Monday Morning Swim

Another month and another swim!  I am trying to get back into the Mon/Wed/Thur 6am workout routine again.  The last year or so I've been alternating mornings and nights. Sometimes this skipping around has left me skipping a couple of workouts here and there.  Plus it seems weekend swims have been a thing of the past.  So my goal is to get back on the 6am bandwagon again and after the LA Marathon start heading back to Sunday afternoon workouts.  I'll end up swimming the same amount of workouts each week but I'll be able to work swimming, running and weight training into more of a routine.  Now it just seems random and it's getting hard to be motivated to do any of the three.

As for this morning I gotta admit I was hurting from yesterdays trio of weight training, running and swimming.  I took my time during the warm up part.  Warmed up a 400.  Then we did 3x100Kick/50 drill/50swim.  Well I missed a 50kick/50drill for a pee break.  So I got in a 900 yard warmup.

Then we did a 400 Pull.  With the paddles on I felt some speed and power.  Finally!  The kicking and drilling felt even worse than my usual slow poke warm up so it was nice to have that pull get me in gear. (400/1300)

3x200's descend on 2:30.  The first one I did on 2:26, the second on 2:24 and the third one on 2:16.  I really took the first one out nice and easy.  I gotta admit I should have been faster on the third one but my arms were killing me.  I just had to dig in and finish it. (600/1900)

then we did a 200 pull (800/2100)

then 4x100's free descend on 1:15.  I just died.  I started off with a 1:12 then a 1:14 then a 1:15 and finished up with a 1:14.  I had nothing and didn't care.  (400/2500)

Hmmm...2500 yards doesn't sound right.  Oh well.  Then we did a stroke kicking and drill set that I somehow managed to fuck up.  I think it was a 3 rounds of 50 kick / 25 drill a round of each stroke then just a 25 free.  But I thought it was a 3 rounds of 50/25/25free.  So my second round I only did a 25 back kick.  (30/2800)

Then everyone held up for a stroke set together.

3x25's fly on 30

100 IM on 2mins.  I decided to do this 100 all fly and did a 1:16.  Pretty slow and I was dying at lap 3.

3x25's back on 30

100 IM on 2 mins

2x25's breast

then we went to do a 100 IM off the block but once again I got a cramp after my dive off the block.  I've been getting cramps in my calf at almost every workout at the end.  I'm drinking water, taking vitamins and stuff but keep getting them.  Going to have to buy more bananas.  I only did a 425 of this since I had to stretch my calf.  (425/3225)

3,225 yards doesn't seem like much but seems about right I guess.  After yesterdays routine it was a killer.  I will be taking Tuesday off from swimming so I am hoping Wednesday's swim will be a bit easier.  Well it'll be a harder workout but hopefully I can execute it a bit easier with some recovery time in between swims.