Tuesday Night Swim

I didn't swim this morning so I headed to the 7pm workout. Earlier today I hit the gym for my usual circuit weight routine. 

Warmed Up:
400 Swim
300 Pull
150 Kick (850)

Warm Up Set:
100 kick
75 Drill
50 Swim
25 Swim Build
Round 1 was free, 2 was breast and 3 was back.(750/1600)

Main Set:
50 easy free on 50
2x75's stroke on 1:10
100 easy on 1:30
200 Stroke FAST
Round one I did all the stroke butterfly, Round two I did all the stroke backstroke and finished up with round three all butterfly.  What was nice was that the coach broke us up into two groups for the last 200 stroke.  So at least for my 2nd 200 butterfly I didn't have to do as much one arm fly when passing and I didn't kill my hands on the wall.  After the first 200 my right hand was sick of the wall. (1500/3100)

50 easy (3150)

Pull Set
150 breathing 3/5/7
100 breathing 5/7
50 breathing 7 (900/4050)

10x50's on 50 3,5,7 and 10 fast choice.  I did those butterfly.  (500/4550)

100 warmdown (100/4650)

MTD Yardage: 30,700
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 209,500
YTD LCM 25,000

Monday Morning Ick

I ended up getting out of practice this morning a bit early as I wasn't feeling so hot.  I am blaming it on these energy pills that I got as free samples at the gym the other week.  I don't drink coffee so I usually take some sort of caffeine pill before working out.  Whatever is in these pills made me feel a bit ill.  So I ended up getting out of the water before I got sick.  I took them yesterday and felt the same way but I just thought it was the heat of the afternoon sun and being in  a warm pool.  I'm going to flush this crap out of me by drinking lots of water this morning.

Warmed Up 400 Free
2x150's 50 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim
400 Pull (1100)

1st Set:
4x50's on 40
2x100's on 1:20
200 on 2:40
2x100's on 1:20
4x50's on 40 (1000/2100)

50 easy

Then I did a 450.  It was to be 2x500's on 6 mins.  2nd one faster than the other.  (2600)

So I did 2600 yards and that's not too bad.  Now I'll just flush my system and relax for the day.

MTD Yardage: 26,050
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 204,850
YTD LCM 25,000

Sunday Afternoon On Your Mark Workout

Today was a "quality workout" in that the focus was on one 200, 100 and 50 sprint or three 100's sprint.  

Warm up was about a 400 on our own before we started our warm up set.

100 Free on 1:20
6x50's Kick
2x100's Stroke
some thing drill here
3x100's Free on 1:20
2x50's Kick

Damn I so can't remember the workout.  Waited too long after practice to jot it down.  But we had another warm up set that was done 3x.

150 on 2:15
2x100's free on 1:15
4x50's descend on 1 min
Then we had our sprint or fasft 200.  That is if you swim the 200's at a meet.  If you are a sprinter you had the option of doing a 100.  We were sent off in groups from the blocks.  I was in the 2nd group and was doing the 200 fly.  I was going to be second in the first group but the first group false started so I had my own lane for a  bit.  I did ask the person in the wall lane to switch so I wouldn't have to do any one arm fly but they didn't want to move.  So after my first 50 the person in my lane went after me to do hs 100.  He also did fly.  So now I had to do one arm every so often.  My first 100 I looked at the clock and the split was a 109.  Not fast but I was holding back for my 2nd 100.  This is were it went horribly wrong!  At the 150 mark I was about to push off when the other swimmer was right behind me so I moved over thinking he was just going to do the 150 of the 200.  Before I dodged him coming into the water I yelled "what the fuck" as I was pissed that my 200 was ruined.  Since the other swimmer was only doing a 100 I then continued on.  With my rest and one arm I still was under 2:30 but was shooting for under 2:20.

We did this above set again but this time everyone did a 100 instead of a 200.  I did this fly and did a horrible time of 1:02.  I was beat from the 200. 

The last round we were running out of time so it was only the 150, 1x100 and only 3x50;s before our 50 sprint.  I didn't bother listening for my time.  And that was the end of workout.  The coach apologized for the 200 incident which was okay.  It just goes to prove my point that this is a stupid workout considering basically you take everyone in all the various lanes and put them all together in a group.  Everyone is at different abilities then you have some people swimming a 200 while another is swimming only the 100 and you are all swimming different strokes.  It was chaotic at times.  I expected more than my little close encounter but I think I was the only one swimming the 200 butterfly.

The whole wokrout was according to the coach 4,000 yards  After I stayed for the lap swim and was joined by my friend Amy who is trying to become a swimmer.  She doubled her 200 yards from last week and was able to swim a broken 400.  Next week we are aiming for a 600.  

MTD Yardage: 23,450
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 202,200
YTD LCM 25,000

Thursday Night Swim

Swimming it is or was.  I had planned on getting back to my Thursday night run but since it is going to rain tomorrow I decided to go swimming tonight.  That way I can just sleep in tomorrow.  Plus I actually was going to stop by the West Hollywood Library to pick up a book I have on hold but I didn't realize that they close early on Thursdays. 

I warmed up about a 400 before we started our warm up set.

50 Stroke
100 Kick
150 IM Drill
200 Pulling Free Breathing 3/5/3/7
150 IM Drill
100 Kick
50 Stroke

Then we did another warm up set.  Ummm....oh well I might remember it later.  I know it started with a 200 Pull again breathing every 3/5/3/7 on 2:40 then I think maybe some 50's? I'll just count the 200 (200/1400)  I remember doing some breaststroke.

Main Free Set:
6x100's on 1:15
6x50's on 40  (900/2300)

50 easy (50/2350)

200 IM 25 drill / 25 swim (200/2550)

Main Stroke Set:
3x100's on 1:30
4x50's on ???
then a fast 100 I did stroke for this. (500/3050)

50 easy (50/3100)

16x25's Fly on 20/25/30/45 (400/3500)

I then finished up with 100 warmdown.  3600 yards for tonight.  The water was pretty warm tonight and I so thought I was going to puke in the 100's.  The other fast lane did the six on 1:10 and the 50's on 35.  I so would have puked it I swam in that lane.

MTD Yardage: 19,450
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 198,200
YTD LCM 25,000

Saturday is the turn clinic that I signed up for.  Hope the sun is out! 

Fly Baby Fly

After yesterday's long course swim I never did make it to the gym as I really needed the time to recover.  Good thing I did a but load of butterfly.

Warm Up
300 Swim then a 50 kick.
3x100 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  Did them butter/back/butter.  (650)

Main Set:
One Broken on 3:40  100/50/50/25 take 10 seconds in between
200 Fast
I did these butterfly.  My first 200 was 5 seconds slower than my second fast 200. (800/1450)

50 easy (50/1500)

100 on 1:30
4x25's on 30 taking  30 seconds extra rest before starting the second round.  I di d this mostly fly except the second 100 which I did back for recovery.  (400/1900)

3x50's off the block relay starts.  (150/2050)

2050 Isn't much in yardage but it was stroke and it was a lot of butterfly.  Maybe I missed something.  Oh yeah.  6x75's 25 drill / 50 swim i alternated between fly and back so that is another 450 making it a 2500 SCY's.

MTD Yardage: 15,850
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 194'600
YTD LCM 25,000

On a tech note I am sitting here in front of the tv waiting for Debbie Phelps to come on the Today Show using my new netbook computer.  Got to admit typing on such a small keyboard is going to take a bit to get used to.  I feel like I am using an toy computer from Leap Frog.  So you may notice a increase in typo's and odd little keystroke errors.  I'll do my best to edit as I notice them to I get the hang of this.

Monday, One Too Many: Another Swim Practice

I should have rested and skipped this mornings workout.  I am fatigued and my body is sore as hell.  But I made the best of it and swam.  I'll just stay in bed for the rest of the day.

Warm Up
4x150's.  50 kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim  (900)

400 Pull (400/1300)

Main Set:
4x75's on 60
2x150's on 2:00
300 on 3:50
2x150's on 2:10
4x75's on 60
By the last set of 4x75's I was tired.  Each one of the 75's kept getting slower.  The last one was just bad.  (1600/2800)

Easy 50 (2850)

2x50's.  Sprinting for the first 40 yards (2950)

100 Kick
50 Drill
50 Swim
I think we only did this once.  (200/3150)

Then we did 6x50's Fast on 60.  I did 1-4 butterfly, 5th one back and 6th one fly.  So painfull.  ((300/3450)

2x50's.  Sprinting for the first 40 yards (100/3550)

Then I warmed down just a very slow 100.  It took everything I had just to warm down.  (1000/3650)

MTD Yardage: 13,350

YTD Yardage: 192,100
YTD LCM 21,300

Sunday Swim

After the swim meet on Saturday I didn't get myself much time to recover and hit the Sunday afternoon workout.  I will admit due to lack of sleep and playing Nintendo with a friend to the wee hours of the morning didn't make me the fastest swimmer in the pool on Sunday.  Since I didn't fall asleep to about the time I normally wake up I skipped the weight training and stuck with swimming.

Warmed Up Around a 200 before we had our warm up set.

I think that is what it was.  First round drill, then kick and the last round swim.  I mixed it up with some fly kick, then some fly and back drill.  I think for the swim I stuck to back.(1500/1700)

Main Set:
50 active recovery
The first two rounds were freestyle on 1:20/50/2:30 while the last two rounds were stroke which I did backstroke on 1:30/50/3:00's.  I was thinking at first I'd do more fly but I was beat.  (2200/3900)

Afterwards my friend Amy came to the pool for the lap swim and our little swim lesson.  I'm teaching her how to swim, sorta.  She knew the basics of mostly a doggie paddle but I'm trying to teach her to swim swim.  She went from last week learning to swim with your face in the water to actually being able to swim non-stop to the other end of the pool.  We will be doing this once a week for the summer.  After that she came over for dinner and more Nintendo.  Well time to go to this Mornings workout.

MTD Yardage: 9,700

YTD Yardage: 18,450
YTD LCM 21,300

Friday Morning Blah Swim

Today was my lazy day.  I did get in the pool and swam but took my time, goofed off and went on slow intervals.  A week of mostly swimming on my own seems to have taken a toll on me.  Then again I might have stepped it up if other swimmers around my swim pace showed up to the 6am workout.  During warm up no one wanted to swim in my lane as they didn't want to go on a fast interval so the other lanes had 4 or more people in each lane and I had my own lane.  I of course didn't hesitate to offer to go at a slower interval to help alleviate crowding in the other lnanes.

Warmed Up around a 400.  I sorta lost count.

Kick Set:
Round one butterfly, Round two back and Round three breast.  We sorta made the intervals up as we went along.  750/1150

Main Set:
16x150's.  Well we only did 15 as we ran out of time
1-4 IM on 2:30
5-8 Free on 2:10
9-12 IM on 2:30
13-15 Free on 2:10
I had lots of rest even with my goofing off.  (2250/3400)

then we just warmed down a 50.  It wasn't that hard of a workout although it would have been on a faster interval and if I had pushed myself.   But I was okay with just getting in the water and swimming this morning. 

MTD Yardage: 5,800

YTD Yardage: 184,550
YTD LCM 21,300

I plan on deck entering tomorrows meet and swimming at least the 500 free.  Should do more since paying 35 bucks for one event is pretty lame.  Guess I'll just wing it tomorrow. 

Thursday Morning Lap Swim

Two days in a row I've slept in.  Yesterday I missed both the 6am and 7:15am swim and after that it was all down hill with no swimming.  I thought of a gym swim or a lap swim but with a lunch of a pastrami sandwich I decided to have a fat day.  This morning I did wake up a bit late but still made the morning lap swim.  Spring is really here as the pool was very crowded.  I even saw one of my Facebook Mafia War friends and former coworker swimming. 

As for the workout it was cut very short due to the fact that swimming intervals swims in a lap swim doesn't always work out.  I was going to stay in but gave up when a fresh new batch of swimmers arrived. 

Warmed Up A Thousand Yards
300 Swim
300 Pull
3x100's Kick on 1:50
100 Swim

6x100's Free 2 on 1:25 / 2 on 1:20 / 2 on 1:15(600/1600)

4x50's on 50 (200/1800)

Then this is when I started to forget about intervals as I was sharing a lane again.  I swam a 200 and I'll admit on the 3 minute mark went to start another 200 but after a 50 I stopped.  I knew I would be lapping the other swimmer at every 50 of the 200.  I was about to move to another lane that had just emptied out when Maureen came.  I think that is her name.  If you go to any local Masters meet you see her as she is the little cute old lady.  I always seem to chat it up with her and each time it's like we are meeting for the first time.  I think she recognizes faces but forget who they are which is fine with me. So we chatted it up a bit and the swimmer in my lane moved over then it was time to swim a 300.  I pulled this 300. (550/2350)

Then I did a 100 warm down.  I was trying to scope out the pool to see if I could continue to swim but it was just too crowded.  Pretty much today's workout was just a modified version of the LCM set I swam on Tuesday.  So for yardage it wasn't much at 2,350 but at least it was something.  If time allows I may go swim later today and do the set one more time.  I can't swim tonight in practice as I have another commitment and the gym is closed for construction.  I could go to another gym but I'll take today off from weight training.  I figure with UCLA SCY meet on Saturday on the drawing board and then Sunday I'll swim at 3pm, do weights and spin in the morning I deserve a bit of a break. 

MTD Yardage: 2,350

YTD Yardage: 181,100
YTD LCM 21,300