#wellness Technogym Corporate Wellness

If we aim at spreading wellness in the world, at first we have to be #wellness inside. At Technogym we offer all collaborators a personalized wellness program that includes: our T-Wellness corporate gym, classes dedicated to various disciplines, tailor-made training programs and outdoor spaces dedicated to training, as well as a series of medical check-ups for personal care.

Technogym Bike

Minimal footprint, high-performance design and the most complete multi-content training experience. Technogym Bike is designed down to every detail, bringing together over 35 years of bio-mechanical research, the collaboration with Olympic athletes and the most innovative contents and design. Your all-inclusive professional home bike, ideal for any environment, designed to provide you with the best training experience and entertainment to train at home with the same quality you would find at the club. Find out more: http://bit.ly/Technogym_Bike_

Bike Personal

More than just indoor cycling, Bike Personal is beauty in movement. A high-end exercise bike with a compact footprint and elegant design to shape the gym of your dreams in any environment. And now, your indoor cycling training on Bike Personal is even more engaging thanks to the new Technogym Live interface. Pick your favourite workout from an endless library of one-on-one sessions, guided routines, outdoors training, tailor-made workouts and personal entertainment. Find out more: http://bit.ly/Technogym_Personal_Line

Fitness Club: CPASE creates unforgettable Luxury Member Experience at New Boutique Club

CPASE is an adult-only, five-star boutique club in Cheshire countryside. The club has a 500sq m gym, studios, a spa, and casual dining offerings, as well as a crane, and tube slide creating the ultimate adult playground. The gym is equipped with a strength and cardio kit from Technogym and by embracing Mywellness members can live a tailor made training experience conceive on their needs and goals. Find out more: http://bit.ly/Technogym_CPASE_Luxury_...