Cherry Picking My Swims Into The Slow Lane

Enough of this "at least I'm swimming b.s."!  I suck!  End of story!  I have some good intentions of swimming hard and long.  But once at the pool alone it all falls apart.  I have no excuses for Sunday Swim_sumorning swims.  I'm rested, I don't have any classes to teach and it's Sunday!  I have the pool all to myself for most of my swim time.  Yet, I cherry pick sets from old workouts and never even finish them.  Even the intervals I pick are very slow yet somehow I just don't feel motivated to push hard.  Which is odd since it's pretty much my job to motivate others to work out.  Yet, on my own I fall into the trap of just giving up. 

Oh well, at least I'm swimming...oh damn it!

Warm Up

400 Swim / 200 Kick / 300 Pull / 100 Swim (1,000) 

Hey my warm up of 1,000 yards is longer then some of my swims of late.  SO, So, so sad!

1st of 3 Mini Sets:

Umm...what did I do again.  Some free and back.  Umm...

5x100's on 1:30 Pulling (used all my toys - Paddles and d-band pulling band)

4x50's Backstroke on 60 (I think)

1    1:20.7     100     1:20
2    1:22.0     100     1:22
3    1:20.0     100     1:20
4    1:22.3     100     1:22
5    1:21.6     100     1:22
6    :45.9     50     1:32
7    :43.8     50     1:28
8    :45.6     50     1:31

I accidently hit the wrong button on my Garmin Swim so missed a 50 of the backstroke.  (700/1000)  Ohh..1,700 yards I'm on a sad swim roll.

2nd of 3 Mini Sets:

Let's see 3x50's Free on 50 then 100 Backstroke on 1:45.  I did 2 Rounds instead of the 4 that was suggested in the workout. 

1    :41.1     50     1:22
2    :39.7     50     1:20
3    :39.5     50     1:19
4    1:24.3     100     1:24
5    :39.0     50     1:18
6    :38.1     50     1:16
7    :38.9     50     1:18
8    1:24.4     100     1:24

I should have kept going.  Can't remember if the free 50's were pull or not.  I'll say no but my memory fails me.  As does my swimming.  (500/2,200)

3rd of 3 Mini Sets:

This is the point I was so motivated for about 200 yards!  OY!  Pulling with the toys.

200 Free on 3:00

2x100's on 1:30

200 Free on 3:00

1    2:38.3     200     1:19
2    1:18.4     100     1:18
3    1:19.4     100     1:19
4    2:41.1     200     1:21

I had planned more but that is all I did!  Loser!  Not even an hour and I gave up!  (600/2,800)

Damn should have swam another 200 yards to get to 3,000!   This will most likely be my last swim for April and for the week.  I have a crazy work week teaching my classes and filling in for others.  Don't know if I have the time or can handle any swimming this week!

Now with all the negativity I do have one bit of good motivational / goal making.  I swam more in the month of April then any of the previous months this year.  Which isn't saying much but small strokes at a time.

MonthTotal Distance
Jan 6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb 6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar 2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr 7.02 miles (=12,350 yards, =11,293 meters)
Total 22.73 miles (=40,000 yards, =36,576 meters)

It's Not The End Of The World, It Just Feels Like It Workout

Two days in a row and I'm a roll swimming.  Now I'm really just going with the swim motions just to keep swimming.  I'm filling in for someone in the 5:45 Group Power (weight training class) which makes swimming in the morning a bit difficult.  The class is Mon/Wed/Fri and I have my 8:15 Easy1600spinning class Mon/Fri which leaves me with one day to swim in the morning.  So as soon as I'm done with the class I head right to the pool.  Usually getting there about 7:15ish.  Which gives me time to put in a quick workout.  Everyone has already been swimming somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes so I just hop right into a lane and do whatever they are doing. 

The Set


2x200's on 3:10 I think they said.

6x100's on 1:35


I know they mentioned about something being hard and fast and something not as much.  But I didn't know any of this till they were done.  Basically I jumped in and swam at some point.

1    1:26.8     100     1:27
2    1:01.9     75     1:23
3    1:21.2     100     1:21
4    1:14.7     100     1:15
5    1:13.1     100     1:13
6    1:15.7     100     1:16
7    1:15.5     100     1:16

Note that 75 was a 100 as I didn't hit the button to after the first 25.  So I guess if it was 6x100's I must have jumped in at the end of the 200.  (700 yards)  I really didn't know what we were doing I was just taking off when they did.  I figured it out but didn't realize about the 4x50's at the end so only did 2 of them.  (100/800)

Then I chatted with them for a bit before doing my own little, very little set.

Pulling w/paddles and d-band.

4 Rounds

100 on 1:30

2x50's easy on 60

I tried to descend the 100's I was going to do 5 Rounds but my stroke started to get so sloppy I figured it was time to stop. 

1    1:15.9     100     1:16
2    :40.1     50     1:20
3    :40.1     50     1:20
4    1:17.7     100     1:18
5    :37.8     50     1:16
6    :37.2     50     1:15
7    1:10.7     100     1:11
8    :39.0     50     1:18
9    :38.3     50     1:17
10    1:08.5     100     1:08
11    :41.1     50     1:22
12    :44.1     50     1:28

I was trying to get faster for each 100.  I should have pushed myself for one last round.  (800/1600)  So 1600 yards in a little over 30 minutes.  I call this workout "It's Not The End Of The World" as I made a few mistakes in the class this morning, nothing huge maybe an extra lunge or push up.  Nothing too bad but for some it seemed like it was the end of the world. OY! 

Back to swimming...

Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    5.43 miles (=9,550 yards, =8,733 meters)
Total    21.14 miles (=37,200 yards, =34,016 meters)

I've decided to give myself a goal to finish up the month with at least 7 miles in the pool.  Which is really nothing considering I use to swim around 30,000 yards a month.  But I'm going to push myself to swim at least 3,000 yards by next Tuesday which is the last day of April.  It's not a big goal but I just need to see some small step in my swimming.  GtdI don't even want to think about my GTD Goal.  I'm so behind that I'm never going to catch up.  Unless I start swimming now and don't stop to sometime next week.  Oh well.  Small baby strokes one at a time. 

The 30 Minute 1500 Yard Lunch Swim Workout

Are you a swimmer who swims while most people are taking a lunch break?  If so you may wear the smell of the pool as a badge of honor when you go to work.  Hey, what a better way to say I'm A Swimmer then to smell like a pool, right?!  No one wants to smell like a pool all day.  Which is way Swim Spray is a must for every swimmer. Swimsp
The fine folks at SwimSpray sent me a samples over a month ago and I've been using them on my quick breakfast or lunch break swims.  Not only don't I want to smell like a pool I don't want to be itching all day at work.  So far I gotta say SwimSpray works! 

Now with that said, the workout... SwimworkI only had 30 minutes to swim.  Well I actually had 60 minutes but then I wouldn't have time to shower, eat and put this post up.  So 30 minutes it was.

50 Warm Up.  Well it's only a 30 minute workout so it's all a warm up, sorta!

4x50's on 60

100 on 1:30

3x50's on 60

2x100's on 1:30

1x50 on 60

3x100's on 1:30

1    :38.1     50     1:16
2    :37.2     50     1:14
3    :37.5     50     1:15
4    :38.3     50     1:17
5    1:16.0     100     1:16
6    :37.3     50     1:15
7    :37.5     50     1:15
8    :37.6     50     1:15
9    1:17.7     100     1:18
10    1:17.4     100     1:17
11    :38.9     50     1:18
12    1:16.3     100     1:16
13    1:17.5     100     1:18
14    1:17.9     100   

I sorta f'ed up as it was to be 2x50's before the 3x100's but I sorta lost track of what I was doing since I change the set from what I had written down.

4x50's Kick on 1:05

4x50's Pull on 60

50 Easy.

1,500 yards in 30 minutes.  DONE!  Tomorrow I will hopefully get in 40 minutes after my first class.  I got a few hours in between classes but pool time is limited.  Then on Thursday I'll do about an hour if I get to the pool on time.  Lap swim is only from 12-12:50 but I can sneak in a bit early since the pool isn't really being used past 11:45.  Plus I lost my ID for the pool so I gotta sneak in.  OY! 

Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    4.52 miles (=7,950 yards, =7,269 meters)
Total    20.23 miles (=35,600 yards, =32,553 meters)

No swim report today since I went swimming instead.  Till next swim...

One Last Excuse Swim Workout For Lack Of Working Out

So the end is near.   The last three Wednesday's I've been teaching a 5:45am class so swimming after that is tough.  But at least I have gotten in and swam 30 minutes or so.  Today was one of those days and I got in 1,500 yards.  Painful yards but yards just the same.  The class is a Group Power class which is like Body Pump or basically a full body weight training class set to music.  So after that I head right to the pool.  Really blasting my body with another quick workout.  Pretty much after that class 30 minutes swimming is all I can take.  Well I could take more but I'm a wimp. 

Wed_swimSince I come after work/class I get to the pool when everone else is mid-set of the main set.  I just jump in and swim.  Now of course I have no idea what the set it.  I just jump in. 

1    :41.8     50     1:23
2    :42.5     50     1:25
3    2:47.4     200     1:24
4    :39.6     50     1:19
5    :40.4     50     1:21
6    :39.9     50     1:20
7    :39.5     50     1:19
8    2:36.4     200     1:18

From what I heard once I was done it was Three Rounds of 4x50's followed by a 200.  Descending each 200.  Then 4x50's at the end.  I took one off cuz' one person stopped so I got in 3x50's which the 150 above.  My times are slow but it was a warm up set more then a swim set.  I was feeling the pain.  (850 yards)

I did a 200 kick just to give the shoulders and arms a break.  But those squats and lunges started paying me a visit.  I was cramping up a bit.  So I actually did some breaststroke kick.  (200/1050)

I asked what the set was when we were done.  I figured I'd do it again.  HA!  Now the intervals for the 50's changed.  I know the two rounds when I did the 2 then all 4 were on 1:10.  The 200 I think was 3:20 maybe.  I figured maybe I'd go a bit faster on my own.  HA!

1    :38.6     50     1:17
2    :39.5     50     1:19
3    :36.4     50     1:13
4    :37.0     50     1:14
5    2:30.7     200     1:15

I did my 50's on 60 and in theory I was going to do another round and keep the 200 at 2 minutes.  But I started to chat and decided I have had enough for the day.  I got spinning to teach later so maybe food and laying down for a bit is better.  So then after a 50 cool down to round it up I got in 1,500 yards in about 35 minutes.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    3.66 miles (=6,450 yards, =5,898 meters)
Total    19.38 miles (=34,100 yards, =31,181 meters)

Now one last excuse and I'm done.  Actually on Sunday's I'm not running with the small group since Sunday is the 12K.  So in theory I can swim at 7 to 8:15ish before heading to work!  One of the runners will be walking/running the 12K and I promised to stay with them till they are done.  So I'll be rested to swim but who knows if I'll want to sleep in.  GtfAs always, at least I'm getting some swimming in.

Quick Swim Before A Quick Run.

Oh well at least I swam again.  I made plans to meet up with one of the runners I've been running with the last three months to meet at 8am.  That gave me some time to do a quick swim workout.  After 6a00d8341c6c5753ef017c35c7a677970b-500witoday I'll be swimming on Sunday's for an hour at least.  Well I plan to.  The last 13 weeks I've been running with a small group of friends who are non-runners.  I put together a 13 Week Training Program to run a 12K.   I've been posting a bit about it under The Lazy Man's Guide To Running A 12k LINK.  It's been more hit or miss but at the end of the run next week I'm going to post the full plan for others.  It's been fun watching these friends and coworkers run more and more each week feeling more comfortable running. 

More on that later...before the run came the swim.  It wasn't much of a swim.  About 30 minutes and 1,550 yards.  I got to the pool about 6:45 and started an easy warm up. 

Swim 200

4x50's Pull on 1 minute, i think...

Sun1    :41.1     50     1:22
2    :41.0     50     1:22
3    :40.9     50     1:22
4    :40.5     50     1:21

Then I modified a set I've done before.  Nothing to easy but nothing to kill me, actually it was easy or should have been easy.  But I'm out of swim shape so it wasn't so easy.

3 Rounds:

3x50's Swim on1:10

100 on 1:45 (round one IM, round two and three backstroke)

1    :35.4     50     1:10
2    :34.8     50     1:10
3    :34.7     50     1:09
4    1:26.1     100     1:26
5    :36.8     50     1:14
6    :36.5     50     1:13
7    :36.0     50     1:12
8    1:23.3     100     1:23
9    :36.9     50     1:14
10    :37.2     50     1:15
11    :37.0     50     1:14
12    1:23.7     100     1:24

I was going to do a 4th round but time wasn't on my side or maybe I was just being lazy.  Yeah, lazy. 

4x100's Free Pulling w/paddles on 1:30

1    1:18.3     100     1:18
2    1:18.6     100     1:19
3    1:21.0     100     1:21
4    1:21.1     100     1:21

Then that was it.  1,550 yards in 30 minutes. 

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month    Total Distance
Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Apr    2.81 miles (=4,950 yards, =4,526 meters)
Total    18.52 miles (=32,600 yards, =29,809 meters)

Hey look at that I'm ahead of my March yardage.  Of course I only swam twice so whatever.

Time to go running. RunningIt was a taper run and my runner wasn't feeling good.  I think they were hungover so I made the run a little easier and we went slower.  Hopefully they'll rally next week.  We started with a small group of non-runners and week by week the herd thinned out.  Oh well, at least we are running.

Three Times The Sharm (Swim + Charm) Workout

Three swims in one month, woah I'm on a roll.  Hey, it's one more swim then I did in the month of March.  I'm doing my best to squeeze in some swimming even if it's more of a warm up then a swim.  3timesSo after co-teaching the 5:45 Group Power (weight training) class I headed right to the pool.  My timing was perfect as a few of the lap swimmers were getting out when I arrived.  The swimmers who swim with the local swim team coach was in the midst of a set.  So I warmed up a 200 and just jumped in to whatever they were doing. 

200 Warm Up (feeling the burn in the shoulders from the morning weights, ouchie)

3x100's on 2 minutes

4x50's on 60

1    3:16.1     200     1:38
2    1:19.3     100     1:19
3    1:16.0     100     1:16
4    1:12.8     100     1:13
5    :35.5     50     1:11
6    :35.3     50     1:11
7    :35.9     50     1:12
8    :34.9     50     1:10

That first 200 was the warm up in which I was stopping after every 50.  Then I jumped right into the set.  After everyone was done I asked what the set was and it was

2x200's on 4 minutes

6x100's on 2 minutes Descend in pairs of two.  So 1st two same pace, then descend the next two keeping tht two same pace, then last two descending from the middle two.  I didn't know so my times were anything close to that.  Pretty much just warming up.

I then kicked 3x100's.  I was going to do part of the set again.  I wanted to swim 1,500 yards at least so I was going to swim 2x50's to get the arms back then 4x100's.  But instead I was talking and decicded I needed to head home to get reading to teach spinning.  Oh well, at least I got in 1,000 yards.  UghI named the chart above UGH since that is how I feel.  In four months I've logged in as many yards as I use to in one month.  Small steps on my way back!  That is my view, just slowly get back to swimming and swim whenever I can.  30 minutes, 20 minutes anything is better then zero minutes.  Unless I get called into work to sub any other classes I'll swim 30 minutes before lunch tomorrow and maybe Saturday before my class.  But we will see. 


Quick 1,000 Yard Or 20 Minute Swim Workout

Two swims in one week, hey I'm on a roll.  Okay, so they've both been more like warm ups then a real workout but hey it's something.  Considering I only swam twice in March this little roll I'm on is record breaking.  Once again I did co-teach a class at the gym at 5:45am doing the warm up track, chest track, back & legs track and the shoulder track.  In order to fit in a swim with a few folks I jumped ship and left class after shoulders.  From there I headed to the pool to warm up with a few folks.  Well they were warming up for the Senior Games (for those aged 50+.)  I only had 20 minutes in the pool and 30 minutes at home to eat and dress.  I'm going to time at the event today then right after head back to work to teach spin this afternoon. 

As for the "workout"... QuickBasically I warmed up a 200 and joined them on a set.  I missed the first 2x50's of the pyramid.





Don't ask me the intervals.  I just went when I was told.  The first 100's and the 2x150's I did freestyle but sorta breathing every 4.  Sometimes I cheated and breathed every 2.  The second 100's I did IM.  The 2x50's were switches, fly/back and breast/free.

Then I did a 50 cool down.  So 1,050 yard workout.  It wasn't a fast swim but I felt pretty good.  My arms and shoulders were burning but after coming right from weight training of course they would burn.  The wierd part of doing the weights then gym close together is that I feel that my muscles are more engaged.  Maybe cuz' I can feel the burn I can feel them working in my swim. 

1    1:26.8     100     1:27
2    1:19.4     100     1:19
3    1:59.0     150     1:19
4    1:56.9     150     1:18
5    1:25.6     100     1:26
6    1:31.2     100     1:31
7    :39.1     50     1:18
8    :43.6     50     1:27

The times for theat last 100 was wrong as I forgot to hit the stop button on the watch.  Well that's it, at least I got in a quick swim.  Hopefully I can swim tomorrow morning for a quick swim.  I'll be really on a roll if that happens.

That's Not A Swim Workout, That's A Swim Set.

Well at least I swam.  In fact if I swim once more this month I'll be tied with March for swimming workouts.  Earlier this week I made a promise to myself that this would be the month I'd start Swimiswimming again.  Nothing like I use to swim but at least get in the water at least twice a week.  So I mapped out my week with work and figured I could swim Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week.  Normally I can't swim on Friday but I'm volunteering at the swimming portion of the Senior Games (50+ swimmers) I took the day off from work.  But then my work schedule changed for today and Friday.  So I have and had to squeeze in a quick workout.  Well a quick set...

I almost didn't swim actually but after a quick stop at home I grabbed my swim stuff and headed to the pool.

DId a very easy mixed 300 swim for warm up.  I say very easy cuz' I was spending more time talking in between 50's then acutally swimming.  Then a 200 kick (i messed up with the watch so that 400 is the 200 kick)  (500)

6x50's Pulling on 60.  I'm such an idiot on the first one I put on my paddles and my d-band and started to pull.  It took me about 15 meters before I realized I didn't have my pull buoy.  That first 50 was tough.  Actually it all was tough since I haven't been swimming. (300/800)

Then I took one of Joe's workout sets and sorta did it...

3x50's FAST (90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke on 1:45

2x50's FAST (90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke on 1:45

1x50 FAST (i guess still 90%) on 1:10

100 Stroke

I did my stroke's backstroke.  I was pretty damn slow.  Now no way can I swim at 90% after teaching a class.  Hell I'm so outta shape my new 90% is my old warm up pace!  This morning I co-taught the 5:45am weight class teaching the warm up track, chest track, back & legs track and the shoulder track.  I really felt the shoulders during the backstroke! 

1    :36.5     50     1:13
2    :37.7     50     1:16
3    :36.5     50     1:13
4    1:24.6     100     1:25
5    :37.0     50     1:14
6    :37.1     50     1:14
7    1:25.1     100     1:25
8    :37.0     50     1:14
9    1:27.5     100     1:28

The set was to be down twice but once was more then enough for me.  (600/1400)  So a total of 1,400 yards.  I could have swam more but I gotta get my 2nd breakfast and head back to teach two spinning classes.  Then later maybe get a few 25's in the pool as they are doing something or another for the Friday swim meet and I'm going to help out.  I'll swim Friday morning after the class but before the 9am start time of the meet.  Figure another short workout.  Then I'll be tied for March for swim workouts swam.  Hopefully I'll break that sad record on a Saturday swim. GtdI'll be attempting to post a Swim Report later this afternoon/ evening.

This Is Not A Joke, I Tried To Swim Semi-Workout

Yeah, my second swim for the month of March is now done.  Yup, two swims in one month.  I'm on a roll.  I decided that since on Saturday's I only teach a 30 minute spin class later in the morning I could start swimming again at least on Saturday.  Hey, one day a week isn't too bad.  Well, yeah it is!   I'm looking at the last few times I swam and it's really sad.  Once every two weeks.  Saturday, February 26th then Saturday, March 16th.  Why am I even bothering swimming anymore?  

I can't get the damn Garmin Swim watch to connect to figure out what I swam and all he info.  The total on my watch said I swam 1,800 yards.  Grrr…not that it was much of a swim.  It was me just splashing around a bit. 

Warm Up
300 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick

I did some 50's Pulling on 55.  Some with paddles some without.  How many?  Hmm..oh wait it looks like my watch might be syncing, or not? IguessOh yeah 6x50's pulling w/o paddles.   I missed the first 50 recording on the watch cuz I didn't hit the button hard enough.

1    :40.6     50     1:21
2    :40.6     50     1:21
3    :39.1     50     1:18
4    :40.5     50     1:21
5    :40.0

I think the interval was like 55 seconds.  Then I did 6x50's with pulling with paddles.

1    :40.5     50     1:21
2    :40.2     50     1:21
3    :39.3     50     1:18
4    :41.3     50     1:23
5    :40.2     50     1:20
6    :40.7     50     1:21

200 Kick.  Nice and easy.

Then I tried to do some 25's but couldn't see the clock and although I tried to set a custom mode on the watch for me to get sendoffs I screwed up so that was only 2x25's.

3x50's Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Brest/Free

then some talking...

3x50's Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Brest/Free

Then an easy 50 cool down.

I guess that's 1,900 yards give or take.  HahaThat is really really sad!  In three months I've swum as much as a really bad swim month. 

Jan    6.96 miles (=12,250 yards, =11,201 meters)
Feb    6.25 miles (=11,000 yards, =10,058 meters)
Mar    2.50 miles (=4,400 yards, =4,023 meters)
Total    15.71 miles (=27,650 yards, =25,283 meters)

I really need to get my act together!  I'm so out of swim shape!

Beware The Swimides of March

Okay so the Ides of March was yesterday, Big woop. Who gives a doodle? Whoopie ding-dong doo.  This was my first swim of March and my first swim since February 23rd.  Holy shit, I'm out of swim shape.  Now I'm not a complete slacker as I did run 6.6 miles last Sunday and taught 10 hours or so of spinning this week.  But swimming just hasn't been happening.  But I made it today.  It wasn't the best of swims but it was a swim. Swimday
Warm up was a really broken and broken down 500.  I was feeling horrible.  I was feeling pain in places I didn't even know I had places.  Oy!  Then we did 3x100's Swim/Kick/Pull/Build.   Once again I'm only at 800 yards and my body is screaming to stop.  OY!

Main Set: 

Noah's Ark - 2 of almost everything










I don't really know the interval as it was hard to see the clock so I just went when I was told to go.  Hey it was dark outside and the water was warm and the air was cold so it was like swimming in the fog.  Now my instructions was to swim a 25 of specialty stroke for anything over a 50.  So foolishly I decided to swim butterfly and did the 25 at the end of each thing so for the 75 it was 50 free / 25 fly.  Also we were told to go faster on the second half then the first.  Yeah, right!

1    :39.0     50     1:18
2    :39.3     50     1:19
3    :59.9     75     1:20
4    1:00.5     75     1:21
5    1:21.1     100     1:21
6    1:19.6     100     1:20
7    1:39.9     125     1:20
8    1:53.5     125     1:31
9    2:01.0     150     1:21
10    1:59.7     150     1:20
11    1:36.9     125     1:17
12    1:37.5     125     1:18
13    1:16.2     100     1:16
14    1:17.5     100     1:17
15    :58.9     75     1:18
16    :59.3     75     1:19
17    :36.8     50     1:14
18    :35.9     50     1:12

I had a few issues with the watch so that second of the first 125 time wasn't right.  But for the most part I did go faster on the way down the set.  I felt horrible and it was still slow but I did finish.  I wanted to quit so many times during this set.  1,700 yards and I'm done these days.  Oy!  2,500 yard workout total.  Not great, not bad.  Oh wait, that is bad! GtdOy!  That's just so sad!  I'm just gonna swim whenever I can.  Just knowing that some day I'll be able to swim more.  These are the days that I keep saying to myself "Moving to Florida was the worst mistake of my life, and I've made plenty of mistakes."  But the reality is that I'm getting old and I can't do everything.  Swimming is just a hobby my little oasis.  I'll always have swimming even if it's just for 50-60 minutes of a mental sanctuary.  Hey, like I've keep saying "at least I'm swimming!"