Fighting The Voices In My Head Workouts

Yesterday after the 12pm Group Power Class I headed out for a short run.  Nothing too long.  Just a chance to be outside for a bit. 1214runI didn't really have a route planned so I sorta winged it.  Not always a good idea for running.  I ran over the street bridge and headed to the older section which I've never been before.  I wasn't really in the mood to run and felt like crap while running.  But I really need to cross train more with running. 

This morning it was back in the pool time...

I sooo took my time jumping in the pool today.  Talk about unmotivated.  My warm up was a lazy stroll down the pool for 400 yards then 3x100's kick (1 fly / 1 back /1 breast) (700 warmup)

Main Set:
4 Rounds -
100 Catch Up Freestyle on 1:40
3x50's Switches on 55 (Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free)
150 on 2:30 (50 Breast, 50 Back, 50 Fly)

Why so much breaststroke?  I hate breaststroke!  I screwed up the intervals more then once.  During the 2nd round when the coach was talking to me.  Then the last round cuz' math is hard!  (1600/2300)  Towards the end I was really hating on breaststroke.  Kept thinking I should cheat during the damn horrible stroke.  The whole workout I was having negative thoughts.  Really wasn't a good workout for me this morning but I did fight the voices in my head and finished the set just the same.

Warmed down a 100 25 finger tip / 25 pull.  (100/2400)

So 2,400 yards for the morning.

Me & My Rubber Arms!

Me & My Rubber Arms!  I don't really understand why my arms felt like they just weren't engaged today.  I swam this very same workout sometime in the last month and was a bit faster.  I did have someone swimming the set with me to push me last time but still I shouldn't have felt so blah!

Warm Up
450 Mixed / 3x100's Kick on 2:10 (750)

Main Set
300 Pull
The interval was on a 1:30 base (1:30/3/4:30.)  That gave me almost too much rest.  But I was having a hard time breathing this morning so it was sorta okay that I got extra rest.  The second half of the set was to be swum faster then the first half which I was able to do.  The first half I was doing 1:20's.  Actually I was dead on 1:20's so 1:20, 2:40 and 4 minutes.  The pulling 300 was a tad faster at about 3:57.  Then I started to go a bit faster with a 3:45 then a 2:30 and finishing up with a 1:07.  (1500/2250)

After I just did an lazy 50 to round off the workout and got out.  (50/2300)  I haven't been very consistent in swimming the last 2 weeks and that has got to change.  I really need to hunker down and get swimming fast workouts with distance free and some stroke work. 

Later today it's Group Power at noon and then either a run or Group Kick after that.   Tomorrow I"ll be back in the pool in the morning.

12 of 12 December 2012 - Fuel Me Up Buttercup

I can't believe it's over!  From the Untitled Chad Darnell Project "12 of 12 (Year 6): December 2011.  THIS IS IT!!  The final 12 of 12!"  Now I haven't posted for 6 years or every month but it's a fun little project.  It's a great way to tell one's story via pictures and a few simple words.  An even if Chad won't be doing 12 of 12 I think from time to time when I have something interesting happening on the 12th of every month I might haft do a post.  Mostly cuz' it really is a great easy way to tell a story.   I guess with Twitter and Instagram we all do it all the time 24/7.  But I've always enjoyed being in this little community that Chad cultivated.  Well here are my FINAL 12 of 12...

1 of 12:  The Meeting, Yawn. IMG_20111212_0654317am staff meeting.  Now if you know me you know that I have a modified version of Tourette Syndrome that only occurs at hours before 8am.  So in order to be able to attend a meeting at 7am I must workout before hand.  It takes me about 2 hours before the censor in my brain turns off the part of my brain that likes to swear like a trucker.  So I woke up at 4:30am in order to get my gear together to hit the gym for the 5:45am Group Power Class.  "Group Power® is your hour of power! This 60 minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Discover results, discover Group Power!"  Anyways!  I guess since I normally don't go at 5:45am I didn't know everyone had a specific spot that is theirs and is not to be taken.  I was grumpy so when someone asked who's stuff this is I snapped back that it was mine and walked away.  Next time I mark my territory. I wish we did the release that had this song in it for chest...

2 of 12:  Eggs Are Yummy! IMG_20111212_085723
After a 45 minute meeting it was time to go home and really refuel.  It looks gross but I'm too lazy to make an omelette.  So I just use three eggs and sorta scramble them then add chese.  Since I had leftover pepperoni I added that in also.

3 or 12:  Locals Do Gooder! IMG_20111212_085743GO TEAM!  Some of my local swim mates did damn good this week at the state senior games.  I think they do the 55+ Senior Games like 12 times a year but whatever.  Good for them.  Gotta love Ellen who is 86 and still swimming.  Hell she was in the 5:45am Group Power Class with me!  Amazing F'in Balls These Retired Folks Got!

4 of 12: More Fuel For The Fire! IMG_20111212_104626
I took a bit of a break after breakfast then I refueled to go swimming.  Espresso Love!  Mmm....well not as good as Chocolate Outrage which tastes like chocolate cake frosting.  I live on Gu Energy.  I ate one before Group Power also.  Well that and a generic Stay Awake pill.  Right now my drink of choice or drink that's on sale is Powerade Zero.  For sports drinks I've yet to have one win me over like Gu has become the fuel to my fire!

5 of 12:  I Think We Are Alone Now! IMG_20111212_105944
Odd, we had a whole conversation about Tiffany today.  Well Tiffany and Debbie Gibson in the worst but must see movie "Mega Phyton Versus Gatoroid".

Wahoo!  The Whole Pool To Myself! 

1x500 loosen

1x200 kick with fins (200/700)

And now I don't have the pool to myself!  Damn!  Okay so with 7 open lanes which lane do you think the old man is going to pick.  Oh yeah, why don't you swim one lane over from me. 

3x100 with fins on 1:40 - swim, kick, pull, build (300/1000)

Well I did 2 on 1:40 before the man decided he'd start to ask me questions.  After taking an extra 15 seconds I just took off while he was asking yet another question.

6x50 on :50 focus on distance per stroke (300/1300)

I was doing my best to give him one word answers in between my rest but damn he was getting on my nerves.

2x300's on 4:20.  I came in on the 3:50 for both of them.  I had more of a set planned but I was just not feeling it today.  Swimming alone sucks.  I need motivation from teammates. (600/1900)

100 Warmdown (100/2000)

So 2,000 yards.  Not too bad but not great.  At least I swam.

6 of 12:  The Holiday Speedo Spirit! IMG_20111212_121544
Do I see Santa on my Speedos?  And Snowflakes?  Oh and Rudolph?  Yes!  My swim bag has all my Christmas Spirit.  All from Splish Swimwear!

7 of 12:  Gu Me Again!IMG_20111212_122702After swim it was home to shower, shave and change back into gym go-er.  But first a turkey sandwhich on rye with cheese and chocolate mint gu.  No caffeine.  Figured I was all set.  Now back to the gym for 1:15 Group Kick or Kickboxing.  What 2 classes in one day?  I know a bit much.  In fact a year ago the only classes I really ever liked were Spinning.  I've taken other classes from Bootcamp to Dance With Me.  But I never really gave them a chance.  Now I'm class addicted.  I am so more into classes then working out alone.  I'm more motivated and I'm seeing a difference in my body!

8 of 12:  Meatloaf!  IMG_20111212_142331
So about 2:15 or so I zapped some leftover meatloaf in the nuclear oven range.  I know meatloaf is gross and I didn't make my turkey loaf.  But it's red meat with eggs so protein.  I also didn't use a healthier filler so year bad bad breadcrumbs are in this. I gotta make my turkey with garbanzo beans loaf sometime soon.

9 of 12:  So many choices... IMG_20111212_202200
So it's after 8pm and it's been a long long day.  So we got in Group Power, Swimming, Group Kick oh and one more.  I dropped in for 30 minutes in "Sit & Be Fit" at the gym.  What?  It's a "A seated total body conditioning program."  I did it with a bit heavier weights then others and it was fun actually.  One guy in the class just celebrated his 86th Birthday.  Cheers!

10 of 12:  Tis The Season 2B Tacky! IMG_20111212_205042Christmas Decorating is a sport around here.  People go crazy.  I guess when you retire you have nothing better to do then play golf and decorate.  So this is just one cul de sac near me.  Mind you I helped out with my cul de sac and I refuse to show how tacky I can be!  Cuz' it's horrible with a giant penguin and snowman!

11 of 12:  Wait I Only Got 10! FitoI've been using Fitocrcy to keep track of my workouts.  It's sorta like Foursquare meets a workout journal.  The jury is still out if I like it or not.  It needs some work. 

12 of 12:  Oh Hail Chad! 6a00d8341cb36153ef0162fbdfc098970d-150wiThanks Chad for creating and curating 12 of 12 for over 6 years!  That and listening to me ramble on drunk at least one time that I remember. 

See more of my past 12 of 12's by clicking HERE!

Nice n' Easy Sunday Swim

Well finally a chance to sleep in a bit!  Friday I had to be up way before the crack of dawn for work and then yesterday I woke up to hit the gym.  First took the 8:15 Group Step (Step Aerobics) then the 9:30 Group Ride (Spinning.)  So this morning I slept in to past 8:30am.  Slowly I got my act together with some food and then relaxed before hitting the pool around 10:45am.  At the pool I pretty much took it easy.  I was all by myself without any other swimmer or noodler.  So I did my own nice n' easy swim -


200 Swim

200 Kick

100 Pull w/o Paddles

200 Pull w/ Paddles (700)

Then 6x50's fly kick on back on 55 (300/1000)

6x50's on 60 Switches (Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free) (300/1300)

6x50's on 60 (2 rounds of each Fly/Back/Breast) (300/1600)

Then I debated what to do next.  I wrote down that I'd do a 400 IM.  But wasn't in the mood.  Pretty much didn't decide what I was doing until I was doing it.  So what I actually did...

3x100's Butterfly on 2 minutes.  I came in on the 1:15 for all three.  (300/1900)

Then I warmed down a 100 for an even 2,000 yard workout.  Tomorrow I have an early morning meeting so no swimming.  Hopefully starting on Tuesday I'll swim every day during the weekdays.  Well, that is my goal. 

Masters Motivational Times & Getting Motivated

Way way back in 2009 on the US Masters Swimming Discussion Forums a member posts "Masters Motivational Times" which included pdf charts of times to motivate swimmers.  Here is the post... PostI found this old post cuz' I've been feeling unmotivational in my swimming.  I haven't been swimming as fast as I like or as I use to just a few years ago.  But after re-reading this post and looking at his charts I don't feel so bad.  At least I'm motivated now to get better but not at the point of throwing my arms up in the air in disgust and leaving the pool.  Here are the charts for my age group... GoaltimesThen compared to my LCM times... Lcmtimes
So maybe I am getting slower.  But it looks like maybe every one is!  Or at least that is what I'm hoping for.  I'm looking at my times as the year runs down and I start thinking of 2012 Goals.  Hopefully this chart will give me guidance next year.  Or at least not drive me away in disgust if I continue to slow up in the water.

It's Too Damn Cold!

Wake me up in March!  39F and F as in Fucking Cold!  It's too cold to be swimming outside even in a heated pool.  I just couldn't hack it and gave up swimming today.

Warm Up
200 Swim / 200 Pull / 200 Kick / 4x50's Swim on Minute (800)

The workout was to be a 500/400/300/200/100 each getting faster by 100. 

So I did the 500 and was super slow.  Not a descend at all.  I came in on 6:55!  Left on the 8 minutes.  Then as I was swimming the 400 I realized I was just not in the mood.  That and I was struggling.  At the 300 mark I was at 4:05.  I called it quits.  (800/1600)  It's just too damn cold out!

At least I got some cross training in yesterday!  Hit the gym for the 12pm Group Power Class and got talked into staying for the 1:15 Group Kick Class.  My tee shirt was soaked after 2 hours of working out.  But yet I still went outside for a quick run.  2.28 miles. VillagerunBy the end of the run the cold front had arrived.  The last .28 miles it started to rain.  By the time I got back inside the gym it was raining pretty good.  It didn't last long but the temperature dropped radically.  I think by 20 degrees in just an hour. 

I don't think I'll be running today.  Actually can't decide what I want to do.  Group Ride (Spinning) or just do something else on my own?  Don't think I'm in the mood for Ride.  Need something less leg intensive.

The Goggle Monster Strikes Back

Ahhh…swimming again.  After a few days off it was nice to be back in the pool.  Of course it was even better that it was a super duper easy workout.  Since everyone is tapering for a Senior Swim Meet no one was at the pool at 7am.  Well with me included only three of us showed up.  Since they are tapering I get the best of both worlds for this swim meet.  I'm not 55+ so I'm not competing but yet I get the taper.  Well I sorta will have the taper.  Since I haven't been in the pool since last Friday I got an easy workout.  I swam along side of the tapering swimmers.  I'm sure tomorrow I'll have a different and much harder workout.

Warm Up
Mixed 550 then a 200 Kick (750)

3x100's on 2:10 Swim/Kick/Pull/Build by 25 (300/1050)

2x100's First one pace and second one a bit faster.  The other swimmer was to swim the second 100 on what they wanted to go out on their first 100 in the 500.  I just sorta swam it not to fast but with some effort.  (200/1250)

3x100's Pulling breathing every 3 on 1:30 (they were doing im/switches 50's)  (300/1550)

Then I did 3x100's Kick with fins on 2:.. (300/1850)
Then an easy 50 and got out.  (50/1900)

It was a nice workout just to get back in the water.  I plan on swimming tomorrow but then won't swim to Sunday.  Hopefully I'll be more consistent after that.  Now the sad part of the story is that I'm on reserve goggles.  The other week I lost my favorite pair of Swede Goggles!  So I was using my second favorite pair of goggles from Ministry of Swimming.  But then the band broke on Friday when swimming.  On Friday I borrowed a pair of goggles from another swimmer.  Then today I brought my reserve collection of goggles.  None of them are bad but I just didn't like them.  First I had to play during warm up to get them feeling right.  Then just the tint of color seemed just off to me.  Goggles are like Godilocks and the beds…they just gotta hit that sweet spot.  But I do wanna know where my Swede's are?  Did the Goggle Monster take them?  Oh well, I guess it's time to buy new goggles. 

Swimming In An Ice Cube Tray

On any other day of the year today would have been a great day to be in the pool.  The reasoning…the pool heater was broken!  Yeah!  The pool temp was 76/77F.  Just a smudge below the perfect temp of 78.  The only thing is that it's about 46F outside right now.  So the cold air makes the pool seem cooler.  Hard to warm up the muscles and get moving at these combined temps.  Too bad cuz' I was really ready to swim.

Warm Up
Mixed 400 / 200 Kick (600)

300 IM easy does it (300/900)

5x100's Back on 2:15 (Drill/Pace/Sprint/Pace) (500/1400)

And that was it.  Everyone got out.  The combo was of temps was too much.  It's a shame.  Now getting out of the water was painful.  My hands and feet are still numb.  Hopefully I'll warm up before hitting the gym this afternoon.

November's Rearview Mirror - Swimming

In November I swam 51,550 yards. Fitocracy

Past Months To Compare -

In October I swam 37,550

In September I swam 41,150

In August I swam 42,900 yards.

In July I swam 29,550 yards.

June I swam 42,000 yards

May I swam 47,950 yards.

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

In 2011 I've swum 430,775 yards.

Swimming Alone - The Physical, Mathematical and Mentally Tough Workout

Today I had some choices in the workout.  Either way the last part of the workout was going to be tough.  Well more mentally tough then physically tough.  But with the mental side influencing the physical side.  More on that in a bit…

Warm Up
Mixed 450 then a 200 kick.  (650)

I was on my own for the rest of the workout.  Which isn't so bad.  But later in plays in with the mentally tough part.  Never mind the mathematical toughness of the workout.

6x50's on 55.  2 - Drill/Swim w/fins, 2 - Drill/Swim w/o fins and 2 just swimming  (300/950)

Then the physical, mathematical and mentally tough part of the workout begins with…

800 Swim.  Starting at a 1:25 pace finishing up at a 1:10.  So descending each 100.  So the 1st 400 I was doing an open turn at each 100 mark to get my math under control for splits.  I came in at the 400 mark at about 5:25 but waited 5 seconds to leave on the 30.  I finished the 2nd 400 just under 5 minutes.  I didn't get every 100 pace due to mathematically issues in my head.  Swimming an 800 on my own isn't so bad.  I can sorta get it in my head and stick it out.  The next part of the workout becomes more of the mental toughness. (800/1750)

Rested about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

8x100's Descending on 2 minutes.  Starting at 1:10 for the descends.  Well I was like a 08, 07, 07, 06, 07…pretty much going back and forth between 6's and 7's.  My last one I had nothing left and was like a high 07.  I just didn't have the mental toughness to get going.  No one to race against.  The coach was gone and all the swimmers.  Even the noodlers had left.  With air temp in the 40's no one wanted to stay in the pool.  OH well at least I held steady and didn't tank the whole set.  (800/2550)

I then just did a 50 and got out.  So 2,600 yards.  I got a busy personal schedule the next few days so don't know how much of anything I'll be doing.  I'd like to swim tomorrow and Friday morning but tomorrow really is up in the air.  I'm on a break from the gym till Friday when I'll take Group Power.  A few days rest and recovery to deal with other stuff will be good for me.  I might be able to squeeze out a run in the next two days.

As for my choices in the today's swim.  Instead of 8x100's Free I could have done 8x100's alternating IM and Free on 1:40 descending just the free 100's.  I didn't feel up to that challenge.  Although it may have been easier looking back now.