Coming Soon: Built In Muscle Tights

Get the look you want FAST! Every man knows not to skip legs day, but with these new built-in muscle tights, you can cut down your time working in the gym by 65% but still get the great built look you want.
Introducing the launch product of the Tribesports AirSthetics™ Range: Built In Muscle Tights
Based on feedback from over 25,000 weight training men in the USA and UK, the Tribesports AirSthetics™ Range has been built to help optimize the aesthetics of your training. With specially designed chambers built in to the tights, you can inflate as much or as little as you want. Building up your air levels gradually will give your transformation a nature but accelerated progression so that your gym buddies won't catch on.

    "Finally there's a way to build a great aesthetic quickly and easily without spending excessive hours in the squat rack or wasting my money on protein shakes, perfect!" - Adrian K

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Tribesports - 12 Days Of Fitness Challenge

Just like the Christmas song, the 12 days of fitness is an accumulating Challenge in which you start day 1 with 1 exercise and finish on day 12 with a circuit of 12 exercises! 12_days_of_fitness
1st Day of fitness: 1 minute plank
2nd Day of fitness: 2 minute wall squat
3rd Day of fitness: 3 minute bridge
4th Day of fitness: 4 burpees
5th Day of fitness: 5 star jumps
6th Day of fitness: 6 push ups
7th Day of fitness: 7 mountain climbers
8th Day of fitness: 8 squats
9th Day of fitness: 9 chair dips
10th Day of fitness: 10 tuck jumps
11th Day of fitness: 11 lunges
12th Day of fitness: 12 crunches

Here is the link to the Challenge:
As an added bonus, anyone who clicks to "take" the Challenge on Tribesports unlocks a special 12% discount from the Tribesports online store.

Tribesports - Full Body Dumbbell Workout & Training Log

Tribesports - Full Body Dumbbell Workout
Full body dumbbell workout 2Description

A full body workout routine using dumbbells that can be performed 2 or 3 times a week to build strength and muscle and burn fat. Use a weight that challenges you to complete all of the reps in each set. Warm up before your working sets on each exercise.

You can find the full instructions for the workout and the training log already set here:

Training Log - It's now possible to track all of your training on site in our "Training" section by logging your daily exercise, and even saving different sessions as "Workouts" to re-do them at a later date. Almost everything imaginable is covered from back squats and individual weights exercises to yoga and even fitness classes and sports, and Tribesports are constantly adding new exercises and sports to improve the system.

Tribesports: Revolutionizing the sportswear industry @tribesports

Tribesports Performance Sportswear - Kickstarter Launch

We have an exciting update to share. Today we are launching a campaign that will Challenge the $250 million global sportswear market.

We are ripping up the rule book and launching a Performance Sportswear range that will be the same (or better) quality than leading global sports brands, but will be available to real sports people like you and me at up to 40% cheaper.

We received overwhelming feedback from our community that they believed that prices should be reduced by lowering the obscene amount of money spent by brands on advertising and endorsements. In fact over 70% of those questioned said they felt forced to compromise on the quality of the products they buy because of the price. We don't think it should be this way, and we are going to change it.

  •     We are using the exact same designers (ours has designed for Olympic gold medallists), manufacturers, factories and highest quality fabrics and construction methods as the leading sports brands to ensure our products are absolutely top quality.
  •     But, there are no middle men, no physical stores, no multi-million dollar ad campaigns and huge sums of money flowing into the pockets of pros for endorsement and sponsorship.

Here's the thing: we can't do this alone. We need sports people everywhere to come together and get involved, starting with our community, our fantastic online partners such as yourself who have been invaluable in helping this community to grow, develop and thrive, and all of our sports and fitness minded friends, family and followers to make this a reality.
4fa3fb26b5c72a0fa29a5a55646f7cd4_large (2)We have launched our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and on reaching our £30,000 ($46,000) target we will move the first Tribesports range from final prototype stage into production.

Tribesports #GameChanger - Redefine Swimming

Let's face it swimming has been around for over 7,000 years and over that time we have had a few #GameChanger individuals that made swimming the sport that it is today.  I've listed 5 swimmers who I feel are #GameChanger 's.  Of course I could have listed 100 swimmers but I'll let you come up with the other 90 swimmers.  Join the debate in the #GameChanger Tribe at TribeSports Swim#GameChanger - Tex Robertson.  According to Wikipedia Jullian "Tex" Rovertson "was an Olympic bronze medalist for the 1932 US Water Polo team and former swimming coach for the University of Texas. He is best known for inventing the flip turn."

#GameChanger - J. H. Thayers.  According to The Washington Post "In 1895, J. H. Thayers of England, using the overarm sidestroke, swam a record 1:02.50 for 100 yards."

#Gamechanger - John Trudgen.  According to The Washington Post "John Trudgen developed the hand-over-hand stroke, then named the trudgen. He copied the stroke from South American Indians and introduced it in England in 1873. Each arm recovered out of the water as the body rolled from side to side. The swimmer did a scissors kick with every two arm strokes. This stroke was the forerunner of the front crawl. Kick variations included different multiples of scissors kicks or alternating scissors and flutter kicks." Trudgen_crawl#GameChanger - Dave Armbruster.  According to the International Swimming Hall of Fame Dave Armbruster was the coach for the University of Iowa swim team and "his ideas on technique, particularly on development of the butterfly, brought that into being as a fourth stroke accepted for national and international competition."

#GameChanger - David Berkoff.  David Berkoff who according to Wikipedia "is best known for his powerful underwater start, the eponymous "Berkoff Blastoff"The Washington Post reports "In 1988, Berkoff set several world records in the 100 backstroke by dolphin-kicking for 35 meters underwater at the start of the race."

Those are just five swimming #GameChanger.  I'm sure you can think of more or maybe even have your own favorite #GameChanger.  Go over and join the swimming debate in the #GameChanger Tribe at TribeSports

Tribesports #GameChanger - redefine sport.

#GAMECHANGER SwimSport is an ever-evolving species. One which is developed and nurtured so that the limits of human ability are pushed further with each game changing moment.

Limits which we set - the 10 second 100m sprint, high jumping over 2 meters, squatting 450kg - each seems like a concrete wall until the first person breaks it. Once broken, we are presented the new challenge to continue to become faster, stronger and go higher than ever before.

Join the #GameChanger Tribe now Bannister - minutes

Tour de Tribesports - Take the #TourDeTS Challenge

Tribesports has launched the Tour de Tribesports, a Girls vs. Boys online team cycling race which requires members of each team to log any of their cycling miles or km in the Challenge to add to their teams total.

As it currently stands, the girls are in the lead with 2327km logged versus the boys 2214km.

Here is the LINK to the Challenge TourdetribesportsposterThere are also loads of prizes up for grabs for participants in the Challenge including a road bike, cycle jerseys and nutrition goodies! See a full list here LINK.

Tribesports- Great Supersets for Obstacle Course Training

GET YOUR MUD ON!  This Wednesday Tribesports gives us some supersets for obstacle course training.  Whatever the race: Tough Mudder, Obstacle Courses, Rugged Maniac, Obstacle Racing, Obstacle Races or Obstacle Run.

This workout has been put together with a specific goal in mind - to efficiently build your strength so that you can quickly and easily move your own bodyweight around the common obstacles you will encounter at these races.

In this workout you will be performing supersets, supersets are two exercises performed back to back, with no rest in between (but in this case a 30 second rest after both exercises).  LINK 20130623115711-rugged-maniac-obstacle-strength-workout
Rugged Maniac Obstacle Strength Workout LINK

Tribesports Challenge - "Power Legs Workout"

Tribesports has just released it's latest Challenge, the "Power Legs Workout" and there are plenty of extra incentives for people to take this one because there are 12 chances to win different prizes including Puma trainers, Sweaty Bands, your own copy of the workout or a Tribesports T-shirt. All you need to do to enter is take the Challenge on Tribesports.
And here is the link directly to the Challenge that you need to take to enter: WinprizesThe competition closes on Tuesday the 18th June at midnight.  Once again you need to take to enter: