Tuesday's Swim Report - Swimming? There's an App for That!

Lane 1 - Pro Player Insiders posts "Fan Focus with BillsMafia.com: Mafia Monday with US Olympian Summer Sanders."

Lane 2 - USA Swimming posts "Underwater Slow Motion - 2013 Arena Grand Prix at Santa Clara - Go Pro Hero 3."

Lane 3 - Evening Standard posts "Smart strokes... swimming goes virtual with new apps.  From apps which allow you to share your lengths online to gadgets which measure your laps, swimming has gone virtual, says Miranda Bryant.  The app Ubersense, which allows users to record their swimming performances on video, play back at different speeds and share performances with other swimmers and experts online, has seen a sharp rise in users in the past six months. To date, it has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times."

Lane 4 - Courier Mail posts "Comment: Swimming's culture has not changed.  ONE leaked document out of Swimming Australia has ended the presidency of Barclay Nettlefold and exposed the fact the sport’s culture has not changed one iota."

Lane 5 - Yahoo OMG posts "Park Tae Hwan was Hurt by Female Celebrities.  Appearing as a guest on SBS’ Healing Camp, Olympic swimmer, Park Tae Hwan shared that he was hurt by celebrities in the past."

Lane 6 - Dorset Echo posts "Former olympian Foster creates a buzz at Dorchester Sports Centre.  FORMER olympic swimmer Mark Foster gave a class to kids at the Dorchester Sports Centre yesterday as part of a national event in aid of Macmillan."

Lane 7 - Bay TV Liverpool posts (w/video) "Interview: Olympic medallist swimmer Steve Parry.  Liverpool's Steve Parry reached the pinnacle of his career in Athens, 2004, when he won Britain's first Olympic swimming medal in eight years, finishing behind swimming great Michael Phelps and Japanese swimmer Takashi Yamamoto to grab the bronze medal."

Lane 8 - Outsports SB Nation posts "Gay Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua on coming out at Texas A&M and carrying a national Olympic flag."

Friday's Swim Report: Can You See A Swim Beat?

Lane 1 - 9 News posts (w/video) "Olympian helps push summer swim safety.  This is the time of year when families start heading out to swimming pools. Four-time Olympian, Cullen Jones, and swimming legend Rowdy Gaines have teamed up for an initiative to help kids be safe in the water."  Bay News posts (w/video) "Interview with Olympians Cullen Jones and Rowdy Gaines."

Lane 2 - Speedo UK posts "Behind the scenes at the Speedo TriathELITE shoot with Vanessa Raw and Stuart Hayes."

Lane 3 - TechCrunch posts "Instabeat Is Revolutionary HUD For Swimming Goggles You Can Back On Indiegogo.  Instabeat is head-up display unit which attaches to swimming goggles and 20130325105306-screen_shot_2013-03-25_at_4-39-41_pmmonitors your heart rate, calories, laps and turns during your swim. It’s been live on crowd funding platform Indiegogo for a few days and is already poised to reach its modest funding target ($29,326 raised, with $35,000 being the goal), meaning the product will almost certainly ship."

Lane 4 - The Sunday Dispatch posts "Swimming with an Olympian.  Young swimmers got the opportunity to interact with a champion when four-time Olympic medalist Peter Vanderkaay conducted a clinic at the Dallas Middle School natatorium."

Lane 5 - digital spy posts "Ryan Lochte on haters: 'I could be perfect and people would hate me'.  "I try not to read the negative comments, and when I do, I let it roll off my back," he said. "I remind myself that there will always be haters as long as you are in the public eye.  "You could literally be perfect and people would still hate you, for being perfect. I surround myself with family and friends, and it's all good."

Lane 6 - WECT posts "Online petition created in hopes of saving UNCW swim and dive teams.  UNCW Swimming and Diving teams go viral. After a recommendation was made to cut five UNCW sports teams including the swimming and diving program, members of the teams are taking a stand.  An online petition was created by women's swim team captain Sarah Smith in hopes of raising awareness of their cause.  Within 24 hours of being created, the petition had over 6,000 signatures. Even Olympic swimmers including Ryan Lochte and Dara Torres have re-tweeted tweets from UNCW swimmers."

Lane 7 - Sunrise on 7 posts "Swimmer needs support for charity.  Chloe McCardel is swimming the 170km from Cuba to America for charity, but needs more corporate support for it to happen. She chats to Sunrise about why she's doing it."

Lane 8 - Boston.com posts "Hottest hotel pools around the world.  With the unofficial start of summer around the corner, it's officially time to start thinking about your summer travel plans."

Monday's Swim Report: No Carbon For You & Mark Speed Ahead For Swimmers

Lane 1 - Swimming World posts "Three Arena Powerskin Suits Non-Compliant; Arena, FINA Take Action - Updated. In February 2013, FINA queried Arena regarding a Powerskin Carbon-Pro racing suit, the women's full body open back -- FINA approval code AR220993, that FINA purchased in the open market during routine testing. FINA had a question regarding the suit's permeability.  Arena then launched a quality control investigation into its entire process, and found that two other variants of the Carbon-Pro were also impacted stemming back to December 2012. These two other variants are the women's full body closed back (FINA approval code AR220994) and men's jammer (FINA approval code AR141364).  With this in mind, Arena has waived its FINA approval on the three mentioned variants effective today."  ARENA posts "New information on compliance with FINA regulations.  Arena is introducing a new version of the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro (called Mark 2), which is available with immediate effect, with the following FINA approval codes:
    Women's full body open back – Mark 2 (AR221039)
    Women’s full body close back – Mark 2 (AR221028)
    Men’s jammer – Mark 2 (AR141028)
visit the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro return page."

Lane 2 - The Australian posts "Former teenage swimming champion and TV veteran Johanna Griggs talks about her success in and out of sport."

Lane 3 - Sports Grid posts "Here’s A Photo That Appears To Show Ryan Lochte With An Erection, If You’re Into That.  Another episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? aired last night, though this Ryan_lochte_bedtimeis another one of those “If Ryan Lochte’s TV show was on last night, and nobody was around to watch it, did it really happen?” situations. And while we’re sure he said and did a number of outrageous things, this takes the cake:"

Lane 4 - News.com AU posts "Giaan Rooney opens up about her post-Olympics dumping from Nine and move to Seven.  Now at Seven where she has had an auspicious transition into the shoes of veteran Melbourne weatherman Peter Brown, Rooney admits she had no desire to leave Nine but was given no say in the matter after returning from her commentary gig at the London Games, which turned out to be a ratings fizzier."

Lane 5 - NBC Sports posts (w/ very old video) "VIDEO: Learn to swim like Michael Phelps.  As we continue to turn back the clock for no apparent reason on a gorgeous Monday, enjoy this 20-part video series (we would have made it 22) on Michael Phelps and the training techniques Bob Bowman used to turn him from a precocious 15-year-old swimmer to history’s greatest Olympic champion."

Lane 6 - Omaha.com posts "Cozy setup helped keep Swim Trials in Omaha.  Asked what probably won the bid again for Omaha after hosting in 2008 and '12, Cliff, president of the Omaha Sports Commission, said last week: “Without question, the convenience of the venue.”  The 50-meter warm-up pool starts at the southern edge of Exhibit Hall A in the CenturyLink convention center, James_magnussenwhere it connects with the arena. That pool also sits in a mostly enclosed space that minimizes the noise from the arena, allowing swimmers to prepare or cool down, Cliff said, without distraction."

Lane 7 - Adelaide Now posts "Australian swimming's rehabilitation will be a long haul.  SWIMMING tentatively attempted its first redemptive steps this past week.  With the sport humiliated and chastened in the wake of London, rehabilitation is a long, incremental and necessary haul that will need every kilometre of the road to Rio."

Lane 8 - Sunshine Coast Daily posts "Brave Melanie bound for Barcelona despite injury.   OLYMPIC gold medallist Melanie Schlanger has shaken off an injury-marred national championships and vowed to regain her best form.  The Coast export carried a fractured rib into the championships in Adelaide, which ended on Friday night, and performed accordingly. The 26 year old failed to defend her 100m freestyle title, finishing sixth, and came fifth in the 200m freestyle.  She has, however, earned a spot on Australia's 4x200m freestyle relay team for the world championships in Barcelona in July-August and is optimistic of also making the 4x100m freestyle team."


Every so often I stumble on something cool and the Instabeat is one of those things. 

A ground breaking swimming monitor mounted on your goggles that tracks, stores, and displays instant feedback of your heart rate to reach your training goals.
20130325105306-Screen_Shot_2013-03-25_at_4.39.41_PMReal-time tracking is crucial to achieve your training and fitness goals, but at the same time it shouldn't disturb your head and arm motion during your swim. Instabeat's sleek design reduces friction in the water. 20130404021744-LEDs
It fits on any pair of swimming goggles

Go read more at Instabeat Indiegogo

Waterfi: Waterproof Nike+ FuelBand

So jealous of my pal Rob over at RobAquatics as he bragged on Facebook... RobaquaticsMake it Count in the Water

Completely waterproof down to 100ft
2 Year Warranty fulfilled by Waterfi

The Nike+ FuelBand comes from the Nike factory sweat resistant, but enhanced with Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing process, it is now ready to be submerged 100 feet below the surface. Chase your NikeFuel goal while lap swimming, surfing, kayaking, even scuba diving. The Fuelband is waterproofed by filling the interior of the device with a thick rubbery insulator that forms a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components
see more at waterfi.com

read more of my adventures with the nike+ fuelband over at even more of the17thman

Wednesday's Swim Report: Never Mind Being Fast! Will This $400 Swim Suit Make Me Hot?

Lane 1 - 7 News posts "Missy Franklin is named the nation's outstanding amateur athlete by the AAU.  Colorado's Olympic Champion swimmer wins award."

Lane 2 - Herald Online posts "Diaper Buys Now Offers Adult Swimming Briefs.  Summertime offers fun times at the pool and beach, with waves lapping at our feet offering relaxing and soothing sounds for one and all.  The idea of swimming in a pool or at the lake or ocean can cause individuals with adult incontinence issues not to join in the fun rather than risking an "accident," however. Theme parks with water active areas include the cost of swim pant/briefs for children into the entry cost, but what is an older youth or adult to do or wear to ensure they will not have an accident?"

Lane 3 - The Daily Telegraph posts "Punishment for Australia’s shamed 4x100m Olympic relay team could be announced as soon as tomorrow.  It is understood penalties could include fines and Swim_hall_of_fame_hopes_to_call_santa_clara_home“suspended sentences” following the fallout of their infamous Stilnox bonding night prior to the London Olympics."

Lane 4- The Santa Clara Weekly posts "Swim Hall of Fame Hopes to Call Santa Clara Home.  Two weeks ago, the newly-formed Santa Clara Blue and Gold Ribbon Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with the ISHOF to raise $10 million to relocate the Hall of Fame to Santa Clara, and provide a $2 million endowment for future support. Unofficial discussions have been going on since last year and a location adjacent to the Hilton hotel is currently under consideration."

Lane 5 - Look To The Stars posts "Rebecca Adlington Turns Her Attention To Kids’ Sport.  Although only 23 years old, Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington has decided to give up competitive swimming, leaving it to the up and coming younger female swimmers.  Although she plans on staying involved at an elite level without competing, Adlington wants to focus on the sport at what she calls a grassroots level as well."

382215-tomtom-runner-watchLane 6 - Huffington Post has (w/video) "Dara Torres: 'Exercise Helps Me Sleep'.  What could possibly be stressful about competing as an Olympic athlete, delivering motivational speeches around the country, acting as a skincare spokeswoman and raising a daughter? Swimmer Dara Torres does it all -- and still has time to sleep."

Lane 7- PC Mag posts "TomTom Watches Track Running, Cycling, and Swimming.  GPS maker TomTom today announced a new line of smart sports watches designed for athletes who run, cycle, and swim.  Two versions of the watch will be available later this year: the Runner line, designed only for running, and the Multi-Sport, which includes cycling and swimming features. TomTom says it will sell the watches with a variety of bundled accessories, including a heart rate monitor, bike mount, and cadence sensor (which inform cyclists of their pedaling speed)."

Lane 8 - USA Today posts "Final Word: Does this suit make me look like Jon Hamm?  For this price, it should!  That said I was wandering through the men's department at Neiman-Marcus the other night…I come upon but a table of bathing suits. Nice bathing suits. Fun bathing suits. There were piles of them in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.  The suit I liked most was $350. Maybe it was $450. Who knows? I was blinded by the price."

Wednesday's Swim Report - Charlotee's Ultimate Swimdown #Berens vs #Marsh

Lane 1 - WCNC posts "VOTE: NBC Charlotte's Person of the Year.  We have selected five nominees:  1. Ricky Berens, Olympic gold medalist: Born and raised in Charlotte, the 24-year-old swimmer took home gold this summer in the 4x200 freestyle relay team in London. (#Berens)  4. David Marsh, CEO of SwimMAC Carolina:  One of the most prestigious swimming coaches in the nation, he helped lead the U.S. Olympic swim team and SwimMAC Carolina stars in London. (#Marsh)"

Lane 2 - ABSOLUTE RADIO posts via youtube "Ian 'Thorpedo' Thorpe on the red carpet at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.  Watch Ian 'Thorpedo' Thorpe talk to Absolute Radio on the red carpet at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards."

Lane 3 - Product Design & Development posts "Strokes of Genius.  Fourteen U.S. Olympians trained with it prior to this summer’s London games. College swim teams from coast to coast (Harvard, USC, Michigan, Northwestern University, and the U.S. Naval Academy, to name a few) Twisthink - Avidasportshave added it to their training arsenal. The first high school team to embrace the technology won its state championship, and numerous other high school programs now use it.  AvidaMetrics is the biggest little tool to hit the sports world since stopwatches. And it’s a training tool like no other. AvidaMetrics is a sophisticated telemetry system created by new-product development specialists at Twisthink in Holland, MI, for Avidasports."

Lane 4 - The Australian posts "Robert Hurley was on the verge of quitting the pool.  ROBERT Hurley has dragged his career out of the doldrums to become Australia's first gold medallist at the world short-course championships in Turkey.  Hurley, who missed selection for the London Olympics, has re-emerged as a world-class competitor in Istanbul, beating the Olympic 100m backstroke champion Matt Grevers and the previous world champion Stanislav Donets to claim victory in the 50m backstroke yesterday.  The last couple of years have been really, really tough," Hurley said.  "A couple of times I thought about pulling the pin, but I'm glad I stuck with it."

Lane 5 - The Sydney Morning Herald posts "Changes make news for Seven.  Seven has hired Olympic swimmer Giaan Rooney to present the weather on its news over the holiday season and for the tennis in the new year."

Lane 6 - ESPN W posts "Summer on the Run.  Training with my girlfriends lifts me.  Summer on the Run is a 12-week blog and video series that follows former Olympic swimmer and avid runner Summer Sanders on her journey to train for Disney's Princess Half Marathon on Feb. 24."

Lane 7 - SNTV posts via youtube "Mark Spitz questions doping in swimming.  Former multiple gold medal winning Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz reflects on his career in the pool and the current state of the sport.  Mark Spitz, Former Olympic Swimmer (On being a swimming 'icon'):
"I think any sport that has had an icon come from it is always searching for the next Michael Jordan or the next Michael Phelps for that matter. It could be a long time in coming. It is human nature to want to know who is going to be the next star that we can follow and who is going to be the next inspiration for those in the sport of swimming or whatever the sport may be."

Lane 8 - The Australian posts "Reality hits for Olympic sports.  ON the day that Australia's great sporting rival, Britain, announced a record $536 million to be spent on its Olympic and Paralympic campaigns for the 2016 Rio Games, Australia's national sports federations were facing a brave new world as the reality of a restructured government funding program began to hit home.  Australian Institute of Sport director Matt Favier, who returned this year after working in the British system for a decade, confirmed that there would be winners and losers under the new funding model, just as there were in the UK funding announcement yesterday."

On Deck Update/Follow Up:  Sport 24 posts "Le Clos clears up confusion.  Le Clos was believed to have scratched from the final day's 200m butterfly - an event in which he is the reigning Olympic champion - in order to attend the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony in London at which his father, Bert le Clos, was nominated for the Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award.  However, Chad took to Twitter to clear up the confusion, writing: just to be clear! i have been in Turkey for 10days, no where else - i didn't attend London with my dad, tweaked shoulder so had to withdraw."

Saturday's Swim Report - Olympic Swimmers Face Speedopedo Suit

Lane 1 - Herald Sun posts "Gossip surrounds Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice and American Rice_kobebasketballer Kobe Bryant.  COULD a blossoming friendship between Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice and American basketball megastar Kobe Bryant be developing in London?"

Lane 2 - LA Times posts "Natalie Coughlin makes her case for prime-time relay.  Natalie Coughlin might not have to rely on her relay teammates to secure her record 12th Olympic medal.  Coughlin posted the fastest time of any U.S. swimmer in the 400-meter freestyle relay qualifying on Saturday morning, putting her in position to swim in the relay final Saturday night. The Americans are expected to replace the two slowest swimmers in the morning relay for the evening finals."

Lane 3 - news.com.au posts "'I want to be an Australian great' says swimming king James Swimmer-james-magnussenMagnussen.  HE hopes of the nation rest on his shoulders, and swim king James Magnussen is ready to claim the Olympic crown.  James 'The Missile' Magnussen is in lockdown in the lead up to the Olympics. But sunday magazine has gained exclusive access to a small studio in Sydney's CBD where he's doing a photoshoot for underwear brand jac5.  Tanned, 195cm tall and incredibly fit, the 21-year-old is hot property both in and out of the pool. He's been inundated with interview requests since his win at the FINA World Championships last July propelled him to swimming stardom. But Magnussen refuses to play the fame game just yet; his attention is on achieving his Olympic dream."

Lane 4 - BBC posts "Empty Olympics swimming seats investigated.  Olympic organisers are investigating why hundreds of seats were empty for a swimming session at the Aquatic Centre, in east London, on Saturday morning.  The BBC's Nick Hope said areas high in the stands at the sold-out event were full but several hundred more expensive seats lower down were not filled.  Oly_stadClusters of empty seats have also been observed at Wimbledon's centre court.  Many people have contacted the BBC to express disappointment over the sight of empty seats after failing to get tickets for events."

Lane 5 - ninemsn posts "Charles offers advice to swimmers.  Prince Charles has advised Australian Olympic open water swimmers Melissa Gorman and Ky Hurst they'll need some antiseptic after they compete in the Serpentine.  The 11 hectare lake in Hyde Park has been cleaned up for the 10km open water swim at the London Olympics, but its reputation obviously still lingers in royal circles."

Lane 6 - SF Gate posts "Olympic swimmers honor Alexander Dale Oen's memory.   Cameron van der Burgh is swimming for South Africa — and for a fallen rival he keeps close each time he dives off the block.  n Friday night, Norwegian Olympic Committee chief Jarle Aamboe carried a photo of Dale Oen on the inside of his suit jacket near his heart during the opening ceremony in what the delegation considered a respectful way to honor the decorated swimmer."

Lane 7 - Brisbane Times posts (w/video) "Speedo creates 'torpedo' suit.  After being forced to revise the technology used in its swimsuits in 2009, Speedo says it's come up with a new approach inspired by torpedo design."

Lane 8 - Scientific American posts "How Speedo Created A Record-Breaking Swimsuit.  After officials banned the swimsuit that caused records to fall at the 2008 Games, scientists are back with a new outfit that could break more.  At Aqualab, researchers took four years and spent 55,000 man-hours to produce what Speedo calls the Fastskin 3 system. The internal team of 19 supplemented by outside experts talked to hydrodynamic experts, aircraft engineers and nano textile producers.

SwimSuit Tech Wars 2.012 - Team GB Swimming Secret Weapon?

Daily Mail posts "Swimmers' secret weapon is worth its weight in gold: Team GB to use new swimsuit that could give them advantage over rivals.  Britain’s swimmers will wear kit that could give them as much as a 2 per cent advantage over  many of their rivals in the pursuit of gold at the Olympics.
Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe – who helped to test the swimsuits – said he believed they could make a difference.

‘It might sound like a minimal advantage, but it could be significant,’ said the five-times Olympic champion, who described yesterday how he battled winds of 128km in a wind tunnel at a special testing centre in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

But adidas say up to 70 per cent of Britain’s swimmers will be wearing them and experts from the company’s 80-strong innovations department believe they could be the difference between gold and silver.

The swimsuits will also be worn by the Germans, the French and some of the Australians.

Udo Mueller, a spokesman for the adidas innovations department, said: ‘We believe we have created a suit that will give all the swimmers who wear it a big advantage."

An article in The Independent quotes "Swimsuits worn by Adidas-sponsored swimmers are 36 per cent lighter than the Beijing suit, and absorb 32.5 per cent less water."