What use to be so easy is not so easy anymore!

Ugh! What use to be so easy is not so easy anymore.  After an easy run this morning LINK it was time Workoutto swim.  Or is that "trying to swim"?

Warmed Up a mixed 400.  I had issues with my Garmin Swim and noticed I had stopped the watch at some point.  I then did a 100 Kick.  We then did 4x50's Kick on 1:05 and 4:50's Drill/Swim on 60.  (900)

Main Set:
100/200/300/300/200/100 on 1:30 base.  We took and extra 30 seconds rest in between the 300's.  Once again the damn Garmin Swim Watch lost a part of the workout.  I don't know what I did.  After my 200 and 100 at the end when I was tired I kept hitting the wrong button.  Damn it! 
Time:     13:09
Moving Time:     11:12
Elapsed Time:     13:09
Avg Pace:     1:15 min/100 yd
Avg Moving Pace:     1:15 min/100 yd
Best Pace:     1:06 min/100 yd

Well minus the last 300 yards.   My fastest yards of the workout!
1    1:15.6     100     1:15
2    2:32.9     200     1:17
3    3:45.7     300     1:15
4    3:38.3     300     1:13

I was like a 2:23 for the 2nd 200 and a 1:08ish for the 100.  (1200/2100)

I warmed down a 50 and got out.  Sorta pissed the watch didn't register my full workout.  I paused it and I think I hit the wrong button but I know I heard the beeping noise when I started again.  The watch is so flawed it's not even funny.   If I had a good memory and could remember my sets I wouldn't even bother with the damn thing!  Milebehind-Hopefully I'll get in more swims during this week.  But who knows?

To Infinity And Beyond Swim.

It was more like till the coach isn't looking and get out of the pool workout.  All kidding aside at least I swam this morning.  I hit snooze over and over not wanting to get out of bed this morning.  Once up I printed up a workout the Coach had sent for me to swim.  Mind you I was to swim this workout on Thursday but after teaching two spin classes that morning I was beat so I never got to the pool.  So I headed to the pool with the workout.  As I was getting down to my swim suit I realized I wasn't wearing my Garmin Swim, doh!  This workout called for some 75's and 25's so I needed a watch of some kind.  The digital clock was on deck but facing the side of the pool so I could only see it at one end.  Oh well.  I decided to scrap the workout.  I kept the warm up…

1x300 loosen

1x500 p/k/s/k/s x 4 - use fins

1x300 choice - drill/k/s x 4 - fins are optional

1x300 free - push 3, 6, 9, 12

I rested 2 minutes and did the 300 free again.  The first time I did it on a 4:02 the second time a 3:52.  I debated swimming it a third time but decided I wanted to go home!  I gotta teach a spin class in two hours.  I don't wanna kill myself in the pool.  I finished up with a 25 easy swim and then retrieved my kickboard from the other side of the pool and kicked back.  1,750 yard workout.  I was in the pool for about 35 minutes. Damn_gtdLook at that I'm already behind my goal!  That's crazy!  Oh well after my run tomorrow morning I'll hit the pool.  I think the run will be between 2 and 4 miles.  A few of my friends and I are running a 12K in April.  These friends are fit but not runners so we are starting off small.  So 7am group run then off to the pool to swim.  I don't teach tomorrow but I'll be practicing my two classes that I teach on Monday.  All new release with new music and routines.  Well that is it for today.  I'll try to get a Swim News Report in if I have time much later today.

Celebrating Six Years of Workout Posts By Getting Slower and Slower

My first swim workout for 2012.  This makes year 6 of me posting workouts.  Seems like only yesterday I posted my first swim workout.  One thing I do remember about it was that I swam a hell of a lot faster then I do now.  Here is the first workout post from Jan 2, 2006 LINK.  After reading the post I realized I did post workouts in 05' but really let's say 6 years ago today for the fun of it!  As for today's swim... Jan2

When I got to the pool everyone was already on deck so my warm up was only a 400.  I was pulling w/o paddles.  Then we did 3x100's kick.  I meseed up with the Garmin Watch and enetered a 200 not a 300.  I really couldn't see the watch in the dark. 

Main Set:

3x100's on 1:40

3x200's on 3:20

3x100's on 1:40

1st Round of 3x100's I had to swim 1x25 choice.  So I did them all 75 Free/25 Back.

200's I had to swim 1x50 choice.  So I did them all 150 Free / 50 Back

2nd Round of 3x100's I had to swim them IM.  Ugh!

Distance:     1,200 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     19:38
Avg Pace:     1:20 min/100 yd
Calories:     264 C
Avg Efficiency :     32
Avg SWOLF :     29

1    1:19.2     100     1:19
2    1:22.5     100     1:23
3    1:18.2     100     1:18
4    2:39.5     200     1:20
5    2:36.5     200     1:18
6    2:35.9     200     1:18
7    1:23.4     100     1:24
8    1:22.9     100     1:23
9    1:17.8     100     1:18

The times are not exact as  was gliding into the wall on the backstroke ones and then stopping the watch.  The second one wasn't slower I was just having difficulty stopping the watch.  (1200/1900)

That was it.  I warmed down a 50.  Should have done another 50 to even it up.  But today's swim was 1,950 yards.  Now this is the part of the post when I promise/resolve to swim more and swim harder in 2013.  But I'm not.  I'm not going to kid myself.  I'll just swim when I can.  GtdHey lookie, I only gotta swim 86,050 yards this year!  Oy!