SwimOutlet Unveils Inspirational Messages from Olympians, Straight to Your Mobile Phone

San Jose, CA (April 13, 2020) – Casual swimmers and swim racers aren’t the only ones who’ve had to adjust their schedules the past few weeks. Elite swimmers and Olympians across the globe have had to adjust to new dryland workout schedules and search for private pools while mapping out an entirely new training calendar with the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to summer 2021.

         So in this time of uncertainty and unease for many, SwimOutlet has collaborated with elite athletes along with personalized mobile messaging company Attentive® to offer customers and social media followers some “Swimspiration” to keep them motivated and inspired with audio messages from top swimmers and Olympians straight to their mobile phones. 

         By texting SWIMSPIRATION to 48423, SwimOutlet will offer a collection of heartfelt audio messages from select Olympians which anyone can listen into. Those Olympians include:

  • Cammile Adams, 2x Olympian, Swimming

  • Missy Franklin, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Jason Lezak, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Ryan Murphy, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

  • Lia Neal, 2x Olympic Medalist, Swimming

  • Jacob Pebley, 2016 Rio Olympian, Swimming

  • Maggie Steffens, 2x Gold Medalist, Water Polo

         The inspiring messages focus on staying home, staying active, being balanced and healthy.

“In these unprecedented times, small motivational and inspiring moments like this can make a difference on our overall psyche and daily attitudes,” said Jaime Benes, VP of Customer Service at SwimOutlet. “Especially for young swimmers who were laser-focused on meets that were cancelled or whose morning group workouts normally etched in their routines are no longer there for the time being. We think these athlete messages give anyone a lift who listens to them, especially the swim community, and the initial positive feedback from fans when we first introduced this on social media has been terrific to see.”

The technology to deliver these mobile messages is courtesy of Attentive, a New York City-based mobile marketing company that focuses on real-time and personalized business-to-consumer interaction via text messaging. 

“We’re always impressed by how our customers think up innovative ways to utilize our technology,” said Eric Miao, SVP of Client Strategy at Attentive. “Mobile messaging is a direct, engaging, and interactive communications channel. We’re proud to partner with SwimOutlet to help offer some much-needed inspiration during this time.”

For more information on SwimOutlet, visit http://www.swimoutlet.com or visit @swimoutlet 

For more information on Attentive, visit http://www.attentivemobile.com 

Sporti Launches Sustainable “Renew” Collection

San Jose, CA (February 25, 2020) – SwimOutlet’s Sporti brand, a top performance swimwear
line, launched its groundbreaking Sporti “Renew” collection this week, a line of swimwear made
only from discarded fabrics and leftover materials already on-hand at factories. Renew’s story
from inception to production is a unique one and first-of-its-kind to be available at
SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop.

“We’ve challenged ourselves at Sporti to be a more innovative and socially-responsible
brand,” said Winnie So, President of Sporti. “When we learned about these rolls and rolls of new
leftover fabrics at the factory warehouse that were destined to end up in the dump, we came up
with the idea to make seasonal designs specifically around these leftovers and remnants. This
ultimately cuts down on waste and has less carbon footprint than recycling. That was the
genesis of our Renew collection.”

Most factories keep leftover fabrics for a few months before sending them to the landfill,
when there is no longer any perceived use for them. But Sporti’s Renew line has turned that
dynamic on its head for this particular factory by creating a line specifically using these
discarded materials through upcycling.

The Sporti design team worked directly with the factory to create eye-popping new prints
for this first collection which features chlorine-proof fabrics originally from Italy and provides
moderate compression for swim training.

“By upcycling these beautiful leftover fabrics that were going to end up in a landfill, we
were able to bring them back to life with minimal carbon footprint,” said Winnie So. “If we think
creatively to find new solutions across various areas of design and product development, we
can make a difference for our planet.”

A total of 16 swimsuit styles were created for this initial collection in Sporti’s best-selling
and functional silhouettes, all at affordable price points starting at $22.95 for him and $19.95 for

The Sporti Renew collection is available for purchase now.
Shop the Sporti Renew Collection: https://www.swimoutlet.com/renew-collection-c19490/

SwimOutlet Unveils Eighth Annual 2020 Tech Suit Review

San Jose, CA (January 22, 2020) – SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, unveiled its eighth annual 2020 Tech Suit Review this week, the most widely-read swim tech suit review in the swimming marketplace. This year’s review features an all-star list of four reviewers including two Olympians, multiple NCAA champions and two world championship medalists. Five brands are featured among the seven suits, and for the first-time short video summaries of each suit have been added to the reviews for customers to watch.

Group Header_title.jpg

As part of the Tech Suit Review debut, SwimOutlet.com also announced the launch of its new tech suit category filtering system that enables visitors and customers to search and filter suits by compression and tier: Elite Tech Suits, Mid-Tier Tech Suits, Entry-Level Tech Suits.

With several of the suits expected to be worn on deck at Tokyo 2020 having been unveiled last year already, this year’s review features new suits from arena and Mizuno while Speedo, TYR have updated reviews to feature videos and new color options. The newly-updated Funkita and Funky Trunks APEX Predator suit will have its review released next month.

First published in 2013, the annual SwimOutlet Tech Suit Review has become SwimOutlet.com’s most popular product comparison test and is the go-to destination for customers and swimmers around the world to read independent opinions and reviews from experts about new racing suits from the top manufacturers.

“Every year we add new elements to our Tech Suit Review along with other new site features and functionality to help customers make more informed choices in their tech suit purchases,” said Elaina Cuoci, Director of Merchandising for SwimOutlet. “This year, we’re pleased to have assembled a new all-star crew of reviewers, to highlight the reviewer’s wear-test feedback on video and to complement that with our new filtering interface in the Tech Suit category on the SwimOutlet.com storefront.”

The independent reviews and product testing were completed over the past month by Olympic Trials/NCAA finalist Julie Stupp (Los Angeles, CA), 2016 Olympian and world silver medalist Cammile Adams (Houston, TX), NCAA Champion from University of Texas John Shebat (Austin, TX) and 4-time NCAA relay champion and 2016 Olympian Dylan Carter (La Jolla, CA).

The reviewers each received product briefings on the new suits, met with product experts from the brands and then tested them over multiple sessions assessing the suits for size/fit, material/construction and overall performance in the water.

Single Shot with_logo.jpg

The product highlights from the 2020 Tech Suit Review include:

  • Two new suits from arena, the compressive Carbon Core FX, the successor to the popular Flex suit, and the more flexible Carbon Glide, available in February.

  • The latest iteration of the Mizuno GX-Sonic line with the debut of the GX-Sonic V ST & MR for both men and women, available in early February.

  • An update to the two top-of the line performance suits launched by legendary swim brand Speedo last year – the maximum compression LZR Pure Intent, worn by Caeleb Dressel, and the more flexible LZR Pure Valor.

  • The TYR Venzo in the X-Ray colorway, the suit of choice for the world’s most dominant female swimmer, Katie Ledecky.

  • Plus a review of the updated version of the APEX Predator suit from Australian-based Funkita + Funky Trunks, which will be published in February.

Along with the 2020 Tech Suit Review text and videos, SwimOutlet.com encourages swimmers to also review product and brand information, sizing charts, customer comments and feedback from peers and coaches when making their purchasing decision.

Read the 2020 Tech Suit Review

Watch the 2020 Tech Suit Review Teaser

Download the 2020 Tech Suit Review Press Kit 

For more information, visit www.swimoutlet.com, instagram.com/swimoutlet and facebook.com/swimoutlet.

SwimOutlet.com Launches 2019 Tech Suit Review Featuring 2020 Olympic Suits

San Jose, CA (February 15, 2019) – SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, unveiled it’s seventh annual 2019 Tech Suit Review this week as it continues to be the most widely read swim tech suit review in the industry. This year’s review is the biggest SwimOutlet.com has ever undertaken featuring, for the first time, four expert reviewers and comprehensive suit Ali Deloof Arena Tech Suit by Mike Lewis D5D_6825ratings by category.

Suits reviewed include the top tech suits unveiled by the world’s leading brands in 2019 that will be on the deck and atop the podium at the 2020 Tokyo Games. It features suits from arena, Mizuno, Speedo, TYR, FINIS and Funkita.

First started in 2013, the annual Tech Suit Review has become SwimOutlet.com’s most popular product category comparison test and is the go-to destination for customers and swimmers around the world to read independent opinions and reviews from experts about new racing suits from the top manufacturers.

“This is such an exciting year for new swim race suits with an eye on what we can expect to see in the pool at Tokyo 2020,” said Alexander Sienkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer at SwimOutlet.com. “The world’s leading swim brands went back to the basics this year – power, compression and speed – in the launch of their new top-of-the-line suits and we’re glad to provide this comprehensive resource with our 2019 Tech Suit Review that can help swimmers choose the best tech suit for their needs.”

The independent reviews and product testing were completed over the past month by veteran reviewers: two-time gold medalist Mark Gangloff (Columbia, MO) and Olympic Trials and NCAA finalist Julie Stupp (Los Angeles, CA). Two Ali Deloof Funkita Underwater by Mike Lewis D85_5997newcomers to the review panel are 2015 Pan American Games gold medalist Giles Smith (Phoenix, AZ) and 3-time Short Course World Champion Ali DeLoof (La Jolla, CA).

The reviewers each received product briefings on the new suits and then test them over multiple sessions assessing the suits for size/fit, material construction and performance in the water.

The product highlights from the 2019 Tech Suit Review include:

●      Two suits from legendary swim brand Speedo – the maximum compression LZR Pure Intent and the more flexible LZR Pure Valor. (Available in March at SwimOutlet.com)

●      The first-ever review of a Mizuno racing suit with the Mizuno GX-Sonic III now available in the U.S. at SwimOutlet.com.

●      The TYR Venzo, the suit of choice for world’s most dominant female swimmer, Katie Ledecky.

●      The recently-launched arena Carbon air2, known for its second-skin like fabric.

●      Global debuts and sneak peeks at both the FINIS Rival 2.0 (available in March at SwimOutlet.com) and Funkita/Funky Trunks Apex Storm (available in April at SwimOutlet.com) prior to their release.

Along with the 2019 Tech Suit Review, SwimOutlet.com encourages swimmers to also review product and brand information, sizing charts, customer comments and feedback from peers and coaches when making their purchasing decision.

Read the 2019 Tech Suit Review

For more information, visit www.swimoutlet.com, Instagram.com/swimoutlet, and Facebook.com/swimoutlet
Julie Stupp Finis Underwater by Mike Lewis D85_6028
** PHOTO NOTE: Photos from the wear-testing are (c) Mike Lewis/Ola Vista Photography **

SwimOutlet.com Selected as Swim Retail Partner for Mizuno in the U.S.

San Jose, CA (February 7, 2019)  – SwimOutlet.com, the web’s biggest swim shop and a top 300 Internet Retailer in the U.S., has begun carrying Mizuno’s line of racing tech suits this month becoming the first swim retail partner for the well-known Japanese specialty sport brand in the U.S.

In late January, SwimOutlet.com began offering the Mizuno GX-Sonic III MR and ST for both men and women, making it easy one-stop shopping for the U.S. swimmer to purchase the Mizuno suit worn by many Olympians in the past, but which has often been difficult for consumers to buy in the U.S.

Mizuno is the first new brand to introduce a new top tier racing suit line to the SwimOutlet.com offerings in over two years and comes over a year after swimmers wearing Mizuno suits won more than 25 medals at the 2018 Pan Pacs in Tokyo, Japan.

Mizuno_horizontal“Mizuno has had a great presence on deck and on the starting blocks at top competitions around the world for years now so we’re glad to help make the GX-Sonic III available to customers across the U.S. on SwimOutlet.com” said Elaina Cuoci, Head of Aquatics Sales at SwimOutlet.com. “SwimOutlet.com prides itself on offering the broadest range of swim products for all levels of swimmer and being the first to add Mizuno – a brand that will no doubt make an impact in the pool at Tokyo 2020 – only emphasizes our focus on delivering customers what they want.”

The new Mizuno GX-Sonic III comes in four total styles. The Men’s Jammer in MR and ST, and the Women’s Kneeskin in MR and ST. MR stands for Multi-Racer and has a bit more flexibility while the ST is the Sprinter version of the suit with maximum compression meant for short-distance sprinters. It features Mizuno’s proprietary Sonic Line Design which helps lift the lower body and supports up-kicks to allow swimmers to maintain the best streamline posture in the pool.

“Mizuno has been invested in the swimming industry for nearly 100 years, primarily in the Japan market. We are leading through innovation and pushing the limits of technology to enhance swimmers’ performance,” said Tomohiro Ota, CMO of Mizuno USA. “SwimOutlet.com is the go-to retailer for swimmers across the U.S., and their values of customer service and commitment to the swim industry made them the right retailer for Mizuno. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner Swmwith SwimOutlet.com and enable easy access to our premium swim products in the U.S. market.” 

"I could write a paper on all the things I love about the Mizuno suit,” said Blake Pieroni, professional swimmer and Mizuno athlete. “First, the compression and buoyancy are industry leading. When you dive in your legs feel like they are being pulled to the surface. Amazing compression means that the suits don't stretch out over time. Because of this the suits last much longer than any other brand I've worn. The Mizuno suits that I used to race in 2016 still have insane compression." 

The Mizuno GX-Sonic III went on sale in late January and will be featured in the 2019 SwimOutlet.com Tech Suit Review coming out February 15. SwimOutlet.com will also feature Mizuno GX-Sonic Cap next month and continues to carry a broad range of running products from Mizuno for all customers and geared towards the triathlete. The men's suit has already sold out and will be available again mid-March.

SwimOutlet.com Unveils Apple Pay for Easy Mobile Check-Out

San Jose, CA (August 29, 2017 – Buying your new swim suit and latest swim essentials at SwimOutlet.com just became a whole lot easier this week! SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, has launched Apple Pay as one the retail site’s newest Image_whitecheck-out features and the latest addition to its mobile payment options. It means customers can now check-out with one-touch on their iPhones with no need ever to enter credit card numbers or type shipping and billing addresses.
“We believe this is an enhancement that our customers will really appreciate for its ease of use and seamless integration with their iPhones,” said Joseph Pham, Product Manager at SwimOutlet.com for Apple Pay integration. “Recent numbers highlight that Apple Pay volume is up 450% year over year, as many customers adopt this payment option, while retail insiders estimate about 30% of new iPhone users are activating Apple Pay.”
Apple Pay allows customers to pay through their existing Apple login linked to their Apple Store profile and do not need to input their credit card or PayPal information in order to complete a sale. Earlier this year, Apple Pay expanded into international markets and is now available in 15 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
“SwimOutlet.com customers have come to expect the latest technology from us to give them the best possible shopping experience and offering Apple Pay is just the latest continuation of that,” added Pham. 

Win a Cabo San Lucas Getaway & Daily Prizes with SwimOutlet.com #SOSummerShapeUp Challenge

Graphic 2
San Jose, CA (June 9, 2017) -
SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, is celebrating that time of year: summer has arrived (ok, not quite officially!). Everyone is looking to get in shape, burn some calories and feel their best for the beach, pool or lake. 
To get ready for summer, SwimOutlet.com has partnered with the STRONGMom app to launch its first ever 21-day Summer Shape-Up Challenge with the chance to win a 3-day getaway to Cabo San Lucas courtesy of CaboVillas.com and daily prizes at #SOSummerShapeUp on social media starting Monday, June 12.
Grand prize includes airfare and 3-night luxury hotel* stay at Villa del Palmar, one of the most scenic resorts on the Baja Peninsula. To play, contestants simply enter online at swimoutlet.com/summerchallenge to receive daily emails featuring daily workouts, meal plans, fitness tips and more from Coach Tilda at the STRONGMom app – and they could be off to Mexico in no time!
“Experts say it takes 21 days to create a new habit,” says Coach Tilda. “If your goal is to stay healthy, eat clean and exercise efficiently for the summer, then the 21-Day Summer Shape Up Challenge that I created can help you achieve a new healthier lifestyle!” 
Along with daily challenge updates, giveaways on social media (search #SOSummerShapeUp) will keep participants motivated with a chance for great prizes every day from a whole host of cool fitness and swim brands. 
Prizes include fashion swimwear, fitness gear, energy food and personal care from Aeromat, Carve Design, Clubswim, Dolfin, Funkita, Garmin, GU, Kenneth Cole, PrAna, Roka, Sporti, TriSwim, TYR. Check out @swimoutlet on instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat for chances to win from June 12-July 2. It’s SwimOutlet.com’s biggest fitness contest ever while helping customers get in shape in the process with the #SOSummerShapeUp Challenge. 
For more daily prize info, read www.swimoutlet.com/blog/summer-challenge
Graphic 1
Want to win a Cabo getaway? Enter @SwimOutlet's #SOSummerShapeUp Challenge at www.swimoutlet.com/summerchallenge and get daily workouts, meal plans and fitness tips.
Want to win a Cabo getaway? Enter @SwimOutlet's #SOSummerShapeUp Challenge at swimoutlet.com/summerchallenge and get daily workouts, meal plans and fitness tips.
Want to win a Cabo getaway? Enter @SwimOutlet's #SOSummerShapeUp Challenge at swimoutlet.com/summerchallenge and get fit in 21-days. Instagram

SwimOutlet.com and ARENA Present - Win a Dream Trip for 2 to Swimming Worlds @swimoutlet @arenausa #waterinstinct

San Jose, CA (April 27, 2017)
- Arena, in partnership together with SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, began taking entries for its “Dream Trip for 2 Sweepstakes” on Thursday, three months before the 2017 Swimming Worlds in Budapest, Hungary. The grand prize includes a 5-day/4-night trip including roundtrip airfare, 4-nights hotel accommodations, event tickets and free arena gear for one lucky winner and their guest to travel to the 2017 FINA World Championships to cheer on the U.S. swim team and other top stars.
“All eyes will be on Budapest this summer and we’re excited to give two very lucky people the VIP experience to watch the action live and in-person as they cheer on the U.S. National Team in the first international long course competition since the 2016 Olympics,” said Steve Ozmai, Director of Marketing at Arena USA.
arena is the official partner of USA Swimming and FINA, host of the 2017 World Swimming & Diving Championships, and SwimOutlet.com is the official online retailer for USA Swimming.
“This is the biggest event of the year on the swim calendar and we’re excited to help send a pair of swim fans to Hungary for the trip of a lifetime,” said Alexander Sienkiewicz, CMO of SwimOutlet.com. “Not only will they get to enjoy several days of incredible swimming action, but they get to do it in a world class city like Budapest with great tickets and gear from arena, too.”
The contest runs from April 27-May 26 with online entries and complete rules available at www.swimoutlet.com/dreamtrip. Visitors who enter online will also be able to get a second bonus entry in the drawing by entering again on twitter or instagram: simply post a photo of an arena item or logo and tag @SwimOutlet and @ArenaUSA for a bonus entry. Customers who also purchase arena items at SwimOutlet.com from April 27-May 24 will be sent the link for online entries. No purchase necessary to enter.
Dream Trip for 2 – Grand Prize
- Roundtrip Airfare for two
- 4-Nights Hotel Room 
- Event Tickets
- $500 Spending Money
- arena Gear
Instagram Post
Win a trip to Budapest for Swimming Worlds courtesy @SwimOutlet @arenausa. Enter online at swimoutlet.com/dreamtrip and get a second bonus entry on instagram! 
Twitter Post
Win trip to Budapest for Swimming Worlds from @SwimOutlet @arenausa. Enter now swimoutlet.com/dreamtrip - plus get a bonus entry on twitter!
Facebook Post
SwimOutlet.com and arena USA are giving away a dream trip for two to Swimming Worlds in Budapest, Hungary. Enter online and read all the rules at www.swimoutlet.com/dreamtrip, plus get a bonus entry on twitter or instagram for better chances to win!

Tom Shields' Olympic Hangover: Gold Medal Minute Presented by SwimOutlet.com

Swimming news is courtesy of SwimSwam (https://swimswam.com)

At the "2016 USA College Challenge" Olympian Tom Shields nearly swam a personal best time in the 100 yard butterfly, posting 45.00, winning by more than a second.

Tom Shields blew away the field in the men’s 200 butterfly, throwing down a 1:39.89 for the win. As usual, Shields was the fastest man through the first 100, but he also came back stronger than anyone else with a 25.72 on the final 50.

In the 4x100 yard freestyle relay, Tom Shields registering the fastest leadoff split in 42.53 on the way to the team’s 2:53.84.

This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com, a Swimming News website.