One Last Swim, Rearview Mirror and 150 Long Miles All Done With

This morning's 30 minute swim took me to my goal of swimming 150 Miles YTD!  Gtdytd150.34 Miles swum!  I barely made it!  Of course some of it was by design.  I swam today just enough to push me over.  I got to teach spinning at 9:30am today so I swam as much as I could in as little time as possible. 2000Warmed Up a 400 then one set of 1,600 yards.  That did it.  The main set was as follows - 1600set4x50's on 50

4x300's Descending on 4:30

4x50's on 50 

There was more to the set then just swim.  I did it as best as I could. SwimMy last 4x50's I used them to cool down.  Skipped the 3x100's and 6x50's.  Gotta eat, dress and get to work.  I'll try this workout again soon.  My next swim should be Sunday.  I'm going to skip tomorrow.  Need a recovery day.  Then swim in theory a longer workout on Sunday. YtdtotFor the month I swam 37,100 yards.  Which ain't bad.  I'm swimming more which is a good think.  In October I'm doing a 2.5K Open Water so I need to build up endurance.  Plus I really think I should be swimming at least 35K yards a month.  Just to keep my swimming endurance levels up.  And with that another month ends.  Goodbye August!

Bad Swim Habits Never Die They Just Multiply

Bad Swim Habits Never Die They Just Multiply.  That sums up my swimming skills of late.  You take some of my old bad habits and add a whole slew of new bad habits and you got my new swimming.  I feel like I'm going to need to be deprogrammed in a few months when I go back home.   As for today... WrongLet's start with warm up which I'm guessing was a 500 and not a 525 yard.  The Garmin Swim made 2 mistakes on it's own today like that without any help from me and my bumbling.  (500)

That 350 is about right.  It was 4x100's something something kick minus a pee break.  (350/850)

Hmm…325 something.  Oh wait that was a 300.  Kick/Right Arm/Left Arm/Catch UP.  Or something like that.  (300/1150)

6x150's Alternating Stroke/Free by 25 on oh shit…I forgot.  The Garmin Swim didn't always get that I was doing stroke.  I alternated between fly and back.  (900/2050)

These were 50's.  4x50's Fly/Free on 60, 4x50's Back on 60. 4x50's Breast on 1:10 (600/2650)

6x100's Pulling w/Paddles breathing every 3 on 1:400.  6x100's=600 not 575 Garmin Swim. (600/3250)

Then more drilling/cool down.  (600/3850)

So that was it.  I will admit that I'm trying harder to clean up my stroke but it's harder and harder every time.  With work I have a hard time getting to a regular routine with swimming.  Then on days like today I teach spinning before I head to swim practice.  I'm beat before I get to swim.  I love spinning but I love swimming more. GrrrrrSince I decided to sleep in on Wednesday I gotta swim one more time still this month.  I'm 1,400 yards away from swimming 150 Miles YTD.  I'd rather sleep in again but I gotta at least try since I'm so close. 
UPDATE:  Well I gotta teach spinning at 9:30am so I'm going to try and swim before hand.  Might just swim 1,400 yards and get out!  Just to make it.  Now I'm really kicking myself for not swimming yesterday!

147.02 Swimming Miles!

It's Tuesday and that means swimming!  Well it means teaching spinning at 5:45am then swim at 10am.  Today's workout was a tough one.  Well considering my lack of swimming it was tough.  Luckily the water was perfect.  All this rain we've been having really cooled the water off to a bearable temperature. TueswimI messed up a few times hitting the button on my Garmin Swim but in general the graphic above is the workout.  That first 100 yards was putting in the lane lines.  The 350 yards was swimming during warm up.  Although that doesn't seem right.  Maybe add that 175 wait that hasta be a 200.  Don't ask me what those 200's were.  I guess kicking and something else.  So we got 100+350+200+200+200=1050 was various warm up stuff. 

4x200's were up next.  200sLet's see it was 1st one breathing every 3, 2nd one the 1st 150 every 3, 34d one the 1st 100 every 3 and finally the last one only the 1st 50 every 3.  I think the interval was 3 minutes.  (800/1850)

6x150's were next. 150sThey were 25 Breathing every 5, 50 Catch Up, 50 Build - on 2 minutes then 25 FAST on 45.  (800/2650)

Some kicking I did 250. (3000)
6x50's something (300/3300)
50 something else (50/3350)
Umm…then 3 Rounds 4x25's on 40 Catchup, Kick, Build, Sprint (300/3650)

That was it.  Hopefully my math is right or at least it's close enough.  CathcingSo I'm getting to my 150 Mile Goal.  Only 5,250 yards to go.  It looks as if now I'll be able to swim tomorrow and Thursday.  I may squeeze one more on Friday.  So my goal looks locked in!  I'm debating to revise down again my yearly goal. 

Spin, Spin, Work, Work, Spin, Work, Swim. Less Time To Swim Again.

It's Sa

3x1turday!  Wahoo!  Well not so much wahoo.  But I did take Friday off as a recovery day.  NO swimming, NO spinning, NO weights or anything else.  Just a day.  So I figured I'd get up today and swim before my 10am spinning class.  I also work a short shift at the gym itself from 12-5.  Not too bad.  So I headed to the pool arriving a bit late since that snooze button was too tempting. SatThe workout was a total of 2,000 yards.  Not by design but it just sorta went into my thoughts as I changed up the workout.  Warm up was easy 300 easy then 200 pull with paddles.  Then the main set.  Saturday mornings are hit or miss on who shows up.  In the morning the coach is swimming himself Another_100but gives workouts to folks.  He gave a set to some of his lane mates but I adjusted it a bit to my liking.  I was way over by myself so it didn't make a difference.  It was 3x100's/3x200's/3x100's going faster the 2nd half of the set.  Due to my lack of match skills I changed it up.

3x100's Free on 1:45

2x200's Free on 3:15

2x200's Free on 3:00

3x100's on 1:30

I missed hitting the button to unpause my Garmin Swim at the 2nd 100 of the last round.  So I'm guessing I did descend it right.  Maybe not.  That first 200 I felt great.  I went from feeling sluggish for most of the workout to having a very short lived moment of feeling good then started to feel sluggish all over again.  The water temp was great but I was just "meh".

I swam a 100 cool down to get to the magic 2,000.  Just felt I needed to swim that much no matter what.  Just to get a swim in.  Next week I'll swim more as my work scheadule will be a bit easier.  Depending on the hurricane.  SatmtdI only gotta swim 8.900 yards this week.  Hopefully I'll get in plenty of swimming this week.  Sunday I'll swim at least 2,000 yards before work.  No swimming on Monday with work and all that.  Tuesday and Wednesday are up in the air due to weather/hurricane.  Will swim Thursday so that'll be 3,000 yards.  Friday I'll swim again and that's it.  I will get to 150 Miles Year To Date even if I have to swim in the hurricane! 

Quick Swim In Between Marathon Spinning

It'sThursday!  TGIT!  My long week is almost over.  Not really but sorta.  Been working a lot this week.  On Monday I taught 3 spinning classes and worked a regular work shift, Tuesday I taught 3 spinning classes and worked a regular work shift, Wednesday I only taught 3 spinning classes and today I taught 2 spinning classes and worked a full work shift.  OY!  Today my first class was at 5:45.  So when I was done I headed over to a pool nearby to swim.  Didn't swim much.  They didn't even have a time clock but I got in and swam. Thursday_haciendaI swam for 30 minutes.  The water was hot and the pool was shallow.  But it's better then nothing.  So lets' see I swam 1,550 yards.   Mind you I am so tired right now so my math might be wrong.  Hell knows how I'm typing right now.  Thur_gtdNow we didn't have our fun mock meet with the high school yesterday due to rain!  Booo!  So that only brings me with 10,900 yards to go for this month to meet my 150 mile mark.  Now I could swim tomorrow am but I'm not.  I'm not teaching or working out.  Taking a recovery day.  I figure I'll do an easy quick swim on Saturday before my class, another one on Sunday then I should have 2 good 3,000+ yard workouts during the week.  So that is about 8,000 yards.  I'll just hafta swim on Wednesday and Thursday next week in the morning.  We normally do about 2,000 yards at 7am in the lap swim.  So that should do it! 

As for work most weeks will not be like this week.  I will have 7 spinning classes a week of my own.  Which I'm happy for.  I love spinning (or Group Ride.)  But they are spread out.  This week I was filling in all over the place with vacations and stuff going on.  It was fun at times but leaving home at 4:30am and getting home at 8:30pm sorta sucks!  Don't want to do that every week!  But I'm excited to have 2 more classes a week and made a new personal commitment time wise to hang around in Florida a bit more.  Scuttlebutting my plans from just less then a week ago.  Oh well!  I guess I'll be in staying in America's Wang a little longer then planned. 

Better Wet Then Never - Swim Workout

Work sometimes gets in the way of swimming.  This week I'm filling in at various classes and shifts at work so swimming has taken a back seat.  The good news is that I'm doing crazy cardio teaching 7 spin classes in two days.  I got three more today!   Monday I taught the 7am, 8:15am and 9:30am.  Then I worked in the fitness area to 8pm.  Then on Tuesday I taught the 5:45am, 8am, 9:30am and 20:45am and then the fitness area to 8pm.  Long long days.  So today since I don't have to teach to 9:30am I decided to wake up and go swimming.  Yeah, dumb me.  I only swam basically a warm up.  900 Yards. 12450I'm still inching or yarding towards my goal to get to 150 miles YTD before the end of this month.  Looks like a sure thing has turned to an iffy thing.  I don't know how much swimming I'll be able to get in.  Hopefully next week I'll get some more swims in.  I may even get a swim in this afternoon.  Today is the annual high school versus "old folks" relay day.  Us old folks compete in fun relays against the kids.  It's sorta a warm up practice me for the kids to kick off the swim season.  But with the weather the mock meet may not happen.  But at least I got 3 spin classes of cardio to teach today.  Today is 9:30 then 12 then go swimming with the kids at 3:30 and back to teach spin at 6:30.  So swimming is a side note and running is a noshow.  Hopefully I'll get a run in sometime Sunday.  That is if we don't get the hurricane.

1100 Yards And Calling It Quits

I got three minutes to get this posted before I have to shower and get ready for work.  Since I'm working a slew of mornings I dont' have much time to swim.  This morning I need to leave home at 8am to teach two back2back spinning classes before I work the fitness floor for an afternoon shift.  So I got to the pool this morning and got in a warm up swim. Sat
I swam a 200, pulled a 200 w/o paddles and pulled a 100 w/ paddles.  Don't ask me about the 25.  I dont' know why the watch says that. 

I then did 10x50's Pulling w/ Paddles.  I did 2 on 60 / 2 on 55 / 2 on 50 / 4 on 45

Then a 100 drill/swim.

And that was it. 20 Minute Swim Workout and 1,100 yards.  Sat_gtdInch by yard I'm getting to my 150 Mile Mark.  13,350 yards to go!  I'll do it this month.  Out of the pool I actually ran for the first time in ages yesterday LINK.  Now I"m a bit sore.  Both from weight training and running.  Oh well!  I gotta run more!  Hopefully I can try to put in 10 miles this month.  I know not much but with everything else it's a start.  Oh well time's up and now I got 27 minutes to get ready for work.

On Your Mark, Get Set...Oh Wait, Time Is Up Workout.

Another morning of hitting snooze and not running.  Since I'm not teaching spinning today I thought I'd get in an early morning run.  But nope.  Just didn't have it in me.  I hit snooze and snooze.  I did get up and at least get a quick swim in.  I gotta leave for work at 8am today so I didn't have much time to swim, get dressed and eat breakfast.  So I had about 20-25 minutes to swim.  SwimtimeSo I warmed up a 400.  It was 200 swim then 200 pulling w/o paddles.

6x50's Pulling w/ Paddles breathing every 3 on 55.

4x50's Swim on 45

Rest and extra 30 seconds

4x50's Swim on 45

That was it.  Time to go!

At least I got in 1,100 yards in.  I'd like to swim after 3 today but I doubt that will happen.  It's summer so that means afternoon thunder showers.  GtdauEvery yard counts.  I am now 14,450 yards away from my 150 mile marker!  YEAH!  But next week with work it'll be a few mornings like today and that's it.  I'll be teaching some extra classes and filling in on some other shifts.  So some day's I'll be at work almost all day.  Don't expect much posted workouts or anything around here. 

A Little Swim Is Almost Better Than No Swimming

Today is my day off so I get to go swimming!  For the rest of the month I have today and the 28th off.  The next time I can swim is Sunday.  Which really really sucks.  The next few mornings my work day starts at 7:15am so no swim before work.  Thursday I'm done at noon so I could do a lap swim on my own in the afternoon if we are not having thundershowers but lap swim is at 3pm so I doubt it'll be non-thundering out by then.  Next Tuesday I can swim as I don't work till 2pm.  Wahoo!  Oh do I?  I can't remember if I gotta teach a 9:30 class that day or not.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow.  As for today's swim…

It's my day to do the lane lines so I got in a pre-workout swim.  OH wait I think I lost all of today's swim data!  It uploaded from my Garmin Shit Swim Watch online but it's not appearing online or on my watch anymore.  Great!  So let's see…
Lostworkout100 Pre-Swim / 450 Warm Up.

Then 200 Kick I guess. 
Something something something something…

6x125's Free on something.  All pace.  My pace for the 100's was something.  Actually the first 2 was about a 1:14, then the next 2 was a 1:13 then did a 1:12 and a 1:11.  These were the 100's of the 125's. 

Then we did something, something and something else.

8x50's Specialty stroke.  I did 6 Fly, then one easy and last one Fly again. 

Then some other stuff. 
Some 25's.

Looking at my watch I do remember the total being 3,250 yards.  Whatever it was that we swam.  Maybe the workout which went somewhere will magically make it to the internet.  I was having an internet connection problem so it might be lost.

It wasn't much of a workout anyways.  The water is super hot so we are doing drill stuff.  I was getting a bit frustrated in the drills.  After our kick we did another kick set.  Some 50's which were kick/swim.  I wasn't using fins so I went last and had little rest.  Which was okay as it got my heart rate up.  But then we did Drill/Kick/Drill/Drill stuff before the 125's.  I almost got lapped in the 300 drilling/kicking thing.  Then I led the lane for the 125's.  Later on when we did more kicking I took it as an opportunity for a pee break and then some time to float and work on my speedo tan line. Tues_gtdWith all that behind me let's look ahead.  15,550 yards to go for August to make my 150 Mile Mark!  Looking at my work cal' I think I can get in three coached workouts so that's like 9,000 yards and then a few lap swims on my on.  So it's doable.  I'll be also praying for cooler weather in September and free Sunday's from work so I can get in some distance.  Got my 2nd Open Water Swim in October.  Last year for the 1st time I did an open water and just did a 1K.  This year I'm going for the 2.5K.  Not too bad but it is open water swimming.  No black lines to follow and lot's of moving living little thingies to share the water with.  YUCK!

Swim, Eat, Work, BBQ and The Spice Girls! Happy SpiceDay!

Sunday, SunDAY, snooze...  No Monster Truck action, No Morning action period!  Well I did swim.  Even if it was sleep swimming.  I didn't drink at all last night knowing I'd get up and want to swim today.  To be honest I did set two alarms for this morning with the first being a "just swim" alarm and the other a bit earlier being a "short run then swim" alarm.  It's August 12th which means it's been 12 2000yardsnorefestdays since I told myself I'd start running again.  I haven't ran since April!  OY!  I gotta switch back to the other OTC Sleeping Pills.  The ones I've been taking make me so tired in the morning.  I so am not motivated.  In fact I felt like I was sleep swimming for 96% of my morning swim.

I warmed up a 200 swim /200 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/paddles then a 200 kick.  So an 800 yard warm up.  Then it was time for the main set.  Which I changed after the very first 200 and allowed myself extra rest half way in between.

2 Rounds:

3x200's on 3 Minutes

First 200 just swim.

Second 200 split into 2x100's with 10 seconds rest in between.

Third 200 split into 4x50's with 5 seconds rest in between.

It's sorta the set I did on Wednesday or some other day in the last week or so.  But instead of 2 rounds and a minute break in between it was 2x200's then 2x200's split at 100 and then 2x200's split at the 50.  I was groggy till about the 4x50's 200.  Then that extra minute rest was me chatting at the wall with other swimmers.  Six200sI screwed up during my last 4x50's.  That isn't a 31.4 for 50 yards.  I messed up with the clock.  I couldn't remember if I started my watch up again while pushing off the wall so I went into panic mode trying to start/stop/start the watch.  Those times are bad bad bad!  I'm blaming my sleep and 87F/88F water.  That and I really had no one to push me to do anything as I was on my own.  But 2,000 yards in 45 minutes.  As I keep telling myself "At Least It's A Swim".  Sun_gtdAnd since I can only swim one more time this week I gotta love any swim I can get.  All this week except Tuesday I gotta be at work early to teach or just work in general.  So no swimming except for my day off on Tuesday.  I got 18,797 yards to swim to make my 150 mile goal by the end of this month.  I'm hoping I can get in at least 7 swims for the rest of the month.  I know I just swam 5 last week alone.  But work!   Three of those are coached workouts so about 3,000 yards each so le'ts say I have 13,000 yards in 4 workouts on my own so I gotta do at least 3,250 yards on each of those days.  EEK!  That's gonna be a tough one.  Maybe I'll sneak in some afternoon swims after my morning work shifts. 
10th-Tropical-Splash-logoOn another note I'm going to swim a 2.5K Open Water swim in October.  Last year I did my first open water swim with a 1K down in Siesta Key.  Well I'm going back again.   This time for a 2.5K.  I figured if I'm gonna spend all that money on hotel/food/transport I gotta do more then just a 1K and a 5K just sounds crazy!