These Hips Do Lie! Swimming Badly From The Hip.

Ahh...swimming again.  Everytime I log in a workout it seems like it's been ages since my last swim.  And everytime I get in the water it feels like it's been ages since my last swim.  I seem to be going Tuesdaynowhere way too fast with my swimming.  With the word "fast" not describing how I am in the water.  But as I keep saying to myself and typing here "At Least I'm Swimming."

Warm Up

50 to put in the lane lines.  Then 450.  The damn Garmin Swim registered a 425.  At the end I was doing some free and backstroke.  Don't know why it didn't register one of those laps.  (500)

Then we did a 200 Kick.  Blah, Blah, Blah!  Actually my kicking isn't so horrible but after teaching spinning this morning I was not only tired but have some pain in the leg.  Mostly from over use.  I've spun in class for 8 days in a row.  My legs need a break! (200/700)

Some Drill thingies.  Hmmm...what was it.  Oh yeah.  6x50's - 25 underwater kicking then something coming back.  Build maybe? (300/1000)

Main Set:

4x175's on 2:45

4x125's on 2 minutes

So I worked these 175's/100's but I was thrashing around the pool.  My hips were calling my inner MainsetShakira and not in a good way.  I'm breathing a bit late and too high pushing my hip one way then to over compensate my recovery is way out to the side moving my hips the other way.  So my hips are back and forth all over the place like a fishtail dragging behind me.  Something I need to work on. 

While swimming the coach was mentioning I was thrashing about and my recovery was very wide outside and no high elbows.  So in my last two 125's I did some of it finger tip drag.  Figured I'd get my elbows up.  But since it was my hips causing this motion and swinging of the arms the drill was of little help.  Now since I'm thrashing about I'm putting extra pressure on my left shoulder while I'm breathing.  I could feel some slight pain when swimming about 1/2 way into the set. 

So that was 1,200 yards.  Hmmm...that means so far I've swum 2,200 yards.  Next up...

Something? 325 yards of something.  Oh this was 8x50's Pulling I think.  We did something pulling.  (400/2600)

250 Kick (250/2850)

5x100's IM (500/3350)

4x50's something (200/3550)

Garmin Swim has it at 125 I sorta f'ed up.  The 50 and 125 +some more.  I think we did 50's or something.  I didn't start the watch on time.  I think  it was 5x50's…that seems odd. I think it was Stroke drill down and swim back.  Oh fuck.  Whatever.  (250/3800)

4x25's Umm..some freestyle stuff.  Breathing every 4 then the last one no breathing.  (100/3900)

Well that sorta was my swim.  3,900 yards? I guess so. YardsAs long as everything goes to plan I should get in at least 30K yards this month.  But who knows.  In a perfect world I could get in another 10,000 yards before the end of the month to tie last months totals.  But I really doubt that'll happen.  Not that yardage means anything when my hips are all over the place and my stroke sucks.  But then again if I don't have any speed maybe distance is the way to go!  Let's Have It For Garbage Yardage!

60 Minute Wham Bam Thank You Swam


Just another day at the pool.  I swam by myself this morning which is really boring.  I wrote out a workout and for the most part stuck with it. 

Distance:     3,000 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     40:55
Avg Pace:     1:22 min/100 yd
Calories:     600 C
Avg Efficiency :     32
Avg SWOLF :     29

The Set:

6x50's on 1:05 (i think) (300)

6x50's on 1:00 (600)

4x75's on 1:15 (900)

6x50's on 55 (1200)

4x75's on 1:15 (1500)

3x100's on 1:30 (1800)

6x50's on 50 (2100)

4x75's on 1:15 (2400)

3x100's on 1:30 (2700)

300 Cool down (3000)

Basically it was 10 broken 300's.  If I had more time I actually was going to add an additional round.  6x50's/6x50's, 4x75's/6x50's, 4x75's, 3x100's/ so instead of the 300 at the end I was going to add in 2x150's to the third round and then add in another round with the 150's and the 300 at the end.  But since I got to the pool about 40 minutes later then I had planned I gave up.  Plus I haven't been swimming much.  So swimming just 3,000 yards kills me.  I took a break after the 3x100's.  About 90 seconds.  But for the rest I tried to just keep going.

Hopefully this week I'll be able to get in two good swims.  Today I will be spinning for 90 minutes at a fundraising event.   I teach 2 classes tomorrow and with the times of the classes I won't be swimming.  But Tuesday and Thursday should be swim days.  Hopefully next Sunday I can get out of bed earlier and get in a really good workout.  Would love to do this workout again but do the extra yardage. 

Month    Total Distance
Jan    26.14 miles (=46,000 yards, =42,062 meters)
Feb    21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)
Mar    19.36 miles (=34,075 yards, =31,158 meters)
Apr    14.29 miles (=25,150 yards, =22,997 meters)
May    18.67 miles (=32,853 yards, =30,041 meters)
Jun    11.16 miles (=19,650 yards, =17,968 meters)
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)
Aug    21.08 miles (=37,100 yards, =33,924 meters)
Sep    13.27 miles (=23,350 yards, =21,351 meters)
Total    163.61 miles (=287,953 yards, =263,304 meters

My goal is to get in another 10,000 yards this week.  That is my goal but at the very least another 7,000 yard to push me to 30K for the month.  I got that 2.5K open water swim in two weeks.  Oy!  I'm so not ready!

Can I Swim Any Slower?

So tired.  It's only Wednesday but I feel all beaten down.  I really had to force myself out of bed to go swimming.  Between teaching 3 spin classes and yesterday's swim practice my body is fatigued.  That Wedis the bad news.  The "bad-er" news is that I won't be able to swim till at least Sunday!  So getting out of bed and swimming really wasn't much of a choice it was a demand I made of myself.

This mornings swim was pretty easy and simple to follow.  That being that it wasn't really a coached workout.  The coach is swimming his own workout and just gives us something to do.  Warm up was short with a mixed 500.  I stopped after a 350 to chat then went on to do another 150.  I then kicked just a 100.  Which 600 yards isn't much of a warm up before hitting the main set.  I actually still felt stiff in the shoulders. Which I think is partially the way I swim plus the drill work on Sunday and doing some shoulder work in Group Power on both Friday and Saturday.

1200The main set was a bit of an easy one.  With 3 Rounds of 4x50's on 50 and a 200 on 3 minutes descending the 200's. 

Nothing all to fast.  I was really just trying to get myself going in the 50's.  My first 200 was a bit slow and painful.  I felt like I was still half asleep in bed.  I only did a 2:40.  I was at this point toying with the idea of doing this 4 Rounds instead of 3.  But I felt so blah that I decided to stick 3 rounds.

The second round I loafed the 50's.  Since I was still sorta half asleep I kept thinking I really needed to push the 200.  Plus that first 200 was too slow for my liking.  I got the second 200 down to a 2:31.  Better but just meh.

The third round the fatigue started to kick in.  Already?  Good god I'm out of shape.  I kept thinking in myself either I didn't warm up enough or I am out of shape.  The I am out of shape side of the debate won out.  My mind was wandering the whole set.  My left arm is really swinging out so the last 200 I was trying to keep my elbow high in recovery.  It wasn't a great 200 but with a 2:30 I was descending and that was the whole idea of the set.   (1200/1800)

After a brief converstion with the coach it was time for him to leave and leave us on our own.  Yeah, so I sorta gave up.  Instead of doing 3 Rounds of 2x50's IM Switches and 100 IM I pretty much gave up.  Did the first 50 and after pushing off the wall backstroke noticed a rainbow in the sky and well pretty much stopped to check it out.  At first I thought it was my new goggles but nope.  It was a Monthsrainbow.  And with that I pretty much ended my workout.  Finished the 50, chatted with the other swimmers then did a 100 kick and got out.  (150/1950)

So not much yardage today with 1,950 in.  As I was typing this I rememberd that I might be able to swim on Saturday before I teach.  Depending on how I feel.  In my mind I think I really should even if it's just a quick an easy 2,000 yards.  Some warm up and a quick swim.  Next week I am going to try and swim several times.  Not just to get my September yardage up but because people will be back from vacations at work so I'll be teaching a bit less so I'll be able to swim more.  I got a 2.5K swim on October 6th.  Really need to get some good distance workouts in.  Otherwise it's going to be a struggle to keep going for a 2.5K swim.  I know I will be able to eek it out but I'd like to do it in some what of a respectable time.  Or at least not come in last.  At least swimming in a pool with bad lane lines and crappy gutters I'm getting in my wave swimming experience.  SiestakeyWell till next time.  For now it's food time!

So Many Things To Think About When Swimming, It's Like Being A Marine's Biologist.

OY! Well at least I got a swim in is officially official my motto.  I was able to get in a swim in between teaching 3 spinning classes today.  My first class was at 5:45am.  OY!  Came home, ate and took a 5 Tuesminute nap!  I used my time at home to review a new dvd "release" of our spin class (Group Ride.)  Trying to learn as many songs as possible as I'm getting sick of the same releases that I already know.  So then it was time to practice at 10am.

It's Tuesday so it was my lane line day.  Before we swim it's an Aqua Fitness Class so we gotta put the lane lines in.  So the first 100 is me doing the lanes.  Then I did a 450 swim/pull.  (550)

200 Kick w/fins (750)

6x50's I think it was 1 Finger Fist drill going down and catch up coming back.  (300/1050)  I stand corrected.  It was 25 underwater kick/ 25 1 finger fist.

400 (NOT 350 Garmin Watch)  It was 25 Fist Drill / 25 Catch Up / 50 Swim (400/1450)

2x200's 100 Catch Up / 100 Swim on 3:10 (400/1850)   2:37.9 &  2:39.9

100s8x100's  - 4 on 1:35 then 4 on 1:30 30 seconds rest in between.  The first 4 with fins (I opted not to use them) and the second 4 with paddles and fins (I just used paddles.)  I pretty much swam them around the same pace.  That 1:16 ws me forgetting to hit the button on my watch.  The 6th one may have been the same thing.  Hard to stop the button with paddles or just remembering.  Hell, I'm lucky I start it half the time.  (800/2650)

Hmm...breathing every 3.  Was it 50's or just a 200?  Doh!  Well le't just add in the 200 then the last 200 was kick.  (400/3050)

Not bad I guess for an hour.  I gotta eat and get back to work.  Teaching at 2pm and 5:45pm.  I gotta buy new spin sneakers as I lost mine over the weekend.  Left them at the hotel and shockingly the cleaning staff didn't find any around!  Doh!  So I'm out another 100 bucks. for swimming I really don't know when I'll swim again.  Maybe tomorrow, just maybe in the morning.  I don't know how I'll feel after teaching 3 spin classes and swimming today.  Thursday is a no go as I'm teaching at 5:45am, 9:30am, 2pm and 5:45pm.   People are on vacation so I'm filling in as much as I can.  Gotta pay for those new sneakers some how. 

Now to bitch a bit.  After swimming in a great pool at Georgia Tech with wave stopping lane lines, deep gutters and just a deep pool to absorb the waves it was really hard to swim today.  I'm glad to be able to swim here but jeez the pool sucks.  It's like 31/2 ft to about 41/2 feet.  Lane lines are basically the cheapest ones available.  And the gutters are not really gutters.  So it's like swimming in the ocean with waves.  I really felt it today.  It was a tough go for me today.  I think some of my new bad swim habits are based on the choppiness of the water.  I bob more then ever.  I can actually feel some pain from my over compensating for the waves.  I'm only typing this so I can look for it or feel  for it in my future swims.  Mostly when I type things on here it's to cement them in my mind.  So hopefully I'll learn from today's swim.  The coach once again was telling me that my arms swing way out and no high elbows.  Funny cuz' I really think I was swimming with high elbows.  I made a note of it mentally and was sneaking in some finger tip drag while swimming into the walls to get a feel for the high elbow. 

Swimming Like A Trout On Land

So this weekend I was in Atlanta and I decided that I would go swim!  I did pack a few things cuz' I had sorta planned on swimming.  I emailed a team that swims at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. 557043_10151100974054737_217738230_nYeah, it was the pool from the 1996 Olympics.  I actually had been at this pool before for IGLA in 2005. Great, Great, Great Pool!  I so don't want to swim at my regular pool tomorrow.  253500_10151100763889737_171473458_nI snapped a photo of the center from the parking lot.  So big!  The pool itself was amazing.  It was chilly like a pool should be.  I swam with the Atlanta Rainbow Trout Team.  As soon as I got to the pool everyone was really nice.  Before swimming they made general announcements about the team then introduced me.  Then the coach talked about the workout.  Well the workout today was more of a swim clinic for freestyle.  When it came to getting in the pool I decided to sandbag what I felt I could do and moved down to the middle of the pool.  I really haven't swam a workout on fast Atlanta-rainbow-troutintervals and forever and everyone looked so young and fit.  I figured I needed to head down to the people closer to my age.  Ya know, us old folks.

Warm up was something something and more of something.  I think it was 200 Swim / 100 Fly Drill / 200 Swim / 100 Back Drill / 200 Swim / 100 Breast Drill.  I joined in for the first 200.  Then I moved up a lane cuz' I was in too slow of a slow lane.   I think I was a bit confused.  It seemed like we may have skipped the fly.  For the second 200 I went second in the lane.  I really had to pull back.  I realized once again it was too slow for me.  I did lead for the 2nd 200 and 1o0 breast.  But since that is all we were going to swim and the rest of the 90 minute workout would be swim clinic I stayed with them. 

We did various 25 drill for a bit.  Some just kick, some with one arm, some on our side, some with this, some with that.  Then we did some deep end kicking for a few minutes.  Then some more 25's swimming, then some 50's.  And that was it.  I really wasn't keeping track.  I was just enjoying swimming in a nice pool.  Plus everyone was really nice.   All in all is was a great day to be swimming with great folks.

Slowly Remembering How To Swim

Yeah, swimming.  It doesn't seem like I get to swim that much anymore.  Although swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a bit rough since I teach spinning at 5:45am.  Oy!  Thur

The swimming itself today wasn't so bad.  The rain has cooled the water off!  Yeah!  I started the workout with a 50 helping put the lane lines in before doing a mixed 450 yard warm up. 

Then a 200 kick.  Then we did something...a 450?  Hmm...That doesn't seem right.  Oh, yeah.  Some 75's  So that would be 6x75's.  Something, something, something! 

400 Swim.  The 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th lap were faster then the rest.  So push the 4th lap of each 100.  My average pace was 1:12.

3x200's on 3 minutes.  100 Catch Up / 100 Swim.  Negative split.

200 Kick

6x125's - 100 Stroke / Free / Stroke / Free on 2 minutes then a 25 stroke fast on 45.  I did them fly/back/breast and repeat.

8x50's free pulling on 50 breathing every 3

Then it was 4x25's.  I know the watch say's 200 but it was a 100.  I screwed up hitting buttons while leaving hte pool.  So 3,550 yards if I added it up right.  Now I don't know how much swimming I'll be getting in the next 7 days or so.  I'll be heading to Atlanta for a few days.  I've arranged to swim with a team on Sunday.  So that'll be pretty good.  I come back on Monday so no swimming.  Now with work I'm filling in a bit so no swimming on Thursday or Friday.  I'm going to see about Tuesday.  I teaching 3 spinning classes so I really don't know if I can fit in a swim in between or not.  And if I can do I want to? GtdI was thinking that I'm a bit nervous swimming with another team.  I'm not as fast as I use to be and really it's going to be a cup of humble soup swimming with other folks around my age.  I might have to swim in the slow lane!  OY!  I also remembered I mostly have my bright and colorfull suits.  I gotta find one sorta conservative.  I don't wanna look to flashy!

Taking A Work Break and Swimming For A Change


k in the water after almost a full week of not swimming is not a good thing!  I gotta admit that it is mostly my fault for not swimming.  I could have swam on Friday or Saturday or Sunday but nope.  Mostly work keeps getting in the way.  Last Thursday I taught spinning at 5:45am, then  worked a shift from 8-12 then taught a weight class (group power) at 5:45pm.  Come Friday morning all I did was sleep in.  Saturday I only had my 10am class so I could of swam before hand but I didn't.  Sunday it was thundering in the morning so I slept in.  Monday I taught spin at 8:15 so really not much time to swim unless I went in the afternoon but I taught again at night.  So no swimming.  But today I did swim, and boy am I out of shape!  Swim shape that is. 911_twin_swimming125 yards + 325 yards then another 50 yards, what?  I guess maybe with warm up.  I started off on the wrong foot working the watch.  550 yard warm up I guess is about right.  Then 3x100's kick.  300 yard something else.  I don't know.  It was something.  Let's jump to the 1st sorta main set…

4x175's 50 catch up / 125 pace on 3 minutes.  I think. 

Then 10x50's but I missed hitting the button on 1 so the watch said 450 yards.

Another 300 kick.

6x50's Stroke I did butterfly.

Meh…2,850 yards for today.  I'm just going off the watch plus a 50.

At least I got in the water for a bit.  I felt like crap.  Partially due to the fact I taught spinning this morning and maybe didn't eat enough after.  Partially due to the fact I haven't swam in a week.  And partially due to the fact I just wasn't into swimming.  Even before leaving I wanted to nap instead of swim.  Oh well back to work I go for the rest of my day.

Counting Is Hard

Since today I don't teach any classes till noon I was able to get up and swim.  Now since I normally dont' swim on Wednesday that much anymore the coach didn't have a workout for me to swim on my own.  So I just pulled out and older workout to do but then decided the water was too hot to do 4x300's.  I decided I'd just do the main set from yesterday and do something a bit more. MathWarmed up just a 300?  I guess.  Then I was going to swim a set of 50's to get the heartrate up but started to chat after the first 50.  So I dcided to start the next part of the workout. 

Main Set:

2x200's on 3:00

2x150's on 2:15

2x100's on 1:30

Sorta like yesterday's main set but faster intervals.  Oh and I was a lot slower.  Swimming on my own is not motivating at all.  I don't have someone nipping at my heals pushing me forward.  My splits/pace were slower. CompareThe left is today while the right is yesterday.  What a difference!  Now I took a break after this set to take a pee and relax.  I was debating on doing this set once again or doing something a bit different.  I hadn't made up my mind when I pushed off the wall.  I swam a 200 but left on yesterday's interval of 3:10, I think.  After I left I decided I was going to slowly up the yardage a 200, then a 300 then a 400.  But then I lost count and only swam a 150 to figure out what length I was on.  My mind was wandering. 

So then I gave up and pulled 4x100's on 2:05 to cool down.  S0 2,000 yards.  I wanted to swim more.  And yeah I was putting a garbage yardage set in my mind.  But the with warm water and being unmotivated I gave up.  But I'll be at the gym working out all afternoon so it's a wash. GtdsofarA cold front is due to come this way next week so hopefully the water will cool off again.  As for me swimming over the next few days is up in the air.  I'll try when I can.   On a non-swim but cool thing I won a Nexus 7 tablet.  Not that it has anything to do with swimming.  Unless I can find some great swimming app for it!  Any suggestions?

Spinning + Swimming - Food = Cramping.

Random 500 yard warm up.  Then 3x100's kick, I think.  I screwed up using the Garmin Swim Watch so I can't really remember it from looking at my totals. TuesdaSo that first 50 was me putting in the lane lines.  Then I guess a 450 warm up.  The 100 yard and 400 yards are a mystery to me.  We did do something swimming with fins Swim/Kick/Pull/Build.  That was 100's.  Maybe that was 4x100's.  And the kick was maybe just a 200 and I entered it wrong as a drill?  Let's go with that...

50+450+100=400=1,000 maybe yards warm up.

Main Set:

2x200's on 3:10
2x150's on 2:20
2x100's on 1:40

I pushed myself in this set.  I figured this would be my big set.  I gotta head back to work after this so let's push it.  Plus it's freestyle.  I can handle it, maybe. 900That pacing wasn't so bad.  Maybe getting up at 3:30 and teaching spinning in the morning is good for my swimming.  Oh wait, before I say that let's hear the rest of my workout.  (900/1,900)

10x50's on 1:00 Easy 25 / Fast 25.  I pulled them.  It wasn't that pretty.   My right leg started to cramp up as I was pushing off the walls.  Yeah, so about spinning then swimming, I gotta eat more then powered sugar donuts in between the two!  (500/2400)  It was 10x50's but the watch only counted it as 450 yards.  Guess I messed something up. 

And I messed up at the end.  I only did a 150 yard kick of a 200 which I hit the wrong button and registered as a 300.  I was cramping up too much to go on.  So a 2,550 yard workout for the day.  Not too bad.  Now lunch and back to work. GtdI don't know how much swimming I'll get in this week with work.  I theory I'd love to swim tomorrow am before work but I don't know.  Thursday will be a no swim day.  Hopefully a swim on Friday.  I'm debating on Friday or Saturday.  Could use Friday as a non-workout recovery day.  But we'll see.