A Simple 10x10 Leg Day Workout

I didn't have the best sleep last night so I almost skipped leg day for an all body workout.  But instead I went with an assisted easy leg day.  I used some machines for the assist.

The Workout


10 Sets of Attempted 10 Reps of the Following

DB SL Deadlift

Machine Leg Press

Machine Leg Extensions

finishing with  a 20 minute HITT Peloton Tread Workout.


EC2021FITAnd just like that we end another year.  2021 was better than 2020 when it comes to workouts.  Ran a bit more, hit the gym a lot more but did less home workouts.   When I first got the bike for home this past year I was good at it up till October.  New promotion at work changed my work day and training schedule.  I was riding the bike for 20 minutes before work then hitting the gym in the afternoon.  That was ideal.  But that all changed in October.  October was my worst month for exercise due to work life and a short trip to Disney.  With all that work change my trips to Orangetheory went to almost none.  I did three in December and one in  November.   I don't want to say I have a goal but I'd like to hit one OTF workout a week but don't know how that will work out.  As for riding the bike more at home, well that is going to remain an issue.  I almost wish I could have it at my work and do a lunch ride but that is not happening.  I'm going to hold myself to one day a week and that will be which ever day I need to be in work earlier.  For example this week I think I need to be in early on Friday so I'll get up and do a quick class before breakfast.  No matter what 2022 brings I'm ready for it even if I'm not going to put out any specific goals...yet.

Oh and here is My Year In Gym Selfies...

NYE Workout Day

Woke up and drove 40 minutes in the fog to celebrate a friends 1,000 @orangetheory class this morning.

Did the 3G Class and a Quick Upper Body Workout on my own.

I don’t care what you say there is something about in-person studio fitness that builds community. Full class to celebrate one persona 1,000th class. This beats a Virtual High-Five! #studiofitness #groupfitness #itsbetteringroups #otf #orangetheory

Low Rep Compound Workout Day

The weight floor at the gym was empty today so I was able to do one of the Barbell Low Rep Compound Workouts.  

5 Sets of 6 Reps of Low Bar Squats

5 Sets of 6 Reps of Barbell Bench Press

5 Sets of 10 Reps of Front Squats

5 Sets of 8 Reps of Barbell Over Head Press

4 Sets of 8 Reps of DB Rows

I then added in 3 sets of bench dips, 3 sets of 10 DB Hammer Curls and 3 sets of 10 Tricep Pulldowns.

Finished up with 20 Minutes of variable incline power walking.  Next week will be my last week of this 6 Week Routine/Series.  

Work, Holidays and My Messed Up Schedule

Normally, in the last year, I skip the gym on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I hit the workouts hard on the weekends and usually start back up on Wednesday.  But this week with my work schedule and Holiday's I worked out this morning as I will use Thursday as my second recovery day.  Also the Holiday weekend have my Friday and Saturday workouts up in the air.  Might only be a home Peloton ride on those days if I do any at all?

As for today it was an early day. Wasn't feeling it from the beginning to the end but I got it in.  Also it was a chance to use my new Whoop 4.0.  Been using the 3.0 for about 15ish months so looking forward to seeing the new details of my workouts.

For my weight training I started a 6 week cycle of exercise routines back in the beginning of December so I'm almost ready to start another cycle of a different program.  Except for this morning I have seen a difference in my body and in the workouts so it's been a great program so far.  One of the workouts is a Power Workout, a second one is a Hypertrophy Workout and the last is an Isolation Workout with all being a full body.  

Most of these workouts finished with HITT on the tread mill.  Most but not all.  I know I shouldn't be doing HITT all the time but I love that need for speed.  I'm going to start my plan for the next cycle which starts on or around Jan 9th.  

Two Gyms, Two Workouts, One Day

My day started with a quick breakfast before the 35 minute drive to the closest OTF Studio in the area.  I love OTF and really think it should be part of everyones workout.  For me it's just an occasional addition to my training.  It's great cardio but the strength component isn't enough for my current goals/routine.

I really think that no matter what you are training for #Orangetheory workouts are a great way to mix things up. It makes me so the stuff I skip when I’m on my own. Todays Power Workout was insanely great.

Since I wanted to do more strength training I headed over to a local gym to do an arm/shoulder workout.  Tomorrow is recovery day!  

Modified my workout today to do a few Exercises I skipped yesterday. Finished with 5 minutes steady cardio on erg rower.

Modified my workout today to do a few Exercises I skipped yesterday. Finished with 5 minutes steady cardio on erg rower.