Yarding Towards Yet Another Goal Post.

Memory Full.  Deleting History.  That can't be good!  About 2/3's into the main set I got the message on my watch "Memory Full.  Deleting History."  Now I haven't been really using the watch that much Fridayso how can it be full already.  I was very afraid of what it was erasing but just continued to swim.  Luckily it seems like older swims are gone and today's swim was a-ok!  I got my 2,600 yard swim in.  Yeah, I know the chart adds up to 2,650 but it was only a 2,600.  I entered the wrong yardage for one of the drill/kick parts at the end.  I took a 50 off to chit chat with other swimmers.  That 100 on 56 secs was a 50 kick.  I tried to edit it from the webpage but that didn't seem to take.  Oh well.  So the workout.

450 Warm Up.  It was to be a 500 but my lane mate was cruising and was done a 50 before me so I held up.  I swam and pulled the warm up without any paddles.  I was stiff so I figured I needed to stretch out.

Photo(1)3x100's on 1:50 (25 Drill / 50 Swim / 25 Swim) with fins.

Main Set:

400 Swim on 6:00

4x50's on 50 Descending.

We took 10 seconds extra rest to square up the clock.

300 Swim on 4:30

3x50's on 50 Descending.

Squared up the clock so extra rest.

200 Swim on 3:00

2x50's on 50 2nd one faster

1500setSquared up the clock.

100 Swim on 1:30

1x50 FAST

Hmm...I seemed to have swam it right.  I was beat and tired.  The water was 89F!  OY!  Talk about a poached swimmer!  Those times are pretty close to accurate.  I'm learning how to glide into the wall and stop the watch with my other hand.  Not perfect finishes but works with the watch.  The Garmin Swim isn't perfect but I'm getting use to working with it.  At least after I'm done swimming I can look at how I swam.  Gotta admit I'd love some sort of ANT+ adapter device to plug into my iPhone and see on deck what I've done. 

Now I finally just downloaded the manual that didn't come with my Garmin Swim.  So I'm going to read more about it.  Hey it's been three weeks so give me a break.  Hopefully I can figure out the parts I don't like about the watch and make it a more enjoyable swim experience. 

Now I've revised my 2012 Swimming Goal for the USMS Go The Distance.  Way back my goal was tos wim 300 miles for the year but last month I was so far behind I rounded way way down to 200 miles.  After a few weeks I've once again revised my goal but this time to 250 miles.  It's a more resonable yet challenging goal.  I'm on track and hopefully this will push me to swim even if it's garbage yardage. New_goalSpeaking of goals I'm inching or yarding closer and closer to 150 miles by September!  Only 20,797 yards to go before I sleep.  Or something like that.  It'll be tough as I only have two days off from work left this month with those days being the 14th and 28th.  The work days in between are some mornings and some afternoon/evenings.  So I'll be able to get some quick lap swims a few mornings.  Just gotta force myself out of bed.

Working On My Speedo Tan Line Workout

Wahoo!  Swim Day!  I didn't plan on swimming as I was going to sub two spinning classes today but the other instructor was available so I got the morning off.  Which means swim time!  Wahoo!  The info from my Garmin Swim below is sorta right.  I think I missed hitting the start/stop button on some 25's. AlmostThe first 100 was me doing my lane line duty swimming down with the lane line and swimming back to get another one.  Then we did a mixed 500 warmup.  (600)
Then 4x100's Kick.  (400/1000)
Hmmm…500 yards?  Oh…125's Pull/Kick/Swim/Kick/Swim.  So I guess 4x125's.  (500/1500)  The kicking I did on my back or as I prefer to call it "working on my speedo tan line time".

Main Set

12x75's on 1:30?  It was distance per stroke Choice / easy free / choice swim.  I alternated 2 fly / 2 back.   (900/2400) 75sMy fly's were faster then my backstroke.  Which is typical for me. 

It was all easy after that.  Not that 75's were that hard.  Hot in the sun but not hard.

8x50's Pulling breathing every 3 i think or was it 5?  (300/2700)

6x50's Kick.  (300/3300)

Then we did 25's and such.  According to the watch it was another 300 yard total.  I don't know.  So another 300 for 3,300 yard workout. RollLook at that I'm on a roll.  That's 4 swims this week alone.  And I got one more tomorrow morning!  Of course next week I won't swim as much due to work.  Oh well.  I gotta admit while swimming I keep thinking to myself that this is only temporary.   As I close in on 2 years in Florida I'm confident that I won't be celebrating a 3rd.  I just hope I can get back in swimming shape before I move again.

26,697 Little Black Lines To Follow In The Pool.

While swimming this morning I started to think that posting my workouts is getting embarrassing.  I'm so slow it hurts.  I'm swimming 200's freestyle slower then my old intervals.  I'm not talking high school or college intervals I'm talking just three years ago in masters swimming.  Hell, I'm swimming intervals slower then when I started swimming in 2004 after taking 17 years off!  Oy!

Today's workout wasn't much only 2050 yards.  Here is what it looked like - Swimwed500 easy warm up.  mostly just taking it easy.  then a 200 easy kick no fins.  Then to get my heart rate up I did 4x50's on 50. 

Main Set:

6x200's free Descending.  2 on 3:10, 2 on 3:00 and the last 2 on 2:50.  Oy!  200sI was on my 2nd 200 when thoughts of how slow I've become started to enter my mind.  A 2:49 and a 2:44?  Really, was this breaststroke?  These times and interval would put me in the slow lane at my old masters team.  Well maybe not slow maybe medium but back in the pack of the lane. 

After that very sad swim I did 2x75's pulling breathing every 3/4/5 by 25.  That was it.  Done!  WdegtdSo another swim towards my goal to 150 Miles by Sept 1st.  Looking at my calendar I should be able to squeeze in 10 more workouts this month and with 26,697 yards to go I should be able to make it.  At least one of those days is a coached workout in which we swim a bit more then my swim alone 7am swims.  Maybe I'll just have to force myself to swim a little bit more when I'm on my own.  Just to squeeze a few extra yards in.  

At least I got a swim in.

"At least I got a swim in" - I'm so sick of saying that.  Due to work I couldn't swim yesterday or this morning.  I actually couldn't swim with the "swim team" this morning so I had to do a lap swim on my own.  Which wasn't ideal.  After work and lunch the pool was closed from 1-3 for volleyball so I had to wait to lap swim at 3.  Just in time for the daily thundershowers to roll in on the swamp state.  Luckily I was able to miss the storms but since I forgot a battery for the clock I had to wing a workout.  Which was good since the water was the hottest I've ever felt a pool before.  I've been in cooler whirlpools then this.  Never mind the film of suntan lotion from the volleyballers.  OY!  Now I do have my Garmin Swim "watch" but still playing around with it to get what I want to see.  So far with very little success. Crap_lapStarted off easy with a mixed 500 warm up.  It was 200 swim, 100 pull without paddles and 200 w/ paddles.  Then did 3x100's with paddles pulling.  (800)

8x50's Kick on 1:10.  So I can use the pace clock when I'm drilling with the watch.  But then what is the point since I have to enter my laps manually.  I even tried to make a custom screen but couldn't get laps/interval and last split.  For example would it be so hard for it to read out 50 yards, 1:10 and 55.  With 50 being what I swim, the 1:10 the pace clock for me to see when to go and lastly the pace/split of my last 50?  That is all I want.  Need to figure that out.  Whenever I pause at the wall all clocks stop and I can't see the main clock screen unless I end the set.  Grrr…(400/1200)

I did a 50 swim to play with the custom feature.  (50/1250)

150 Swim still playing with the clock (150/1400)

2x100's IM (200/1600)  Speaking of IM and the Garmin Shit Watch, I mean Swim, it doesn't seem to read my strokes very well.  Now I know my breaststroke sucks but... Imone ImtwoSo a 1,600 yard lap swim.  Guess some swimming is better then nothing? GladOnly 28,747 yards to go for this month.  My goal is to get to 150 miles by September!  Which might be tough with my work.  I'm working a bunch of mornings filling in at work.  Oh well I can try.  Plus I need to keep in some sort of swim shape.

No 1500 For You! Swimming On A Sunday Morning.

A Swim Workout On The Fly.

Note I did NOT swim any butterfly.  I just made up the workout on the fly.  I actually had two or three sets in my mind and just adjusted them in my mind while I swam. 

Mind Workout #1 - Was just finishing up the workout from the other morning.    500 w/p, 3x100's kick, 400 drill/sw, 2x200/2x200 broken at 100/2x200 broken at 50, 4x50's fly/br and 4x50's bk/fr.  That didn't happen for numerous reasons with one being that I forgot to bring a copy of the workout to swim it. 

Mind Workout #2 - Pacing for the 1500 LCM.  Call it Olympic Fever or Yang Fever.  After watching the 1500 LCM and seeing an email about a meet next Saturday down in Clearmont I had the 1500 on the mind.  I was chomping at the bit to swim a 1500.  So I was thinking of various sets that would be a broken 1500.  But then I remembered I'm working almost every morning this week at the gym so I won't be able to swim till Friday.  So no 1500 for me!

Mind Workout #3 - The one I did.  Well sorta as I adjusted it down a bit as I was swimming.  Damn that pool water was hot.  High 80's if not low 90's! SundayMixed 400 Warm Up.  I had the 400 on my mind but you'll see that changed after the warm up.

6x50's PUlling with paddles.  I forgot what I was doing them on. (300/700)

This is when the 300's took over. 

300 on 5 minutes.  1st 100 breathing every 4, 2nd 100 breathing every 3 and 3rd 100 whatever.   (300/1000)

3x100's on 1:20. (300/1300)

6x50's on 45. (300/1600)  I think I may have pulled these? 

I know I pulled most of the next set to finish up the workout. Mainset4x50's / 100 FAST then easy/cooldown 100 (400/2000)

2,000 yard workout.  My only swim till Friday!  Oy!  Or can I swim before then?  I think I may be able to get to swim Wednesday morning.  At least that is something.  I do know one thing I have a new goal for the month of August. Gtd_sun
I need to swim anohter 30,350 yards this month.  I want to get to my 150 miles by the end of August!  It's doable and I need something to push me. 

So that's it!

Another slow lap swim.  At least I'm in some sort of shape if not fast swim shape. 

The "Recovery" Workout. In Which I Mean, I'm Too Tired To Really Swim.

This morning's workout was an easy one.  And that is a'okay with me!  Yesterday was a killer day for me with a short swim in the morning, then teach two spinning classes and then taking a weight l Fridayworkifting class.  Oy!  So luckily today was an easy day in the pool.

Warm Up
450 very very very slow laps.

I'm missing the kick set from my Garmin watch.  Guess I didn't save it.  Doh!  It was only a 200 kick.  Oh wait. that must be the 300 yards it recorded as a drill.  Wait, this whole thing is screwy.  It totally got my whole workout wrong.

So here what it was…
200 kick
300 breathing every 3 pulling on 4:30 but we messed up talking and did it on 5
200 Backstroke on another interval
100 choice.  I did it 50 fly/25 free and 25 back. (800/1250)

3 Rounds of 4x50's on 50 taking 20 or 30 seconds rest in between each round.  Each round getting faster.  Now I did this.  I know my first round was really slow.  My second round I was seeing 36's on the clock and the third round I was seeing 33's.  Mostly.  But I guess what I see on the big clock on deck and what I get on my Garmin is based on I gotta hit the wall and stop the watch.  Which makes the watch pretty shitty if you ask me.  Slow_reactionOnce again it's not bad for a casual lap swimmer.  Luckily our interval was slow enough that I had enough rest to touch the button and think to retouch it before starting again.  I think if I was swimming faster/shorter intervals touching the damn watch would be a no go.  Or maybe in time I'll get use to it.  It's better then nothing but not better then using the old deck clock and remembering ones intervals.  (600/1850)

Finishing up with 4x75's on 1:15 and my grand experiment.  The grand experiment was to leave the watch running and not worry about hitting buttons.  These were pulling with paddles so hitting the tiny button wasn't going to happen.  I could of just made it drill and recorded yardage but wanted to see how it worked.  It didn't and gave me a 45 second 25 yard swim.  (300/2150) Fri_gtdEvery swim inches me to 200 miles.  I know I'm not going to make 300 miles in 2012 but hopefully 200 is doable.  I did go ahead and change my goal online to 200 miles.  So no more "You'll Need To Pick Up The Pace...!"  I got enough negativity in my life that it'll be nice to have some positive comments after my swims.  So my revised GTD Chart... RevisedNow I feel better!

Death By A Thousand CatchUps Workout

Happy August!  It's the first swim of a new month and the second swim of this week.  I'm on a roll.  An out of swim shape roll but it's a roll.  Since I'm subbing 2 spin classes this morning I had to hit the pool when it opened up to get a quick swim in.  Not too much yardage and not very fast.  The water is boiling hot in the high 80's!  Oy!  The coach was there to swim his workout and luckily he had a workout all ready for me to swim when I got there.  Wahoo!  Due to time I wasn't able to swim it all.  I'll do the whole workout again on Sunday morning before I head to work.  I have a bit more time then. AzSuRf_CcAAQKUNI didn't do the last 2x200's or the 50's. ShortswimWarm up was very very slow.  Was feeling a bit on the tired side this morning.  I did teach two spin classes yesterday which I felt during the 3x100's (25 Drill, 50 swim, 25 swim.)  Not even thinking I did my 25 catch up drill.  I felt okay.  Now on Tuesday when we did the 175's with odd length's being catch up I was feeling some pain in my left deltoid.  But only in the catch up.  That pain came back in my 400 which was 50 catch up / 50 swim.  I gotta figure out what I'm doing wrong in my catch up drill.  Here is a video from GoSwim about the drill -

1200yardsMy Workout

500 Mixed Warm Up

3x100's on 1:50 25 Drill / 50 Kick / 25 Swim (800)

Main Set:

400 - 50 Drill Catch Up / 50 Swim.  I rested over a minute to start the rest. (400/1200)

2x200's on 3 Minutes (400/1600)

2x200's breaking after the 100 taking 5 seconds rest.  Yeah, I read that wrong and took 5 instead of 10.  (400/2000)

I called it quits after just a 50 warmdown for 2,050 yard swim.

More on the catchup drill from swimming.about.com -

Catch-up: to isolate one arm, to practice a long stroke and a long body position.  Swum like regular freestyle, except one arm is stationary, always extended forward (front arm), pointing toward the destination, while the other arm performs the stroke (working arm).  When the working arm moves forward and "catches-up" with the stationary arm, they change places.

My pain is when when my head is not back to the neutral position and I'm starting my catch with my left hand.  I'm thinking I must be out of alignment putting stress on the deltoid.  That or I've just over done shoulder work in Group Power and need to take it down a notch.  After my two spin classes I'll be working on power later 2day.   I'll have to keep an eye out for the pain.  GtdsoOH well, time to get on a bike.

One More Horrible Swim & July's Rearview Mirror

So swimming once a week is not a good thing for me.  Last week I made it my goal to swim Saturday, Sunday and today.  Well Saturday I woke up so tired from the week of Group Power and Ride that I slept in before heading in to teach one more Ride.  Then Sunday…well nevermind I slept in.  So it was up to today to finish my month of swimming. 

So let's see what I swam…
Garmin_list_tuesdayWarm up started with me helping put in the lanes then the actual warm up.  I did a 150 for the lane lines.  I wasn't really paying much attention to what I swam for my warm up but the watch lists another 500 yards so we'll go with that. (650)

Then we did some kicking.  I think it was either 50's or just a 200.  But it was kick.  (200/850)

Hmm…then we did something that was 300 yards total.  Hmm..what was it.  I know the next thing on the list via the watch is wrong.  It wasn't 525 yards since we drilled/swim 4x175's.  Hmm…300 yards of what? (300/1150)

4x175's on 2:45?  Now that is the problem with this damn watch.  Well besides it sucking big time.  I missed the first one as by the time we argued and set the lane order I had left without starting the watch.  Then when you pause between 175's instead of seeing your split on the main screen it has the total time swam for the set.  So by the 3rd one I had no idea my split.  I was trying to stop the button as I glided to the wall so I missed my splits every time.  I was frustrated with the watch during this set as well as most of the workout.  Now the 175's were odd length's catch up an even lengths build.  I was having issues trying to lead the lane, go moderately fast and drill.  I started to have so much pain in my shoulders.  Drilling should never be done on an interval.  At least I shouldn't lead during any drilling. (700/1850)

Then we did some drill.  300 of it.  I don't remember.  I think I'm using the watch to avoid me using my mind to figure out what the hell I swam.  I know we did some 50's Kick.  But this wasn't it.  Although this might have been when we were doing something and my watch got caught on the lane line.  I really don't' like this watch. (300/2150)

100sThe list has 500 yards but it was 6x100's on 1:40.  I forgot to hit the button once .  Doh!  These were to be descending.  We could use fins and paddles.  I only used paddles and gave them up on number 5.  The were descend.  Don't know if I descended.  My first one was faster looking off the clock then what my watch gave me since I gotta be the one pressing the button to start and stop.  Grr…hard to do with paddles on. (600/2750)

Oh yeah kicking.  I did a 150 or 3x50's kick with a bit of a pee break. (150/2900)  Oh when I came back I did one more 50 so 2,950 yards so far.

After that it was all drill work.  50's/25's that sorta thing. 

8x50's 2 of each stroke Drill Down / Swim Back (400/3350)

We did a bunch of 25's so that last list of 475 yards was that drilling 25's but it should be 500 as I forgot to start the watch during one round.  It was 3 Rounds of 4x25's.  One finger fist drill some more catch up.  Some build and some fast.   (3850)

The workout was slow and painful for me.  Swimming once a week is never good.   That and the water was 87F.  Ouchie!  I was bitching and moaning the whole time.  Hopefully I'll feel better on Thursday.  As for the Garmin Swim I really think it's great for lap swimmers.  But for coached workouts on intervals it may not be so great.  It's only been three swims so far so it's a bit early for a final verdict.  So far it's not winning me over. FlogI'm really really behind in my Go The Distance Goal for 2012.  Looks like I'll never get to 300 Miles this year.  July31,625 yards for the month isn't so bad.  I really wanted to try for 35K but at least I broke the 30K mark.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2012
Month    Total Distance
Jan    26.14 miles (=46,000 yards, =42,062 meters)
Feb    21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)
Mar    19.36 miles (=34,075 yards, =31,158 meters)
Apr    14.29 miles (=25,150 yards, =22,997 meters)
May    18.67 miles (=32,853 yards, =30,041 meters)
Jun    11.16 miles (=19,650 yards, =17,968 meters)
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)
Total    129.26 miles (=227,503 yards, =208,029 meters)

Lazy Day Swim Workout Or In Others Words I Suck At Swimming These Days

Finally back to swimming.  Haven't been in the pool since Saturday. 

Warm Up
Mixed 550
4x100's Kick.
Using my new Garmin Swim it only registered a total of 575 yards.  Mostly my fault.  Gotta remember to enter kick in the drill mode.  Which I figured out how to use later in the workout.  (950)

Main Set: 2,000 Yards
400 on 6 minutes
4x100's on 1:40 descend
300 on 4:30
4x75's on 1:15 descend.  Messed up on the last one and went on the 1:20 for number 3 into 4. 
Rested too long…
200 on something
4x50's on 45 Descend
100 on something
2x50's descend on something. 
Let's see what the watch registered… (2000/2950) IntervalSo I did descend.  Mind you the times aren't real times they are by the press of the button by my finger times.  The times really suck but alas that is my new reality.  Gotta admit I'm frustrated.  I didn't want to swim today.  

4x75's Distance Per Stroke / Kick / CatchUp by 25 on 2 minutes (300 / 3250)
4x50's CatchUp/Sprint on something (200/3450)

8x25's some drill stuff.  Oh stroke.  25 Drill / 25 Sprint (200/3650)

6x25's Drill breathing every 4 (150/3800)

3,800 yard swim in 90 minutes or so.  Now I haven't been swimming so it was a bit tough going today.  Mind you I do workout almost every day.  Group Ride (spinning) and/or Group Power (weight lifting) so I'm not being lazy.  But getting swimming in has been tough.  We'll see if I continue to teach Power as I'm getting frustrated learning it / teaching it.  Swimming is falling victim to work and my Go The Distance is falling behind... BehindoI gotta force myself to swim before work on Saturday and Sunday.  I figure with Tuesday I got 3 chances to swim to close up the month.  Right now I'm at 27,775 yards for the month.  Not bad but I'd like to be close to 35K.  That might not happen but at least above 30K would be nice.

Swolf? Is that a swimming wolf?

Quick morning swim before work.  Actually I only swam this morning so I could play with my new Garmin Swim Watch.  It arrived yesterday.  Now I'm still sorting it out so I'm not ready for primetime with the device.  Today was just me hitting a whole bunch of buttons and seeing it's basic functions.  Dashgar
Warm Up
550 Yards.  Well the first 50 doesn't count since I didn't realize I had to push two buttons to get the thing going.

It looks like I'm going to have to come back to this post with cool graphics as Garmin seems to be having a mind of it's own.

3x100's Kick.  Well 300 yards kick.  It was to be 4x100's but I goofed off a bit.  Or maybe it was to be 3x100's and I did 200.  Can't tell ya for sure anymore.

4x150's Pulling no paddles on 2:20 breathing 5/4/3 by 50 Swof2x50's kick on 2 minutes sprint.  one with fins one without

4x100's on 1:40 pulling no paddles breathing every 3 100sthen I did a 50 warmdown.  Forgetting to hit start for the first 25.

So 2,000 yards in 35 minutes. Gtd
My Go The Distance is still a bit behind.  So gotta catch up at some point.   

ThemoreyouknowThe More You Know - Oh and as for Swolf?  According to Garmin a Swof score is the sum of time for one length and the number of strokes for that length.  For example, a 30 seconds plus 15 strookes equals a swolf score of 45.  Swolf is a measurement of swimming efficiency and, like golf, the lower score is better. 

I'll update this post with more fun info and graphs.  Maybe even read the instruction manual to the Garmin Swim to find out more fun facts for you to know.  I will admit my first swim not knowing how to use the device was a bit frustrating but I'll learn.  Gotta admit don't think my lane mates are gonna like the whistle like sound the thing makes when I start a set.  Even I'm a bit annoyed by all the sounds and buttons so far.