Rearview Mirror: September In The Water

It's over!  Another month closes on swimming.  In September I swam a total of 41,150 yards. I didn't have any big goals for the month.  Just thinking that I have the open water swim and then in two weeks a Masters meet. 6a00d8341c6c5753ef015434f32739970c-500wi  I did sandbag my entries a tiny bit.  Not too much.  But gave my self some cushion for my new slower self. 

Past Months To Compare -

In August I swam 42,900 yards.

In July I swam 29,550 yards.

June I swam 42,000 yards

May I swam 47,950 yards.

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

In 2011 I've swum 341,675 yards.

So it's been a good month for swimming but not so much for running.  I ran twice in the whole month.  I didn't even run a total of 3 miles for the month.  Ick!  So so bad!  I got to get back to running.  Cooler weather is coming so it'll only get better.  Until it gets too cold!  I hate climate!  I am so use to Los Angeles weather.  Those few short weeks of "winter" was perfect for running outside.  Oh well it is what it is.  I should sign up for next weeks 5K since that will force me to run!  I should talk someone at the gym about starting a running club.  That way I'd have some folks to run with.  Once again back in LA at least I always had the Thursday night Nike Run Club to keep me running.  Even if I only ran once a week I was running. 

Last Chance Swim.

Last Chance Workout!  Well it is the last swim before I become shark bait.  It's also the last day of September.  Another month gone by.  Bye September.

Warm Up

Kkjdcxhj_tw1 450 Mixed Swim / 150 Kick (600)

3x100's Drill/Backstroke/Breath every 3/Build by 25 (300/900)

4x50's on 50

4x50's on 55

4x50's on 60

Getting faster each round of 50's.  (600/1500)  Then afterwards every one chatted and told me open water war stories.  From shark to oil slicks.  Okay, so this might not have been my brightest ideas.  Oh well I'm doing the 1K.  For some reason I thought it was a 1 Mile Swim.  But it's not.  It's a 1K.  So it's just a matter of not being attacked by sharks.

Image - Deadspin "This 6-Foot-4, 320-Pound NFL Player Drives A Hello Kitty Convertible Smart Car.  Chargers DT Antonio Garay was just fined $15,000 by the NFL for a hit below the knee on Tom Brady in Week 2, but he will be laughing all the way to the bank, because he drives a tiny car with a Hello Kitty on it and tweets pictures of it all the time."

Active Taper/Recovery Swim

Since Saturday is only a 1 mile open water swim I'm not tappering really but had an easy morning swim just the same.  I was stiff and sore at first but felt better towards the end of the workout.

Release-LeftBox Warm Up

Mixed 450 (I did some stroke drilling and swimming at the end).  Then 3x100's Kick.  I mixed it up with all the strokes.  (750)

6x100's Switches on 1:45.  Fly/Back, Back/Breast and Breast/Free.  I took a bit of extra rest after number 3 cuz' I was lazy and another 15 later while talking to the coach.  I was by myself in this set so I wasn't worried about going to fast.  Was working on my strokes even the breaststroke.  (600/1350)

Then I did a bunch of 50's Pulling alternating breathing between 3 and 5.  I guess I did 8 of them?  (400/1750)  Then I did sorta a 50 swim helping out with the lane lines.  (50/1800)  So 1,800 Yard swim. 

Like I said I was sore but that may have been more about my dry land weight training.  Since I was super sore while swimming yesterday I decided to skip on Group Power and do Group Active instead.  I actually enjoy the class even when it's mostly women for some reason.  I guess the first part of cardio using the step gives the guys and idea that it's some sort of Jane Fonda routine.  But it's not.  The second part is strength training.  After the class I did some lunges with weights on the smith machine then did my 10x10 Jump Boxes on 1 Minute.  Which while swimming this morning I felt those jumps paying off.  My turns may not have been great but I was getting more distance off the walls with less effort. 

So now it's all about recovery.  No gym time today or tomorrow.  Leave tomorrow at 1pm for Sarasota Shark Bait Festival.  Tropical-Splash-logo
Actually it's "9th Annual Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim.  Off Beautiful Siesta Key Beach - Sarasota, Florida.  About Siesta Key: A gorgeous barrier island adjacent to Sarasota, Siesta Key Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Providing world class dining and shopping along with outstanding accommodations. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a great race and a special weekend." Tropical-Splash-Course-Map
I'm only doing the 1K. I've never done an open water swim so that is more then enough.  I've never actually swam in an ocean/bay/gulf/lake/river/pond/fountain or anything other body of water that didn't have a black line painted on the bottom of it.  This is going to be interesting.  My only goal is to not be shark bait.  At least once I'm done I can cross it off The Bucket List and never ever speak of it again.

Note:  The name "9th Annual Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim" is blatant false advertising as no Daiquiri's are offered to the swimmers before or after the race.  I'm suing!

Swimming, Sighting and Shark Bait Practice (Now With Music!)

It's Wednesday and we are back to swimming down in Leesburg at 5:30am.  Which means waking up between 4:15 and 4:30 to leave here by 5.  Call me crazy but that is really early to be up in the morning.  I was jolted out of bed by my alarm.  I think I was in the middle of a great dream.  I sorta got my act together before leaving.  Once at the pool it was a struggle.  The workout via email -

1x500 loosen.  Like I said it was a struggle.  My arms were sore from yesterday's weight training.

1x300 kick with fins.  I didnt' even do legs yesterday and my legs were sore.  Guess I'll take Thursday and Friday off from the gym before this weekend shark bait event. (300/800)

6x50 on 1:10 with fins - drill/swim.  I actually was thinking of my drills for a change.  I actually missed some of the old tedious long driling sets I use to do.  (300/1100)

2012-Fiat-500-Pink-Ribbon-side-stripe-full-length-623x389 1x300 stretch out swim.  I had to do a 350.  I was stuggling with this.  At first I was okay but the last 150 I was just getting slower and feeling the weight training in my arms.  (350/1450)

5x100 descending on 1:40.  Okay, I started to bounce back.  I was 1:16, 1:15, 1:13, 1:10 and a 1:07.  A nice little descend.  (500/1950)

3x100 at the fastest pace above on 2:00.  I started a bit off with a 1:06 then did back 2 back 1:03's.  The first 100 I missed a turn then stupid mistakes in the other 100's.  It's all the stuff I should have mastered years ago but still struggling with.  Bad turns, breathing first stroke off the wall, gliding into the finish and all the basics.  (300/2250)

1x200 pull with paddles and pull buoy breathe every 3.  I only did a 150.  I was toast.  (2400)

4x50 good pace head out the 1st 15 yds.  We didn't do this.  More like 4x25's working on sighting for this weekends open water swim.  (100/2500). 

loosen up

That was it.  2,500 yard morning swim.  I'm feeling some muscle fatigue after yesterday's last chance gym workout.  Push my arms to the breaking point.  Figured I have time to recover for the weekend.  No expecations about this weekends open water swim besides not being shark bait.   With that in mind gotta make sure I don't wear my swim suit that has "Bite Me" written on my ass.  But gotta find one of my fun suits.  Is it too early for one of my Christmas suits?  Was thinking of the Pink Xmas Suit.  Pink is always a good choice!  And the song in my head today, again was...

(Note:  Image from Motor Trend magazine "The 2012 Fiat 500 Pink Ribbon Gives Back to Charity.  The stripe’s 500 logo also has a pink ribbon.  Inside, the Pink Ribbon continues to use pink accents, albeit subtly. The black leather seats get pink contrast stitching and 500 logos, the floormats get pink embroidery for the 500 logo, and the leather steering wheel gets pink stitching. To top it off, Fiat throws out the 500’s standard black key fob and gives the Pink Ribbon model a white fob with–you guessed it–a pink ribbon painted on the front."  As a former Fiat owner I love the 500.  Now hopefully Impatto Custom Marketing, Inc./Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP. won't come after me again for being a Fiat Fan / copyright infringement.  UPDATE:  No sooner do I type Impatto Custom Marketing, Inc. then I read on Autoblog "Fiat 500 sales in U.S. not meeting expectations amidst marketing meltdown. .Fiat has dumped its main advertising agency, Impatto, a small Southfield, Michigan-based firm that previously employed Laura Soave, who is now serving as Fiat's North American CEO. According to the report, Soave herself hired the Impatto back in January, and the ad industry rumormill has her on the hot seat for the failed relationship."  Schadenfreude! )

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do...

Swim Time!  This morning I set two different alarms.  The first alarm was set for 5am with the goal of doing a very short run before swimming.  I figured I could at least do the 2 mile loop around my block.  At the very least.  The second alarm was for 6am which would get me up just to go swimming.  The 5am clock did get me out of bed but only to turn off the 5am alarm.  The 6am almost won the battle but I had to hit snooze twice before really getting out of bed.  Driving to the pool I was struggling to find a song to wake me up and get me going. 

Once in the water I was struggling.  Warm up was a mess.  I just felt sluggish.  I swam about a 400.  I saw that cuz' I wasn't really counting.  Then I did 4x50's kick on 1:10.  So about a 600 yard warm up.

Then I did 6x50's on 50.  These were done to get my heart rate up and me ready for the next part of workout.  (250/850)

800 Swim.  My first half I was doing 1:17's while the second half I was doing 1:15's.  After my first 100 I was ready to give up.  I sorta lost count for a bit but then was able to figure out what lap I was on by using the clock.  It wasn't a horrible swim I just struggled the first 400.  I blame the music.  The song I heard before I left was 3 Dog Night's song "One is the loneliest number..."  Since I was already in a sluggish mood and swimming this set on my own I just didn't want to do this.  Luckily after the 400 J'Lo's Papi snuck in my head and I was a bit faster to the beat.  (800/1650)

Then with about 2 minutes rest I did 4x100's on 1:30 descending.  I started at 1:15 and was down to a 1:04 at the end.  (400/2050)  I then warmed down about a 100 (2150)  I was struggling in the workout but some of it was my mind wanting to sleep in a bit more. 

Outside the pool I did some weight training on Sunday and Monday.  Sunday was arms and chest.  Really pushed myself on my own.  Then Monday was legs which included an easy 1 mile run on the treadmill, some leg weights and Group Ride (spinning) at 3:15. 

I Rock Your World With My Cheesecake - Quick Easy Swim Workout

I gotta work this morning so I only had time for a quick workout. 

Warm Up

Mixed 500 - 200 Swim / 100 Pull / 100 Pull w/paddles / 50 Fly Drill / 50 Back Drill

4x50's Kick on 1:10 (200/700)

Main Mini Set:

2x100's Pull w/ Paddles Breathing every 5 on 1:40

200 IM

Quick Pee Break

4x100's Pull w/ Paddles Breathing every 3 on 1:30

And I had to end it.  Swam and easy 100 to warm down.  (800/1500)  Not a tough workout but enough to keep me going for the morning.  At least yesterday I got some crosstraining with Group Ride and then Group Kick!  Boy my legs felt that!  Groupride
One thing I need to get are cycling shoes.  After October's swim meets I'll have to break down and get myself a pair.  Hopefully I can find some really cheap!

It's All About The Voices In My Head!

SPOILER ALERT:  This post contains an image of a few pieces of my Halloween attire!

It's all about the voices song in my head!  That can sum up my workout this morning.  It wasn't a super hard workout with lots of yardage is was all about the effort I put into the workout itself.  A spin (24Cycle) instructor once said in class "You only get out of this class what you put into it" by which she meant if you put in a half assed effort you'll get a half assed result.  It goes along with what Anna Kournikova said on The Biggest Loser the other night "If You Can Talk, You Can Keep Going!"  Or at least that is what I thought she said.  The point is that I had to self motivate myself this morning.  And with that came a lame song that is on my Walkman (okay iPod and yes I'm dating myself!)

Yeah, it's corny.  But I had it in my head and was swimming along to it this morning.

The workout:

200 Swim, 100 Pull, 200 Pull w/ Paddles and 200 Kick (700)

Then I was on my own.  Which is tough.  I sometimes miss having someone nipping on my feet to push me. 

4x50's on 50

Aquaman_halloween took 10 seconds extra rest

100 on 2 Minutes

3x200's FAST ("Good Effort") on 3:20

The 50's were to get my heart rate up so I made the interval on 50.  The other folks did 6x50's before going into the 200's but I was told to do whatever I needed to get ready for the 200's so I did a 100.  I figured going from a 50 to a 200 might be too much for me mentally to handle.  But at least a somewhat fast 100 would give me a pace base.  Now the 200's were to be fast or good effort and descend.  I did a 2:21, 2:18 and 2:15.  Not by best workout 200 times but good.  I may have gone faster on the last one but thought I was going to puke so pulled back a bit on the 7th lap.  Hey, at least I can count to 8!  (900/1600)

I then did a 100 easy so only 1,700 yards.  Once again it was all about effort.  The 200's were okay for me.  I won't be swimming again to Monday since I'm working this weekend.  But I'll do some crosstraining at the gym.  Today I'll be doing Group Power and tomorrow I'm planning to do Group Ride (spinning) and then Group Kick (kick boxing.)  Sunday should be a recovery day.   

Stroke, Breast, Stroke, Breast. Stroke, Stroke!

Ahhh….Thursday.  The last swim post here was on Sunday.  Not that I didn't want to swim but work and stuff got in the way.  But at least I was cross training.  Sunday was just swimming if I recall correctly.  Monday I worked in the morning so I got up bright and early and hit the gym.  Wait a minute!  I did swim on Monday.  Doh!  So I only had two days off.  I worked Monday night so hit the gym before my shift.  Hmm…So what did I do for Cross Training.  I think I did my own chest and arms routine which includes my 10 Sets of 10 Reps of Pushups on the Bosu Ball on 60.  Tuesday I hit the gym for legs.  I did Group Kick (kick boxing), then some leg weights on my own then Group Ride (spinning).  That was enough.  Wednesday I did my chest/arms routine on my own.  So that was about it.  Today it was back in the pool. 

Warm Up
200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull with Paddles / 3x100's Kick (800)

It was an easy workout.  I had my choice and picked easy.  Tomorrow I can kill myself.  For some reason I had it in my head I hadn't been in the pool since Sunday so I thought I'd be sluggish.  And I was sluggish and stiff during warmup. 

Main Short Set:
6x150's as follows
125 IM (25 fly/25 back/50 breast/25 free)
25 Sprint (1 fly, 1 back, 1 breast and repeat)

Don't know the intervals since they were on the coaches sendoff. (900/1700)

At first I was really struggling.  That first 125 felt like torture.  My breaststroke is still a struggle.  But it's coming along.  I then finished up with 4x100's Pull on 1:40 easy breathing every 3.  (400/2100)  So only 2,100 yards.  Nice way to get back in the water.  I'll be back in the water swimming tomorrow but this weekend it'll be tough.  I'm working both Saturday and Sunday.  Now I can swim Saturday since I don't go to work to 11:30 but Sunday might not happen.  But then I'm cleared to swim all next week.

Bad TV, Good TV, Award Winning TV and Lying Liars That Lie TV.

After yesterday mornings swim I had my daily eggs and toast then snacked on some fruit before taking a late morning nap.  That makes two days in a row napping while Nesquik_mascot watching some bad tv on Netflix streaming.  Actually I guess now saying Netflix and Streaming is redundant as of this.  I'm so excite that Netflix will now be Qwikster and delivering yummy chocolate flavored drinks right to my door.  Wait, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, napping.  I've been napping the last two days for reasons I can't explain.  The only thing that I can think of is that I ran out of protein the other day and maybe my body really needed it's fix.  So in between lunch and dinner after my napping I headed to GNC for some protein.  Hopefully that'll work.  It better considering I gotta work today.  So since I took a nap and went shopping I never did hit the gym.  I went to bed early not watching The Emmys but did catch up on the show this morning via Gawker.

This morning my alarm went off at 4:45am but I hit the snooze button over and over.  Then my 2nd morning alarm went off at 5:00am and once again continued with hitting the snooze button.  As the loud trashmen picked up the trash at 5:30am singing for some odd reason I still stayed in bed.  Which all meant no running before swim Fauxnews_450 practice today.  Which really fucks with my goal of running 3 miles today.  I haven't run in weeks.  I so gotta get out there.  I'm turning into such the slacker!  I did drag my ass out of bed at 6am to get ready to swim.  I printed up the workout sent to me and headed to the pool.  With a few swimmers out of town and the Lying Liars that Lie morning Faux Freinds Show lying live in town the pool was empty.  Guess people really watching Steve Douchebag and Grette Von Ostrich enough to miss swimming.  Damn tea baggers.  I'm rambling is the workout:

1x500 loosen

6x50 kick with fins on 1:05 (300/800)

2x50 1x100 - 50s on :50 - 100 on 1:40  (meh, I think I was about a 1:15)

4x50 1x200 - 50s on :50 - 200 on 3:20 (still a bit sluggish with a 2:26ish)

6x50 1x300 - 50s on :45 - 300 on 4:30 (forgot my time but pulled it without paddles)

4x50 1x200 - 50s on :45 - 200 on 3:00 (2:20.  So okay, not that fast but okay)

2x50 1x100 - 50s on :45 - 100 on nothing (1:06.  A lot better but still not there yet)

Swim faster coming down.  Use the 50s for pace and swim well on the longer swims.  (1800/2600)

Do some easy pulls to cool down.  I did 3x100's pulling w/ paddles brething 3/4/5/6 (300/2900)

So it wasn't the fastest workout in the world but I felt good in the water.  No self doubt like yesterday or last week.  Today my goal is to hit the gym for some upper body weight training.  No classes today.  Tomorrow I'll swim in the morning then take a Group Ride (Spinning) Class then work on legs.  I can't swim in the morning on Wed and Thurs but I'll hit the gym.  Hopefully the gym won't be busy today since everyone was up at 3am to do some Koch Brother Sucking.

Gym, Eat, Nap, Eat, Sleep, Swim, Eat...Happy Weekend!

Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep.  Then some swimming.  This morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed.  Which isn't good since I napped yesterday and went to bed early.  My body really needed to rest.

I got at the pool at 7:40am and swam on my own for about an hour.  Warmed up an easy mixed 400.  Then did an easy main set...

4 Rounds

4x50's Kick on 1:10

3x50's Swim Switches on 1:10 (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free)

I did each round kick of one stroke IM order.  So round one was fly for example.  (1400/1800)

3x100's Free Pull breathing 3/5/7/9 by 25 on 2 minutes (2100)

4x50's Free Pull breathing 3/5 on 60 (200/2200)

4x50's Kick (2 fly / 2 back) (200/2400)

Then by then everyone was at the pool and we did a 200 kick.  (200/2600)

It was an easy set.  One short easy set.

6x125's Drill/Kick/Swim/Kick/Swim the interval was on the coaches watch so I have no idea what it was (750/2350)  I did them fly/back/breast/fly/back/breast)

And that was it.  Nice easy Sunday afternoon swim of 2,350 yards.  I have hit the gym on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I did my chest/arms workout on my own and on Saturday I did Group Power.  So two days of chest / arms.  At least Group Power hits everything including legs and abs.  I had to work very early on Saturday so I was up before 3:30am.  OY!  So after Group Power I had lunch, napped, ate dinner, napped and went to bed.  Waking up this morning and going swimming.