April In The Rearview Mirror - Swimming

Now that I'm settling into a work schedule that includes working at 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays my swimming has dipped down to around my old average yards per month.  For April I swam 44,950 yards.  That is down from last month but whatever.  I also missed one long Sunday workout this month. 

Past Months To Compare -

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

So far for 2011 I've swum 191,125 yards. 

December I swam 22,050 yards.

November I swam 34,375 yards

October I swam 2,700 yards.

September I swam zip, nada, nothing

August I swam 25,000 SCY

July I swam 49,900 SCY

June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM

May I swam 55,000 SCY

April I swam 46,050 SCY

February I swam 53,250 SCY

January I swam 46,750 SCY


Cloudy With A Chance Of Swimming

Grrr...I am so wimping out on running of late.  Another morning of setting my alarm to have an easy run before swimming has gone by with me hitting snooze.  I kept hitting snooze and it eventually defaulted to reset.  Luckily I woke up on my own in time to go swimming.

Warm Up 200 Swim / 300 Pull / 200 Kick then 300 alternating Catch Up Drill and Tumblr_li2jw83Xak1qb62c4o1_500 Build by 50.  (1000)

Main Set -

6x100's Free on 2 mins. descend (600/1600) I was okay with my descends.  Not as fast as what I had set in my mind as my goal but not so bad.  I started with a 1:15 then dropped to a 1:09 then slowly dropping down to a 1:03.  Now I've always had lazy bad turns but since I've been working on them I'm tried to keep them somewhat okay.  But after I swam I realized my third turn always seems to be the one that falls apart.  I really felt it on my last one.  Something for me to keep in mind.

Then I did a 50 easy (50/1650)

8x50's Pull on 50 Breathing every 3 (400/2050)

So not the greatest swim but felt a bit better then Wednesday.  The neck and lower back pain seems to have moved over to my right shoulder.  More specifically the area I had a pinched nerve a few years ago.  Taking yesterday off from working out really helped my body reset.  I'm just going to start listening to my body a bit more and see how I'm feeling over the next week.

I'll be heading to the gym for some weight training today and maybe a possible spinning class.  It all depends.  The gym is having a demonstration at 2:30 on some of the machines on the first floor of the gym so I want to check it out.  I've used some of these machines in the past but that was when I first joined a gym some 7 years ago.  I think it was 7 years ago last week.  I know I joined a gym on Easter Sunday for what it's worth. 

(image via texas swimming)

Hello Joel, This Is Your Body. Are You Listening To Me?

Since the Leesburg pool is closed it meant getting in some extra sleep this morning.  I figured with a bit of extra rest I could even maybe do a short run before heading to the local pool at 7am.  But my body was talking to me big time telling me not to go running.  My legs were a bit stiff.  So I just stayed in bed to a lil' after 6am.  I figured I'd just go swimming and skip the run. 

At the pool we were lucky that they let us in a few minutes early but not so lucky that they didn't unlock the storage room with kickboards and the clocks.  The coach had his pace wrist watch so he gave us the send offs. 

Once I got into the workout I could feel pain in just about every muscle and bone in my body.  I kept slowly warming up hoping they'd all work out.  100 Swim, 200 Pull, 100 Drill and then a 50 swim with fins.  Then we did 6x50's - 3 Kick / 3 kick/drill.  So a 750 warm up.  I knew the main set was going to be IM so I did some stroke to warm up.  But not enough for my body to be ready.

Main Set:

100 Back on 1:40

200 IM on 3:20

300 IM on 5:00

300 IM on 5:00

200 IM on 3:20

100 IM

The second half was to be faster then the first.  Which even with my body slowly falling apart was pretty easy to do as I was slowly warming up.  My legs were tired and stiff, my neck had some sorta kink in it and everything else felt blech.  During the second half I started to bargain with my body telling it that if I can hold it together during this set I'll take tomorrow off as a recovery.  My body agreed and I did do better the second half.  Feeling less pain and more speed.  The coach said my 2nd 300 was about 6 seconds faster.  The rest I just have to guess I went faster based on how I felt.  (1200/1950)

I then did an easy 100 and got out for a 2,050 yard swim.  I work the afternoon shift and will hopefully feel up to doing arms / chest weights.  I was debating on taking a Boot Camp class but I don't know.  See how I'm feeling as the day goes on.  But tomorrow I'm not taking any classes, no swimming and no leg weights.  Notice I didn't say anything about running.  I'm going to wait to see how I feel the rest of today and when I wake up tomorrow.  I gotta work at 8am tomorrow so running just might not happen.  Guess I'll just wait and see what my body is telling me then!


Ji-ji-ji-jit-jit-jitt-jitt-jittery!  Before I workout I always take a caffeine pill.  I buy the generic 200mg pills and pop one before working out.  But this morning I decided I didn't want to be groggy so I took 2 of the 200mg pills. OY!  My heart is still beating like I'm on crack!  Too much caffeine is not fun while working out.  And yeah, I know caffeine is a banned substance but seriously if USMS would to put the rule into effect no one would be in the pool swimming and Starbucks near every local pool would go out of business.

Warm Up

Tumblr_ljjqghJtxr1qdmt1qo1_500 100 Swim / 200 Pull / 50 Swim / 150 Drilling with fins.  Then we did a 200 kick with fins.  (700)

Main Set:

I'm first going to post the core workout then what I did.

400 Free on 6:40

3x200's Free Descend on 3:20

Then 2 Rounds of 4x50's on 50.

What I did...

450 on 6:40

2x225's on 3:20 and 1x250 on 3:20 (which was a moot interval since we rested a bit before doing rour 2 Rounds of 4x50's)

4x50's on 50

The slower group did something else which I don't remember.  For my 2x225's what I did was for the 1st one I got my 100 split and my 200 split and didn't bother with the last 25 since no clock was at that end of the pool and for my 2nd one at the 25 I looked at the clock so I then got my 100 split and 200 split from that point.  For the 250 I couldn't see my 100 split but at the 200 I was around a 2:16 and damn if I can remember my 250 time now.  For my 450 I went out too fast for my 1st 100 feeling that caffeine then pulled back.  I also can't remember what I did it in.  (1350/2050)

So 2,050 yards.  This afternoon is a gym day.  Trying to decide if it'll be a leg/abs or arms/chest day.




Bunny Day Swimming Reset Workout

Ahhh...Sunday!  The last few Saturday's have been recovery days with no working out and then Sunday I'd swim a long workout.  So this weekend I took it easy yesterday and went right to bed after Doctor Who.  Even with a good night sleep I was a bit sleepy and groggy.  I headed to the pool hoping to wake up.

The workout - 

1x500 loosen

4x75 kick with fins on 1:30 - dolphin front, back, side on each one (300/800)

MB-PHRT Took a bit of a pee break before moving on...

4x50 on :50 -  pace (200/1000)

Main Set:

1x400 free on 6:00 - good pace (400)

1x200 IM on 3:20 (200/600)

1x300 free on 4:30 - good pace (300/900)

1x150 IM on 2:30 (150/1050)

1x200 free on 3:00 - good pace (200/1250)

1x100 IM on 1:40 (100/1350)

1x100 free on 1:30 - goodpace (100/1450)

4x50 - one of each on 1:00 (200/1650/2650)

I felt sooo sluggish during the set.  My pacing was 1:15 for the 300 and 400 and a 1:12 for the rest.  My strokes felt forced and stiff.  I just wasn't feeling it but forced myself to continue.  

3x100 pull on 1:40 - focus on ride and catch (300/2950)

I then did some driling and pulling for about another 600 waiting for everyone to start swimming and finish the warmup.  Everyone was a bit later then normal.  (600/3450)  We then all did a 200 kikc (200/3650)

Main Set:

6x150's It was drill/kick/swim/drill/rest so a 125 on an interval then a 25 sprint on another interval.  I don't remember the intervals.  I did them fly, back, breast, free, fly and the very last one just swam a full 150 for a warm down.  (900/4550)

I got out since I have lunch plans and wanted to eat a small breakfast and do some laundry so I'd have something to wear at lunch.  So a 4,550 yard swim today.  The gym is closed today so no gym time.  Doh!  

Spinning Into A Personal Best or Maybe Just A First

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early and headed to the gym for the 5:45am spinning class (group cycle.)  I had to work at 8am so I figured I'd so spinning then get ready for work at the gym. Got my on one of the good bikes and started to warm up.  The instructor was around chatting it up with the other members.  I pulled my cap to cover my eyes to avoid eye contact and chit chatter at such a god awful time of day.  I mean who is up for chattering at 5:45am?  Then after the class I did some quick leg weights and was done.  After my shift I decided I had 15 minutes to change and get to the 3:15pm spinning class.  It was an instructor I haven't been to yet so I wanted to try it out.  Actually first I asked my boss who was going to be the instructor and then she told me that she was planning on taking the class also so then it was a given I'd go.  So a bit before 3 I snuck into the spinning room and placed a towel and my water on a good bike.  I wanted to be in the 2nd row but looking right at the instructor. My morning workout clothes were still in my locker but I didn't think about hanging them up to dry.  So I put on my wet clothes and went into class. The rest of this workout story is me against me!  The way these classes are held is that all the trainers have the same program.  Same music played in the same order with the same routine to the music.  So then why do I feel I got a better workout with one instructor over the other?  Why do I feel that some of the instructors are more challenging?  It's pretty much the same exact thing except that each instructor brings personality to the class.  I guess it takes a certain personality to push myself.  I find it so amusing that I could dislike one instructors class but love another instructors class even though it's the same exact class. Besides all that it was the first time I attended two spin classes on the same day.  I think.  After the 2nd class I saw my legs muscle twitch a bit.  Guess I didn't stretch enough after.  But felt great!

So this morning I was able to sleep in a bit.  No running to 5:45am spin class or 5:30am swim practice.  Back to 7am swimming!  Wahoo!  I headed to the pool this morning feeling at first a bit tired even with the itty bit of extra rest.  Also at first my legs felt a bit tired from yesterday double spin day.  Warm up went sorta slow.

200 Swim / 200 Pull / 100 IM / 50 Free Swim with Fins (550)  Then we did a 200 kick with fins. (200/750)

Main Set:

3 Rounds of 5x100's -

Round One - 1st 100 Drill on 2 Minutes then 4x100's on 1:40 Descending.

Round Two - 1st 100 Drill on 2 Minutes then 4x100's on 1:50 Pace swimming at the last 100 from previous round.

Round Three - 1st 100 Drill then 1x100 Pace, 1x100 Sprint, 1x100 Pace and 1x100 Sprint all on 2 minutes.

So for some reason once warm up was done I was in high gear.  I felt comfortable and fast.  Guess the day off from swimming was good for me.  Leg day was a blessing I guess.  My descends ended up a bit too fast for what I wanted my paces to be.  I ended up with a 1:09. I was hoping for 1:11's to be pacing myself.  When I got to the pacing I was at 1:11's except the last one was a bit slower with a 1:13.  Then for the last round I did the paces on 1:13's but my 1st sprint I did a 1:01 and my 2nd a 1:02.  Which aren't so bad for me for workout sprint times.  Like I said I felt comfortable swimming this morning.  We took an extra minute between each round for rest.  A few things I noticed today was that I'm still pretty lazy with my turns.  Need to get my head around and plant my feet on the wall correctly.  Still need to remind myself to finish my stroke at the end.  I was trying to correct my stroke duing my last sprint 100 which is why I think I was a bit slower.  I can hardly chew gum and walk at the same time so to be thinking about sprinting and correcting myself at the same time is a challenge.  (1500/2250)

I then warmed down a 100 and got out.  So 2,350 yards this morning.  As for the rest of the day I'm hoping to get an upper body wieght training session in today.  Don't know If I can fit it in with my errands and appointments today.  If not I'll do it tomorrow.  Planning on running tomorrow morning if I can get up early enough.  I have a fundraiser pancake event at 8am for the local dog rescue group then going to watch a 10am fun swimming event.  Below is the video of last years event.  I won't be swimming or dressed up.  I'll be just laughing and cheering them on.

Early Morning Swim By Moonlight!

Yesterday morning I woke up and got to the gym a tad after 5:30 and went right up to the spinning (Group Ride, 24 Cycle, whatever) room to grab a bike.  Right off the bat I knew that this instructor who is a favorite of so many people I talk to just isn't my favorite instructor.  But no matter what I kept reminding myself about an old instructor who'd comment something about "you only get out of this class from what you put in."  So I figured I'd work the class hard and amp up my resistance. 

After the class I hit the treadmill for a 1 mile run.  Well not so much all of a run.  I did some fast walking at 4.5 setting for a bit.  I got those shin pains again.  I really hate treadmills!  Actually those pains probably say more about my bad running form then the treadmill but I'll blame the machines.  Then quickly did some leg weights before getting ready for work. 

Then this morning it was wakey wakey bright and early.  I had to be up and meet the coach at 5am to drive down to Leesburg to swim at 5:30.  Oy!  Getting up so early and swimming is actually pretty good.  By the time I get to the pool I'm wide awake and ready to go.

The Workout

1x500 loosen

1x300 kick with fins

Then we regrouped for some drilling and kicking.

3x100 on 2:00 kick/drill with fins (300/1100)

Main Set -

1x400 (a 450 for me) on 6:30 - catch-up on the 1st 200

2x200 on 3:20 - catch-up on the 1st 100

4x100 on 1:40 - catch-up on the 1st 25

Then we held up before moving on.  (1250/2350)  I really wasn't warmed up before starting the 450.  The first 250 drilling catch up was burning my shoulders.  I must have been swimming too flat or something.  I didn't get my splits on the 400 but felt good the 2nd half.  For the 200's all I can say was that my splits weren't horrible.  I was much better in the 4x100's.

8x50 on 1:00 - alternate between a long stroke 50 and a sprint 50.  I did these fly/back/back and free.  (400/2750)

25's.  We went one by one and the coach corrected our stroke.  I did 4 of them freestyle.  But I was really working on my bilateral breathing.  Now in my freestyle in workouts I use to really lift my head out to breath which I've been working on my right side.  I still have some head bobbing with my breathing but it's getting better.  But when I do breath every 3 I really notice the head lifting on my left side.  So that is something I wanted to see myself work on today.  (100/2850)

And that was it.  Later today I'll hit the gym for arms/chest weights.  Tomorrow morning will do spinning class again and leg weights.  I should skip it and do a long run but that is what Saturday's are for when and if I wake up.

Should Have Stayed In Bed Workout!

After yesterday's swim I never did get around to hitting the gym.  I kept putting it off and off and before I knew it was 5pm and the gym was closed.  Well actually it was like 3:45 but I figured by the time I got ready and to the gym well it would have been too late.  So then my dreams turned to waking up and going for a run before 7am's swim.  But my bed was just too comfy to crawl out of.  So I'll just swim this morning.  My alarm went off at 6:05am and I hit snooze.  But then I was told myself to get out bed now!  So I got out and 35 minutes later was out the door.

To be honest I should have stayed in bed...Warmed up a mixed 450 then a 200 kick for a 650 warm up.

I so wasn't warmed up enough to jump into the main set.

Two Rounds -

4x50's on 60 (Fly/Back, Breast/Free by 25's and repeat)

200 Back on 3:30

4x50's on 60 (Fly/Back, Breast/Free by 25's and repeat)

200 IM on 3:30

Hmm...that looks wrong.  Maybe the 200's before the 4x50's?  Meh, whatever.  I sucked.  I was frustrated.  I wanted to give up.  We dont' have flags up in the morning so swimming towards the middle I had a hard time seeing the poles to count into my turns.  So I was just looking all over which pretty much destroyed my backstroke.  Not that my backstroke is pretty to begin with.  Also I came into the set frustrated by a lack of speed from the beginning which stayed with me the whole set. It was a wasted workout. The last 200 IM I cheated during the breaststroke just to keep up.  My times were sooo bad.  (1600/2250)

Then we ended up the workout with 6x75's on 1:15 pulling breathing every 3. (450/2700)

I'm glad I stayed in even when I wanted to give up.  Maybe if I had went for an early morning run I would of been in a better mind set.  Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda! Well at least I got in a workout.


Slow Poke Sunday

It's Sunday!  Time to reboot my week!  Saturday's I take off to let my body recover.  Maybe I relaxed too much on Saturday since last night I couldn't sleep.  I watched countless repeats of some lame show called Fairly Legal on Hulu trying to fall asleep.  I always try to watch shows I don't care about when in bed so I don't try to find out the ending of the show. That plan didn't work last night. I was hoping I'd get a good night sleep and go on a short run before swimming.  But I was too tired and skipped the running.  In fact I almost skipped the swimming. It took me together to get my act together and get to the pool.  Once a the pool I was moving super slow gathering the clock and my equipment to workout.
The Workout (copied from email sent to me from coach) -
1x500 loosen

4x100 on 2:00 kick with those new fins

6x50 on :45  1x300 on 4:30

4x50 on :45  1x200 on 3:00

2x50 on :45  5x100 descending on 1:30

1x300 easy pull
swim with us

That 500 warm up was slow.  The whole workout was slow.  The 50's, 300, 200, 100 was all continuous.  The 300 felt like crap.  I did a 3:50 for my time. It felt like I was swimming a 1,000 and not a 300.  My 200 time was a 2:30ish.  Really that was bad.  Then my 5x100's were pathetic.  My fastest one was like a 1:10.  That was 2,800 yards. Then I was done a bit early so I swam and kicked some more.

200 kick / 100 easy swim / 100 easy pull / 100 reverse IM kick / 100 reverse IM pull / 75 drill fly / 25 swim fly (800/3,600)

200 Kick (200/3,800)

Main Set -
4x50's Free on 60
8x100's Free on 2 minutes (1st - 50 Sprint / Easy, 2nd - 50 Easy / Sprint, Pace, FAST then repeat)
4x50's Free on 60 (1200/5,000)

I felt okay during the 8x100's.  Better and faster then my earlier 5x100's descending.  My half sprint and half easy I was doing 1:15's. My pace I was at 1:11.  And my sprints were 1:04 and 1:02.  So much much better! 

I did a 50 easy and got out.  Well I went to the restroom and was going to swim some more but everyone was just chit chatting.  I got back in the water and never did swim anymore.  So 5,050 yards.  Not bad of a reboot swim.  I guess I slept walked the first hour of swimming!

Kicking vs Swimming. Pick A Winner!

Yawn!  Last night I was debating on swimming or sleeping in.  I figured I'd let fate decide and not turn on my alarm.  Nature decided I needed the workout and woke me up at 5:30ish.  Nature is a bitch!  I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the pool for 7am. 

Warm Up

I did a 400 mixing up free swim, free pull and drill stroke work.  I knew it was going to be an IM workout so figured I'd drill some stroke.

4x50's Kick.  Wahoo!  I get to use my fins!  It was nice to finish first for a chance.  Of course the super fast kicker wasn't at practice today.  Look forward to see how I stack up next to him.  After two swims with my new fins I realized how weak my ankles are.  I knew that already but boy do I know now how bad they are!

Main Set:

8x125's IM on 2:15 - 2 Rounds - 50 fly/25 back/breast/free, 25 fly/50 back/25 breast/free, 25 fly/back/50 breast/25free, 25 fly/back/breast/50 free and repeat. (1200/1800)

Oh boy did I feel tired and lazy during the set.  One other swimmer swam the 125's with me but did them freestyle and descended.  I used him as a guide for my pacing.  I was getting plenty of rest but boy was I fading during the set.  The last one I really tried to blast it. 

2 Rounds 4x50's Free with fins on 40.  Rest between rounds.  Talk about fading!  I so sucked!  I started with a 31 and got slower by each 50.  Mostly cuz' I have no cordination.  I can't chew and walk at the same time and I can't kick and swim at the same time. Something hopefully more fin swimming sets will help me learn. Been trying for so long to master the art of swimming and kicking at the same time.  I mean I do the movements but my mind can only tell one of them to work hard at a time.  When I tried to use my arms to pull myself I'd notice my legs would stop.  When I was thinking of my kick my arms just seemed slow or out of sync.  (400/2200)

And that was it.  2,200 yards.  Not too bad.