Introducing Nuun Hydration

The other day I was emailed about a new hydration system Nuun Hydration.  Now I do get press releases and product info sent to me on a daily basis but usually I don't find it fitting to post about most of them but this is different.  Nuun Hydration is a product that speaks to me and my needs.  I'm always telling my fellow swimmers about the importance of hydration when it comes to swimming.  So many of us think that since we are swimming in water then we have no need to worry about hydration.  I am also always stressing hydration in my spinning classes that I teach.  It amazes me how many people show up without a bottle of water or sports drink.  So I've agreed to try the product and write about it.  Stay tuned for my taste testing of Nuun Hydration which will be coming up soon.  Till then here are some press info on the product...

Nuun (  is  a fast, effective and delicious hydration system that delivers an ideal balance of electrolytes without the added sugar to any glass of water or your favorite water bottle. Developed by competitive athletes, Nuun is lo-calorie and portable for on-the-go hydration before, during or after your workouts. Nuun - the original 6
Nuun is:

·      Eco-Friendly: Rather than buying 12 different bottles of sports drinks, one small tube of Nuun delivers twelve 16-ounce servings of electrolyte water enhancement without the added waste.

·      Convenient: Stash your favorite flavor of Nuun in your clutch, purse, briefcase and backpack for portable and delicious enhanced water. It’s TSA approved and easy to carry wherever you go.

·      Refreshing: Available in eleven different flavors from grape to strawberry lemonade, Nuun delivers light, great tasting electrolytes to any glass or bottle of water.

·      Replenishing:  Dehydration in athletes can cause fatigue, headaches, decreased coordination, and muscle cramping.  NUUN contains the ideal balance of essential electrolytes including: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium for optimal water absorption into your bloodstream, minimizing the risk of dehydration symptoms.

·      Anytime: Nuun is for anyone at anytime of the day. Spruce up dull water with extra flavor, or use it to fuel before, during and after your workout. 

·      Guiltless: With no sugar, only 7-8 calories per tablet, and essential electrolytes such sodium, potassium, and calcium, you can drink guilt-free and do your body good. 

·      Impartial: Nuun is ideal for everyone because every person needs to be properly hydrated 365 days a year, even kids!

Whether you have a workout, competition or a long day at the office studies show that drinking Nuun will help your body and mind perform better.

Oh one more thing… Grape+TNT+382x369+w+15+percent+splash
"Hydration With A Cause: Look for Grape Nuun with the purple cap to support Team In Training! As an Official Product Partner of TNT, Nuun will donate 15 percent of all sales from this special offering directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society."

As a Team In Training Alumni I gotta say this stuff keeps on sounding better and better.

Tuesday's Run Report - Walt Disney World Marathon Round Up

Today's Swim Report is a final look at the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon.  I've seen a bunch of news and blog items about the run so I figured I'd share some links. 

1.  Kevin at MiceAge has a great Photo Finish Essay of the Marathon.  It's like strolling down memory lane for me but this time knowing what I was running past. Miceage 2.  Eat, Sleep, Run Disney Blog announces "It's Official! I am a MARATHONER!" The post is part first hand experience and part photo essay.  Worth a peak for you Disney Fans. 5357381621_9e8c143bb83.  Chip & Company posted "Running with the Disney Heroes" talks about runDisney Heroes in the Victory Base Complex in Baghdad, Iraq.

4.  Allen over at Boston Or Die Trying! Blog recaps his Run Disney Weekend in his "2011 Disney Marathon Race Report." Everest5.  The Lynchburg, VA's News & Advance sent a running reporter to WDW Marathon who reports in "Magic Kingdom marathoner - Reporter goes to infinity and beyond with 26-mile Disney trek." Di6. Reporter Brett Longdin also ran and posted "Runner describes competing in Disney Marathon."

7.  The New Haven Register reports on Liver Life Challenge Team's WDW Run in "Marathon gives new meaning to dashing through Disney World."

8.  Oh and some folks ran the marathon to win it.  The Miami Herald reports on them in "Costa the new king of the Disney castle after winning marathon."

9.  A running inspiration via Orlando Sentinel "Orlando woman to run Disney Half Marathon after kidney donation."

10.  If this has inspired you to Run Disney check out Chip & Company's post of the next running event - "Champion 5K at Dick’s Sporting Goods Presents ESPN The Weekend."  Or go to ESPN WDW Event Page.

My First Walt Disney World Marathon Time

I'll post more about the run and some pictures later but I finished it!  I ran the marathon and I negative split it.  This was my second marathon and it was a personal best so wahoo!  I finished in 5:37.10.  Which isn't a great time but I did run it even if I was a little slow towards the end! Wdwmarathontime Once again my age grade is a failure but hell I'm a swimmer not a runner.  I'd love to see age grades in swimming.  I really took the first half really easy as you can tell from the above graphic.  Overall I'm happy with the run and it was a great experience.  Nothing beats Disney, nothing!