Rearview Mirror Swimming June & 1st Six Months of 2012

June is over and it was damn gloomy!  With work being a bit crazy I really didn't get to swim that much.  June
Not too many days at the pool.  But at least I'm swimming.  Yearsofar

Looking back at 2011 and you can see I'm way down in yardage -

December I swam 30,950 yards.
In November I swam 51,550 yards.
In October I swam 37,550 yards.
In September I swam 41,150 yards.
In August I swam 42,900 yards.
In July I swam 29,550 yards.
June I swam 42,000 yards
May I swam 47,950 yards.
April I swam 44,950 yards.
March I swam 62,125 yards.
February I swam 41,750 yards.
January I swam 42,300 yards.

Not that yards are everything.  But right now even garbage yardage would be fine by me.  Hopefully now that my daily routine is settling I'll be able to swim 3 coached workouts and 1 on my own every week.  402goI'm way off my Go The Distance Goal for the year but I got to believe that I'm gonna close that gap.  Forty miles behind but I can catch up.  Come September my Sunday's open up again and I'll be doing those 4,ooo-5,000 yardage swims.  Maybe even more if I'm lucky!

It's The Sunblock, Stupid!

Back to swimming.  Today was the first day of me being really back to swimming.  I finally made the plunge and joined a local swim team.  Since my work schedule has firmed up and settled a bit I decided I could actually make workouts.  The team is broken into two groups with one being a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 10am workout.  For the first time I'm actually able to make those swims so I decided to join.  The workout is about 75 minutes long but I only swam 60 minutes today.  I didn't have enough sunblock on.  Not use to swimming during the day.  The coach pulled me out before I was toast.

Warm Up
400 Mixed
200 Kick (200/600)
4x75's on 1:30 Kick/Swim/Kick (300/900)
500 250 Catch Up / 250 Swim.  I took off my fins at the 250 mark. (500/1400)

Main Set - 3 Rounds
5x100's on 1:30
Round One was easy/fast/easy/fast/easy by 100.  (1:19/1:17)
Round Two was descending starting at the same time from the previous fast 100 in round one.  (16,14,14,13 and 10)
Round Three was hold pace from fastest 100.  (I was 1:10, 1:10, 1:09, 1:09, high 1:08) (1500/2900)

Then a warm down 3x100's IM.  Pull/Kick/Swim (300/2200)

So 2,200 yards. The turnout in the faster lanes today was light so we split the lane.  So I didn't have anyone at my toes to push me a bit more.  But that is okay as I was dogging it.  I was tired but most of all it's odd to swim so late in the morning.  I'm use to waking up and hitting the pool.  I also gotta go out and buy a gallon of sunblock. Gothedi
Hopefully having a set swim time will get me swimming again.  No more hitting snooze and think to myself "i'll swim tomorrow".

30 Minute Wham Bam Thank You Swam!

Only had 30 minutes to swim this morning so I ran to the pool for a quick workout.

538575_10150937046639737_1578064640_nWarm Up
100 Swim
100 Pull

10c50's on 50 5 Pulling w/ Paddles / 5 Swim (500/700)

5x100's Swim on 1:30 (500/1200)

5x100's Pulling w/ Paddles on 1:20 (500/1700)

And that was it.  30 MInutes!  Well about.  Luckily my time ran out just when the rain started to come down. 

Yesterday after teaching 9:30 spin class I headed out with my visiting nieces and got a pedicure.  One of my nieces picked out a nice bright pink for my toes.  Gotta admit I think the pink made me faster in the water this morning.

Why Do I Suck At Breaststroke Workout!

Thursday morning makes three in a row in the pool.  After being more miss then hit for the month I'm settling into a swim routine.  Of course this will all change next week.  But at least I got in the water.

Warm Up
200 Swim / 200 Pull / 100 Swim IM
300 Free Catch Up Drill (900)

Main Set:
5 Rounds -
50 Fly/Free on 55
50 Back/Free on 55
50 Breast/Free on 60
150 IM NO FREE on 2:40 (300/1500/2400)

I had a bit more to swim but time was up.  So I missed out on 5x100's Free pulling, breathing every 3.  Oh well.  I felt good swimming today.  Was nice to get some stroke in.  Most of the 150's I was doing a 2:12 or so but the last one I was down to a 2:02.  Not great but not bad.  Considering how slow I am in breaststroke.  So a 2,400 yard workout.

ThursNow looking at my GTD I'm still a bit behind.  The year is almost 1/2 over and I'm not even close to 50% of my goal.  At least I'm above 1/3!  Hoping I can make up some of this by swimming on Sundays before work during the summer and longer swims on Sundays in the fall.  JuneI so need to swim at least 5,000 yards this month.  I so cannot be under 20,000 yards for the month.  Later I do have to swim a little bit more.  Don't know what yet just a quick thingy.  It's sorta my unofficial official try out to swim in the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday group of a local swim team here. 

Swimming In The Slow Poke Lane

Pace, my favorite word in swimming.  Well maybe after PULLING!  This morning's workout was about finding my pace.

1x500 Loosen (200 swim / 300 pull)
4x100's w/ fins 25Drill / 50Kick / 25Swim (400/900)

5x100's For Pace on 1:30
Rest 1 Minute
1000 Even Split.  Use the 100's to set your sustainable pace.

So my 100's were okay starting with a 1:20 for the first two then around a 1:17 for the rest.  Now I took 90 seconds rest to square up the clock.  My first hundred in the 1,000 I was on a 1:20 pace then I hunkered down to a 1:19 pace.  My 500 split was a 6:35.  Now I was then down to 1:18's for a bit towards the end coming in on 13:01 for my 1,000 making my split a 6:26.   (1500/2400)

I then did an easy 100 to bring up the yardage to 2,500.

Looking back at a workout from 2009 in which I swam a 800 for pace I am a full minute slower today!  Holy Slowpoke, Batman!  This is not a good thing.  I gotta get my act together! JuneI guess at the very least I'm still swimming.

I Hate Tuesday Mornings! But Still Wake Up To Swim, Go Figure.

My new normal routine is slowly setting in.  It's going to change but I'm slowly setting into that change this week.  Sunday was day one of the new normal with me swimming on my own before going into work.  Monday is a no swim day but I'll be teaching a weight training class at 5:45am, a spinning class at 8:15am then work from 2-8pm on the fitness floor.  Tuesday and Thursday I don't have to do anything to 5:45pm and that's my spinning class.  So in the next few weeks I'll be joining the swim team and swim at 9 or 10am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  Wednesday's I teach the weight training class at 5:45am and spinning at 12pm.  Well see if I get in a swim in the afternoon.  I doubt it.  Friday I only teach at 5:45am but work on the fitness floor from 2-6pm.  It'll be nice to settle into a routine and stay that way for at least a month or so.  Since today is a Tuesday it was a swim morning for me.

Warm Up
Mixed 500 (swimming and pulling)
200 Kick
Then I was to do 2x100's but some swimmers came late and on Tuesday & Thursday we only have 4 swim lanes so we had to move around.  So I just swam a mixed stop and go 200.  Once we settled into lanes I was ready for my main set.

Main Set
5 Rounds
200 Free on 2:00
50 Free Pace on 60
50 Free Spring on 60
The 200's were to be descended.  I did the first three rounds continuous.  Then took a minute break after round 3 and 4.  My last 200 I was down to a 2:21.  Trying to remember I think I did a 51, 46, 43, 36 and then a 2:21.  From my memory those are the numbers coming up.  (1500/2400)

Then I was suppose to swim some 50 switches but chatting took over and then swim time was over.  So I only did 2,400 yards.  The water temp was 84F which to me is too hot.  Unfortunately it's only going to get hotter.  OY! Mth_swim 300
Don't think I'll ever catch up to my USMS Go The Distance Goal of 300 Miles this year.  I know I'll break 200 but 300 seems so out of reach right now.  If only, if only, if only...

Dropin' It Like It's Fast, For An Old Man

My third day of swimming this week and sadly for the month.  I will be settling into a new work schedule so I'll be able to have "set" days to swim again.  But that is about two to three weeks away yet.  So for now I'll just swim when I can.  Which should be almost every day but Monday's.  Of course I need a day or two off for recovery.  I did take Thursday off from swimming after swimming two consecutive days.  I'm getting old so those recovery days are getting more important.  But of course I did teach a spinning class last night and did weight training yesterday.  So not a full recovery day.  I had Monday for that and will take Sunday off.  Which means swimming and weight training on Saturday.  We'll see how that goes.  As for today...

Warm Up:

150 Swim / 150 Pull w/o Paddles / 100 Pull w/ Paddles / 300 Kick w/ Fins (700)

Then it was jump right into the Main Set:

100/200/300/ 400 PULL / 300/200/100

Faster going back down.  So boy was I slow at first.  Still warming up my 100 was a 1:26, then my 200 was a 1:46 and my 300 was a 4:02.  Oh I was on a 1:30 based interval so 1:30/3:00/4:30.  My 400 was easy pull and did it on 1:30 base plus 30 so 6:30.  Going down was a bit faster.  Phew.  My 300 was a 3:52, my 200 was a 2:26 and my 100 was a 1:05.  Big drops!  Which was sorta the design of the set.  It was just odd that my drops were 10 seconds, 20 seconds and well a bit better then 20 seconds being 21.  It was almost too neat on paper that I had planned it.  But it's just the way it was.  (1600/2300)

So overall it wasn't so bad with a 2,300 yard swim. 

Barely Swimming.

Day Two!  My second day of swimming is done with!  My swim break is over.  I gotta say that I'm soooooo slow!

Warm Up
200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles / 100 Kick (600)

4x50's 25 Underwater / 25 Swim on 1"10 (200/800)

400 - 50 Catch Up / 50 Build.  After the 200 I was so far behind I gave up the catch up and just swam it.  And I still got lapped! (400/1200)

6x150s's on 2:40 - 25 Catch Up Free / 25 Specialty Stroke.  I did the first one fly and the second one back then repeated that pattern.  (900/2100)

8x50's w/fins on 60 25 Catch Up / 25 Sprint (400/2500)

I then did a 100 easy to warm down (2600)

And that was it.  I was so beaten up.  Damn, I'm outta shape.  Well swim wise.  I'm going to try and get at least 4 swims this week.  Hopefully tomorrow and Friday.  That is my goal. Goaly
My Go The Distance goal is getting to be very hard to catch.  I'm behind over 33 Miles!  My goal is to get it below 25 by the end of June!  I know not a big goal.  But I just don't want to keep falling behind.  It took me 5 months to get to 100 Miles.  I gotta step up my yardage!

Long Lost Swimmer Finds Pool & Then Drinks The Kool-Aide

Wow finally a day to swim!  The last two weeks I had to put swimming on hold due to work.  Now I love work since it's Spinning (Group Power,)  One week I taught 16 Spinning Classes and 2 Boot Camp Classes.  Last week which was week two wasn't so bad with only 8 classes Mon - Thursday.  But since they were at 8:15 or 9:30am I just couldn't swim.  Pool opens at 7 and most days it's booked all day with activities.  I know, I could have swim a quick short workout before teaching but I was afriad to push myself too much.  So that is my story for not swimming.  Well most of it.  Before I get to the rest on to this mornings swim...

Oh wait, one more thing.  I went to bed early last night but then my phone rang at 11:58.  Damn It!  Was able to get back to bed.  Then up at 5am since I was on call for possibly working this morning at opening.  Luckily I didn't have to go in but when I went back to bed after recieving a text at 5:15 that I was clear well I forgot to set my alarm for 6:15.  I didn't wake up to 6:50.  So I got to the pool a bit after 7.  Everyone was already swimming.  I had to jump from lane to lane and do a modified easy workout.

5x100's Free warm up on 1:50.  Oy, I was slow and sore!

Then I moved to the slow lane and swam with them.

2 Rounds

100 IM (did it on 2 mins)

100 Breast

50 Fly/Back

50 Breast / Free

Cuz' I was ahead of them I did the last 2x50's again with them.  So 1,200 yards so far.  I then did a 100 easy pull to warm down.  1,300 yard workout.  But that was great.  I haven't been swimming and I did a 3 Day Group Power (weight training) Instructor Training this weekend.  Every muscle in my body is sore.  I woke up yesterday feeling like a truck hit me.  But I did teach spinning at 8:15am and felt better.  I really thought I'd jump in the water and feel great.  But I didn't!  This easy workout was a challenge. June
So I haven't been swimming.  Once this month so far.  My goal if work doesn't get in the way is to swim Wed, Thur and Fri.  If I miss one or more of those days then I'll swim Saturday.  I need to get back in the swim of things.  Gotta figure how to balance work and swimming.  Monday's I teach at 8:15 so morning swims are not happening and then I work 2-8 on the Fitness Floor.  It looks like I'll be picking up another shift on the floor starting next week if not this week.  So that'll be another day of no swimming.  Luckily for now all my other classes are later in the day.  Either way I'll figure it out.  Ytd
As for my YTD Go The Distance I'm way way behind.  But I got half a year to catch up.  Plus if I don't it's not the end of the world.  It'll give me a benchmark for 2013.  Not being able to swim in the mornings made me jealous of the facility that the training was at with it's pool.  They had a therapy pool, a kiddie pool and a lap pool.  They keep the pool at 82F which is warm but would be great to jump in for a swim before classes and shifts.  Wish we had a pool at my gym.  Of course dont' hold me to that as I hate most gym pools.  Since they are at 82F and above!

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May's Swimming Rearview Mirror - One Last Swim 2 Get 2 100 Miles!

100 MILES BABY!  Okay, so not such a big deal but since my swimming is more miss then hit these days I'm glad I got one of my goals accomplished.  Mind you I'm still behind my YTD % Goal for Go The Distance 2012.  But let's backtrack a bit.  100This week I pretty much have no time to swim or no energy to get in the water.  Monday I could have as I only taught Boot Camp at 7am and Spinning at 8:15am.  Since it was a holiday I had the afternoon but we had a tropical depression and wasn't able to go to the pool.  They are all outdoors!  Tuesday I taught four Spinning classes (7am, 9:30am, 10:45am and 5:45pm.)  I didn't have the energy to swim.  Wednesday I taught five Spinning classes (6:45am, 8:15am, 9:30am, 12pm and 6:30pm.)  Today was an easy day with only 3 Spinning classes 97am, 9:30am and 10:45am.)  So after food, rest and more food I headed to the pool.

My so called workout…
200 Swim
200 Kick
100 Swim

6x100's Pull w/ Paddles 3 on 1:55 and 3 on 1:50.  My plan was to do 15x100's but I got bored.  Lap swimming is boring!  (600/1100)

I knew I had to swim another 500 yards to get to my 100 miles.  So I figured I'd do some 50's.  Do 12x50's doing strokes.  I did my first 4x50's   on 60 1 Free, 1 Breast, 1 Back, 1 Fly, 1 Free, 1 Breast and then chit chat time.  (300/1400)

I started to talk to another swimmer I know who was trying to teach one of the dragon boat teams how to swim.  Then a few of the boaters recognized me from the gym.  So I was talking more then anything.  So then I got lazy.  Did about 3x50's free with chit chat in between.  (150/1550)

200 IM to show off for the folks.  Kidding.  I wanted to get in some stroke work since I was being a bit slow in the water.  (200/1750)

then 50 easy kick to cool down and round out my yardage to 1800!  More then enough to get to 100!  So at least when I made my goal to get to 100 miles by the end of the month I was able to do it.  Not a big deal but hey, it's something.  As for my YTD well that is so beyond pace! Ytdgoal
I'm beginning to doubt I'll get to 300 Miles this year.  In fact swimming in general is just going to get tougher and tougher.  As I start teaching more then Spinning and finish my Personal Trainer Certification I really don't know if I'll ever be able to swim.  I'm loving the teaching and gym going but swimming is really in my heart.  Having self doubts about some choices and paths I'm heading down. Ytd
My yardage is getting lower and lower.  At least it was better then April!  Oy!  Looking back at 2011 and you can see I'm way down in yardage -

December I've swum 30,950 yards.
In November I swam 51,550 yards.
In October I swam 37,550 yards.
In September I swam 41,150 yards.
In August I swam 42,900 yards.
In July I swam 29,550 yards.
June I swam 42,000 yards
May I swam 47,950 yards.
April I swam 44,950 yards.
March I swam 62,125 yards.
February I swam 41,750 yards.
January I swam 42,300 yards.

Oh well, I got 7 months to get my act together!  Hopefully I can find a balance between work and swimming.