Grab Your Hats and Sunglasses It's Time To Go Swimming

Thank you for the invention of the snooze button.  This morning I so didn't want to wake up.  The alarm went off at 6am, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30 and then I guess I slowly got out of bed.  I really didn't want to get up and go swimming.  But I did force myself out of bed and on my way to the pool.

Warm Up

450 Mixed / 3x100's Kick (one fly, one back and one free) (750)

3x200's on 3:20 Free/Fly.  The first one was just getting the kinks out and getting use to swimming butterfly.  The second one I was trying to gain some speed while still thinking of technique.  The third was I was trying to hold it together with good technique and some speed.  I sorta failed on both points.  It wasn't horrible but the warm water made me wish I wasn't swimming.  (600/1350)

6x100's on 1:50.  I did 1 IM / 1 Fly / 1 Back / 1 IM / 1 Back / 1 Fly.  By the last one I came in on about 1:11.  My timing of my breathing was off.  (600/1950)

Then I did 6x50's Pulling breathing 3/5/7 and repeat.  (300/2250)

It was time to get out.  7:50ish.  At 8am the Aqua Fitness class starts and they start getting in the water all dolled up with sunglasses and hats among other somewhat fashionable items in the pool at 7:40.  By 7:48 they start to undo one of the lane lines.  I keep saying I want to stay and do this class but never do.  All them coming all dolled up sorta make me laugh to hard to take the class serious.  Also I gotta remember to keep the noodlers at arms length as they are inferior pool beings.  Anyways, so 2,250 yards for today.  I was a bit sore during warm up but felt better as the swim went on. This afternoon I will be taking the Group Power class at noon and some weight training.



Short Workout / Long Morning

Beep Beep Beep...4am.  Time to wake up.  Oh wait, let's back up and clarify that my phone is my alarm and it doesn't beep it plays the Doctor Who theme.  But still it wakes me up.  Well after I hit snooze at least once.  I start to shuffle about and get my stuff together to head to Leesburg to swim at 5:30.  Once we arrived I check in on Foursquare with what proved to be a fatal status update. Vene_four
At 5:45 we gave up.  One swimmer headed to work early, two others headed to the local Y and the remainder of us headed back to our local pool.  Since this pool doesn't open to 7am I played with Twitter and some Angry Birds while waiting.  Oh and peeing in the bushes.  Once they opened the pool it was time to swim.  With new lanes lines.  A bit odd of a choice of colors but whatever.  They look like Christmas trees.  Red, green and black.  Must have been purchased at one of those post Holiday sales. IMG_20110615_065108
The Workout -

1x500 loosen (500)

1x200 kick with fins (200/700)

4x50 kick on 1:30 - with fins - easy/fast (200/900)

3x100 on 1:50 - catch-up/build (300/1200)

1x400 good pace (400/1600)

3(4x50) - 1st set on :50, 2nd on :55, 3rd on 1:00 - 30 sec between sets.  Each set faster (600/2200)

1x200 easy pull (200/24500)

I gotta admit I was a bit stiff this morning while swimming.  After last weekends swim meet I took two days off from swimming.  Monday I hit the gym for a very short leg and ab workout.  While Tuesday morning I woke up early and did arms/chest weights at the gym.  At the gym I was sore yesterday so I didn't kill myself with weights.  I guess the weekend of swimming took more of a toll on me that I would have thought.  Then today in the pool I was sore and stiff.  It was already warm outside this morning on top of a very warm pool.  Making for a tough go at it swimming.  On my 400 I came in at 4:50.  My 50's weren't all that earth shakingly fast.  The coach watched my last two rounds and corrected me after each 50.  Which was a good thing as I have a tendency to be all over the place when going fast.  So it was a long morning but a good morning. 

Oh, one more thing.  Last night I took a new class at the gym.  After weights in the morning I headed to the gym to take a Group Centergy Class.  What is it?'s Yoga for the ADD set.  Here is a trailer for the class.

I don't know if this will be a regular class for me but I'll do it from time to time to break my routine up.

Wednesday Morning Workout

Now I know the other day I said I wouldn't do any weight training this week but well I did.  Yesterday morning I hit the gym and did arms and chest on my own then took the 30 minute class for Arms & Abs.  I didn't go out to kill myself but to keep active.  I should of just taken the spinning class (i.e. Group Ride) instead.  I felt stiff this morning during warmup but that wore off as I swam. 
Last night the coach emailed me the morning workout -

1x500 loosen

4x75 kick with fins on 1:30

3x100 with fins s, k, p, b on 2:00

4x175 on 3:00 catch-up on the odd lengths

6x100 on 2:00 - long stroke the odd 100s - push the evens

1x200 easy pull

8x50 on 1:15 - easy/fast with fins


I swam it a bit differently and he changed the end due to time constants.

My 500 warm up was 200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull with Paddles.  Then we did the 4x75's and 3x100's.  I mixed up the 100's with one fly, one back and one free.  (1100)

The 4x175's I alternated fly and back but swimming them 25 stroke / 25 free / 25 stroke / 25 free / 25 stroke / 25 free / 25 stroke. I felt okay for the fly 175's trying to work on my hand entry.  I feel that when I breath in butterfly it's like I go to a standstill.  It's just so off that I feel like I stop for a bit to breath.  Not good! (700/1800)

6x100's. Hmm…I forgot how I swam these.  Oh yeah.  I pulled easy for the odds and sprinted free the evens.  I was doing 1:02/1:03. (600/2400)

I did a 150 easy pull. (150/2550)

We then only did 3x50's I think or was it 4x50's?  Oh crap!  I think three.  (200/2750)

I then did an easy 50  to round up to 2,800 yards and called it a day.  My hip started to bother me a bit when I was sprinting those 100's.  But I took a pee break and slipped on deck.  Which cause me to tweak my hip.  So I was feeling a bit off at the end.  Hopefully a bit of ice and I'll be okay today.

Monday Morning Taper Workout

This week is sort of a taper week.  Myself and some of my swim mates have signed up for a swim meet.  Now I signed up for multiple events but may only swim one.  That would be the 800 LCM Freestyle.  It's too early for me to make any predictions of projections of how I'll swim or what I'll swim.  I'm coming off having my hip bursitis inflamed and making me limp about.  For the most part it is under control but after swimming a hard or fast set I can feel a bit of pain.  So I'm up in the air on swimming.  With that said I've decided to taper anyways.  No running which I need to take time off from due to the inflammation.  No weight training till the meet.  Well I was thinking of doing abs today but we'll see.  And no spinning or other classes.  I'd love to do spinning tomorrow but I shouldn't.  So I gotta relax, eat right and stay hydrated.

This mornings swim workout was easy but meaningful.

Warmup mixed 500 then 200 kick (700)

Main Set -

2x300's on 5 Minutes (600/1300)  First one easy and under control.  I was breathing the odd lengths every 3 to get myself pivoting.  I did this one on 4 minutes.  The second one was a bit faster but trying to stay in control and not be splashing around like I sometimes do.  I think I did pretty okay but did a 3:40.  Not a great time but I was really trying to swim correct and not go all out.  I knew I was going right into the 50's so I didn't want to kill myself.

3 Rounds - 4x50's.  1st one was easy drill then descending the remaining 3.  The first round I did fly, the second round backstroke and the third round freestyle.  The back and free I did on 60.  The fly I did the first one on 60 then moved to 1:10 to be on the same sendoff as the rest of the swimmers.  They were doing some other set to about when I was doing my fly. (600/1900)

So 1,900 yards.  This whole workout was about me trying to keep my stroke under control but trying to go fast.  It'll be interesting to see which mode I'm in at the swim meet.  The controlled but fast or my usual splash all over mad dash style.

Feeling The Sunday Blahs!

Ahhh..Sunday.  The long workout.  I really needed a good long workout this morning to get the kinks out of me.  Here is what was e-mailed to me by the coach to swim this morning -

1x400 loosen

1x300 kick with fins- front, back, side - watch out for your hip (300/700)

3x100 on 2:00 - k, r, l, s (300/1000)

1x400 negative split on 6:00 (400/1400)

1x300 easy pull breathe every 3 on 4:30 (300/1700)

rest 1:00

3x200 descending on 3:00 - drop by 6-7 seconds per 200 (600/2300)

4x100 on 2:00 - kick/swim - 2 fly, 2 bk - with fins (400/2700)

loosen up

For the most part I stuck with the script.  I did get lazy in the 300 kick and just kicked with the board for the last 75.  I did negative split the 400 and came in around 5 minutes.  The 3x200's felt a bit slow but I did descend them.  I forgot what I did.  They weren't super fast but okay.

After this I was killing some time doing some pulling and kicking.  Since I was at the pool a bit too early I was done with the workout way too early. 

Pulling I did a 100 then 4x50's breath control.  I did at least a 200 kick.  I did another 100 drill.  So let's say another 500 yards.  Then we all were together for a 200 kick. (700*3400)

Main Set:
2x25 Breathing 5 and then 7
2x75 1st one was drill/kick/swim and 2n one easy free
3x100's on 3 minutes FAST but controlled.  I did fly, back and fly.  First fly was a 1:11 and second a 1:08
2x75's 1st all easy, 2nd middle 25 fast stroke
2x50's hmm…the last one was 25 sprint/25easy
2x25's sprint

(900/4300)  And that was it.  4,300 yard swim for today.  I was feeling a bit blah at the beginning and then sore and tired at the end.  None of the workout was goldilocks feeling just perfect.  Most of that is my fault over the last few days.  Lack of resting and eating habits.  I gotta remember how crappy I felt this morning and keep up with rest, food and staying hydrated.

Getting Past The Laziness - Self Motivation In Workouts

Wahoo Friday!  I can relax and recovery tomorrow.  Just need to get past one last swim.  That is how I felt this morning when I woke up.  I was so sore from yesterdays gym weight workout.  I did a bit of weight training on my own before going to the Group Power Class which is weight training. 

Warm Up

Mixed 450 then 200 kick followed by 2x100's Swim/Kick/Pull/Swim (1050)

Then we did 4x50's on 60 pace.  (200/1250)

Lucky for me I had the next part to myself.

600 Fast!  Well fast for me I guess is the key.  I came in right at 7 Minutes.  Which is a 1:10 pace.  I came in at 3:33 for the 300 so I was able to negative split the 600.  (600/1850)

Then 4x50's Pace on 60 keeping under a 35.  (200/2050)

Finished up with a very easy stretched out 100.  So 2,150 quality yards today.  I felt pretty good in the 600.  Got a bit lazy at times.  Which is something I've been fighting with during workouts the last few months.  On the swim days I don't have someone around my speed I have the tendency to give up and just coast.  I had a few short moments like that but tried to shake it off.  Also some of my turns were lazy.  Now I'm getting better and get my head around on the turns.  But by correcting one part of my turn I now go deeped with my feet position on the wall.  So now tweaking that a bit.  What can I say, I'm a work in progress.


We Need A Gator Watch Program At The Pool #damnducks

Every morning of late it seems the pool has at least one duck swimming along in the lanes pooping as it swims.  I'm beginning to think we need a gator around to keep the ducks away.  Just think how much faster we'd all swim having a gator chase us around? Wtjwr
Warm Up was a mixed 450 then 2x100's Kick and 2x100's kick/drill.  (850)

Main Set:

3 Rounds of 5x100's on 1:30 with 60 secs extra rest between rounds.  It might have been 30 seconds extra rest but hell I was the only one doing this set.  Which sorta sucks but whatever.  My first round I was coming in on 1:15.  The last 100 of the round my coach said I was flopping around and slapping the water.  I knew my last lap was like that since I was doing lazy bad turns and felt I had to pick it up.  My second round I was doing 1:10's.  I was trying to keep my stroke together but doing faster.  The third round I was doing about 1:07's finishing the last two a bit faster.  Each round was to be faster then the previous round.  (1500/2350)

150 easy pull. (150/2500)

I felt pretty good swimming.  Feel back in the swim of things after being injured.  It wasn't easy but I felt more confident today in the water.  This week at the gym I've beent trying a few new things and some old things.  Since the gym doesn't have any calf specific stations I've been improvising after watching Scott Herman's Raising Bulls video via youtube.

I also did two things from the May issue of Swimming World Magazine.  The first one was the Physio Ball Hip Rotation.  I so failed doing this.  Will have to try again. From the magazine "Lying down on a physio ball at the hips, roll the ball underneath your body by using your core and hips.  Alternate to the opposite side".  Then I also tried the easier Seated Medicine Ball Alternate Leg Kick.  Mind you it's not easy just easier then the other or maybe I just have no clue on the first one so just being able to do this made it easier.  How to do it "Sitting on a mat, raise one leg in a backstroke kicking motion and put a medicine ball through your alternate leg.  Alernate legs."  Note: I couldn't find links to the Swimming World Magazine website.

And that is about it.  Today going to the gym for a Group Power Class.  Then relax!

Swimming In Leesbugz

This morning we swam down in Leesburg at 5:30 so I had to up at an unholy time of 4:15.  I gotta admit that 4:15 is way too early to be up for anything.  Mind you I don't hafta leave to about 5:00 but it takes me a bit to get my act together and get going.  I need at least 30 minutes to wake up and out the door. 

Once at Leesburg it was nice to be on deck with the construction now done.  No more dodging large pieces of concrete piled all over.  Once in the pool it was time to swim with the bugz.  Being so close to the lake I guess attracts bugz.  Yuck! IMG_20110601_065413

Warm Up - 1x500 loosen / 3x100 kick with fins on 2:00 (800)

Then we continue on with - 6x50 on 1:00 drill/swim (300/1100)

Main Set -

1x350 on 5:00

4x75 on 1:15

1x200 on 3:20

4x50 on :50

4x100 on 1:40

I did a 350 while everyone else did either a 250 or 300.  The 4x75's I did freestyle as well.  Then the 200 I did IM.  The 50's I went back to freestyle.  Then the 100's I did them back, fly, back and fly again.  My fly was okay.  The second 100 of fly I was a bit tired.  Mostly overheated since the pool was sorta warm. (1450/2450)

Mixed easy 50 then took a quick pee break. (50/2500)

4x50's The first three I did 25 fly / 25 free building the fly then did the last 50 all fly fast on 1:15 (200/2700)

A decent workout.  We do get to swim a bit more at Leesburg so that is a good thing.  The cool new thing about the pool is the "poor mans pool chiller" system they hooked up while under construction.  Don't know the specifics but basically they've hooked up the water to be like a sprinker right into the backstroke flag poles.  They've yet to set a timer on it so we didn't get to the cooling action to the end of our swim.  I thought it was a pretty cook hookup. IMG_20110601_065357

Now with a swim meet just around the corner I'm looking at swim suits.  I don't think I want to spend or can afford to spend money for a new tech suit.  But was thinking of buying a regular speedo sytle suit for the meet.  Now I wear Splish suits to workout but they are a bit heavy to wear at a swim meet.  So I gotta start looking at suits.  Any suggestions for an inexpensive approved swim suit?

May Rearview Mirror In Swimming and Running

So running in May came to an quick end last week due to injury so I didn't make my goal of running more in May then I did in April.  I was close but close doesn't count! May_nike_plus
I ran 31.26 miles in May.  Well that is according to Nike+ I actually did run more as one of my runs didn't fully register.  So in a way I did beat my goal for the month but since I use Nike+ to monitor my goals I really didn't do my goal.  May_run
I guess I should just be glad that I was running at all.  I could just sleep in and eat bon bons in bed instead of running. May_dailymile
Even not being able to run for the last week I guess when you look at 2011 my runs were average.  Hell, I'm not training for a marathon or a half right now so who cares. May_nike
I am feeling better with my hip compared to last week but I'm not ready to go running yet.  I'm going to wait at least another week if not two.  My goal is to be running by June 13th.  That is my goal for the month.  Well the first running goal.  The second running goal is to have ran at least 10 miles for the month.  A small goal but a post injury goal.

As for swimming it's another story.  For the month of May I swam 47,950 yards.  Not too bad.  Even taking four days off I think that is a decent amount of swimming.  Guess I'll know after my next swim meet.  Which is coming up. 

Past Months To Compare -

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

So far for 2011 I've swum 239,075 yards.

December I swam 22,050 yards.

November I swam 34,375 yards

October I swam 2,700 yards.

September I swam zip, nada, nothing

August I swam 25,000 SCY

July I swam 49,900 SCY

June I swam 43,650 SCY and 4,000 LCM

May I swam 55,000 SCY

April I swam 46,050 SCY

February I swam 53,250 SCY

January I swam 46,750 SCY

One Last May Swim.

Goodbye May!  I can't believe another month has come and gone.  It'll be winter before I even get use to summer at this rate.  But I ramble...

So another morning in the water.  My hip is feeling better each day.  Just gotta let it heal and not kill myself while I wait for it.  I took this mornings workout a bit easy as it's going to be a long day.  Working the closing shift tonight and tomorrow swimming in Leesburg at 5:30am.  So who needs to be wiped out before I need to be.  I'll just go to bed early tomorrow. 

Warmed up a 450 then a 200 kick.  Now kicking felt a lot better then it has been.  I actually used my fins for the whole kick set.  I just did small easy kicks.  So warm up was a 650.

Main Set:

6x125's on ???.  Yeah I don't remember.  I couldn't see the clock anyways.  I just went on the coaches send off.  I did the first four as IM sorta with a 50 fly, 50 back and a 25 breast.  I did one all backstroke and finished the last one all butterfly.  I felt okay but the last 50 of the butterfly.  (750/1400)

4x50's sprint on 1:30 (200/1600).  I did them fly, fly, back and fly.  I was slowly gaining some speed in the 50's.  Had a few really bad turns.  Damn summer folks wearing globs of sunscreen in the pool made me hand slip down the wall.  I know you are not supose to grab the wall in the fly turn but I do.  Or at least in one 50 tried to do as my hand slipped down the wall on a film of sunscreen.  People, let the sunscreen dry before entering the pool!  Better yet try Mission Sun Defeated Sunscreen!

Anyways...workout was a bit sluggish but my hip feels better.  It really didn't bother me at all till the sprint 50's.  Don't know if it was the butterfly or me pushing off the walls with more leg power then the rest of the workout.  Either way something to think about tomorrow when swimming.

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