Not Ready To Be A Noodler, Just Yet...

Yeah, what of it!  I hit the pool this afternoon for an easy relaxing stretched out swim.  I have the meet tomorrow but just wanted to losen up and get some water time in.  I didn't push myself at all just kept thinking of the things I need to work on while swimming in the hopes that it'll all stick in and click tomorrow. 

200 Swim

200 Pull

100 Kick

100 Swim

50 Kick

50 Fly/Back

50 Fly / Back

2x25's fly

2x50's fly

um...then an easy 50.  So a 950.  I was going to do a 1,000.  Well in my mind I thought that.  I also planned on doing drill work and some pace 100's.  But was lazy.  Decided to swim butterfly to think about everything I've been working on.  I felt okay.  Worried about swimming the 200 butterfly.  I know I can do it since I've done them over and over again but I haven't been doing them.  I'm a bit rusty! 

Rainy Taper Swim

Another rainy morning at the pool.  Getting sick of this weather.  It's either really cold or it's raining. At least the water in the pool was pretty good this morning.  The workout was a bit tame leading up to Saturday's swim meet.  It's not a full taper but it's a bit easy.  I swam on my own so the easy parts I really took my time.  Goofing off a bit.

Warm Up - 200 s, 200 p, 200 k, 200 s (800)  It was drizzling out during most of the warm up.  I felt pretty good for the first half of warm up.  Then the cold rain slowly got my shoulders all in knots.  The last 200 I felt like my shoulders were just one big knot.  I was battling against myself to get back into swimming.  Luckily I had a bit more swimming to loosen up.

1x400 - catch-up on the odd lengths (400/1200)  I took this nice an easy.  Since everyone else was doing something else I chit chatted with them after the first 100 and after the 200.  I then finished the last 200 without stopping.

8x50 on :50 - long strokes on the odd 50s, descend the evens (400/1600)  I was able to descend them.  The 400 really got me going.


1x100 at a good pace - 1:10 or better  I think I did a 1:07 (100/1700)


1x100 all out!  meh!  I did a 1:01.  Think I took too much rest. (100/1800)

1x200 easy pull (200/2000)

50s kick/swim fly and back - do pairs  Well I did the first two butterfly and started to do a backstroke one when the rain started to get a bit heavy.  I hate doing backstroke in the rain so I just switched to free and got out!  (150/2150)

And that was it for today.  Got out and home just in time before the big down pouring of rain started.  Grrr...I miss the sun and warmth!

Shut Up And Just Swim!

With this weekends swim meet getting closer by the day I need to start flushing my head of all my negativity.  Which for me is a hell of a lot of thoughts!  I've been swimming and training pretty consistently so I am ready.  It's just that I don't have my old lane mates to push me harder or in general to pace off of.  But I'm not going to think about that.  I'm going to shut up and just swim.  I have Sunday to do some armchair quarter backing!

This mornings workout was pretty easy which is a good thing.  I actually got in some backstroke swimming which I haven't been doing that much of.  And considering I am swimming it on Saturday I think swimming it this week might be a good thing.

Warm Up

550 Mixed Freestyle with pulling and swimming.  I started to swim and felt pretty good still remembering to kick when I swim.  Actually it was almost like I didn't have to think for a change.  I was just kicking.

200 Kick. (200/750)

400 - 25 kick / 25 pull / 25 kick / 25 swim.  I did them fly, back, free and back. (400/1150)

4x100's Backstroke on 2 Minutes Descending.  I didn't plan this pattern it just happened as I did a 1:24 / 1:19 / 1:14 / 1:09.  At least that is what I read off the clocks or remember what I read.  Could be wrong on that.  (400/1550)

400 pull breathing every 3 (400/1950)

3x50's backstroke pace.  (i think i did 3 or was it 4?)  (150/2100)

Then I warmed down like a 100 or so.  So 2,200 yards. 

After the meet the workouts are going to be a bit different with faster intervals for me.  Doh!  Actually I look forward to the little pushing!  As for the meet this weekend psych sheets are up and I'm okay with them.  Looks like there is only two of us swimming the 1,000 free and 200 back.  And I'm the only one swimming the 200 fly.  All of that I mean in my age group.  So at least I'll get some ribbons!

Raindrops and Intervals. Some Of My Not So Favorite Things.

To keep us focused or well more to the point to get me to do the sets right the coach emails us the workout sometimes.  Even then it's a 50/50 chance that I won't screw it up once I'm in the water.  Today was one of those days that I screwed it up.  More on that in a bit but first the workout email with a note that must have  been targeted at me -

Don't eat or drink too much!

1x400 loosen

1x200 kick

6x50 on 1:00 kick/swim - think distance per stroke

5x200 on 3:00 - Joel - 2:30 > 2:20, Nate 2:37 > 2:27

rest 2:00

10x10 on 1:30 - odds @ 1:15, the evens descending starting at 1:10 - NATE GETS FINS!!

1x100 easy loosen

Goof-off 50s

When I pulled out of the garage it was pouring outside.  And since I've lived in LA for the last decade I do not know how to drive in the rain.  So I slowly made my way to the pool missing some of the warm up.  I swam a 350 then kicked a 100.  So I did a 450 instead of the 600.  Then I was back on target with the 6x50's Kick (300/750.)  The 5x200's went off a bit slow at first as I was finding my speed I started off with a 2:35 and ended up around a 2:19.  My first three were like clockwork with 2:35/2:30/2:25.  Now the 10x100's.  Yeah that is a type of 10x10's.  No such luck.  I read the intervals wrong.  I read on 1:30 for the odds and 1:15 for evens.  But they were all on 1:30 with my odd pace on 1:15 and my even pace starting a 1:10 and descend.  So I did two on 1:15.  So glad I was corrected!  On number 5 I was feeling tired and sore.  I was wondering if I was going to be able to finish the set with a descend.  All my odds I managed to hold the 1:15 target.  The evens were descended although right now I can't remember what I did.  (2750)

I then warmed down a 200 for 2,950 yards.  Over all the workout was a good one.  When I was getting tired in the 100's something happened that I wasn't use to as my legs started to kick.  Yeah, finally after all these years I'm managing to kick and swim at the same time.  I was really also working on keeping my head down and return my head into neutral after breathing.  My stroke is slowly getting better.  Guess this weekend I'll see how it all pulls together.

A Case Of The Side Stiches

It was the worst of swims it was well the not so best of swims.  That also includes my sleep last night.  Went to bed relatively early without a drink of alcohol as I wanted to get up and swim a good morning workout.  But I was restless all night.  I woke up about 3am and coudln't fall back asleep right away.  So I put on some "Lie To Me" on Netflix Streaming and dozed off.  I'm slowly getting through every t.v. show available on Netflix Streaming.  Hopefully they'll add something new soon!  Then about 6:30am I woke up and realized that I had to be at the pool in 15 minutes.  Doh!  I rushed and got myself together and headed to the pool.

I pretty much missed the warm up but swam a 250 while they did the regular 200 kick.  Luckily it was no big deal as the coach as a specific workout for me that was different from everyone else.  But I wasn't feeling so hot in the water as I had a case of 'side stich'.  Haven't felt that pain in some time.  The rest of the workout was pretty easy and I actually stopped a bit short as us swimmers chatted it up a bit at the end instead of swimming.

6x50's Kick on 1:20 3 free / 3 fly (300/850)

500 Freestyle 50 Catch Up / 50 Swim.  This was when the side stich was bothering me the most.  But I really concentrated on the drill and then trying to keep up the axis rotation in the swimming.  (500/1350)

10x50's on 50 Breathing every 5 (500/1850)

2x100's Butterfly (25 drill, 25 kick, 25 a bit faster drill and 25 build)  There was an itnerval but after the first one the coach gave me some feedback and after the second one we started to chit chat) (200/2050)

Then I did another 4 lengths of easy fly working on my technique.  So I swam a total of 2,150 yards. 

Now the mechanics of my butterfly are better at least in my breathing timing and my arms.  But I feel a bit flatter then I should be.  One of the drills that I learned yesterday and did today really helped with my timing.  The drill which I can't really explain has me doing one butterfly stroke with breathing then holding my arms up front I bring my hips up and a strong kick then staying in streamline using the momentum of the kick to push me along.  I can get to the other end in 4 of these.  Which was the target the coach had set for me.  I don't know how I'll do in next weekends 200 but after I'm going to continue working on the stroke.  It's getting better just gotta get the timing right and my hips up.

Butterfly Clinic Day

Today the coach had three us head over to the pool at 2pm for a bit of a butterfly for N629204736_1491732_3657659 dummies session.  First of all it was the perfect day for it as it was sunny and 75F!  After wards I didn't want to get out of the pool!  Lots of drilling!  Hopefully I'll remember what I learned today next time I'm in the water.  Have the 200 butterfly in eight days!  OY!  Think I was a better butterfly back when this picture was taken of me.

Just For The Pace of It

Some of the workouts right now are geared towards me swimming the 1,000 freestyle in less then two weeks.  Seeing how I feel in the water, how I can or can't hold a pace, how does my stroke feel, etc..  This mornings workout was one of those workouts.  So last night I went to bed early and got a good night sleep.  No wine before bed just right to bed. 

The Workout -

1x400 loosen

1x200 kick

4x50 on 1:00 drill/swim

6x50 on :50 - 2 slower than 600 pace, 2 at 600 pace, 2 faster than 600 pace

3x100 on 1:40 - 1 slower than 600 pace, 1 at 600 pace, 1 faster

rest as much as you like

1x600 for time

1x100 loosen

8x50 - 2 of each stroke - you pick the send-off

Okay so after a decent pool temperature yesterday todays water was warm.  Not saying warm water was an excuse  just saying it was warm.  I took the warm up nice and easy but instead of my usual swim a 50, chat, swim a 50, chat some more, swim a 50...I swam it pretty much continious minus a few goggle adjustments.  For the drill 50's I kept thinking what I need to work on for my 1,000.  Then the 6x50's and 3x100's I really was just trying to pull it all together and get my heart rate up.  I did them the way the coach suggested. 

We rested a bit before the 600.  My swim mate who was swimming with me put on fins.  Lucky!  I told him my plan on how I was going to swim the 600 so he wouldn't freak out.  My plan was to go a bit faster in the first 100 then sink back into my pace.  Now I had two pace's in mind.  One that I told the coach in case I somehow couldn't hold the other pace which was my goal pace.  I know I should have told him.  On the flip side my swim mate would most likely keep up with me so we'd both have descent times.  The first 100 I was out in a 1:07.  After that I was pretty much holding 1:10's.  My 200 split was 2:17.  I finished up with a 6:54.  I speed up for the last 1:50 but didn't get my last 100 split.  I felt I needed to keep my head down and not look at the clock.  I felt pretty good and think I could of held a few more 1:10 paced 100's.  Not for a 1,000 yards. 

So what does that all mean?  Well I'm slow for one.  I've swum the 1,000 SCY in a time of 11:16.70.  That is going to be tough to do.  Here are my splits for the 1,000 Splits It won't be impossible just hard for me.  I got over a week to get into the swing of things and if I just work on everything I did wrong today I could have at least a cleaner swim.  One thing I learned this morning is that about the last 200 as my turnover got faster I wasn't returning my head to the neutral position.  I somewhere in between breathing and neutral.  Also my arms seemed to be doing all the work.  I just couldn't engage the legs even at the end when my arms were needing some assistance.  I'll need to work on those two things during the next few pace sets. 

At least tomorrow is a stroke / butterfly day.  Doing a stroke workout in the morning then a mini butterfly clinic in the afternoon.  That 200 butterfly seems like a nightmare right now!



Easy IM'er Morning Workout

Even before I went to bed last night I was debating on swimming today or not.  I need a recovery day after swimming Monday and Tuesday but I really need to get in shape.  Now since the coach as me doing a hard workout tomorrow he told me I'd have an easy workout today.  So I decided to set my alarm and see how I felt in the morning before I headed to bed.  I went to bed somewhat early but had a pretty bad night of tossing and turning in bed.  So when the first alarm went off this morning I really was about to hit snooze and call it a recovery day.  But for whatever reason I finally got up and got myself ready.

I warmed up about a 450.  I'm guessing as I really wasn't counting.  Then we did a 200 kick.  (650)

Then one quick warm up 300 IM pull/kick/swim by 25.  I sorta screwed up and started to kick the first 25.  Doh! (300/950)

4x150's IM w/o freestyle on 2:40 (600/1550)

Then we did 4x100's Freestyle Pulling (400/1950)

And that was it mostly.  I did another 150 warm down to swim 2100 yards. 

Tomorrows workout will include me swimming a 600 at my 1,000 race pace.  It's a check in set to see how I feel, when I break down physically and mentally.  That way I have a week and a half to work on that before I swim a 1,000.  I do feel that my freestyle stroke is the best it has ever been and my turns while still needing lots of work are the best I've ever done.  With my turns that isn't saying much as I have a very long way to go before getting them right.  I'd love to swim my fastest 1,000 in two weeks but I'd be happy swimming a smart race with better technique.  Speed will come eventually.  Step by step!

6x300's Feels So Good!

Setting three different alarms in the monring is really helping me get out of bed!  Two was okay but three really gets me going! 

400 Warm Up followed by a 300 (50 kick / 50 pull / 50 swim and repeat)(700)

Main Set:

6x300's on 4:10 Freestyle -

- first two - swim, descending the two.  The first one I did a 3:47.  The second one I did about a 3:45.

- second two - swim stopping every 100 and taking 10 seconds rest.  I was holding 1:10's for these 100's so they 300's came in on 3:30 (minus my rest)

- last two - swim stopping every 50 taking 5 seconds rest.  I did another 3:30 for the first one and a 3:27 for the last on.  (1800/2500)

Now I misheard the interval so I sorta f'ed up the set.  It wasn't on 4:10 it was to be on 4:30.  Even though I was making the interval I was supose to have the extra rest to keep my stroke together as I got faster.  Instead of my messy slap the water like crazy swimming style.  At least in theory I was able to get faster in my 300's or in other workds sorta descend. 

Afterwards I did an asy 50 then 2x100's easy pulling breathing every 3 then a 50 easy drill.  (300/2800)  Total workout was 2,800 yards.  Tomorrow workout will be a taper or butterfly workout.  Well not 'or' it'll be an easy workout concentrating on butterfly.  On Thursday my workout will consist of me swimming a 600 for time to check in on my swimming.  I have about three weeks to I swim the 1,000 and I'm slowly feeling confident to do that.  But only time will tell.

Just One More

nt to bed early last night so I'd be up and ready for a good swim this morning but somehow I just didn't want to wake.  After just laying in bed for 30 minutes I was able to pull myself out of bed and get ready.  Made it over to the pool just in time for it to open up.  Luckily the weather is getting back to normal so it was about 50F outside.  The pool was warm but not as warm as it was last week.  Still too warm for my liking.

Warm Up

Mixed 450 then a 200 Kick.

Main Set:

4x150's Free Distance Per Stroke on 2:15.  The coach had me attempt to do each 25 with only 15 strokes.  Can't say that I was able to all the time but did get to 15 on occasion.  (600/1250)

4x125's on 2:15 Stroke.  I did them back, fly, back and fly.  Wow did that hurt.  After a 100 fly I wanted to give up.  I need to do more butterfly in the next few weeks if I'm going to swim a 200 fly. (500/1750)

4x100's IM on 1:45 (400/2150)

4x50's Free sprint on 1:30.  I was getting tired and my arms were fatigued.  My third 50 I was sloppy but pulled my stroke back for the last one.  (200/2350)

Then I started a warm down.  2x50's on no send off really slow pulling (100/2450)

Then 4x50's pulling breathing every 3 on 55 (200/2650)

Then 4x50's kick on 1:05 (200/2850)

I was going to swim a bit more but started to chat with other swimmers and that was the end of my workout!

Now I really have been dumb about this month and didn't realize that today was the 31st.  So my two previous posts about my end of the month totals were wrong.  I don't know why I thought February started already!  I swam 47,400 yards for the month!  Doh!