Group Swimming By Myself

One day off and the wheels fell off.  That is how I felt this morning after taking yesterday off from swimming.  Not that it was a choice as I had a meeting at 7:30am.  I wasn't a slacker yesterday I just didn't swim.  I actually went to the 5:45am Spinning (Group Ride) Untitled Class then some lunges on the smith machine after.  Then I took a nap and headed back to the gym.  Now I sorta have started to run a bit again.  Now I got new sneakers but still just breaking them in.  I ran .88 miles on Wednesday with them but got blisters.  So I was back to my older sneakers yesterday when I ran on the treadmill for a bit while watching my soap.  I'm going to try to warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes so at least I'm getting some running in.  Plus I keep promising myself to get up a bit earlier and go running before swimming.  On my second trip to the gym I did run as you can see 3.28 miles.  I then did 10x10's on box jumps on 60.  Then did 10 rounds of wall chairs or whatever they are called.  And that was it.  So leg day.  I have a swim meet next weekend so going to do a slight taper next week. 

As for today's sluggish swim...

Mixed 500 warm up then 4x50's kick with fins.  Ouchie!  Did I mention I have blisters from my new sneakers?  Also while running yesterday I realized I need to trim my toe nails.  Felt that this morning while kicking.  (700)

Main Set:

4x200's Free Descending on 3 minutes.  Easy interval.  I did a 2:34, 2:27, 2:24 and a 2:15 I think.  Doh, can't remember.  I think it was a 2:15.  I so can't really remember all the intervals.  Damn me! (800/1500)

Short Rest

6x100's on 1:40.  Fist/Catchup/Pace/Sprint by 25.  (600/2100)

Short Rest

6x50's on 60 Pulling W/ Paddles going fast.  (300/2400)

Felt okay during that set.  Struggled at first.  I was alone doing the set which sometimes hurts me.  Not physically but more mentally since I dont' have someone to push me.  My mind starts to wander to other places.  Which isn't good.  Now the 100's were to be swum w/fins but after my 1st one I took them off.  Later I just warmed down a 150 so 2,550 yard swim.

I'll be back at the gym for the last day of the release of Group Power before it changes on Monday.  I may also practice with one of the Group X instructors the new release of Group Active.  Got to remember to text her and see if she still wants to do it.  Tomorrow I'll swim a short workout and the same for Sunday.  Working this weekend so going to squeeze it in before work.  I also want to take a Group Ride Class tomorrow before work so it'll be a touch squeeze.

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY! Monster Truck, ahh, Swim Day!

Well not that much of a monster.  But I woke up and headed to the pool before the other folks came.  This time the coach gave me a workout to do...

1x300 loosen (300)

2(100 pull, 50 kick, 100 swim) (500/800)

Main Set:

1x400 free on 5:40 4x100 IM on 2:00

1x300 free on 4:20 3x100 IM on 1:50

1x200 free on 3:00 2x100 IM on 1:40

1x100 free on 1:40 1x100 IM on nothing

There are 10 100 IMs altogether.  Descend them 1>10.  The freestyle swims should be pace.

The free pacing was pretty much easy and kept on the pace for all the freestyles.  The IM descending were not so much descending as they were pace.  I just couldn't get into gear.  I just kept plopping along.  So that was 2,800 yards.

I took an easy 100. (100/2900)

Then did 12x50's Kick.  I did 3 free on 1:15, chatted with some folks, 3 free on 1:15 took a pee break, 3x50's fly/back/breast, chatted some more, 3x50's free.  (600/3500)

Then did a 150 pull.  (150/3650)

So then I'm all caught up with the swimmers. 

8x50's on 1:40 4 kick & 4 kick/drill (400/4050)

Since everyone was tappering but me it was an easy workout.

A 300.  First 200 we swam on a pace.  The coach picks one person and we are to stay on pace with that person for the 200.  The last 100 is whatever.  Two of us raced.  I was getting tired from the workout but held my own. (300/4350)

4x25's Sprint (100/4450)

4x50's Spint on 60.  We were to be sprinting them holding what would be our 200 pace.  I had a swim mate to race against.  Damn, those sprinters. (200/4650)

and that basically was it.  I warmed down a 100 (100/4750)  Everyone stayed for some turns and stroke work.  But I was beat and got out. 




Rearview Mirror: Swimming in 2009

These year end numbers are not exact as I may not have logged every workout into my ongoing log totals.  But from what I have logged I have swam a total of 533,344 yards for 2009.  That is using a total of yards and meters and then having the log on the USMS website figure it all out for the Go The Distance login. 

The year itself was an okay year for swimming.  Swam at the USMS SCY Championships and had an okay swim meet.  Had a few personal best times.  Had 2649_82409939736_629204736_1617688_1175793_n some okay times.  But I swam and didn't get DQ'ed which is half the battle.  For SCY Season I ranked 10th in the 1650 for Men 35-39 in USMS Swimming.  Not too shabby.

Then I sat out LCM season with no swim meets.  Not that I swam many meets in 2009 in any pool length.  I swam at 4 SCY and 2 SCM meets.  That is more then enough.

When SCM season rolled around I gotta admit my swim meet swimming started off pretty bad and kept on getting worse.  I swam a meet at UCLA and in my 100 back and 100 fly did some of my slowest swims ever.  I alsn my 1500 i did my 2nd fastest time but it was so far behind my best time that I wasn't happy.  My 400 free, 200 fly and 200 back were also not very fast times for me.  On the last day of the meet I finally got into my grove and did a personal best in the 800 free.  Guess 2009 was the year of the 800 free for me. It'll be a few months before any Top 10 times are released but looking up my rankings I have a few but those can and may change as meets are still being loaded into the USMS database. 

Overall it was a good year.  As for 2010 and my goals you can read that post LINK that I typed up on my flight to Florida last week. 

Lap Swim Workout It Is

I overslept this morning so I skipped the morning swim workouts.  Basically I woke up, felt beat up from the gym and swimming yesterday and just went back to sleep.  Since I have plans in a bit I decided I swim a lap swim workout instead of the 7pm workout.

Warmed Up
400 Swim
300 Pull
300 Kick (1000)

Then during the workout I had to share the lane at various times with people so I just swam a bit in between the other swimmers.

I did a 200 Pull fast in about a 2:20 then a 100 Pull fast in about a 1:05  I did a few easy 50's in between. (1300)

I then did 5x100's free kick on 1:50 and 5x100's free kick on 1:45.  Normally I hate kicking but I was kicking as fast as my lane mate was swimming so it made sense.  Plus I need to work on my kicking. (2300)

I think I then did a 150 pull / drill work. (2450)

300 Sprint Pull.   I was cranking pretty good.  I forgot what I did but I did it under 3:30 I think.  Ahh...i can't remember but I know I was doing under 1:10's when I look up to get my splits. (2750)

Then did a 100 the same way before doing 5x50's pull burnouts.  In that I sprint for a 25 and come easy back on 45 seconds.  By the 5th one the sprinting part is getting harder. (3100)

Then I warmed down a 100. Hmm...I think I left out a 200 IM.  So My workout was about 3400 yards.  Not bad on my own.  I really worked my kicking since normally I slack off during kick sets.  The last 5 of them on 1:45 I was coming in on 1:30.  I was huffing and puffing but I kept going.  Someday I'll be able to kick without feeling like crap.

MTD Yardage: 53,300
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 232,700
YTD LCM 2,000

Oscar The Grouch, Grouchy Smurf and Joel In The Morning

I've never been a morning person until I started working out a few years ago.  Pretty much had no choice as I worked long hours I had to workout at 6am or I couldn't really workout at all.  Over time I got used to waking up at 5am and slowly getting myself together and to either swim practice or the gym.  But some mornings I wake up in a haze and my grouchiness returns.  This morning was one of those days.  First i did hit the snooze at least twice before finally dragging my ass out of bed.  I got to swim practice and slowly got in the water.  And when I did get in the water I pretty much just stood in my lane for a bit.  It was Friday so like on Monday I get the wall lane.  I didn't have the energy to even start complaining.  Well at least not to after I swam a 200.  At about the 200 mark of my workout a third person entered my lane while the other fast lane had only 2 people.  So I moved over to the fast lane which then I had to explain that it made no sense that the wall lane has 3 people and this lane only has 2.  The coach commented that she'd change that after warm up.  Which to me doesn't make sense so I swam a 100 in the non wall lane before moving over.  The grouchiness continues on after that.

Warm Up Set:
6x75's on 1:20 (i think 6 or was it 8?)  3 Free / 3 Stroke (450/650)
100 Kick (well it was a 200 but I took a pee break) (100/750)
6x50's kick as follows 1 free / 1 butterfly on back / 1 choice and repeat (300/1050)
8x25's 4 Free on 20 and 4 Stroke on 25.  The interpretation of what was written on the board caused a bit of confusion in the lane.  I interpreted them as doing 4 on 20 then 4 on 25.  The leader of the lane interpreted 1 on 20 / 1 on 25 then repeat.   (200/1250)

I might have missed something of the warmup but that was the gist of it.  After warmup I lead the lane for the rest of the workout.

Main Set:
1x100 Free on 1:10 (100/1350)
4x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke) (200/1550)
2x100's Free on 1:15 (200/1750)
3x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke once again) (150/1900)
3x100's Free on 1:10 (300/2200)
2x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke, see a pattern) (100/2300)
4x100's Free on 1:15 (400/2700)
1x50 Stroke (another backstroke) (50/2750)

At 6am the fast lane make up changes depending on who shows up.  Today the coach kept me on a faster interval while telling my lane mate that she understood that he might not make the free.  Which to me made me a bit pissed off as he took a 100 off and later a 50 off.  And during his 50's was doing more one arm fly with some free than fly.  I think I would have liked an extra 5 seconds rest on the 100's and then I also would have done fly but actually do the full 50 fly.  Now I know I shouldn't care what the other person in my lane is doing and do my own thing.  But it does irk me off when someone takes a 100 off to catch up.  Luckily at least this person kept ten seconds behind me even when he took a 50 off the 100.  So I didn't get really pissed off.  Just a bit mad.  But whatever.  I need to focus more on myself and just things like this slide off me.  As my favorite spin teacher says "you paid for this class, put what you have into it or you wasted your money."  I pay to swim so I should just be thinking of me and who cares about someone loafing in my lane.  Another thing about the set was that I got about the same amount of rest in the 100's on both the 1:10 and 1:15 intervals.  Mind of matter and matter won.

Then we did some 50's breath control.  10 as follows (500/3250)
1 on 45 breathing every 5
1 on 40 any just make the interval
1 on 45 b/5
2 on 40
1 on 45 b/5
3 on 40
1 b/5

8x25's on 30.  1st reverse build / 2 build / 3 easy free / 4 sprint.  I did these butterfly.  (200/3450)

Then I warmed down a 200.  Since the 7:15 workout was slowly getting in the pool I was able to work on the kick/swim drill 1-2-3 Swim that I posted LINK yesterday.  I gotta admit it sorta worked.  I'm going to work that into my warm  up and warm downs and see how it goes.  Yesterday I hit the gym in the morning for my circuit weight routine and then last night went to the spin class.  I like the Thursday night instructor so I'm trying to make a go of the class every week.  I'm going to try a few other classes to see if I like the instructor.  I just know to skip Sat/Sun morning as that instructor is clueless. 

Total Yardage Today 3650

MTD Yardage: 49,900
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 229,700
YTD LCM 25,000

Oh one last thing.  I'm adding this later on so hopefully not too many of you have read this yet.  I'm compiling a list of swimmers, swimming websites / news or just in general swimming Tweeters for a future post.  So feel free to email me at joelmckenna at or comment below with the Twitter info.  Thanks.

Wednesday Morning Workout

As I was walking to the 6am swim practice a group of morning boot campers ran past me.  My first reaction was "wow, they are hardcore" but then I realized here I am walking to go swimming.  As for the practice itself it wasn't so bad.

Started off swimming a 400.  Then we did a brief warm up of a 100 kick then a 50 drill and a 50 swim.  600 Warm Up

400 Pull (200 breath control every 3/5/any/7 by 50 and 200 DPS) (400/1000)

500 Pace.  I finished up around 5:43.  I was behind another swimmer so some of my speed today came from drafting. (500/1500)

50 Easy

Then we did a 50 Sprint.  (1600)  I also think we did something else but can't remember it. 

Then we moved onto stroke.  3x100 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim (300/1900) 

Boy I really can't remember what we did.  Oh 4x25's. But I think that was earlier during the free portion (100/2000)

I so know that isn't all we did.  Oh well.  We did finish up with 2x50's off the blocks with relay starts.  So from what I remember we did 2,100 yards.  Hmm....close enough.  During the stroke portion I did fly and I felt like crap.  At least I felt good in the free part of workout.  Guess you can't have it all.

MTD Yardage: 46,250
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 226,050
YTD LCM 25,000

Attack Of The Killer Ladybugs

Okay maybe not so much killer ladybugs but when we got in the pool this morning a small army of ladybugs found themselves drowning in the pool.  Since the pool is basically in the West Hollywood "Park" we are use to our fair share of bugs but this was a pretty big infestation this morning.  We all did our best to save them before starting our warm up.  I think it was more of a case of us all delaying the start of practice than it was a case of us being heroes to the ladybugs. 

Warmed Up a 400
Then a 50 Drill One Arm / 50 Swim DPS (distance per stroke) (500)

Then we moved on to a 150 (50 Drill Fist / 100 DPS) (150/650)
Then right into 4x50's Kick (200/850)

Now the last few 6am workouts I've been lucky to have another fast swimmer join me.  Otherwise I swim at a slower interval if I'm the only one as I move down a lane group.   It's not fair for me to have my own lane so I just move down.  Of course being lucky this morning meant pushing myself when my body so didn't want to.  The main set was pretty much all touch and go.  It wasn't so much that the set had intervals as it was more of me every so often doing an open turn and gasping before leaving again.
200 Pull on 2:20
3x200's descending on 2:20
200 Pull We took some extra rest before moving on.  I pretty much had been swimming touch and go till about now.
6x100'a on 1:10 descend 1-3/4-6.  I thought my lane mate who was leading had agreed to a 1:15 interval but I kept looking at the clock and we did them on 1:19
we regrouped before doing another 200 pull then regrouping again before
8x75's.  I think we did them on 60 but to be honest I was so tired at this point I was just making sure I was going 10 seconds apart.  (2400/3250)

50 easy (3300)

200 Stroke (50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim / 50 kick)  I did backstroke (3500)

100 Stroke on 1:40
4x25's Stroke on 30
take 15 secs
4x25's Stroke on 30 (300/3800)

I did backstroke for my stroke.  Did enough butterfly yesterday afternoon.  I then warmed down just a 50 as I just wanted to get out of the pool.  I was beat and sore from yesterdays weight training and swimming.  Total yardage today was 3850.

MTD Yardage:44,150
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 223,950
YTD LCM 25,000

Sunday Afternoon Baking In The Pool

It is a scorcher here in Los Angeles / West Hollywood.  So getting in the pool was a nice treat.  Swimming fast in the heat wasn't so much.  But I pushed myself and did a bit of butterfly while baking in the pool.  Warmed up about a 200 on my own before we started our warm up set. 

Warm Up Set:
2x200's Drill
2x150's Kick
damn...i don't remember it all but I know we had a few 100's and some 50's swimming and kicking.  I did this mostly all stroke and IM.

Main Set:
50 Easy on 50
2x200's on 2:50 I did these fly.  Which if I recall this is the quickest interval I have ever swam consecutive 200's of fly.
8x25's on 30 descend 1-4 and 5-8 I did these semi easy free
50 Easy on 50
2x200's on 2:50  I did these backstroke. 
8x25's same as above
rest a bit then a timed 200.  Which I did butterlfy and did a 2:22.  My 100/s splits were 1:10/1:12

50 Easy on 50
3x100's on 1:30 Did them freestyle
I can't remember it if was 8x25's again or only 4
50 Easy on 50
3x100's again.  I don't remember if I did them free or backstroke.  It's all a blur.
Then the 25's again before sprinting a 100 Fly which I did in a 1:09.  Not great but not bad after 3x200's Fly.

I then warmed down a bit and it was time for the lap swim with my friend Amy.  This was her fourth time in the water and she is improving pretty well.  She was able to swim about 600 yards today.  As for me the coach said the workout with warmup was 4000 yards so I'll use that as my yardage count.

MTD Yardage:40,,300
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 220,100
YTD LCM 25,000

Another Good Friday Swim

On Thursday I pretty much skipped swimming and my weight training but did get in a spin class.  I just wasn't feeling it but I did have a yummy pastrami sandwich for lunch.  But this morning I got up and hit the 6am swim practice.  I'm glad I did as I'm feeling much better after the workout.  I am going to make up my missed weight training by going to the gym later today. 

Warmed Up a 250 before we started our warm up set.

1 - 75 Drill on 1:25
2 - 50 Drill / 25 Swim on 1:20
3 - 25 Drill / 50 Swim on 1:15
4  Swim on 1:10
I mixed it up with some stroke work.  I even did a very brief bit of breaststroke. (600/850)

This is were we did some 50's kick and some 50's swim.  Umm...hmmm.  I know I took one 50 off for a pee break.  Damn.  I think it was at least 8x50's kick.  1 and 5 had to be butterfly on back.  Then we did some light sprint work to get the heart rate up.  (350/1200 i'm low balling the yardage since I can't remember it)

Main Set:
1x100 Free on 1:10
4x100's Free on 1:20 the 4th one is fast
1x100 Free on 1:10
4x75's 3 & 4 are fast (which i did butterfly) on 1:10
1x100 Free on 1:10
4x50's 2, 3 and 4 are fast (which i did butterfly) on 50
1x100 Free on 1:10
4x25's all fast on 30 (i did these freestyle) (1400/2600)

150 on 2 mins breathing 3/5/7 by 50'
3x50's on 50 breathing 1 down / 3 back, 1 down / 2 back and 1 / 1  I did as best as I could with a few extra breathing from time to time.
Warm Down a 200 25 drill / 25 swim (600/3200)

That yardage doesn't seem right but alas it is close enough.  I'm so glad I went swimming this morning.  The last few workouts I haven't been alone in the fast lanes which is good as I need to be pushed.  I was seriously considering starting to hit the 7:15 workout for a challenge. 

MTD Yardage: 36,300
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 216,100
YTD LCM 25,000

Back To The Butterfly

I had planned on skipping this mornings workout but last night another fast swimmer said he was going to come at 6am so I agreed to swim again.  It's not that I don't like Wednesday mornings I actually do but instead of the workout being a choice of either Distance Free or Stroke the workout was being split between Competition and Non-Competition lanes.  Which depending on turn out could mean each lane would have swimmers of different swim levels creating a bit of lapping from time to time or having too much or too less rest for some. 

Warmed Up 300 Free

Warm Up
75 Kick
50 Drill
25 Swim. 
I think that was what we did.  (450750)

Main Set:
4x200's Free on 3:00
1st 200 the 1st 100 was fast.  That was a bit hard as it was like going from a resting heartbeat to a sprint.
2nd 200 the middle 100 was fast
3rd 100 the last 100 was fast
4th 100 the 1st and last 50 was fast
4x100's Descend Stroke on 1:40.  I did 1,2 and 4 butterfly.  My last 100 fly was around a 1:09.  Not bad considering.  My 3rd 100 I went backstroke.
4x200's Free same as above
4x100's broken
1st 100.  I did backstroke
2ns 100 was 2x50's on 50 I did butterfly
3rd 100 was 4x25's on 30 I did backstroke
4th 10 was a 100.  I did it butterfly again but was 5 seconds slower than my 1st one.   The odd thing was that I think my stroke was a bit better but I was getting a bit tired. (2400/3150)

75 easy (3225)

50 Sprint off the blocks. I did this butterfly and sucked big time.  I had a good start with a descent underwater kick going.  But I was just tired and didn't get my time but felt icky. (3275)

Then I did a 125 warm down (3400)  At the start of practice I could feel a bit of pain in my right hand from the brushes with the wall last night.  It feels better now but I was worried during warm up that I might have done some serious damage.  Now just my pinky is a bit tender.  When I close my fingers tight the pinky finger just feels a bit of a twitch.  I may ice it a bit. 

MTD Yardage: 34,100
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 212,900
YTD LCM 25,000