Re-Booting The Swim Body Workout

Well I'm sort of on a roll as this was my 2nd Sunday in a row swimming. Of course I'm not swimming in between but I do got my Spinning all week long.  I actually did heavy weight training on Friday and was feeling it today.  I got to the pool at 8am to putz around till the gang arrived at Putz8:45.  But the putzing around swimming was enough for me.  Since I haven't seen the swim group since early last month I didn't even know if they would show up.  Luckily for me they didn't show up and I was done swimming.  I really need to try to swim once during the week.  I need to re-boot my swimming. 

Here is my little putz' workout:

I wasntWarm Up:

300 free.  very slow.

Pull Set:

8x100's on 2 minutes.  Pulling w/paddles. 

1    1:33.9     100     1:34
2    1:27.8     100     1:28
3    1:25.6     100     1:26
4    1:26.1     100     1:26
5    1:28.5     100     1:29
6    1:24.6     100     1:25
7    1:25.5     100     1:26
8    1:25.4     100     1:25

I wasn't trying to go fast.  I was just trying to get into the swim of things.  (800/1100)

4x25's Reverse IM on 30.  Just trying to see how I feel swimming strokes and it wasn't pretty. (100/1200)

100 Kick.  (100/1300)

6x50's Easy Free Swimming Breathing every 3.

1    :43.6     50     1:27
2    :42.1     50     1:24
3    :42.2     50     1:24
4    :43.3     50     1:27
5    :44.3     50     1:29
6    :43.6     50     1:26

Once again I was just killing time going easy.  (300/1600)

At this point I'm hoping no one shows up.

4x50's Back on 60

1    :49.3     50     1:38
2    :50.3     50     1:41
3    :52.0     50     1:44
4    :50.8     50     1:42

And no one did show up.  (200/1800)  I called it a day and that was all he swam.  1,800 yards isn't much but at least it's a start.  I got to admit that I had in the back of my mind that I would swim 4,400 yards since it was my 44th Birthday on Friday.  This will also be the year of my 10th Anniversary of getting back in the water and swimming.  Yeah, 10th!  I didn't started to write down my workouts on this blog to about two years later.  It'll be interesting when I get to the point to compare my swims now to then.  Actually in December I'll be able to compare my swim meet times which means I better get swimming.

My Progress for Go The Distance 2014
Month    Total Distance
Jan    2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters)
Feb    2.10 miles (=3,700 yards, =3,383 meters)
Total    4.86 miles (=8,550 yards, =7,818 meters)

Swim Number Four For 2014, So Sad!

So out of swim shape. Haven't been swimming much if at all this year. I'm just shocked how much everything hurts and how out of swim shape I am.  This was only my forth swim of the year and it wasn't much of a swim.

Feb9It's not that I'm out of shape as I teach at least eight 30 minute spin classes, six 60 minute spin classes and then sub teach various other classes.  But I haven't done much upper body strength workout of late and it showed in the pool.  It's hard to find the energy to do my own thing in between personal training clients and spinning.  Never mind finding the time to swim.  But alas that is what Sunday's are for and here is today's attempted workout…

My Warm Up was barely anything. Swam a 100 then kicked a 200.  I had the pool to myself and so wasn't motivated.  I felt great diving in and that first 50 reminded why I love swimming.  It felt great being weightless and pushing off that wall being underwater.  But then the upper body started to wonder why it was called on to work after weeks of just letting my legs get all the fun.

Umm..the Main Set. I made it up as I went.

1    :38.9     50     1:17
2    :38.7     50     1:17
3    :39.4     50     1:19
4    :39.0     50     1:18
5    1:17.6     100     1:18
6    1:15.7     100     1:16
7    1:17.9     100     1:18
8    2:32.9     200     1:16
9    2:35.7     200     1:18
10    2:38.1     200     1:19
11    2:41.4     200     1:21

Notice I goofed a bit in my counting.  I thought I had done my 4x100's.  I started out saying I was going to do 10x50's pulling.  But after 4 decided to jump to 100's.  Thinking I'd do 4x100's then maybe a 2x200's and go to a 400.  But the reality was…

4x50's on 60
3x100's on 2:00
4x200's on 3:00

Like I said my upper body was screaming at me.  Why!!!  It was like my arms  were saying "Oh yeah, now you need us spinning man.  Why don't you take these paddles and pull buoy off and use those precious legs now, huh?"  I figured I'd lay off after that last 200.  It took everything to make me finish all 4 of them anyways.

I then did a 200 back stroke kick to catch some sun.  I was about to do a set of 100 IM's but after the first one my I felt a few cramps starting so called it a day at 1,900 yards. 

As always, at least I got a swim in.  It wasn't pretty or fast but it's something.

Post-Swimcation Workout

It wasnt as much as a swimcation or a vacation but time out from swimming.  21 days without swimming or 3 weeks.  The pool was closed for two weeks then I was sick with a cold for the last week.  Went swimming on my own since I'm still coughing a little.  On Sunday's the pool is empty around 12pm during the winter months even on a nice 70F day. 

Swam 3x100's very easy and very slow. 

Ouchie!  Now I've been at work teaching spin classes with a cold but havn't done any upper body at all in the last week.  Boy did my arms and chest feel the swimming.   Since I havn't done any upper body the next set was killer even if it was easy.

10x50's Pulling on 60.  With Paddles.

1    :40.7     50     1:21
2    :39.8     50     1:20
3    :40.5     50     1:21
4    :39.9     50     1:20
5    :41.8     50     1:24
6    :40.2     50     1:20
7    :40.6     50     1:21
8    :37.5     50     1:15
9    :41.3     50     1:23
10    :42.4     50     1:25

No records there.  I was just going easy.  Felt good for a few 50's then I started to cough during my rest periods.  That's when my last two I slowed up again.

I finished with a 200 kick to round up to 1,000 yards and called it a day.  I was coughing or barking pretty loud.  I decided that was enough.   My goal is to get back in the water Wednesday mornning since as of now I have nothing on my cal before 11am.  Then I'll try again on Saturday.   I'm going to try to make it Sun, Wed and Sat my swim days for now.  That'll change but let's just say for Feb that is my swim goal.  3 Days a week and try to make Sunday the long swim day.

My Go The Distance is just sad, Jan2.76 miles (=4,850 yards, =4,435 meters). 

2008 Era Swim Workout*

2014 makes it my third year of bitching about the lack of swim time and saying "at least I'm swimming".  Today I headed to the pool knowing I'd be on my own and just wanted to get in some laps.  Nothing too fast or hard.  Not that fast or hard is even possible for me right now.  

I thought it was going to be a cooler then it was this morning so I put on my old FINIS legging tech suit* and headed to the pool.  I got to the pool and just goofed off for most of my swim time.

300 Warm Up Swim
150 Pull no Paddles
200 Kick

Main Set:
7x100's Pulling w/ Paddles on 1:30
1    1:18.8     100     1:19
2    1:15.0     100     1:15
3    1:14.1     100     1:14
4    1:12.5     100     1:13
5    1:11.1     100     1:11
6    1:09.2     100     1:09
7    1:08.0     100     1:08
Why 7 and not 8 or 10?  Well my goal was 10 but I really hit the wall on the last one.  Since this isn't my only workout today I decided to call it quits.  I was feeling strong and I did descend them but at 1:08 my body was  like "NO MORE".  I got a weight training thing in a few hours so once again "at least I swam."

I cooled down a 50.  Total yards 1,400.  I'm lucky I got to 1,400 as my swedes nose strip broke.  Then I couldn't find my other pair of goggles.  So I had to some repairs quickly by taking part of the head strap and biting it off to make a nose strap.  Then I realized when I got to kick that I didn't have my fins.  I checked the lost and found and didn't find them.  I don't see either of them at home.  So guess I'll be going back to my Zoomers, ugh, I'll stop kicking.  As for goggles I have one last extra pair at home.  Time to stock up on Swedes and extra straps. 

At least I had my old tech suit to keep my legs all floatie!  With the suit and my pull bouy my legs had a day off! 

My Go The Distance 2014 Progress

2.19 miles swum (=3,850 yards, =3,520 meters).
47.81 miles (= 84,150 yards, = 76,947 meters) to next milestone (50 miles milestone).

I set my goal for 2014 at a low 100 miles.  Hey, I didn't make it in 2013.   Less wine, more swim!  Although the pool is closed starting tomorrow for two weeks so I won't be swimming much if at all.

2014 New Years Resolution Swim Workout

Wahoo!  Day Off!  So that means swim time.  I didn't make it to midnight last night but it's just a change of the clock anyways.  I woke up and decided to swim this morning before I head out for the day.

Warm Up
Easy 400 Swim
8x50's Pull No Paddles
400 Kick
300 IM Drill/Kick/Swim  (1500)

Then it was time to do some swimming.  I was pretty much on my own so I was making it up as I go.  

3x50's Fly on 60. (150/1650)

Then I heard Gary give someone a set of 4x175's on his sendoff so I decided to do 4x200's.  The 175's were to be descending.  I was dying by my last 200.  
1    2:46.8     200     1:23
2    2:43.3     200     1:22
3    2:40.3     200     1:20
4    2:43.5     200     1:22

That was it.  (800/2450)  

It wasn't much of a swim or even that fast but it was a swim.  Hopefully just one of many this New Year.  My goal this year is to swim more which is very non-specific so let's say to swim 150 Miles!  Just got 149 more to go!