New Kicks, No Kicking and One Bit Of Weekend Random Acts of Fitness

It's Sunday!  My plan for today was sleeping in a little bit then heading down the the NTC to swim with a team. I drove the 50 minutes to the pool to realize I didn't have my swim gear bag.  Luckily I had a pair of goggles, a swim suit and gym stuff but no kickboard, fins, paddles or buoy.  I did kick but damn when you kick without fins when everyone else has fins it really sucks.  


NONE.  I don't teach again to Dec 5th.  I'll do a few Peloton classes in between.

Finally a swim workout!

350 warm up
100 Kick
150 Drill
6x 100’s DPS FREE 
4x 150’s IM-ish 75 Fly / 25 back / 25 breast / 25 free, 25 fly / 75 back / 25 breast / 25 free, etc.
150 easy
I think that was it.  I did swim for 55 minutes and got out before the last 10-15 mins.  I was cramping and just gave up.  I wanted to give up after the 6 x 100's.

NONE.  Yesterday I did go shoe shopping at Fleet Feet where they scanned my feet.  I got the Saucony Triumph RFG.   Technically Santa is going to bring them to me on Dec 25th

SAT & SUN - SWIM  Swimming at the Florida Senior Games.

One of my centers has Yoga today and if it wasn't raining of course we in theory have Pickleball.


NOTHING.  I didn't even ready my daily readers.  

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Sunday Is For Swimming and Just One Random Act of Fitness

I swam therefor I am?  First time in four weeks and it wasn't pretty.  Ugh!  Swimming once every month or every few months is not helping me get any better at all.  But at least I got in the pool.  



NONE.  Now I got a week to get going on my assessment so I can continue teaching spin.  I was certified in various programs but let them lapse over the years.  Since getting back to teaching I have to go through the video assessment process to get my certification okay'd again.  Next Sunday I'm subbing a class and someone will film me.  So I gotta practice the choreography as it's a pre-packaged class.   

Warm Up - 200 Swim / 100 Kick / 200 Pull  (500 yards)
6 x 100's Pick A Pace.  That meant you pick pace you think you can hold for all six but on the first one add 10 secs to make your interval, the 2nd one just do that pace and the 3rd one was 10 seconds faster.  I was in the Not So Fast Lane or 3rd fastest of 4.  My lanemate and I decided to do a 1:40 pace so our first one was on 1:50, second on 1:40, third one on 1:30 and repeat.  I held about a 1:22 for the first three, then close to a 1:30, a 1:24 and last with about a 1:22.  My watch say's otherwise a 1:19, 1:20, 1:18, 1:27, 1:19 and a 1:23.  (600/1100)
8 x 100's it was 75 free with 5 seconds rest and then 25 stroke IM order so 1st the 25 was fly for example.  We did that for four of them then it was a mirror set in that it was a 25 Free with 5 seconds rest then a 75 stroke IM Order starting with Free meaning the last one was fly.  (800/1900)
1 x 300 Paddles and Fins working on Distance Per Stroke (300/2100)
100 Cooldown (100/2200)
I missed some drill set at the beginner.  Since my watch said I swam 2,325 yards I'm guessing it was a 200 drill thingy  So I'll say 2,500 yard workout!

Screenshot 2023-11-12 2.14.14 PM
I gotta get some yards in as I signed up for a Virtual Swim thingy.  I'm only 1/2 way and I got to the end of December.  

NO RUNNING.  Pushing the start of running to next week as I need my cardio this week to be cycling/spinning.

MONDAY - Leg Day
TUESDAY - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
WEDNESDAY - NO GYM DAY.  Have a work event on Tuesday that'll make me late for my beditme.
THURSDAY - Back and Biceps

Today one of my centers have a Yoga Class and of course all the pickleball!  

No much to report on my mental state.

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Now Can The Taper Start?

Why does swimming hurt so much?  Swimming just once a week isn't working out.  I love it but I'm so sore after.  



Warm Up 300 / 200 Kick (I swam 150 / pulled 150)

4 x 200's (150 Free Rest 10 Secs 50 Stroke IM Order)

4 x 100's (75 Free / 25 Stroke Choice I did Fly)

200 Free Pulling

Then some 25's and 50's off the blocks.  


Swimming Among Others Does My Mind and My Body Good

Sunday Sleepy Head!  Yesterday was a long day so I needed some extra sleep.  I had my alarm set for 3:30 am but turned it off and slept in to 6 am.  No gym before swimming.  Which was a good thing!

The Swim!

Warm Up: 10 minutes / 200 Swim / 350 Pull (550)

4x50's Kick IM Order

Main Free Set:

400 / 300 / 200 /100 We took 30-45 seconds rest.  In the 400 and 300 I caught up to the swimmer behind me.  We had four lanes with 2 swimmers in each lane. (1000/1550)


5x 100's IM / Easy Free / IM / Easy Free / IM (500/2050)

We did something then did sprints off the blocks and cooled down.  My Apple Watch said I did 2,400 yards.  Maybe?


Swimming once a week is like getting punched in the face every week!  I come and wreck my body and wait another week to do it again.  I really need to be swimming on weekdays in between.  Although I got to say compared from the first and second workouts I was holding my own.  I was neck and neck with one of the fast swimmers who was killing me last week.  I really need to work on my endurance.  I was dead by the 60 minute mark of the workout.  Hell after 30 I was beginning to think how I may have started out a bit too fast.  My teres major are burning.  Must have been the butterfly.  Nah the distance free!  Swimming with others is pushing me.  I couldn't do this alone.  

Two weeks to Rowdy Gaines.  I got two weeks for the swim meet.  So need to get some week day swims in.  I'm scheduled to swim the 50 and 100 fly plus some relays on the Sunday.  Which is probably the only day I'm going.



Trying That Swim Thing Again and Other Random Acts of Fitness

Everything hurts right now.  I have muscle aches in so many places some of which I didn't know I had muscles.  Oh and the cramps!  I can't walk.  My first swim team based practice is years almost killed me.  I know it wasn't much but now over three hours later I'm still sore.  


SKPS 400 + 50 (450)
250 Pull Free (700)
6x 100’s 75 Free / 25 Stroke (1300)
Kick 50 Free then 100 IM (1450)
4x 100’s IM and Easy Free (1850)
Sprints off Block 1x50 and 3x25’s (1975)

I’m dead. I’m sore. I was cramping up. I can’t walk cuz both calf muscles are cramping. I’m so out of swim shape.  I think that was the workout.  I didn't use my watch or anything.  The other day I was wondering to myself how long before I can do weights and then go to swim on the same day and as of now it'll be NEVER.  HELL NO.  It was great and I can't wait to go again.  Everyone was super nice.  The pool temp was 80F  The drive wasn't bad less then 50 minutes so I have no excuse not to go.  

Now I know I just can't go once a week so I'll have to do at least 2 other workouts by myself.  At least to the Rowdy Gaines Swim Meet.  Then I may have to go at 7am when the pool's open for lap swimming and do my best to be at work by 8am.  

One more thing is that I already changed my swim affiliation from Unattached to SwimOut.  So guess I'm really doing something again...


Today one of my centers have a Yoga class which I so should go to.  Also Pickleball.


MON - No Gym Day / Recovery Day

TUE - CHEST / Swim after work


THU - LEGS / Swim after work

FRI - No Gym Day 


Don't know how I will get practice time in but I gotta!  I have to Oct 10th to hand in my assessment video.  


OCT 10th Assessment Due for RIDE cert

OCT 15th - 16th - Rowdy Gaines Masters Meet  That's 3 swim Sunday's!  So i got four weeks to train for it!

OCT 21st - I work / mc' the locla 5k so that's a dead day for me.

DEC 2nd - Florida Sr Games Swimming

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Sometimes Just Jumping Into The Pool Is Progress!

Well I gotta call it something so more as well call it PROGRESS!  Left work and headed right to the pool.  Got in a warm up and the clouds and thunder came.  Once I hear thunder I'm out of the pool.  So not much but not nothing.

550 Yard Swim

200 Easy Free

4x25's Fly on 50

4x50's IM Switches on 1:45

and 1x50 fly before it was over.

Swimming 550 yards is not ideal but it is something.  Hopefully Sunday will be a good day.  This morning they had thunderstorms predicted for the morning when I'm suppose to swim with a team.  Ugh!  I can't do anything about the weather.  Just hope I can get in more swims whenever and where ever I can.

Two Golden Gators A Small Tale Of A Senior Game Swimmer On A Fall Floridian Day & No Random Acts of Fitness

Ugh. Warm up was tough. I haven’t swam since last April. So that’s over 4 months. Just a 25 fly was rough. I didn’t realize how stiff I was in my upper back area. My ROM just isn’t there. I’ll race the 50 fly and see how I feel.

First up was the 50 fly. Off the blocks I came up ahead and felt good. I just kept going and since it was 50 yards it was over quick. Came in 2nd overall but 1st in my age group. And yes there were two others in my age group so I came 1st of 3.

This meet flew by. Only had basically one heat of every event. So the 100 fly came up quick. once again off the blocks I was ahead. I knew I was ahead and just kept pushing. After the 50 yard turn my body started to ask what the fuck are we doing. After the turn on the 75 I knew I could go harder but needed to control my breathing. That was a fail. I came in first overall and first in my age group. Of course I was the only one in my age group.

Overall it was a good day. A good workout at the very least. I do have a swim planned next week. Just a workout but with a group. We shall see how that goes. My times? Slow!  The 100 fly time was basically the same time I did in April with three weeks training.  So three weeks or no training I do the same time.  

Lap By Lap Progress. It's Small Progress But Gotta Start Somewhere. 900 Yard Swim Workout.

Finally back in the pool.  Last week it was afternoon thunderstorms that kept me from hitting the pool after work.  Boy did it hurt today.  I wasn't swimming much yardage before and today was no exception.  But I gotta keep telling myself PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.  Considering I was up at 3:30am and at the gym, then a quick Peloton ride and worked 8am to 5pm I gotta take what I can in the pool after that.  What I could take was 900 yards.

The Swim:

Warm Up

200 easy free

4x 25's IM on 50

4x 50's Pulling Freestyle

Main Set

2x 50's Fly on 60

100 Free Pulling Recovery on 2:30

2x 50's Fly on 60

100 Free Pulling Recovery

900 Yards.  Not too bad.  That is I think my 14th workout of 2023.  Small Steps.  I do need to sign up for meets in August, September and October to keep me motivated this summer.  

2023 - 12,850 yards

2019 - 4,950 yards

2017 - 46,950 yards

2014 - 95,176 yards

2009 - 46,100 SCY's and 3,800 LCM

I guess prior to 2009 I didn't keep track of my yearly yardage.  Some of those years were garbage yardage years.  

Tomorrow AM is Back and Biceps then working 8am to 10pm.  Thursday will be a Recovery Day.  I'm working 8am to 8pm on Thursday most likely.  Friday I'd like to get up and just do Peloton.  I gotta open on Saturday but idealy want to be up at 3:30am and hit the gym before work.  

New Book To Read This Week!

Monday Monday Monday,  Not So Funny In A Workers World. It's A Monday Leg Day Workout

Monday Monday Monday,  Not So Funny In A Workers World...It's Monday!  3:30 am rolls up so early on a Monday.  Although for a Sunday/Monday sleep I had a descent sleep.  


5 mins incline walking
Leg Curl Machine 1 2 3 4 5
BB Back Squat (Rogue Squat Bar 55lbs)
10x EB
8x at 58.33% of 1RM
6x at 69.44% of 1RM
6x at 69.44% of 1RM
6x at 69.44% of 1RM
4x at 80.55% of 1RM
5x at 80.55% of 1RM
4x at 80.55% of 1RM
5x at 80.55% of 1RM
2x at 80.55% of 1RM
Leg Extensions 1 2 3
Today I moved away from the Hack Squat to work on the BB Back Squat.  Just wanted to gauge my strength.  It's hard to judge a Weekday Workout vs a Weekend Workout.  Wonder how much having some carbs before the workout would change that outcome.  Started with a short walk and Leg Curl Machine to wake up those Hamstrings.  

Once home I rested for a quick bit then on to the Bike+ for a 15 minute Low Impact Ride.  Nothing crazy.  Just needed to get something in.  Yesterday I skipped cardio all together.  I worked 6 days in a row with 1 day off.  That is how this week will be then I'll work like 10 in a row.  Ugh!  Will get in my workouts when I can get them in.  The Plan:
MONDAY - Leg Day / Peloton Ride
TUESDAY - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps / Peloton Ride and then after work a Swim
WEDNESDAY - Back and Bicep Day / Peloton Ride and then after work a Swim
THURSDAY - Leg Day / Peloton Ride.  Will be working late so nothing after work
FRIDAY - Nothing.  Working late the night before so will sleep in a bit.
SATURDAY - Hope for a Chest, Shoulders and Tricep Day but opening at work so maybe.
SUNDAY - Back and Bicep Day maybe.  Depends on Saturday.
My Sunday was so nice yesterday.  After my workout I laid in bed all day.  I did shower and get dressed right before lunch but I was on top of my bed watching tv all day.  Deleting tons of old emails.  I then did some easy meal prepping.  Chicken and Rice for the next week or so.