Joel (WHO?) Workout

Today I finally had a morning to swim.  No morning work shift and no morning class to lead.  So it was early to bed last night and early to wake this morning.  Of course sleeping into 6am is not early for me anymore.  Thursday I was up at 3:30am to be feed, dressed and at work by 5am.  OY!   Since I've been working and skipping morning swims when the coach handed me my workout he wrote "Joel (WHO?)" on the top of my workout sheet.  

1x500 Loosen (200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/paddles)

300 Kick w/ fins on stomach/back/side by 25 (300/800)

main set -


1st Catchup on 5:00

2nd Negative Split on 4:30

3-6 Descend on 4:45

(1800/2600)  The first one I stretched out but felt horrible!  The lack of swimming was making me sluggish!  The second one I negative split and did a 4:04.  Then it was time for descends.  I did a 4:00,  3:56, 3:48,  3:38 and hen a 3:29.  Which considering everything I was pretty happy with.  

The workout had some sprint 50's after but to be honest I was beat.  I did a 50 easy and got out.   Now I'm off to an Aquatic Program and Safety Demonstration before I head to the gym.  Think I'm swimming a little bit for this thingy.  Not too much swimming just demonstrationing butterfly or something.  Either way I swam 2,650 yards for the day.  I'll be back in the water on Sunday! 12gtd

When The Workouts All Begin To Look Alike

When the coach gave me my handwritten workout I could of sworn I had done it last week.  But I hadn't it was just the mini-me version of another workout I've done before.  

1x500 Loosen

1x200 IM Kick (oh wait, i didn't read that right.  i did it free.  opps)

4x50's Kick/swim 1 of each stroke on 1 minute (900)

Main Set: 3 Rounds -

100 Free CatchUp Drill on 1:40

100 Backstroke on 1:50

100 IM on 1:40

100 Fly/Free by 25 on 1:40

Shit!  I thought I was doing 4 rounds.  I wouldn't have goofed off between round 2 and 3 knowing that.  I felt good during round one but by round two I was doubting myself.  I kept thinking I know I should be able to do this but damn I 'm outta shape.  I started to think of what were my old intervals on a set like this and then I screwed up when I left and got an extra 10 seconds rest in my 100 IM then took a few extra seconds rest between round 2 and 3 to square up the clock.  (1200/2100)

8x50's Pull Breathing every 3 on 50.  Yeah I screwed up that too.  Was talking a bit in between some of the 50's.  (400/2500)

2,500 yard workout with digital clocks.  Yeah!  We got new digital clocks and got to use them today.  So much easier for my mind then analog clocks.  Can't wait for a distance free set!  Of course when I go swim on my own I won't be able to use them.  They are sorta locked up.  Doh! MonthDue to work my only other day to swim will be Friday morning.  So only three swim workouts this week.  Now next week I can hopefully do at least four if not five.   Ytd

Hurricane Butterfly - The Workout

Hurricane Butterfly - The Workout

Yeah_mlp_fimI really had planned to be up early and hit the pool for a long somewhat "garbage yardage" workout today.  But I just don't want to get up when it's dark outside.  So instead of being at the pool after 7am I got to the pool about 8am-ish.  I started off with a very long but boring warm up.

200 Freestyle
200 Pull w/o Paddles
8x50's on 55 Pull w/ Paddles
8x50's Kick w/ fins on 1:05 fly (4 on back / 4 on stomach) (1200)

Then everyone started to arrive to swim a workout together.  I did a mixed 350.  Some IM work since I was planning an IM-ish set once I read the workout.  (1550)

4x50's Kick.  I did them all butterfly.  I think we did them on 1:05 (200/1750)

4x50's 25 Drill/25 Swim.  We were given specific free drills.  (200/1950)

4x200's on 4:00.  Okay, I was a bit over ambitious about this.  My plan was to do them as follows 200 IM / 100 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Free / 150 Fly, 50 Free / 200 Fly.  OH and these were to be descending.  I ended up swimming them 200 IM / 100 Fly, 50 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Free / 100 Fly, forgot the rest IMish / 200 Fly.  So at least I got to the 200 fly.  I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to swim a 200 fly.  My times were slow 3:05/2:40/2:40/2:35.  Eek!  2:35 for a 200 fly?  I'm so outta shape! (800/2750)

4x50's Fly on 1:05 (200/2950)

4x25's Drill Free to warm down (100/3050)

So 3,050 yards.  I wanted to do more distance free or at least garbage yardage to catch up on my Go The Distance but instead got a good butterfly workout in.  I really need to get my butterfly in gear.  I felt horrible.  My stroke felt like crap.  At the end my arms just felt like jelly.  I wasn't getting a good pull at all.  Yuck. Gdt

his week I'll be swimming only on Tuesday and Friday! I'm teaching Monday, Wednesday in the morning and work a shift on Thursday morning. Maybe I'll get some swimming in the afternoon but don't count on it.

The Big Transition / Transformation

The Big Transition / Transformation

Since Easter is fast approaching this little post is very fitting.  Right now I'm in the midst of my Big Transition or Transformation.  Back in 2004 (8 years ago) a fatty fat guy joined a gym on Easter Sunday.  This guy had gained on the pounds after 17 years of inactivity.  It was time to get moving.  So he joined a gym.  Struggling just to run 10 minutes on a treadmill his first time at the gym he ended up puking.  So he decided to try his hand at spinning.  Spinning sounded easy enough.  Twenty minutes later he was off the bike and puking in the locker room.  Remembering that he was sorta an okay swimmer in his youth he decided he'd try swimming laps at the gym pool.  Guess what?  He puked after his first attempt at swimming again.  Now 8 years later this guy is transforming once again.  From being someone who worked out for fitness and health to transitioning into someone who works out not just for fitness and health but also for his career.  This guy is me.  I'm teaching spinning (Group Ride) and working towards my certification as a Personal Trainer (CPT).  In the meantime I still love my swimming but I just gotta find the time and balance my time to keep swimming in between my daily work which now includes working out for a living.

With all that said I was back in the pool this morning for the first time since Sunday.  Monday I taught at 8:15 blocking me out from swimming the in the morning, Wednesday at 8:15am and noon, Thursday I worked from 5am-10:30 then taught at 10:45.  So I could have swam on my own in the afternoon but my body is just getting use to spinning so much and waking up at 4am for work.  Hopefully I'll figure out how to do it all.  Wish we had a pool at the gym even if we kept it had non-swimming temps!

So today's swim…
1x500 warm up.
4x100's Kick with fins on 2 mins (1 fly/1back/2free)  Woah did I feel all my spinning classes during this set.  Oy!  (400/900)
4x50's on 50 Breathing every 3.  (200/1100)
2x100's on 1:40 Catch-up Drill (200/1300)

Main Set:
5x200's free on 3mins Descending.  It took me a bit to get going.  I just had no connection between my mind and my body.  It wasn't till the 3rd one that I felt okay.  I did a 2:41, 2:42, 2:33, 2:27 and a 2:21.  Not very fast at all.  (1000/2300)

2x100's on 1:40.  2nd one fast.  I think I was a 1:07 for the 2nd one.  (200/2500)

4x50's on 50.  1 easy / 1 fast.  (200/2700)

Then warmed down a 100 for 2,800 yards.  I really need to swim more.  Those times were super slow today.  Now the good news is that the coach said my turns were better today.  Hey, that's something!

Now I hope to swim on Saturday and Sunday then Tuesday and Friday.  That's all I can fit in for now. Never_catchIn bad news I'm really falling behind.  But it's only March.  Got 9 more month of Go The Distance.  Hopefully I can get in 6,000+ yards this weekend.  Sunday's are going to be bloody murder for me if I want to catch up. 

I Almost Forgot How 2 Swim

I haven't swum in days!  Well at least since Wednesday and that was a very short workout.  I so gotta make up for it.  I even tried to swim this afternoon before coming home and passing out on the couch!  I've been teaching/subbing a bunch of spinning (group ride) classes this week so swimming had to take a back seat.  Thursday I taught three classes two of which were in the morning so I missed swim.  Friday I volunteered in the morning so missed swimming.  Today I had an early class then more volunteering.  Well I was super late to be a volunteer timer but did a few heats at the end.  I did bring my swim suit and was going to swim.  I got in the water.  I warmed up.  Then I helped taking out the touchpads, taking out some lane lines and then chatted.  I was really tired.

So what did I attempt to swim...

Swam a 100 free / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/paddles then a 200 kick.  So a 600 warm up before starting to swim a series of 100's which i only did 1 of.  So 700 yards today!

Doh!  I'll head to the pool tomorrow morning and swim at least 4,000 yards. 


Good thing it's only March have plenty of time to catch up to my yard goal for 2012!

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...

This morning I had to fold'em and stop my morning swim.  It was one too many.  Not swims but workouts in general.  The last few days have been a bit hectic and I haven't been getting enough sleep in relation to work/working out.  I really felt it this morning.  I had nothing in the tank to give.  Well I had a little bit but kept thinking of work this afternoon.  I need to save my little money making legs for the class I teach later today.  So I during the main set I gave in to my little head and got out early.

Warm Up

Mixed 500

200 IM kick with fins (breast stroke last 50 w/o fins) (700)

I already was feeling pretty dead.  The kick was done nice and easy.  Not that I can kick any other way but it was easier then my usual easy.

Now the following set was to be done 3x's.  I did it once!

1x100 Free on 1:40

1x100 Fly/Breast by 25 on 1:50

100 Back on 1:40

200 IM on...took a pee break.  But I got to tell you I stopped a the wall after my first 25 fly and then after I pushed off backstroke I stopped mid first stroke for a bit.  I then started another 100 free but felt horrible.  Decided to call it a day. (600/1300)

So I only got in a 1,300 yard swim.  But at least I got something in.  Now I won't swim to Friday morning since I work tomorrow morning.  At least that'll give my body a day to recover.  I do teach today and tomorrow plus some regular work time.  Hopefully I'll get a good night sleep in tonight.  My body needs a reset button. 


Swimming today helped me catch up to my Go The Distance.  Just not enough considering I won't swim Thursday or Saturday.  But I do have 9 more months of the year.  Totally shooting for the mesh drawstring bag or whatever it is that I can get for swimming 250 yards in the year. 

Over at the USMS Forums some folks put up a poll about the FLOG/GTD page


It's an interesting read below the poll on how other swimmers set goals, are influenced by these goals and what keeps them swimming.  I use it to motivate myself.  Even today when I wanted to get out I kept thinking but I need these yards for my Go The Distance.  It didn't work this morning but other mornings it does work.

A Bit of Swim Workout With My Fatigue

Back in the water again.  It's been on again / off again with me being in the pool.  Mind you I haven't been a slacker I've been working which means dry land workouts.  But today it was time to get back in the water. 

1x500 lossen
1x200 kick w/ fins (700)

4x100's on 1:40 breathing every 3 (400/1100)

3x400's Descending on 5:40 (1200/2300)

4x100's on 1:30 Start @ 1:12 and descend (400/2700)

6x50's Easy Pull w/ Paddles (300/3000)

Oy!  I tried to minimize the extra rest between the 100's and the 400's on both sides.  Maybe and extra 90-120 seconds at most.  Didn't want to let my heart rate fall too much.  I was just trying to do my first round of 100's on 1:20 which was what I did.  Them my 400's I was a 5:12/5:05 and a 4:52.  At first I was thinking a 5 flat was a good goal then I started to think I should be faster then that.  For my second round of 100's I was 12/11/10 and 7.  I was hurting at the end.  I felt like I was almost swimming water polo freestyle.  I was just whipping my arms around, very wide entry and my body was up.  I was trying to fix it as I was swimming but fatigue just made it worse.   When I was struggling I kept thining that I was I had a whole lane or two with me on the set.  I really am finding it hard to push myself a bit futher without any one around. Grr...


Since I haven't been able to swim as much as I'd like I'm falling behind in my goal.  Some of it is my own fault with sleeping in on Sunday.  Yesterday I taught spinning(group ride) at 8:15 so couldn't swim at 7.  Then I hung out took Group Power and another class.  Yeah, I didn't have to do all that.  This week I'll get at least two more swims in.  Will swim tomorrow morning and Friday morning.  I think Friday will be short.  I need to be at another pool to volunteer for the local Senior Games (55+ swimmers) at either 8 or 8:30am.  Then from that pool right to work in the afternoon.  Saturday I have volunteering again but I do plan on sleeping in.  But who knows.  Depends on how I feel.  As for today it's two hours of teaching spin then tomorrow one hour.  Going to have killer legs!

Bounce, Bounce Bounce!

Bounce, Bounce Bounce!

It's Saturday!  Wahoo! Day to sleep in…WRONG!  Today is going to be an active cardio day.  Starting with a morning swim.

1x500 Loosen (the usual 200/100/200)
1x200 Kick w/ fins (700)

1x400 Freestyle pushing lengths 4,8,12,16 (400/1100)

I was struggling at first.  I was really feeling my Group Power weight training yesterday.  Was very stiff / sore.  Took most the the 400 to get myself into gear.

8x100's Free on 1:45 Drill/Pace/FAST/Pace by 25 (800/1900)

I was trying to keep an even pace for all the 100's.  The first four were me just trying to find a comfortable manageable steady pace.  The last three I pushed it. 

8x50's w/Fins Catchup/Sprint on 1:00 (400/2300)

Okay that was fun.  Tiring.  Kicking using so much oxygen!  But I really did feel good at this point.  Tired but good.  The kicking left me less bouncy in the water.  I was smoother and more streamlined.  The buoyancy of the yellow zooms and me actually using my legs kept me at a good clip.  As for that bouncy thing during my 400 I felt very bouncy during the fast lengths.  I really went back to my old way of swimming.  Really had to think about head position and hand entry to smooth it out.  I think I was swimming my old style cuz' I felt stiff from weight training and just resorted to what just felt right even though I know it's wrong.

Then I did an easy 100 to rack up 2,400 yard workout.  In a bit I'll be eating breakfast and heading to the gym.  A bunch of cardio today including a 2 Hour Zumbathon Charity Event.  Oy!


As for Go The Distance I'm still a bit behind.  I was hoping to catch up on my goal pace by today.  Guess tomorrow I'll have to really kick it up.  Now if I had looked earlier this morning at my GTD I would have swam an extra 75 yards!
100,000 yards here I come!

You Call Yourself A Swimmer?

Do I?  Meh, I guess so.  Before I start to ramble let's get to this morning's swim workout.  Yesterday I told the coach that he had permission to kill me this morning since I didn't have to teach or work at all today.  So he did his best…

Warm Up
500 Loosen.  (did a 200 free swim, 100 pull w/o paddles free, 100 pull w/paddles free, 50 back/free pull w/ paddles and 50 breast/fly pull w/o paddles)
200 Kick w/ fins
3x100's Free w/fins 25 Kick / 25 Right Arm / 25 Left Arm / 25 swim (1,000)

Main Set:
4 Rounds
1x200 Free on 3 Minutes
1x150 IM (25 Stroke / 25 Free) on 2:30
1x100 Back on 1:40
1x50 Fly on 60
Descend each round (2000/3000)

6x75's Pull w/ paddles breathing every 3 on 1:10 (450/3450)

I did a 25 easy since I had moved the clock down to the other end so I could see the clock on my 75's so I swam 3,475 yards,  I regret not swimming back when I walked the clock to the other end before the 75's.  Could of swam 3,500 yards.  Oh well, 3,475 it was. 

My Main Set Approximate Times*
Round One - 2:40/2:10/1:25/35
Round Two - 2:36/2:05/1:30/33
Round Three - 2:30/2:00/1:16/33
Round Four - 2:22/1:55/1:15/32

(*approximate times - what i remember of perceive the clock to be when i wrote this down after i finished the set and took a quick pee break)

Now Do I Call Myself A Swimmer?  It's funny that in the few swim blogs I read I don't see the sort of "qualifiers" of what makes a swimmer like I see when I read running blogs to what makes a runner.  I started thinking about this after reading's article "Can You Call Yourself an Athlete?" I do consider myself a swimmer as I call anyone who gets up everyday and heads to a pool and swims laps.  Yeah, us "swimmers' mock the noodlers but they just noodle and don't swim.  Us "swimmers" are just nicer and are more open to our fellow swimmers then runners are to other runners.  We don't judge those who never go to a Master's swim meet any less then the swimmer who makes Top 10 in every single event he/she swims.  Us "swimmers" are better then that.  So to sum up my rambling, Yes, I am a swimmer and so are you my fellow swimmers. 



Hey, I'm catching up to my goal.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll catch up and Sunday I'll pull ahead.  Now back to my rambling just when I thought I was a swimmer I'm at 55.41 miles but at least three other Go The Distancer's are above 300 miles!  Holy Distance, Batman!


Drill Baby, Drill!

I asked for an easy workout today with the thought that I teach today and want to give my class all I got.  So needed to save my pretty legs for later today.  So I got an easy workout just not as easy as I expected.  Today is was about the drilling.

Warm Up
200 Swim / 200 Pull / 200 Kick / 200 Swim (800)

1x400 Free - 1st 25 of each 100 was drill (no repeating any drill more then once) and the last 25 of each 100 was fast.  Wait, do I know 2 drills?  I had to go deep into my mind to find 4 drills.  Catchup, Fingertip, Fist and umm…oh yeah swordfish.  Thank you Coach Carol for all those drills.  I miss drill work.  I'm slow as hell when I drill but I need my drilling.  Wait, that came out wrong.  Anywho…(400/1200)

6x100 IM Reversed on 1:50.  Rotating a 25 drill.  So the 1st and 4th 100 I drill breaststroke, 2nd and 5th the backstroke and 1st and 6th was butterfly. (600/1800)

4x50's Fins 10 strokes per length.  Shit just realized these were on 60 and I did them on 50.  OH well.  (200/2000)

So 2,000 yards in like 40 minutes or so.  I really did enjoy the drill work and it wasn't so bad on my legs.  Good workout to get my body awake and ready for some spinning.