Saturday Lap Swim - Doh!

Last night before going to bed I came up with the perfect workout plan for my Saturday morning.  I'd wake up and hit the gym about 6:10 do some weights then held over to the pool and swim.  Well for some reason after setting my alarm I didn't turn it on.  I changed my wake up time just didn't turn the alarm on, Doh!  Luckily my body woke me up about 6:30 and as i noticed the bright light outside I panicked and looked at the clock.  I jumped out of bed, grabbed my swim stuff and hurried it up to the pool for 7am.  Luckily it's close by and was at the gate before they even unlocked it.  Seven of my swim mates showed up so we took over two swim lanes.

Warmed Up

300 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick

4x100's 25 Swim / 50 Drill / 25 Swim.  I did 2 free, 1 back and 1 fly.  No interval just go when the last person in your lane finished.  It turned out to be a 1:50 interval. (400/1200)

12x75's First and Third Rounds of (3x75's)on 1:20 I did them freestyle.  Second and Forth Rounds of (3x75's) on 1:30 I did them backstroke (900/2100)

A Set of 100's as follows - I did the first 4 IM and the second 4 backstroke.

100 on 1:50

100 on 1:45

100 on 1:40

100 on 1:35 (just make interval) these were descend.

then we rested.

100 on 1:35

100 on 1:40

100 on 1:45

100 on 1:50 these were also descend (800/2900)

16x25's on 35.  I did the first 4 just swimming, the second 4 breathing every 5 strokes, the third 4 breathing every 7 strokes and the last 4 all butterfly. (400/3300)

100 warmdown for 3400 yards.

Hmm...I am missing something.  Hmm...Oh well.  According to what the person giving the workout said I'm missing about 500 yards.  Since everyone got in later then I did they did a warm up of only a 400 while I did 300/300/200 or 800.  So I did 400 more then them and they said the workout was 3500 yards so I should have down 3900.  Meh.  Whatever.  I'll count the 3400 yards and call it a day.  I didn't do weights and need to go and pick up my race packet for the 13.1 tomorrow.  So no gym later as it'll be too busy. 

MTD Yardage: 16,200

YTD Yardage: 16,200

YTD LCM:  3150

Stroke Workout

Tonight I biked over the the gym closest to the pool to do back to back workouts.  At the gym I did my circuit weight program working on chest and arms with a bit of legs thrown in for fun.  Since I went to the West Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness I sorta skipped around a bit in my routine as it's smaller and has less equipment then the newer Hollywood location.  But it's blocks from the pool so it was a compromise I had to make for tonight.  So after about 45 minutes of my weight training I headed a few blocks to the pool. 

On Thursday nights we get to pick a stroke or free workout.  Looking at how the lanes started to fill up on the freestyle side I jumped in the stroke lane.  It might not have been the best choice but I dealt with it.  The workout wasn't as bad as one of my lane mates who I try to avoid swimming with but tonight I just had to swim and just deal with it.

Warmed Up

300 Mixed (coach had a 400 on the board but since I was chit chatting earlier I decided I wanted to move on with the warm up) (300)

200 Kick (at this point the other two lane mates and I were all at the same point since they just started to kick when I did) (200/500)

400 IM 50 Drill / 50 Swim (at the 200 mark the coach held us all up for annoucements and what not.  at this point we now had 4 people in the lane.  1 person was late so as two of us started our 2nd half of the 400 the new person just swam free while the 1 other person decided he didn't want to do breaststroke and skipped right ahead to free.) (400/900)

4x75's IM Order 25 Pull / 50 Swim.  For whatever reason I just assumed our lane would some how all regroup and start this together.  But that didn't happen.  Two of us continued after completed our 400 IM.  The late swimmer started a bit later about after we were into our 2nd 75.  The other swimmer who skipped a 100 of the 400 IM just plowed ahead and went right into the 4x75's  After this part our lane regouped again before staring the main set.  (300/1200)

Main Set:

2 Rounds -

200 broken by 50's.  Taking 10 seconds rest between each 50 all on 3:45

200 broken by 100's.  Taking 15 seconds rest betweene ach 100 all of 3:30

200 on 3:15 but taking 30 seconds rest before the 2nd round so really on 3:45.

Round 1 was to be all one stroke and my lane did backstroke.  Round 2 was choice or you could do IM.  I did backstroke, 1 swimmer did IM, 1 swimmer did some back and free combo out of laziness and the last swimmer did 2 of the 200's IM and stood at the wall for a 150 of the last 200.  It was a bit annoying.  (1200/2400)

easy 50 (50/2450)

3x50's on 60 switchups fly/back, back/breast and breast free (150/2600)

Then our lane was down to 2 swimmers.  Funny but we both then ended at the same time at the next set.  I actually get along with this swimmer as he is no-nonsense and just does the set.  Plus he's fast and leads the lane.

Two Rounds -

100 Broken by 25's on 30

100 Broken by 50's on 60

100 Swim.  Forgot the interval.

Did round one butterfly and round two backstroke.  Then that was it.  (600/3200)  If we had stayed there was 3 more rounds (breast, free and im.)  Oh I did a 50 warmdown for 3,250 yards.

As for tomorrow I wasn't planning on swimming in the am but sorta thinking I might.  Setting my alarm so if I wake up I'll go and if I hit snooze then I can swim tomorrow night.  Who knows.

MTD Yardage: 12,800

YTD Yardage: 12,800

YTD LCM:  3150

Afternoon Lap Swim

Since I am trying to get over this cold I slept in this morning meaning I skipped swimming.  So feeling a bit better I headed over to the afternoon lap swim to get in a quick workout.  Figured if I was coughing I could pull back and take it easy.  I wrote down a workout but then decided to take it easy.  I was coughing and after yesterdays weight lifting I was feeling sore.  So glad I didn't swim with the team this morning. 

300 Swim

300 Kick

300 Pull (900)

Then I started what was going to be my main set.

200 - Free on 2:45

200 - 25 fly / 175 free on 2:50

200 - 50 fly / 150 free (600/1500)

Stopped at that point.  I was coughing and felt sore.  Decided to work on some kicking as it was easier to breath.

16x25's Kick on 30 4 free / 4 breast / 4 back / 4 fly (400/1900)

16x25's Pull on 30 4 free / 4 breast / 4 back / 4 fly (400/2300)

Then I kept the 25 theme going.

4x25's kick fly

4x25's swim fly

4x25's kick backstroke

4x25's swim backstroke

4x25's kick breaststroke

4x25's swim breaststroke

4x25's kick free

4x25's swim free (800/3100)

If I wasn't coughing I was going to do a 400 IM but decided to call it quits at 3,100 yards.  Oh well tomorrow is another day.

MTD Yardage: 9550

YTD Yardage: 9550

YTD LCM:  3150

Monday Morning Getting Into The Swim Of Things

Day three of swimming in the new year is behind me and thank god.  In the water today I just wasn't feeling it.  I wanted to swim but at a nice and easy pace.  Even when I tried to go a bit faster I just didn't have it in me and just get slower the harder I tried to go faster.  Also I was coughing more then the last few days.  Between coughing and just not feeling so hot in the water I did get out a bit early today.  Figured it was better to live for another day. 

Warm Up

300 Pull / 100 IM / 100 Reverse IM (500)

100 fly kick / 50 back kick / 50 breast kick / 50 free kick (250/750)

3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim.   Fingertip drag. fist and catch up drills (3001050)

Then we did another short warm up set:

200 Distance Per Stroke (200/1250)

100 Kick (100/1350)

200 Build (200/1350)

10x50's on 40 taking an extra 15 secs after the 5th one (500/1850)

200 Distance Per Stroke (200/2050)

100 Kick (100/2150)

100 Build (100/2250)

10x50's on 40 taking an extra 1 secs after the 5th one (500/2750)

50 easy (50/2800)

Then I started to do a stroke warm up set before I decided I should get out.  I was tired, sore and coughing.  That was enough excuses for me to call it a day.  I did swim 1x100 fly broken 50 drill / 50 swim, then one like that backstroke then just a 50 (250/2950.) 

Not the best workout in the world or the best one but I got some laps in and that is enough for now.  I don't feel sick I just have a bit of a cough left.  Gonna rest up and figure out the rest of my swimming time for the week.  I'll see how I feel on a day to day basis.  Hopefully I can get some running in this week also. The best part of todays swim wasn't the swim but the sunrise.  As the deck lights went out the sun rose in between the design center on the other side of the street and with the cloulds the orange sun created a dramatic back drop to the pool.  Only wish I had a camera with me while I was swimming.

WTD Yardage:  6450

MTD Yardage: 6450

YTD Yardage: 6450

YTD LCM:  3150

150 LCM Breaststroke? Is This Some Sort of Sick Joke?

Day two of the New Year and boy is my body taking a beating.  Since we have the chance to swim Long Course Meters on Sunday morning I am doing my best to wake up and get to the pool while it lasts.  I love long course swimming and I know that it is good for my training so I need to swim LCM more.  Today I jumped in the stroke lane instead of the freestyle lane since it was the least crowded.  That and being out of shape I figured an IM/Stroke workout would be a great way to engage my full body and get me back into shape quicker. 

Warmed Up a 450

Warm Up Set

4x50's Kick 10 secs rest

4x50's Drill 10 secs rest 1 of each stroke

2x100's Kick 1 secs rest (600/1050)

Main Set:

2x150's Breaststroke on 3:00 (okay I cheated and tossed some fly in here.  not that much but a bit) (300)

2x100's Free on 1:30 (i think this is what we did, it's a blur) (200500)

1x200 IM (i don't remember the interval but it was plenty of rest before moving on) (200/700)

3x100's Back on 2:00 (300/1000)

2x100's Free on 1:30 (200/1200)

200 IM once again don't remember the interval (200/1400)

4x50's Fly on 60 (200/1600)

200 Free and this is when my lane mate and i fell apart.  he did a 100 of this 200 and then i only did a 100 of the following im. (200/1800)

200 IM (or 100 fly/back for me) (200/2000/3050)

Then I did a 100 warmdown and called it a day.  3150 LCM.  Not bad for just getting back in the swim of things.  Could have been worse and could have been better.  Still hacking a bit from the cold I've been battling all week.  I figure by the end of this new week I'll be back swimming and all better.  Just in time to kill myself with running. So need to get back at running. 

1st Swim of 2010

With vacation and coming down with a cold I haven't been in the pool in 12 days.  So it was time to swim this morning.  I didn't care if I was hacking up lung I had to get back in the water.  Since our team didn't have a practice due to pool closings and what not I headed to the West Hollywood Pool for the morning lap swim.  Luckily I ran into a few mates and we did a workout together. 

The workout itself was really easy with very nice and easy intervals.  I was swimming with slower swimmers so I changed the workout so I did more stroke compared to my mates.

Warm Up

300 Swim

300 Kick

300 Pull (900)

Then we did 10x50's on 60

each 50 was 25 Drill / 25 Swim.  1-4 Free, 5-8 Stroke IM Order and the last 2 free but a bit faster to get the heart rate up. (500/1400)

1st Set:

8x125's.  I forgot the interval.  Doh!  But I did them 25 Free / 75 Stroke / 25 Free while the rest of the group did 50 Free / 25 Stroke / 50 Free.  I think that is how we did them.  I alternated fly and backstroke.  (1000/2400)

2nd Set:

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did butterfly)

2x75's Stroke on 1:30 (did backstroke)

50 Free on 60

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did backstroke)

2x75's Stroke on 1:30 (did butterfly)

50 Free on 60

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did butterfly) (1000/3400)

Then swam a 100 warmdown for a total of 3500 yards.  No New Year themed sets of 20x100's or anything like that.  Just an all around welcome back to swimming workout.  Gotta admit during warm up my body felt so icky and my muscles were not willing to wake up and swim.  It was like I hadn't swam in months.  But luckily with slower intervals and short distances I just kept going getting in a descent workout.  I may head and swim with the team tomorrow as it's LCM.  Would be nice to get back to the swim of things!

Once again as I do every year I resolve to keep a running total in each blog post so I can see how much I've been swimming.  So here is the first swim.  Let's see how long I keep it up. 

WTD Yardage:  3500

MTD Yardage: 3500

YTD Yardage: 3500