Hack Squating, Not Getting Enough Sleep and More Tales of Random Acts of Fitness On A Friday

Last night I went to bed early.  I really at least tried to get a good night sleep.  Then I woke up around 10pm to pee and it was hard to fall asleep.  Pretty much it was a toss and turn night.  Ugh!  I rallied out of bed and got ready for the gym,  It's Leg Day!:


10 mins Tread Walking
10 x PVC Pipe Good Mornings
Straight Leg BB Deadlift
10 x EB
8 x 75 lbs
8 x 75 lbs
8 x 75 lbs
8 x 75 lbs
Hack Squat
10 x EB
10 x 90 lbs at 22.5% of 1RM
10 x 180 lbs at 45% of 1RM
10 x 270 lbs at 67.5% of 1RM
6 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
6 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
6 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
5 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
6 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
4 x 360 lbs at 90% of 1RM
I did walk for 10 minutes to wake up and get the pre-workout to do it's job.  Then it was off to the Straight Leg Deadlift to wake up the legs.  Went light as it was just to fire up the legs and not kill them.  That is what the Hack Squat is for!  Ego got the best of me.  I was only going to go up to 80% but when the guy next to me did a set on the leg press at 360 I had to out do him.  
Once home it was time for a 15 minute Low Impact Ride.  I need to trim down a bit in the next two weeks so more cardio.  Now it's a vanity project that I'm aiming for.  I want to look good shirtless but only got two weeks.  I know that is not enough time.  But cardio is good for me anyways.  
May 13th, 2023: June 17th, 2023 July 26th, 2023 August 4th, 2023
Weight: 177.6 lbs Weight: 180.2 Weight: 182.2 Weight: 183
Body Fat: 28.5% Body Fat: 28.8% Body Fat: 29.3% Body Fat: 29.4%
Muscle Mass: 120.8 lbs Muscle Mass: 121.6 lbs Muscle Mass: 122.4 lbs Muscle Mass: 122.8 lbs
Body Water: 49.1% Body Water: 50.8% Body Water: 50.5% Body Water: 50.4%
Visceral Fat: 15 Visceral Fat: 15 Visceral Fat: 15 Visceral Fat: 15
BMR: 1478 BMR: 1495 BMR: 1508 BMR: 1514
Subcutaneous Fat: 19% Subcutaneous Fat: 19.2% Subcutaneous Fat: 19.5% Subcutaneous Fat: 19.%
Lean Body Mass: 127 lbs Lean Body Mass: 128.4 lbs Lean Body Mass: 128.8 lbs Lean Body Mass: 129.2

I'm going for PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!  All the numbers above are from a cheap scale I got on Amazon.  I don't have access to an Inbody Machine to get a more accurate reading.  But it's something to keep track of my training.  Good or Bad.

RANDOM ACTS OF FITNESS - I did a bunch of High-5's in the Peloton Class.  Today my center hosts a bunch of Walk Away the Pounds, some Tai Chi and a Yoga class.  So we are getting people to move.

The Workout Plan:






Then I can't remember but I think I'm closing Thursday so maybe LEGS on Thursday and Friday a NO GYM DAY.  Who knows!