Meh. At Least It Didn't Rain.

Another at least I got in a swim this morning before the big storm.  It's going to rain today with possible chances of tornado warnings so I didn't know if swimming was going to happen or not.  Last night the weather folks had predicted that it would be raining this morning.  So I set my alarm thinking that I'd just turn it off and go to bed.  But it didn't rain so I slowly woke up and hit the pool.

450 Warm Up then a 200 kick. (650)

3x250's IM (and extra 50 back) on 4:20 (750/1400)

6x75's Pulling w/ paddles (450/1850)

And that was it.  My legs were sore from yesterdays running and spinning.  Oy!  It was a pretty crappy swim.  Oh well.  Hopefully I'll get a swim in tomorrow if the storm lets me. 

As I Get Slower and Slower Workout

Oy!  Well no swim meet for me this weekend.  Anyways after taking a day off to just sit on the couch and watch Charlies Angels, Prime Suspect, L&O SVU and The Rosie show it was time to get going and work out.  So I set my alarm last night to wake me up at 6am.  But forgot to plug in my phone for the alarm, doh.  Luckily I was having a horrible night for sleeping and was tossing and turning all night long.  Woke up automatically without the clock.  About 6:35ish I headed to the pool for a quick swim. 

I made the workout up as I went.

Warm Up

200 Swim / 200 Kick / 200 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles (800)

4x50's on Free on 45

I had in the back of my mind that those 4x50's were to get myself into gear for a longer swim but instead they left me feeling defeated and a slow poke.  So I switched it up to some IM. (200/1000)

8x50's Kick/Swim.  Fly/Back/Breast/Free/Free/Breast/Back/Fly (400/1400)

I really thought I could kick the cobwebs out of my body and mind and get going but that didn't happen.

Umm...I did something here.  Some stroke 50's I think?  Shit!  What did I do?  I think 4x50's one of each stroke.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  (200/1600)

I then did 8x50's Pulling on 60.  Breathing by 50 every 3/4/5/7 and repeat.  (400/2000)

Then I decided to swim 4x50's on 50 then 4x50's on 40.  (400/2400)

I wanted to see how I held up on 40.  Since I've been swimming on very slow intervals I really wanted to see how I could hold up.  I was coming in on 34's.  Not great at all.  By the third one I had it in my head that I need to get to my old intervals.  That right now I gotta make that my goal.  This going slow and slower shit hasta' stop.  Hopefully I can keep that in my mind and push myself on those mornings when I don't want to.  As for the rest of the day I'm going to eat, change and head to the 11am Group Kick (kickboxing) class.  No swimming tomorrow since I'm working a morning shift.  Grrr...

A Water Temp I Can Swim In.

That hurt a bit too much.  Rut oh!  I woke up a bit on the late side but headed out to go swimming just the same.  Luckily I got to the pool just in time to be let in and swim.  I was sore and stiff before getting in the water and was hoping that a stretched out Friday swim would work the kinks out. 

The water temp was a nice 81F which I know won't last.  The heaters will be kicking in soon enough and the temps will be back into the mid-80's.  Grrr...gotta enjoy the water while the good temps are here. 

Warm Up

450 Mixed / 200 Kick (650)

Main Set:

400 Free.  Negative Split.

4x100's Free on 1:45 Descend.

For my 400 I was a bit sluggish starting out and ended up swimming it in 5:10ish.  I don't remember my splits but I remember looking at the black hand and not the red hand at my 200.  Grrr....Then on the 6 minute mark went into my 100's.  I did a 1:14, 1:12, 1:09 and a 1:05.  I felt a bit better then the other day.  With that said my right shoulder and arm are just not feeling right.  Sore and stiff. (800/1450)

Did 2x50's easy free then 4x50's kick/swim and did them backstroke. (300/1750)

Since my last swim I've been to the gym.  On Wednesday I did chest and arms.  Pretty much stuck to my regular circuit routine.  Started with 10 minutes of Group Kick.  I got out of the class since it was packed and I didn't like were I was in the room.  Since the class is new at the gym the classes are full but people will drop out in a few weeks.  Then I'll pick up Group Kick again.  Then on Thursday I did my leg workout routine and then sat in Group Ride for 20 minutes.  I couldn't stay the whole time since I had to work.  But got some leg work in.

This weekend I am entered in a swim meet but don't know how much or if I'll actually swim in it.  I'm not feeling really confident about my swimming and well I'm the only one I know going to this meet.  I really don't want to be on my own at a meet.   It makes it so boring and I'll be beating myself up mentally the whole time.  Oh well I guess I have all day to think about it.

A Bit of Fly Mixed In This Morning.

Sorta a boring post for my morning workout.

Mixed 500 then a 150 kick for a 650 warm up.

Rinspeed-r69leadMain Set:

4x50's on 55 1 of each stroke

400 IM on 6:20 (i think.  I can't remember as I was thinking about swimming a 400 IM)

4x100's on 1:40.  I did 3xIM's and the last one fly.

4x50's on 50.  I did these free.

No extra rest in between.  (1200/1850)  I stuggled at first but was okay by the 400.  The whole workout was just okay.  I wasn't blazing fast but didn't feel horrible.  It is what it is or I guess what it was.  I did realize my wall transitions are really bad.  Got lots and lots to work on in my strokes.  I really worked the 400 IM figuring it was a good endurance set. 

Yesterday at the gym I took two back to back classes last night.  The first one was Group Power and then Group Kick.  I am really enjoying Group Kick the more I take it.  I didn't think I'd like it when I first heard about it but the more I take it the more I like it.  It's a lot tougher then I expected which is a good thing.  It might be just some of the yelling ya get to do in class.  

image via autoblog "eBay Find of the Day: Rinspeed Porsche 911 R69 is spectacularly Eighties"

Not So Much Into The Swim of Things

It was a back to basics morning swim workout for me this morning and boy did I need it.  I feel like my swimming has been hit or miss. I know I'm not swimming on my older faster intervals and my workouts are a lot shorter so I shouldn't be having really awful days.  I should just be muddling along.  But today just wasn't a muddle day it was a horrible day.  Last night I was beat so I went to bed early but even with a good nights sleep I woke up just not feeling it.  Yesterday was a crazy day with me taking Group Power at 5:45 then working the morning shift that was a bit crazy then I took back to back Group Kick and Group Grove.  My legs!  Well at least it should have been my legs but it was my shoulders and latts feeling super stiff.

Warm Up

Mixed 400 then 200 kick. (600)

Main Set:
2x50's on 45

100 on 1:30

200 on 3:00

300 on 4:30

300 on 4:30

200 on 3:00

100 on 1:30

2x50's on 45.

The second half was to be swum faster then the first part.  Now that was easy cuz' I was so slow at first.  The first part was more of a warm up.  I did a 1:25, 2:40, 4:00 then a 3:35, 2:25 and a 1:09.  The 50's were to warm up and then stretch out so I wasn't worried about my times.  I wanted to be under 1:15's or the first half and 1:10's for the second half.  But that so didn't happen. (1400/2000)  I was also swimming this set on my own so I had to rely on myself to push me which didn't work so well at first.  I wanted to stop and restart the start since I was feeling so stiff.

8x50's easy on 1:15 Free/Fly by 25 for 4 then Free/Back (400/2400)

Then I did a few 1/2 lappers doing a fly drill with the coach.  Then warmed down a 100 unhooking the lanes for the staff.  (100/2500)  So 2,500 horrible yards.  Hopefully I'll be back to the swim of things tomorrow.

Rainy Sunday.'s Sunday.  After Friday morning swim I did go to the Group Power Class on Friday at noon and that was it.  Then on Saturday I slept in but did make it to the 9:30am Group Ride (Spinning Class.)  A few gym folks said they were going to do the 8:15 and the 9:30 classes but that didn't happen.  Since I'm working this weekend that is all I could do.  I did get to the pool this morning for a short 35 minute swim.

I started to head to the pool but then remembered I would be on my own so I needed a battery for the clock so I turned around and had to restart my morning.  Luckily I was still early and got to the pool just in time for the opening.  Also the rain stopped once I got in the pool.

Warm Up -

200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Kick (500)

10x50's Pulling w/ Paddles breathing every 3 (500/1000) on 55

10x50's Swim on 45 (500/1500)

I was debating on what to do next.  Was going to swim a 500 pace.  But I so wasn't motivated.  So I started another set but stopped after doing 2x100's.  So only a 1,700 yard workout. 

I'm going to try to get some weight training and/or some treadmill work in later today.  Tomorrow I gotta work at 7:30am so no swimming.  But it'll be a fun work thing that will include some working out.  Don't know how it'll all shape up but it'll be fun if it's not raining!

Group Swimming By Myself

One day off and the wheels fell off.  That is how I felt this morning after taking yesterday off from swimming.  Not that it was a choice as I had a meeting at 7:30am.  I wasn't a slacker yesterday I just didn't swim.  I actually went to the 5:45am Spinning (Group Ride) Untitled Class then some lunges on the smith machine after.  Then I took a nap and headed back to the gym.  Now I sorta have started to run a bit again.  Now I got new sneakers but still just breaking them in.  I ran .88 miles on Wednesday with them but got blisters.  So I was back to my older sneakers yesterday when I ran on the treadmill for a bit while watching my soap.  I'm going to try to warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes so at least I'm getting some running in.  Plus I keep promising myself to get up a bit earlier and go running before swimming.  On my second trip to the gym I did run as you can see 3.28 miles.  I then did 10x10's on box jumps on 60.  Then did 10 rounds of wall chairs or whatever they are called.  And that was it.  So leg day.  I have a swim meet next weekend so going to do a slight taper next week. 

As for today's sluggish swim...

Mixed 500 warm up then 4x50's kick with fins.  Ouchie!  Did I mention I have blisters from my new sneakers?  Also while running yesterday I realized I need to trim my toe nails.  Felt that this morning while kicking.  (700)

Main Set:

4x200's Free Descending on 3 minutes.  Easy interval.  I did a 2:34, 2:27, 2:24 and a 2:15 I think.  Doh, can't remember.  I think it was a 2:15.  I so can't really remember all the intervals.  Damn me! (800/1500)

Short Rest

6x100's on 1:40.  Fist/Catchup/Pace/Sprint by 25.  (600/2100)

Short Rest

6x50's on 60 Pulling W/ Paddles going fast.  (300/2400)

Felt okay during that set.  Struggled at first.  I was alone doing the set which sometimes hurts me.  Not physically but more mentally since I dont' have someone to push me.  My mind starts to wander to other places.  Which isn't good.  Now the 100's were to be swum w/fins but after my 1st one I took them off.  Later I just warmed down a 150 so 2,550 yard swim.

I'll be back at the gym for the last day of the release of Group Power before it changes on Monday.  I may also practice with one of the Group X instructors the new release of Group Active.  Got to remember to text her and see if she still wants to do it.  Tomorrow I'll swim a short workout and the same for Sunday.  Working this weekend so going to squeeze it in before work.  I also want to take a Group Ride Class tomorrow before work so it'll be a touch squeeze.

In Butterfly It's Not Jazz Hands, It's Soft Hands!

Brrr...another brisk morning but at least the water was warm.  Actually that isn't a good thing.  I'd like the pool to be cooler but whatever.  This morning it was a hike down to Leesburg to swim at 5:30am.  The covers were on the pool so it kept it warm but way down from just a few weeks ago.

The Workout:

1x500 loosen.  Okay I only did a 450.  I mixed it up with some stroke work in between pulling, drilling and swimming.

3x100 kick on 2:10 with fins.   Did mostly fly with some back kick.  (300/750)

6x50 drill/swim on 1:00.  I did odds free and evens stroke.  (300/1050)

4(150 breathing 5, 4, 3 by 50 on 2:40, 75 pks on 1:40, 25 sprint on :40).  The 150's I did freestyle pulling without paddles then I did the 75/25 fly/fly/back/fly by round.  My first round fly sucked.  My second round was a bit better but fucked up my finish.  I just wasn't paying attention and started my last stroke just as I was about to crash into the wall.  Guess I was sleep swimming.  The last one fly was okay.  I really was thinking about soft hand entry and all that other stuff.  (1000/2050) My obsession with my soft hands is all Go Swim's fault with last weeks video update "Butterfly - Soft Hands" via youtube

6x75 pull with paddles and pull buoys breathe every 3 on 1:20.  Nice and easy.  All that shoulder action during Group Power yesterday started to take it's toll.  Took off the paddle's on the last 75. (400/2450)

25s with insightful commentary.  Meh...did 2 butterfly drilling.  (50/2500)

An okay workout.  Today will hit the gym.  Can't decide on weights or a class. 

Are You Ready For Some...Swimming

57F Air Temp / 82.5F Water Temp.  Winter has arrived!  And with that comes out the swim parka!  Yeah, if it gets below 60F I bundle up.  You may think that is a bit odd that 57F is nothing.  For me I like my air temp warm and my water temp cool.  Now 82.5F is the warmest a pool should ever be and in fact use to think it was too hot.  But a year in heated non-chilled pools I'm okay with 82.5F.  As for the workout itself it wasn't 414863877 much and I was sluggish.  I took Monday off as a recovery day from everything so my body needed to reboot. 

Warm Up

Mixed 450 then 200 Kick.  (650)

I then had a 350 free swimming.  I was sluggish.  I tried to descend by 100's but it wasn't by much.  Was struggling.  (350/1000)

6x50's on 60 2 Fly/2 Back/2 Breast then 1 Spint 50 Fly/Back (300/1300)

4x50's on 1:10 Breast then 1 Sprint 50 Breast/Free (200/1500)

Then I just killed some time with some easy pulling.  By 50 I was doing breath control 3/4, 5/6, 7/2, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 (300/1800)

Then another 100 I think doing 25's taking out lane lines.  (100/1900)  We took the lane lines out even though it was below 60F and the aqua fit folks don't officially have class if it's under 60F.  That and the fact that only 6 noodlers were around but yet needed the whole pool.  They'll be gone soon enough as it's colder every morning. 

I'll be back in the gym today, swim and gym tomorrow, only gym on Thursday and back in the water on Friday.  Have a 7am meeting on Thursday so no swimming.  Grrr! 

Body Rejects Salt Water! STAT, Chlorine Infusion Needed!

My body was rejecting salt water. had a quick 30 minute chlorine infusion. Feel much better now.  Well sorta better!  I really don't get why anyone would prefer swimming in a non-swimming pool swimming event.  Open water is nasty!  Last night I was so feeling ill.  My nasal passages were feeling horrible as I got some salt water in my nose yesterday.  I gotta admit my nasal passages are still not normal.  Not to be gross but I got salt water phlegm still. 

I came home last night, ate dinner and took a nap.  I then woke from my nap and went to bed.  This morning I woke up and went right to the pool.  Since I gotta work today I only did a 30 minutes swim.  Just to get the horrible salt water out of my system.

Did a mixed 500 swim and pull.

4x50's Kick on 1:05 (200/700)

4x50's Free drill 25/swim 25 on 1:05 (200/900)

4x50's on 1:05 Fly/Back by 25 (200/1100)

Then an easy 100.  (100/1200)

Not a big deal of a swim but a swim just to swim.  On top of the salt water issues it's fucking freezing outside.  A cold front has hit and it was 50F this morning outside.  I so made the mistake of only wearing shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops.  I guess I'll haft find my swim parka later today.  I hate winter almost as much as I hate salt water.