  Mainly cuz' my body doesn't like to switch strokes midswimming.  Mainly why I don't like IM.  Well the 400 IM isn't so bad.  My slow twitch muscles like to stick to one stroke at a time.  I took the first two easy but the last two felt pretty good.  The last one I felt like I was ready to do a 200 fly.  Although that last 50 free wasn't so good.  I even did an open turn.  Mainly cuz' I felt like I was burning up.  Damn pool!  It was better then Friday night but still a bit warm to be swimming hard.  (1800/3350)

Then we did a 50 easy so I'm up to 3,400 yards.  The next thing up was a set of 50's.  It was 8:15 so I decided only to swim 2 of them for a warmdown and get out.  That way I had plenty of time to hit Trader Joe's on my way home to pick up dinner.  Swimming at 7pm is great but getting home at 9pm sorta sucks.  I mean I use to work and get home at 9pm and then wake up the next morning at 5am but I'm getting too old for that. 

Total yards was 3450.  I'll update my month to date when I do my monthly swimming recap.  As for my memory I find if funny that when swimming sometimes I can't always remember what I'm doing but I can blog about it hours later.  Cuz' like writting in my notebook actually swimming it makes it stick with useless knowledge about tv pilots that never aired that I loved!  Dear Hollywood, Please don't redo Torchwood!  You can't do it justice!

Double Double - Well Almost

I really am trying to get back into a regular swim routine.  For years I showed up at the same workouts like clockwork.  This past year I will admit I've had weeks when I swam a lot and some weeks when I just couldn't be bothered.  Since I made it part of my New Years Resolution to work on my distance freestyle and both butterfly and backstroke I know I need to get on a routine.  But it is winter in Los Angeles so the rain has a way of ruining the best laid plans.  Swimming in an outdoor pool isn't always going to happen in the rain.  This past week with the rain I've only swam 2 days!  I haven't been to the gym since Sunday!  SLACKER!  So after swimming this morning and with the rain stopping I tried to swim a 2nd workout today.

Got to the pool and I was all ready to swim.  I jumped in and did the 600 warmup.  Since I finished a bit early the coach had me swim another 50.  At this point I knew the workout was going to suck as the water was hot'  Not my normal I hate this warm pool water but way way too too hot.  As hot as your local crappy gym pool HOT.  The cheap thermoter that bobs around a lane line registered at 84 degrees.  But I never believe that cheap thing as it seems to read a couple degrees off from reality. 

Kick Set:




I did the 200 butterlfy, the 2x100's free and the 50's IM order. (600/1250)

Then we went into the main set.  I got out towards the end.  It was just so hot and I felt like crap.

6x50's Free on 45 (300)

4x75's IM (no free) on 1:15 (300/600)

2x100's Free on 1:20 (200/800)

and then I started to do a 200 IM when I just gave up.  It was too much!  (800/2050)  When I got out the steam just poured off of me.  Even as I got dressed the steam kept pouring off of me.  It was disgustingly hot and in my opinion unhealthy hot!

This morning I swam 3500 yards plus tonights 2050 gives me a nice daily total of 5550. 

It's Raining, It's Pouring, We All Go Swimming!

TGIF.  Not only is it finally Friday but also the sun is finally back!  After swimming Tuesday night I woke up on Wednesday but the rain kept me in bed.  Then yesterday it was raining like crazy so I skipped the evening workout.  I haven't ran or hit the gym for weights since Tuesday and was getting restless.  So this morning I told myself I had to swim rain or no rain.  Woke up and could hear the rain coming down so as I layed in bed debating on getting up and I could the showers start and stop.  Figured I'd get up and go and at least try to see if we can swim.  I got to the pool and was glad that the rain had turn to a light drizzle.  One by one my fellow swim mates showed. up.  Since the pool is outdoors as well as the locker room everything was wet.  No biggie since I was going in the water but post workout was going to suck. 

Jumped in the pool and started to swim.  Don't know why but it felt like I hadn't swam in months.  For the whole workout the rain would come and go.  At times between the rain and the steam rising from the pool it was a bit difficult to see the clock or anything mo.re Photo then 10 yards away.  Also swimming backstroke in the rain sucks big time.  Therefore I did my best to work on my underwater streamlines for as long as I could go.  As for the workout itself it wasn't that bad

400 Swim

300 Pull

Then we started a warm up set.  4 Rounds IM Order

100 Kick on 2 mins

2x50's Drill on 60 (800/1500)

Then we did a little bit more warmup before our main set.  But what was it.  Shit.  I know it was 4 Rounds with 4x25's on 30.  Doh.  Oh well don't remember so that was it unless I remember. (400/1900)

50 easy (50/1950)

Main Set:

Four Rounds IM Order (see a pattern)

100 Easy Free on 1:20

100 IM on 1:30

4x50's on 50 with breaststroke on 55.  The last round of free we only had enough room to do 3x50's.  (1550/3500)  Hopefully over the weekend I will get in one swim and one good long run.  Gotta workout before the next week of rain comes to LA.

Swimming In Faux Clouds

After my run this morning the clouds unleashed a hell of a storm over LA.  Rain, rain and more rain in between loud bangs called "thunder".  By mid-afternoon the rain moved inland and the sun peaked out.  Checking the hour by hour forecast I decided it was safe to head out into the world and swim at the 7pm swim practice. 

Once I got to the pool I could see the steam rise out of the pool which meant the pool was going to be warmer then hell itself.  81 Degrees was what the lifeguard said was the current water temp but looking at the steam I knew that was wrong.  I got in the pool Dpxl right away and started to warm up.  The water was warm but I figured I would do my usual chit chatting and get the warm up out of the way.

400 Swim

Then it was time for the warm up set.  Each coach has his or her own way of assigning warmup.  Some just give us a 600 or 10 minutes.  That way people just swim and hold up about 10 minutes then start the workout.  But lately the Tuesday night workouts have a given warm up.  Which becomes a pain cuz everyone gets in at different times and some people are determind to do whatever they want.  Which just gets annoying at time.

The next part of warm up was the following- 4 Rounds of

50 free kick

50 swordfish

50 Drill (one arm, turn on 3, fist and catchup)

50 Swim

Since I did the set according to what given I actually did 2 rounds and started my 3 to we regrouped.  Regrouping meant we started again but luckily only at the 2nd round.  So this warm up set turned out to be 1050 yards plus the 400 for a 1450 warmup.

Main Free Set:

200 Pulling

400 Swim

200 Pull

4x100's on 1:15

taking 15 seconds between each part of the set.  The 200 pulling was easy.  The 400 should have been but at the 250 mark I lapped the 3rd person in the lane.  For the rest of the 400 I was on the feet of the 2nd person in the lane.  He never let me pass so swimming was fucked up.  I had to widen my stroke entry so I wouldnt be hitting his feet at every stroke.  So annoying.  This set was 1200 yards for a total of 2650.  We then did a 100 easy.  Well I did a 50 with a quick pee break for 2700 yards.

We then did 8x50's on 45 taking an extra 15 seconds after the 4th one.  (400/3100)

Then it was time to switch to stroke from free.  We did 3 Rounds of 100 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  I did them all backstroke.  (600/3700)

Main Stroke Set:  Four Rounds -

100 on 1:40

2x50's one of 50 and one on 60

4x25's on 30 then take an extra 10 seconds

I did three rounds backstroke and the last round butterfly.  Boy did the butterfly hurt.  But in a good way.  I will admit between running and weight training today this swim really was a hard one.  Typing it out it doesn't seem hard but it was.  (1200/3900)

To finish it off I did a 100 warmdown to make the workout 4,000 yards.  I haven't swam this hard in ages.  It felt good and with more rain coming over the next few days who knows when I will swim again. 

60 Minute Friday Swim

Friday night is an interesting workout for the team.  First of all it's only an hour long and there is always a focus on something.  It changes week to week so one week you could be working on kicking and the next on flip turns.  Some weeks it is a combo of drill work and sprint work.  I have been a few times when it's all been relays.  I like going to these workouts even though I know I may not like every workout I know I leave these workouts learning something compared to those workouts when I just swim till I feel like I am going to puke.  

Warm Up

600 I mixed it up by swimming some free then backstroke then alternating drill and swim between butterfly and backstroke.

Then we went to the deep end for some deep end kicking.  5 minutes of it.  20 seconds kicking with our hands out of the water, 20 seconds  with our arms to our elbows out of the water and then 20 seconds arm in streamline.  No rest.  5 minutes.

Then we went to the middle of the pool.  From there we worked on flip turns.  The first time we  swam into the wall and did a flip turn but finish on our backs without pushing off.  The second time we swam into the wall and did a flip turn pushing off and staying on our back.  The thrid and final time pulling it all together doing a correct turn. 

Then back to the deep end.  We then did two rounds of pushing off the bottom of the deep end in streamline trying to go full force like pushing off the wall seeing how far you go out of the water.

Then we did just a 75 free working those two walls with correct turns.

Then we did the main set.  I forgot the intervals as this was many hours ago and a few glasses of wine ago.

4x50's fly down / free back

2x100's reverse im

4x50's back down / free back

2x100's im

4x50's breast / free

2x100's free on 1:20

then we did 2x50's free sprint

then a 50 warm down.  and that was it.  a quick but quality 60 minute workout.  i kid the coach about the workouts but I really do learn something every week. 

Thursday Night Stroke Workout

Earlier today I told myself that I'd swim tonight for the full 90 minutes and put 100 effort into the full time.  But then when I heard KogiBBQ would be a few short blocks from the pool I decided that 60 minutes was enough time for swimming.  Swimming starts at 7 and Kogi was only from 7 to 9.  And if the lines are busy they stop taking orders.  Between showering and walking I might miss out on Kogi if I swim for 90 minutes.  So 60 minutes of swimming would have to be enough for me.  But then again who am I kidding the last few swims I've gotten out after 60 minutes.  But starting next week 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday nights will be happening again.  Well until the next time Kogi or another Food Truck is near by.

Warm Up

400.  I mixed it up with fly and back with some drill and pulling.

75 free kick / 50 free drill / 50 free swim

then I did a 75 breast kick and it was time to hold up.  Since the other two lane mates got in the water after I did we sorta rebooted the kick/drill/swim set skipping the free.  Originally it was 4x75kick/50drill/50swim reverse IM.  But I did the free and so we rebooted and started again at the breaststroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim breaststroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim backstroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim butterfly

Well at least two of us did the set like this.  Then we moved on to the main stroke set.  So at this point I've swam 1175 yards. 

Main Set - Three Rounds

75 Swim - Technique on 1:25

50 Swim - Build on 55

50 Swim - Build a bit faster on 55

25 Swim FAST on 25+take 30 seconds more (I don't understand why the coach gives an interval but then adds in extra rest.  Wouldn't it be easier to just say the 25 is on 55?

200 on 3:20 plus take and addition 30 seconds rest.  Doh!  3:50

Okay so round 1 I did it all butterfly, round 2 I did it all backstroke and then I killed myself and did round  all breaststroke.  OY!  (1200/2375)

Okay so as we were getting the 60 minute mark I only did 1 round of what would have been 4 rounds of 3x75's on 1:20.  A round of each stroke.  I did the round butterfly and then a 25 easy free before heading to the showers.  (250/2,575)   Hmm...2575 doesn't sound like a lot of yardage.  Hmm...meh whatever.

After that it was time to walk over to the KOGI BBQ Truck.  I got 2 orders of Sliders and a pulled pork bbq burrito.  I ate the sliders and will have my burrito for lunch tomorrow.  On the way back to the pool we also stopped at Millions of Milkshakes for a milkshake.  Now I need to go and swim another workout to workoff those calories.  But yummy!

MTD & YTD Yardage is 24,625 while YTD LCM is 3,150.  Don't expect the LCM's to climb as the weekend pools are now also SCY.  Doh!  Oh well I guess I can do some LCM swimming on my own.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get up and get in a long run!  Then run another long run on the weekend.  But ya never know.  I must just sleep in!

Tuesday Night Freestyle Workout

Tonight's workout went a bit better then last night.  Mostly cuz' after last night I was pretty much prepared for the worst.  Since the workout was broken up between free and stroke it all seemed to work well.  The first hour was all freestyle.  I only stayed for the hour like most of the other swimmers.  The guy who only swims with paddles was in my lane but there was one person between us and since we all were doing freestyle it evened out the playing field.  In fact during one part of the workout which was a broken 800 it all worked out. 

Warm Up

400 swi
100 swordfish drill
200 kick
400 broken 50 drill 50 swim. The drills were swordfish, one arm freesyle, turn on  and catch up.

Warm up total was 1100 yards

Then we did a 800 broken by alternating 200's Pull / 200's Swim.  I liked this.  It was one long continious swim.  I just found my pace and kept swimming.  I did notice people were dropping like flies around me.  Some people hung out by the wall.  I noticed someone turning around half way down the lane.  But since it was pretty much an 800 I kept my head down and just kept going.  Hard to see what everyone else is doing when I'm in my distance free swimming mode.  Wish we did more distance free.

1900 yards and it was only like 7:35!

Main Free Set:

4x200's on 2:35.  The 1st 200 was technique.  The 2nd was building by 50 percent.  The 3rd was race strategy to 75 percent.  The 4th 200 was race strategy to 100 percent.
3o seconds rest
4x100's in 1:15.  These were similiar to the 200's.  Or at least that was how I swam them.
3o seconds rest
4x50's on 45.  Sprints, meh.  I just swam them but we were supose to work the walls. 
39 seconds rest
4x25's on 25.  All out for about 20 yards then just continue into the wall. 

15oo yard set.  Then 100 easy.  Total workout was 3500 yards in one hour. 

I was very happy with tonights workout.  I could have stayed and swam the next 30 minutes of the stroke workout but that'll be for next time.  

MTD SCY 22,050

YTD SCY 22,050

YTD LCM 3,150

Some Nights It's Not Even Worth It

I slept in a little bit this morning missing the morning workouts.  Well not really.  I did wake up and then decided to roll back over and skip the 6am workout.  Then at 7am I woke up again and decided that I'd skip the 7:15am as well.  Figuring I'd skip the morning and swim at the 7pm.  I do know that the 7pm is normally a hard workout and really felt like I was ready to push myself a bit harder then I have been.  I actually talked myself up a bit to do the workout.  I started the warm up nice and easy,  400 Swim followed by a 300 Pull.  Started the kick portion but got in only a 100.  After the coach talked about all the coaching stuff it was time to start the warm up set.  Right off the bat I was getting that sinking feeling that I'd be sinking to the bottom of the pool.  But I went 2nd in the lane and tried to hold my own.

1x75 Butterfly Kick on 1:20

50 Butterfly Drill on 60

2x75's Backstroke Kick on 1:20

50 Backstroke Drill on 60

3x75's Breaststroke Kick on 1:20 (pretty much was nonstop for me)

50 Breaststroke Drill on 60

4x75's Freestyle Kick on 1:20 (missed a 50 for a pee break)

50 Free Drill

Then we did a 50 easy.  So that was 1,000 plus the 800 warm up for 1800 yards minus 50 for peeing so 1750.  One of my lane mates got out.  Which wasn't so shocking.  I always try to swim in his lane as I know he usually gets out early.  One less swimmer for later.  As we were about to start our main set I tried to get one of the fast swimmers to move over to lead out lane.  But for whatever reason no one wanted to.  Of course they only had about 5 seconds before starting the set to decide.  So for the beginning of the main set it was me and 1 other swimmer.

Main Set:

3x100's Free on 1:20.  Easy enough interval.  But for some reason the other guy in my lane was only able to do the first 100 then sat out a 50 of the next 100.  Doh! So that was 300 more yards for me.  Then after the 3rd 100 on 1:20 we went right into what was to be 3x200's IM.  I went and did my first 200 IM.  I noticed that the other swimmer in my lane took off the 50 fly.  Hmm...maybe he is getting out now.  But after my turn into back he was off the wall and on my feet finishing the rest of the IM.  The coach then moved over paddle man over to our lane as I was about to start the next 200 IM.  I have issues with "paddle man" and do my very best not to swim in his lane.  I'm sure he know's this and does the same.  Basically "paddle man" attends our workouts from time to time and only swims freestyle with these huge wing like paddles.  I swear each paddle is the size of my Fiat 124 Spyder.  So on the second 200 IM I'm on my own for the 50 fly as everyone just waits by the wall.  I am off to the backstroke and I got someone chomping on my feet.  After the backstroke I just got out.  So I did another 100 yards.  So total of this set 600 yards! 

I put on a bit of a tantrum letting the coach now I was a bit pissed.  He seemed not to care.  So guess it's okay that I was the only one doing the set.  And I know I should only worry about myself and put in my 100 and not let others bother me.  But when I'm working my ass off and feeling pain it sucks to see others not doing what we are supose to do.  Hell if I can swim breaststroke you fuckin' can do the whole 200 IM too.  My breaststroke not only sucks but with my bad knee each kick is a pain.  I've come over after swim practice in so much pain from swimming breaststroke that I take pain kills just to be able to walk.  It pisses me off to the nth degree!  What hurts me personally about this was tonights coach.  A month or two ago I posted about this coach.  We were doing a kick set and I was missing the interval.  Pretty much other swimmers were cheating to make the interval but since it was just a warm up set I was like whatever I'll sit out a 50,  Just a note about sitting out a 50 in warm up is not the same as sitting out in the main set.  Warm up is warm up.  Plus I wasn't making the interval cuz' I can't kick and kicking is pretty pointless.  Oh so back during this coaches workout as I was sitting out a 50 kick he came over to me and said something to the effect of "I'm tired and I really can't deal with any attitude tonight.  Is this workout that hard for you to comprehend?"  I replied that no it's just that I'm not making the interval.  So then he asked the another swimmer if the interval was too hard who then answered no.  So whatever.  We continued on that interval and I just kept kicking and missing intervals and fell behind a bit.  But tongiht he let these people sit out butterfly or just swim free with paddles and it's okay.  I sit out a 50 warm up kick and I get talked to.  So no more Monday nights of Friday morning workouts for him.  Going to do my best and avoid going to his workouts.  That way I can have peace of mind and continue loving to swim.  Okay done with my rant.  I think that was my first wine free rant ever for this blog.  Time to pour a glass.

Oh and workout for me was 2350 yards.

MTD Yards 18,550

YTD Yards 18,550

YTD LCM 3,150

Finally after swimming I used all my anger as energy for a bike ride home!