my17cents - Why the Technogym Bench will fail.

In concept the Technogym Bench is perfect for home workouts.  Weights, bands and everything you need in a somewhat small, somewhat stowaway package. Let’s watch the video..

Perfect, right?  You can even workout to the app!  Over 200 exercises. What don’t I like about it?

  1.  The COST!  Technogym home products have been costly in the past.  Way above the cost of a Peloton or Bowflex.  For example the cost of the Technogym Run Now Treadmill goes for $11,995!  The Technogym Excite Bike goes for $5,995!
  2. The MUSIC.  Did you listen to that video?  Like that song?  Hope so cuz’ that and tunes like that is what you’ll be listening to with the app videos. Music is expensive and most companies don’t get the rights to the music we work out to.  Companies like Peloton pay a huge price to have the right music for your workouts.  Will Technogym?  I doubt it. Go back to YouTube and watch a few of the OrangeTheoryFitness Home Workout Videos.  Did that?  Did you like those five songs?  Hope so because every video contains those five songs.  Technogym needs to merge with the likes of Peloton or maybe even Les MIlls to bridge the music gap.

So cost and music will be the end for the Technogym Bench except for at a few hotel gyms around the world.  Great concept, bad execution.