Lap Swim

I slept in and didn't make this mornings 6am or 7:15am workout so I biked over to the pool for the afternoon lap swim.  Paid my $2 and got into the water.  When I do a lap swim I jot down a workout before hand so I don't wimp out.  Today's workout came out of the blue and is not based on any previous workout.  Well except for the warm up which I did a standard warm up of 400 swim and a 300 pull.

The Swim:

400 Freestyle on 5:00
300 Freestyle on 3:35
200 Freestyle
Rest a bit
200 Pull no interval
300 Pull no interval
400 Pull no interval
These pulls were done with paddles.

300 Pull No Paddles

10x100's Kick on 2:00.  Ouch!  I normally take pee breaks to get out of kicking but I made myself kick.  And kick hard.  The last one I did it on about a 1:30.  The rest were between 1:45-1:50.  Which for me is pretty good as I suck at kicking.  I really pushed myself.

200 Warm down

4,000 yards in a little over an hour.  I got some medium distance swims in.  I really need to get use to doing distance swims if I'm going to do the 1,500, the 800 and the 400 in a few weeks.  Ugh!  Oh and never mind the 200 and 100 butterfly.

Sunday Afternoon Swim

Another Sunday begins another week of swimming.

Warmed up a mixed 300.

Warm Up Set:
4x150's (1st one all drill, 2nd one 100 drill  50 swim, 3rd one 50 drill / 100 swim and the 4th one all swim.  I did this mixed fly and backstroke)
4x100's Kick
4x50's Swim (I did one of each stroke)

Main Set:
200 Free on 2:40
50 Drill on 50
3x100's Free on 1:15
50 easy on 60
200 IM on 3:00
50 Drill on 50
4x100s IM on 1:40
50 easy on 60
200 Choice on 3:00 I did this backstroke.
50 Drill on 50
5x100's on 1:40 as follows 50 sprint fly / 50 back easy, 50 easy back / 50 sprint fly, 25 easy back / 50 sprint fly / 25 easy back, 100 back, 100 sprint fly

50 easy

8x75's on 1:10
1st and 5th - 25 free breathing every 3 / 25 free breathing every 5 then take 5 seconds rest and do a 25 sprint fly
2nd and 6th - 25 free breathing every 3 / 25 free breathing every 7 then take 5 seconds rest and do a 25 sprint fly
3rd and 7th - 25 free breathing every 3 / 25 free breathing every 9 then take 5 seconds rest and do a 25 sprint fly
4th and 8th - 25 free breathing every 3 / 25 free no breathing (okay I breathed when I needed to) then take 5 seconds rest and do a 25 sprint fly.

200 warm down.

Okay so I was the only person who had to do the 75's with a 25 sprint fly everyone else go to do butterfy kick on the back so they got lots more breathing time then I did.  Also I messed up the interval it was to be on 1:20 and I did it on 1:10.  As for the main set the last round which I did choice of fly the other lane did all freestyle.  Actually they pulled with paddles.  Oh and I saw someone wearing fins during the last set of 75's.  Bunch of wusses. 

Friday Morning Swim

The last week or so has been pretty easy for me swimming.  Even with everyone back from Nationals none of the other fast swimmers have yet to show up at the 6am workout.  This allows me to continue to swim with somewhat easier intervals.  It's been a nice vacation.  I've been able to think about my strokes and turns and not worry about pushing to make an interval. 

Warmed up 400 Swim, 300 Pull, 150 Kick.  We then did a warm up set made up of 100's split between kicking and drilling.

16x75's on 1:10 as follows

75 easy on 1:05
25 fast on 30 (did these fly)
25 easy on 25
25 fast on 30 (did these backstroke)

75 fast free on 1:05
25 easy on 30
25 fast on 25 (did these fly)
25 easy on 30

Wednesday 6am'er

After swimming last night I came home, ate dinner and then went right to bed.  After a night of tossing and turning I got out of bed around 4:30 and read the morning LA Times for an hour before hoping on the bike and heading to swim.

Turnout was pretty light so some of the faster medium lane swimmers joined me in my lane and I swam at an easier pace then usual.  Which I'm all for!  I was able to think about my stroke and turns and not just swim in my usual mad scramble to make the intervals.

Warmed up a mixed 550

Warm Up Set
100 Kick
100 Drill
100 Swim
Round one was freestyle round to was butterfly and round three was IM.

Free Set:
4x100's Free on 1:25
3x200's Free on 2:50
100 easy free on 2 mins
1x300 Free.  I didn't really push myself on this and ended up coming in at the 3:40 mark.

100 easy

Stroke Set:
4x50's on 50 (did these backstroke)
3x100's on 1:45 (did these backstroke)
1x100 Free easy on 2:00
1x200 Stroke Fast.  Did this butterfly.  After the 1st 100 I stopped and looked at the clock to get my pace and it was a 1:14.  I speeded it up for the 2nd 100 but I lapped my lane mate who was swimming backstroke so I had to slow up a bit before getting to the wall to lap him.  Ended up with a 2:28.  Not bad for a 200 butterfly at the end of a workout.

Brr, It's Cold Outside

LA's weather is crazy sometimes.  One day it's sunny and warm and the next it's hazy and cold.  Tonight the cold settled in.  After a quick bike ride to the pool I started getting cold on deck. 

Warm Up
400 Swim
300 Pull
150 Kick

Warm Up Set
4xIM Order
100 Kick on 2:00
50 Drill on 50
50 Swim on 50

Main Set:
4x100 IM's on 1:40
4x75 IM's(no free) on 1:15
4x50's Butterfly down / Backstroke back on 50
4x25's Butterfly on 30

100 easy

12x75's on 1:15 as follows
1 easy freestyle
1 build choice
1 fast choice
Round one I did the choice freestyle, round two I did butterfly round three I did backstroke and finish up with a round of fly.

50 easy

4x50's over/unders

50 easy

I do plan on swimming at 6am in the morning. 

My Super Tiny Tri Day

After running this morning's Santa Monica Classic 10K I decided to go to the afternoon swim practice.  So after a few hours of rest it was time to hop on my bike and cycle the 2 miles to the pool. 

Warmed up 300 swim / 100 pull

4x50's kick

Then we did a series of 25's.  The coach was having us work on drills.  Then we did a series of 50's and 100's alternating drilling and swimming.  I don't really remember the set.  I really hate drill sets.  I'd rather swim a 400 easy working on what I need to work on. 

400 Pull Breathe Control 3/5/any/7

100 easy

500 Fast.  I did it in a 5:44.

100 easy

200 25 drill / 25 swim
100 kick
50 swim
2x25's swim

16x25's 4 fly  / 4 back / 4 breast / 4 free.

After workout it was time to bike home.  I'm a little tired but I'm sure my legs won't like me tomorrow.  I plan on sleeping in tomorrow.  If I swim at all it'll be the 7pm practice.

Double Double: Friday Night Swim

After feeling just okay this morning I decided to swim tonight as Friday night is only an hour.

Warmed up around a 400. 

After that the workout was close to the morning. 

6x75's on 1:20
3 of them 50 drill  25 swim
3 of them 25 drill 50 swim

6x50's kick

Then the main set:
4x50's on 50 25 fly  25 free
4x50's on 50 25 back 25 free
4x50's on 50 25 breast 25 free

4x50's free on 45
4x50's free on 40
4x50's free on 35

3x50's fly on 50
3x50's back on 50
3x50's breast on 50

After this mornings workout I felt strong tonight.  Like the morning workout was a warmup.  Maybe I need to do more doubles.

First Swim Of The Month

A new month means a new category "Swim Training 2008 May".  This makes it easier for me to go back and review my swimming, notes I made and any progress in intervals and such that I may have made.  This morning I was the only fast lane swimmer at 6am so someone got bumped up and my intervals slowed down a bit.  Which was fine with me as it was a sprint workout.

Warmed Up a 300

6x75's Kick 1 free / 1 choice / 1 fly on your back
4x75's Drill 1 free / 1 choice
2x75's Swim 1 free / 1 choice

8x25's on 30 alternating free / fly
6x25's on 30 alternating free / back
4x25's on 30 alternating free / breast

4x50's Free on 45
3x100's IM on 1:40

4x50's Free on 45
3x100's Free on 1:25

We had to cut the workout short a bit and I did 2x100's Fly on 1:50.

Warmed down a 150

Workout wasn't tough but after weights and running yesterday it was enough.  I almost stayed and did a double but I didn't feel like doing 25's all over again.  Depending on how I feel after my Sunday 10K run I may attend the 3pm swim.