Eye Of A Blind Tiger. Spirit Of A Road Kill Squirrel!

Oh it's pancake day!  Happy May Day!  The fifth month of the year.  Time to get serious about those long forgotten New Years Resolutions.  Lots of things to get fired up about and start a new.  Or at least I'm going to try and think that way as I've been out of the water so much in the month of April.  It's been 8 days since my last swim but today I was back in the water. 

Warm Up

200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o paddles / 200 Pull w/  paddles.  Slowest warm up ever.  (500) 

4x100's 2 - Kick on 2:15 2 - Swim/Kick/Pull/Build on 2:00 (400/900)

Woah...how can I be so out of shape?  I think I was pretty bad to begin with then April came then the last week hit.  So today it was hurting.  Oy!

Main Set -

4 Rounds (was to be 6 but no way today)

200 on 3 minutes

100 Pace on 1:40

Descending the 200's.  I did a 2:48, 2:43, 2:36 and 2:33.  Yeah you read that right.  Oy, I'm slow.  Back two years ago 2:30 would have been a slow interval for a set for me now it's my time when I'm trying to work it.  (1200/2100)

6x50's on 60 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free (300/2400)

So 2,400 yards in about 52 minutes of water time.  That includes a pee break and chatting time.  I do plan on swimming more in May then in April.  I do have a week that I may have to skip swimming for 6 days but maybe I'll just get in some easy lap swim time to keep wet.  But I've been spinning and weight training so my cross training is great! Downscale
I may have to downscale my 300 Mile swim goal for 2012.  I'm now 20 miles behind my goal pace for the year.  My goal for the month of May is to swim another 30,225 yards to get to 100 miles!  I'll be back in the water on Thursday and Friday of this week. 

Oh one more thing.  Adding in a Rearview Mirror Swimming post to this one.  Since I didn't swim much I dont' want to do a post just for April.  So here are my totals by month so far for 2012... April
Wowser.  That is like my worst month ever since 2005!

"Not Much Of A Swimmer, Are You?"

"Not Much Of A Swimmer, Are You?"  That is the question that floats in my head these days.  It's April 22nd and I've only swam 8 times this month.  I only swam once last week!  Yeah, I'm spinning and lifting and all that but really what happened to my swimming?
Well with that in mind I decided I had to swim this morning.  I went to bed sorta early for me but ended up tossing and turning.  This morning I hit the snooze button for 45 minutes before getting up.  I went on my computer and pulled a workout from April 16th, 2010.  I modified it a bit and yet I still failed in doing it.

Warm Up
200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick IM (600)

Main Set:
200 IM on 3
50 easy on 60
4x25's fly on 30
50 easy on 60
2x100's back on 1:40
50 easy on 60
4x25's fly on 30
50 easy on 60
4x50's back on 60
50 easy on 60
4x50's fky on 1:10
50 easy on 60
8x25's back on 30
50 easy on 60
and then the big FAIL!
I had 8x25's fly planned but on the first one I felt some fatigue/pain so I stopped about 10 meters of the first 25.  Got out and took a pee break.  Tried it again after some rest and got to about 20 meters.  I just gave up and switched to free to make it a 100 warm down.  So this set which was to be 1,800 yards was only 1,650 yards.

1,650+600=2,250 yard swim.  Jeezz, I'm out of swim shape. My goal this week is to swim at least 10,000 yards!  I need to get back in the GTD Game... 10kWell now it's time to eat, rest and hit the gym!

Jumping Back In The Pool

Wahoo...swim time.  Gotta love getting in any swim time at all. 

1x500 Warm Up

1x3000 Kick Mixed w/ fins (300/800)

Set 1 -

2x200's Free on 3

2x200's Back on 3:20

2x200's Fly/Free by 25 on 3:20

Ouchie!  The first two 200's were a struggle.  My body was stiff and sore from weight training (Group Power) yesterday.  We had a new release yesterday and it just killed me.  My lats. triceps and thighs were so sore.  It was a stuggle.  The 200's back were okay.  Nothing earth shattering fast and lots of sloppy strokes.  Now the fly/free felt good.  For the most part the fly felt smooth and natural.  My timing seemed good for the most part.  I'd mess up every so often but regain my stroke.  (1200/2000)

Set 2 -

6x100's IM Reverse on 1:40.  For whatever reason these were tough.  I had no speed and was stuggling.  God I'm outta shape.  Being reverse IM order I was stuggling with the butterfly.  (600/2600)

Now I was running out of time so I only got to do 4x50's Pull w/ Padddles on 50 breathing every 3.  (200/2800)

I could have maybe done the 4 additional ones but time and my body just ran out.  The damn Aqua Fit folks started to take over the deck including turning off the radio.  Now I don't like the music on the radio but get pissy at these folks taking over at 7:45 which is 5 minutes before we are to empty the pool.  One of the aqua chicks was using the courtesy phone to call the staff to take the lane lines out.  

Oh well.  My next time in the pool won't be to at least Friday.  Working at 5am the next two mornings.  Grrr!  Today isn't so bad 11am and then I teach spinning at 5:45pm.  Tomorrow 5am and then teach at noon.  Thursday is 5am and then teach at 5:45pm.  I get a 3 hour break before teaching but it's not much.  Long days.  Hopefully I can wake up to swim on Friday. Gtdsf
I really gotta pick up my swimming.

Saturday Loaf'er Workout

Boy am I hit or miss when it comes to swimming lately.  Just have to squeze in any time to get in the water.  I'd normally skip swimming on Saturday but with work and all I've been out of the water too much this week.  The workout via instagram 05c19728862911e18bb812313804a181_7
Warm Up 1x500 Loosen.  Did a 200 Swim/ 100 Pull w/o paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles

4x50's Kick with fins Fly/Back or Free with 15 seconds rest (200/700)

Set I -

4x100's Descend For Pace on 1:40.  I did a 22, 21, 20 and 08.  Yeah I was shocked that I really managed a 1 second descend for three 100's in a row.  It was a fluke! (400/1100)

400 Fast on 6:00.  Shit.  Forgot my pace and time.  I had about 40 seconds rest if memory serves me wll which it doesn't but let's say a 5:20 so around a 1:20 pace. (400/800/1500)

3x100's Descend From #4 on 1:40.  I did a 14, 12 and a 8.  Not great but okay. (300/1100/1800)

300 FAST on 4:30.  Shit.  I need to write these done as I do them.  Grrr...I was around a 3:40ish.  I know that but can't remember exactly.  (300/1400/2100)

Rest a bit...pee break.

Set II -

4x50's Descend on 50 (200/2200)

1x200 FAST on 3:00 (200/300/2400)

2x50's on 50 2nd one faster (100/400/2800)

1x100 FAST.  (100/500/2900)

Set two was swum with paddles.  I was in the low 2:20's for my 200.  I must have gotten my 200 split in my 300 cuz' in my head I told myself I had already done a 2:25 and needed to beat that.  As for my 100 it was a 1:06.  Not great but I was fatigued.  It's so much easier to loaf it and let fatigue determine my pace when I'm all alone.  Everyone left before me.  Don't get me wrong I worked the second set hard but I think if I had someone with me I would have pushed harder.  I really need that competitiion to come out in me.  Having someone 5 seconds behind me chomping on my feet makes me faster.

Did a 50 warm down and got out   So 2,950 yards in 50 minutes.  Yeah, I know I need to warm down more.  I tell my spinning class the importance of warming down but yet in swimming I just wanna get out.  Do as I say... Gtd_sa
I so gotta stop thinking or worrying about my goal for Go The Distance.  It'll balance out over time.  Work will settle down then get crazy and I'll adapt my swimming to it.   MonthI'm not that far off from past months of past years.  High 30's - low 40's is about average for me.  Just gotta not have those morning sleep in days or go after I work in the morning.  These are the few times I wish the gym had a pool.  But then I think gym pool and think YUCK, NO THANK YOU!

2,000 Yard Quick IM Workout

So so outta shape or not?  I don't know if I'm outta shape or just not challenged.  Sets that should be a bit easy are harder then they should be.  Knowing I have plenty of rest I don't think I'm pushing or challenging myself.  I got a lot to ramble on about but no time.  Gotta get to work.  The workout -

1x400 Loosen

3x100's 1:50 Kick/Drill w/ fins (300/700)

Main Set:

1x300 on 5 - Reverse IM / IM / Reverse IM oh wait I did that wrong I did IM / Reverse / IM (300)

2x200's on 3:20 Fly/Free by 25 (400/700/1400)

6x100's on 1:50 2 Rounds - Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free by 50 (600/1300/2000)

2,000 Yard Workout.  Now it's work and teaching spinning today.

Getting Back On Track

This last week I've eaten very unhealthy food including lots of sugars and boy did my body react badly yesterday.  But I'm back on track eating better starting yesterday.  Well I did eat some candy.  But today I'm gonna be better.  With that said I did get a quick swim in the morning.  Don't have much time since I gotta be at work in a few.

Warm Up

500 (200 pull w/o paddles / 300 pull w/paddles) 500

4x100's 25 1 Finger Drill (think fist drill but one finger extended) / 50 Kick / 25 Swim all with fins. 400/900

400 1 Finger Drill again for the 1st 25 of each 100. 400/1300

Notice a theme so far.  1 Finger!  We (the coach and i) are working on my catch and pull.  Making sure I'm "over the barrel" in my catch and pull. 

5x100's on 1:40 1 Fingr Drill for 1st 25 of each 100 500/1800

4x50's on 60 with paddles easy/fast 200/2000

2,000 yard workout that was a smart workout working on what I need to think about when I swim.

Swimming With Wild Animals

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda...that is my morning in a nutshell.  It's Sunday my day to swim extra long and extra hard.  But laziness kept me away from that.  I hit snooze one too many times and took it easy after walking the dog.  So intead of getting to the pool at 7:30 I arrived at 8am.  So I didn't get much extra swim in. 

Typical Warm Up - 200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles.  Then 200 kick.  (700)

10x50's Pulling w/Paddles on 55 alternating by 50 breathing every 3 then 5 (500/1200)

Then well I was attacked by killer ducks!

Was going to do 12x50's stroke IM but on my 3rd one I duck came swimming in my lane right when I was swimming breastroke into the wall.  The damn duck decided to jump in and swim in front of me.  DONE!  That did it!  Swim mates started to arrive at this point so my chatter and goofiness started to kick in.  I did some pulling and swimming for about 500 yards.  (500/1700)

We then did 4x50's Kick / 4x50's Drill/Swim (400/2100)

8x125's 25 Catch Up then paced for a 75 and sprint the last 25.  Forgot the interval.  During the kick set is when I did something to my knee.  Twisted the wrong way.  Had a sharp pain on one side of my knee like I strained something.  (1000/3100)  So I pulled these.  Just had to do something to keep going. 

So 3,100 yard workout.  I guess something is better then nothing.  I really wanted to go on a run later today since it's predicted to be somewhat cooler today.  But with my knee that isn't going to happen.  I'll be just watching tv on the couch all day!   Oh and I do consider ducks to be wild animals!  Rutoh

Friday Is The New Wednesday

I had planned on swimming on Wednesday morning before heading into work but I was so beat.  I needed that extra hour sleep.  So I skipped swimming on Wednesday.  After work I was still beat.  I tried napping but that didn't work.  Then of course Thursday I had to be in at work at 5am.  OY!  So I've been out of the water since Tuesday.  Two day's isn't that bad but boy does getting back get harder and harder everytime. 

When I attived at the pool the coach gave me a copy of the workout I was to do on Wednesday but gave me a longer warm up since I didn't have to run to work right away.

Warm Up

Mixed 500

6x50's Breathing every 3 on 55 (300/800)

1x300 w/fins catchup drill (300/1100)

Warm up was a challenge for me.  I wanted to call it a day and just go home.  With all the spinning I do I should have super legs with super speed.  But instead I was tired. 

Main Set:

6x150's on 2:30 50 Catch up / 50 Pace / 50 Fast (900/2000)

Still struggling and getting bored.  Since I had my own lane and workout I was getting bored.  I started to drift into dreamtime.  Enjoying the pink puffy clouds roll by as the sun slowly came up.  Well they clouds were pink via my pink goggle lenses.

8x50's on 60 50 easy / 50 fast (400/2400)

Not all that fast.  In fact some of my easier ones seemed a bit faster.  Must have been the fins.  Since I'm teaching spinning I'm getting less upper body weight training in and I think that also played a roll in my weakness today in swimming.  I felt that my pull had no omph or strength.  Going to do Group Power (weight training cardio class) today.  Gotta get into that class at least 3 times a week.  Right now I just go Monday and Friday and that isn't doing enough for me.  But I did teach 7 spinning classes last week and 5 this week.  Gonna have killer legs! Gotosofar
Still behind in my Go The Distance goal pace.  But look I'm almost at 25%. 2012
I really gotta get my ass in the water more.  Might hafta be good and get up tomorrow and swim.  Swim Saturday and Sunday.  Gotta do it.  Grrr...wanna sleep in.  Internal battle rages on.

A Quick, Very Short Workout.

A little swim is better then no swim.  I think.  Since the pool doesn't open to 7am (today 6:47am) I have to have a short workout.  Gotta get home to leave for work by 8:20 at the very latest.  At least that is for now on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  It may change again and again.  So the coach preparred a workout for me knowing my time limits. 5526732991x500 (did it my usual 200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/ paddles.

1x300 w/ fins (swim/kick/pull/build) (300/800)

Main Set:

2x200's on 3

2x150's on 2:15

2x100's on 1:30

2nd one faster.  I did that.  Umm...forgot what I actually did but yeah I was faster on the 2nd one.  I was in panic mode about the time the whole swim.  Wondering if I had time to swim and get home.  I'm paranoid about being late for work. (900/1700)

I messed up the 50's.  I so misread the set.

3 Rounds -

50 Fly/Back on 50

50 Fly/Breast on 55

50 Fly/Free on 50

So the first round I thought it was switches so I did fly/back, back/breast, breast/free.  The 2nd round I messed up again but something different that I can remember.  I did the last round correctly. (450/2150)

So 2150 yards if I added right. 

Making My Sunday Swim 20% Cooler

Less Swim.  More Ponies! 9086 - applejack fluttershy my_little_pony_friendship_is_magic pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity tagme twilight_sparkle
Sunday's Swim Workout -Part One

Warm Up
200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick
4x50's on 55 Swim (800)

Main Set -
1x600 9:30
2x300 4:15
3x200 2:45
6x100 1:30  (2400/3200)

For the main set I wrote down my times but since the paper is wet I can't read the ink.  When it dries later I'll update this post.  I did take a break between the 200's and the 100's but not between the 600/300 and 200.  From what I can see my 2x300's I did both of them on 3:45 and my 200's on 2:27/2:28/2:28.    My 600 on 7:45.  My 100's I was 1:10/1:15/1:12 and then I can't read the paper still.  I sorta remember 14's.  Oh well.  Now that was Part One which was on my own.  So let's make this lame workout 20% cooler! Atg21_displayThe swim gang started to show up so I started to re-warm up.  100 IM Swim / 200 IM Kick / 4x50's easy free.  (500/3700)

4x100's 2 - kick / 2 drill/swim.  I did 350 yards due to a pee break (4050)

Main Set:

4x50's/200/400/200/4s50's (1200/5250)  I did these sorta-IM.  The 450x' fly/back, back/breast, breast/free and free.  The 200 was IM.  While the 400 was 100 IM / 100 Reverse IM and repeat.  I forgot the intervals but I was having plenty of rest. 

For some reason I miscounted in my head and thought I was only at 4750 yards.  So I swam 5x50's winding myself down.  (250/5500)

So 5,500 yard swim.  Good for me!  JoinTheHerd
I haven't been able to swim as much as I like due to work but have had plenty of time to join the Herd of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic show I've decided to post about Ponies!  Yup, the Daily Swim Report will be the Daily Hoof Stomp!  No more Ryan Lochte but all Fluttershy!  Posting swim workouts are okay but I need to make this site 20% cooler  Any only Ponies can do that!